Caught On Tape: Spanish Police Kill Five Terrorist In Separate Terror Plot

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Update 2: The explosive belts worn by attackers killed by police in the Catalan resort town of Cambrils were fake, the Spanish region's head Carles Puigdemont told local radio station RAC1 on Friday. A suspected Islamist militant drove a van into crowds in Barcelona, killing 13 people on Thursday, and police also said they had killed five attackers later that evening in Cambrils to thwart a separate attack using explosive belts. Puigdemont said bomb experts had now confirmed the explosive belts were duds.

* * *

Update: The police force for Spain’s Catalonia region says its troopers shot and killed four suspects and wounded a fifth in a resort town south of Barcelona to “respond to a terrorist attack.” The regional police said in a tweet that they are investigating whether the Cambrils suspects were wearing explosive vests. Its officers planned to carry out several controlled explosions. The force says it is working on the theory that the Cambrils suspects were linked to the Barcelona attack, as well as to a Wednesday night explosion in the town of Alcanar in which one person was killed.

Subsequently, the police said the fifth suspect shot in the resort town of Cambrils has died and six civilians have been injured. Police earlier Friday morning had said four suspects had been killed in the town south of Barcelona during a police operation to “respond to a terrorist attack.”

* * *

Spanish police have shot and killed four people while carrying out an operation in response to what was reportedly another terrorist attack in a town south of Barcelon .

The regional police for the Catalonia region said on Twitter early on Friday that officers are in Cambrils, a seaside resort town about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Barcelona, where they are dealing with a "possible terror attack."

Videos capturing the shooting and the immediate aftermath were distributed on twitter:

The military operation was announced around midnight local time, when the Catalonia emergency service tweeted: "IF YOU'RE NOW IN £Cambrils avoid going out. Stay home, stay safe. Police operation ongoing."

The service urged people in the town not to go out on the streets.

As AP reports citing Spain's RTVE, regional police troopers killed four people and injured another seven. The broadcaster added that the police suspected they were planning an attack in Cambrils just hours after a van swerved onto a pedestrian promenade in Barcelona, killing 13.

It also adds that according to police sources, "the terrorists carried explosives attached to the body." The broadcaster said the suspects tried to carry out a similar attack to the one in Barcelona.

Which begs the question: has Spain become the focal point of another suicide bombing terrorist cell?


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Yeah, whatever....

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How do you say in Spanish,

Season of the patsies begins 


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paging Barbara Spectre

paging Barbara Spectre

please pick up line one for the NWO rep 

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Voice-over heard while on hold saying: <Europe has not learned to become multicultural yet>

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Those Muslim puttos got what they deserved!

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The video was really lame...I was hoping to see muzzies doing the breakdance of death.

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but... don't the cops have to be indicted for racial profiling? Isn't it just so unfair to exert white privilege? Have the police forces of Barcelone been diversified? Do they have a diversity steward at all? Are there transgender toilets in Catalonia? Did the attackers shout "Wallaby snackbar" and "antifa" in the same sentence (meaning they should go free)?

These are the questions that have to be asked now. We demand answers.


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lol, lol, lol still laughting....

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The lesson one must always bear in mind about Spain is: do not ever fuck with the Guardia Civil.

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Those Muslim puttos got what they deserved!

While I agree with you about these particular idiots, what really annoys me is how so many other "idiots", including here on ZH, have the mentality of pigeons, following the breadcrumbs put down for them by the corporate media MSM.

There are three organizations directly responsible for the establishment, direction, recruitment, and organization of ISIS, or Al Qaeda, and therefore directly responsible for this stupid waste of innocent human life, they are in order of importance; Mossad, CIA, and NSC (Saudi National Security Council).

And while so many are innocently duped by a strategy that has gone on since 911 and beyond, to blame, fear and cast contempt on the worlds Muslims as a whole, 1/3 of the worlds population; to divide societies and the world, without realizing the real cause and threat or analyzing the facts, they are fulfilling the goals, and unknowingly furthering the interests of these organizations to their total satisfaction.  

This kind of thing is not going to stop, especially while the idiots are proving their roll in the deception so well, until a lot more people wake up and use their brains to identify, isolate and destroy the core cause of the cancer, which is in turn causing the world's body populous to kill itself with hate and confusion.

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war".

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You better tell all those crazy people throwing themselves under Muslim vans that it's all a set up.

"Don't do it !! It's all a fake!!"

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Mr. Fiction, those were THE EXACT WORDS that the demoness, (((barbara lerner spectre))) said, as I am sure that you know.



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My earlier comments got erased along with others here they are again:

Next comes the usual candlelight vigils, marches for show, feckless
show-of-unity by feculent politicians, and as soon as the macabre show
has ended, they will undoubtedly slither away to their rancid swamp where their
primordial instincts govern their insatiable appetite for power and
self-indulgence leaving the rest of us as a mere afterthought, a
casualty of their ineptitude, a sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered at
Is it time for a stand yet? No...? Then when? When your motherland is
a wasteland and a graveyard burnt to the ground and smoldering barren
for as-far-as-the-eye can see, flattened by the tires of the enemy
depressed into the the ground and forgotten to time never again to
"terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city" -- Sadiq Khan

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wish/hope/think the wake up will happen when the guns are outlawed. but maybe not, as katrina was the first knock and few gave a shit as it wasn't their door...

lookin grim(reaper) for now. merica asleep at the phone or tb...

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The Spaniards should send a delegation to Denmark or Poland or wherever the fuck, to study the strategy of Hugging a Jihadist. That should turn them into culturally-accepting, secular, western thinking citizens.

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"Voice-over heard while on hold saying: <Europe has not learned to become multicultural yet"


don' t laugh this is EXACTLY what I've just heard on French libtard radio "France Info". There was a pompous old asshole who stated "we should reform ourselves and our laws so we can be more open to "them"". Of course by "them" he was talking about Muzziesnot Asians who work hard, study well and generally shut up.

So in short the more they kill us the more we should bend over and say "go ahead make my day". Yeah sure!


Yesterday morning I took the Paris subway and in front of me there was this 20-sth balck girl dressed with a hijjab on her body and... she had black gloves on her hands. Yup in 2017 in Europe.


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Comienza la temporada de los perdedores maricones cabrones... or sum such! :-O

[That's cabrones in the "goat f'r" sense of the word, at least in Miami Spanglish.]

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Which Spanish? The Mexican or the lispy one?

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Spanish Police Kill Four People In Response To Separate Terrorist Plot

My response: When I read articles like this, I find it utterly amazing that CNN's Wolf Blitzer had the unmitigated gall to suggest that this was a "COPY CAT OPERATION" based on events in VA this past weekend.

CNN must be made up of mindless morons at every level. PULL THEIR JOURALISM LICENSE PLEASE!!!!

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Google, Twitter, CNN, Reddit are enemy number one. The reason I said whatever is who cares? Shut down the borders. Problem solved. They're not gonna do it though. They'll choose to lay down fucking Teddy Bears. I hope they all get car mowed.

Wolf Blitzer is a cuck. I can't forget him dancing at the whore coronation. Fuck him.

junction's picture

CNN prints its own licenses.  Blitzer should be making license plates in the graybar hotel for the federal government.  Instead of working for the Israeli government.

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How tall is the box little Wolfie stands on, 18 inches or 2 feet?

attila404's picture

Fuck knows. His voice always puts me to sleep.

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Shut the borders...but won't happen until the citizens get balls and when the muzzie boot is on their own throats, perhaps they will react. But Spaniards, like most westerners (esp Americans) have been so pussified as we see in our own educational systems and work force. Just take a look at the typical 2017 Cali!


and then there's the cuties....

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Contrary to popular belief, Spain is the worst European country to live in as a a man. Fuck Spain. They will get run over, and their whores will what they crave. Muslim cock.

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Blitzer seemed to go off the rails on que. One thing I noticed is that Corker's speech seemed to have been written for a post-trump era and along with Pence coming home early it just makes me wonder. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

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going hmmmm.
(Routine Terrorism raid and target practice shooting the day before?)

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And you don't think a group could rent/steal trucks and pull off the same thing in the USA?

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Bunch of retards. Not even a match for the libtarded- Eurotrash. You don't suicide bomb right after a suicide joyride. They need a new community organizer. Soros you can do better. 

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Ah, but it is all about appearance. Gotta keep the populace in fear and under control. Real terrorists (like the IRA in its prime before its leaders sold out) targetted  politicians and financial institutions.




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And the occaisional bar or two.

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Killem all before they kill you. 


Pre-emptive (fill in the blank) is the world we live in. 

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I just got an email from Uber that they are 'standing up to hate'.  I wil I knew low to cut n paste's against the white supremicists of course. No mention of Antifa or BLM.

Boycott uber. Use lyft....

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What do you call 4 dead Islamofascists? A good start.

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Those Spaniards did not fuck around.

Haha, dead mooselams!

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Yeah the word "slaughtered" has a different connotation in English translation but may be accurate.

I mean, they ain't much on Miranda rights or "innocent until proven guilty" in other parts of the world, which is pretty effective for certain things.

Oh...and of course they're razzzist for gunning down brown skinned people ;-)

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BBang bang bang......burrrurrp......burrrrup....bang bang...."Oy, hes breath...bang bang......Oy, hands up, Police!


"That one moves!" Bang bang

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In this method all the police get to go home to their families instead of being blown up by a suicide-belted terrorist.

Bang Bang Are you Sure he is not moving? No  Bang Bang  Now I am sure.  I shall say 2 Hail Marys tomorrow for his mother.

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They read them their rites.

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Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one. 

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Promote the officers responsible to lead the government...any objections or questions from incumbents? Good!

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Catalonia wishes to succeed from Spain.  With effective police like these it will be one of the few safe places to vacation in the warm sun of summer. Great job police.

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Catalans are not and have not been the only peoples to try succession from the Madrid controlled Castillians. Depending on your filter settings see my other comment on the matter higher or lower in this thread.

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"What do you call 4 dead Islamofascists?"

Early-retirement Western NWO mercs.

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A distraction?

"A job well done, mr. CIA-man/false-flag-organizer"?



And a good start of what? The promised (by your owners) clash of civilizations?