Republican Senator Corker Calls For "Radical Change" In The White House

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Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker has just unloaded on President Trump as he spoke to reporters...

"I do think that there do need to be radical changes. The President has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrates in order to be successful. And we need for him to be successful, our nation needs for him to be successful. It doesn't matter whether you are republican or democrat. We need for our president, the world needs our president to be successful."


"He also has recently not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. He has not demonstrated that he understands what makes this nation great and what it is today. He has got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.


And without the things that I just mentioned happening our nation is going to go through great peril.


"We should hope that he inspires, that he does some self-reflection that he does what is necessary to demonstrate stability, to demonstrate competence, to demonstrate that he understands the character of our nation and works daily to bring out the best in the people of our nation.

Corker’s comments come a day after he appeared in Knoxville and declined to rebuke Trump for his statements about the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

“I did not see them (Trump’s comments),” he said.


“I don’t see a lot of television, I apologize … look, I respond in my own way. My comments are the ones I focus on and I think the media does a plenty good job and has plenty of panelists on and others giving editorial comment about other peoples’ comments and mine."

Watch the full interview below...

Separately, the IJR quoted a GOP aide who said that “It's just frustrating to be constantly reacting to his sh*t.... The president has torched whatever political capital or moral authority he ever had,” he said, adding that “he is uniquely incapable of political leadership. If we get tax reform done, it won't be with his help. It'll be in spite of him and his vortex of incompetence and destruction.”

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The Great American Coup is nearing completion.

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I'm with you, President Trump.  Down with the swamp!  Hang the swamp creatures, and hang 'em high!

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Says a Senator who has done nothing of consequence this year (like all years), besides passing resolutions to sanction Russia and support Israel

Why should he be angry that a large part of his White constituency is being forcibly silenced?

It's good these cuckservatives are finally outing themselves.

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With every Shithead that opens their mouth, it makes it easier to pinpoint their True Allegiance.  Another RINO just made the list.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

>>> Corker for President

>>> Trump for President

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~"...and I think the media does a plenty good job..."~

That Bob, what a corker!

Methinks we need different senators, (and a few representatives). What a freakin' tool. If he does not see what a fistful of fuckwits the MSM are, then he is decidedly unfit to serve.

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Exactly....what needs radical change is Congress.

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*** Yawn *** 


Take a number corker, ur not the only never trumper thats bitching right now...


And besides that, what has your dumbass done lately to help the country huh? 


Seems like ur totally bought and paid for lately!

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Corker better stick a cork in it. Tennessee has the highest percentage of people who voted for Trump in the whole country.

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I'm gonna get impeached. Sad

jeff montanye's picture

i know.  because you're a "nazi".  shiver.  trump however not so much.

corker's term is up in 2018.  if anyone needs to run in a primary it's this zionist controlled piece of shit.  the fucking aipac vettes the entire u.s. congress and every presidential candidate (nearly all long before they run; trump blew their minds and they fear and hate him no matter what he says about israel, now).

just read the reviews:

Shelby cobra's picture

Corker is the lesser of Mccain's two shadows and yes I voted for this POS when he first ran for senate. Tennessee voted big for Trump but will vote this ass hole in as long as he runs just lie McCain.

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The Establishment is taking their marching order and they think they really found the right thing to take down Trump. Let's see waht happens in 2018.  I think (and hope) establishment guys like Corker are going to be gone.

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Corker has been on the list for a long time.  If you thought he was a red piller, you were mistaken.

eclectic syncretist's picture

fire corker please!!!

I'm selling banks short today. not only does the time seem right, but they deserve it.

johngaltfla's picture

Amen. Isn't Senator Corker the hillbilly that likes to give blowjobs to Iranian mullahs in exchange for indirect cash donations to his campaign?

(uh, the answer is yes, and he takes his dentures out for them)

MalteseFalcon's picture

Bob, if you think your interview has shock value, you're wrong.

You're a "Never Trump" guy.

We know that.

We know all the "Never Trumpers" never been on Trump's side and never will be.

Just remember that Trump won the Republican nomination in a rout.

Your guy lost.

And if Trump leaves the Republican party, we'll go with him.

jeff montanye's picture

but first let's see if we can't get ole bob corker to leave first.  eric cantor thought he was invulnerable.


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Good call on bank shorts. I am looking at long date bank puts myself

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Booby Corked Butt needs to shut his illegal front running Cackalackey health plan pie hole.

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At least now, we all know the value of CORKER as it pertains to the NORKS & Guam...


Keep the island from 'tipping over' by using the CORKER method...


That's what you were elected for, these innovative ideas.

Handful of Dust's picture

Trump has 80 million Americans behind him at least.

Cocker has antifa, BLM and CNN and NPR trolls behind him


Trump can choose

jeff montanye's picture

well, yes but corker also has aipac, the mossad, the adl, the rinosdinos, parts of the cia, nsa and the fbi, the mic, the banksters and hillary clinton (perhaps she's a dino, certainly a dinosaur).

don't underestimate the enemy.  

deepfriedbrain's picture

That's true. However, the said groups also know what happens if they try to forcably remove Trump. They can say whatever they want. If they move on Trump, the people will move on them. Come get you some.

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And a little research shows where their allegiance lies.  

Bob Corker's donors include The Morgue, The Squid, UBS and also Apollo Global Management who bankrupted a TN corp in a leveraged buyout.  Interestingly, Apollo is run by former Drexel Burnham executives.  Drexel Burnham, the company that pleaded guilty to mail and securities fraud.  


"On May 12, 2015, the private equity firm Apollo Global Management announced  it was unloading the remainder of its stake in Noranda Aluminum. Apollo had gained control of the Tennessee-based company in a 2007 leveraged buyout and had subsequently followed a familiar playbook in the cutthroat world of corporate takeovers: It saddled Noranda with the debt it had used to buy the company and then extracted large dividends. As Noranda struggled to stay solvent, Apollo eventually cashed out of the firm. In early 2016, the debt-riddled aluminum company declared bankruptcy, shut down its largest smelting plant in Missouri, and laid off hundreds of employees."


Interestingly, Bill received $250,000 for a speech to Apollo and Hillary made $225,000 for one. 

Gasbag's picture

sadly, the private equity bloodsuckers are attached to just about everyone in DC, making sure their preferential tax, law and every freaking other type of treatment is 100% fully in their nasty little favor. good thing the corn pone nazi's can google their addresses when this turns really ugly and they're looking for scalps.

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Corker, Graham, McCain and McConnell are not Republicans.

They are sellout shills.

Corker represents my home state of TN and needs to be voted out.

In the wake of 2008 Corker sponsored the “Covered Bond bill” to allow banks to make securities backed by credit card and auto loan debt.

A government backed conduit for banks to offload garbage loans into pension funds.

doctor10's picture

Having failed to make him a commie colluding with Russia, they now will attempt to paint Trump a racist.

Pretty predictable leftist garbage through and through.

There is something damn good and ugly going on with the American Left-seeing as they'd rather lay down with Senator Joe McCarthy and Brother John Birch looking for Russians in every nook and cranny, and now willing to torch the Dixie electorate totally, in pulling down their monuments of American history, than let American electorate
vote prevail.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Spoken like the true Criminal Treasonous Globalist Stooge he is.

They're all outing themselves.

The Office of the President showing Brilliance.

kochevnik's picture

Racism is bad according to the DNC, but murder is no problem

deimos178's picture

As a citizen of TN, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the rest of America.

Lost My Shorts's picture

I have a soft spot in my heart for Trump, because I think total breakdown in Washington is a net good thing.  No chance that he could drain the swamp, but he can definitely shit in it over and over.

But at some point you have to admit the guy is just too incompetent to survive.  He's screwed the pooch so many times in a row, I think it's over for him.  Corker's quotes were the last warning.  But Trump is too thick to get it or discipline himself, so prepare yourself to say goodbye.

JiminyCrickets's picture

Cant make an omlette without breaking eggs.

fockewulf190's picture

Guess which fuckhead has a senate reelection to deal with next year.

kernel_panic's picture

Apparently subscribes to 'what goes around, comes around.'

OpTwoMistic's picture

President Trump,  go public.  Release the names of the pedos now.  The people who voted for you have not moved.   call on them.

uno's picture

yes, that is what is needed, never understood why he won't do it.  Perhaps he is blackmailed, we know Sessions is.  Corker like most Senators are blackmailed, probably with Pedo stuff.  Coming publc and naming names is the only hope for Trump.  You can see they are using this since Russia did not work to impeach.  As long as Trump has McMaster, you know he is blackmailed.

kochevnik's picture

John Trump, Uncle of Donald Trump is the man who stole 45 trunks of secrets from Nikola Tesla. He explored scalar waves under the pretense of radar studies, which are similar technologies. He founded RadLab at MIT which was military lab on campus. Trump may have access to scalar technology or such groups

Russia and Israel also have scalar technology

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

When you consider that Tesla was an enemy of ZOG, and that John Trump and Tesla were friends, "stole" might not be the correct characterization.

kochevnik's picture

Rightful heir was Tesla's family in Serbia. Somehow technology made it's way to Israel. We could wish Trump was a buffer against ZOG, but actions say another case. Trump seems to favor state right which is main reason why Inner City of London wants him removed, and the intelligence agencies are fomenting another Civil War. Apparently the first was not conclusive

spaniel's picture

Would you mind explaining what "scalar technology" is ?

When people have talked about it, nobody says what it is....personally, I think that this "Scalar technology" is a bunch of BS !

thinkmoretalkless's picture

Hey Sen Cocker, seems to me having just paid another outrageous premium for worthless health insurance THAT the Whitehouse is NOT the problem. Maybe it is time to radically change the Republicans in Congress.