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Absurdity Number 1: The reason Wall Street, Washington DC and corporate America are allowed to continue their non-stop economic gang bang of the American middle class, including in particular, economically distressed minorities, is a bunch of weathered confederate army statues and the activities of American neo-nazis.

Absurdity Number 2: Vladimir Putin owns your ass.

Absurdity Number 3: The H1B visa program promotes upward mobility for gender based, ethnic and racial minorities.

Absurdity Number 4: What is good for Wall Street is good for America.

Absurdity Number 5: The United States Congress represents the will of the people.

Abusrdity Number 6: The RICO Act does not apply to the criminal activities of Too Big To Fail Banks.

Absurdity Number 7:  War is peace...

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHY IS IT important to study and understand the Jewish Question? The Jews are presently the most powerful and wealthiest ethnic group on this planet, and it is their power structure which is pushing to terminate the existence of our race through replacement migration.

It is they who are the true power behind the Muslim and the other Brown invasions across the borders of America, and in Europe, and wherever White people live. It is they who demonize any who oppose the invasion, by calling them “racist,” trying to get them shunned, isolated, and unemployable.

It is they who created an inverted “morality” which teaches our children and our brothers and sisters that they are “evil” if they want our race to continue to exist.

It is they who own and control the mass media which are spreading the false narrative about Charlottesville — that “White racists” killed Heather Heyer — and using the emotions they generate with their lies to de-platform and economically destroy and deny the rights of the writers, publishers, and activists who are trying to expose their crimes.

The National Alliance, the sponsor of this radio program, has lost its credit card processor and its online store software provider — making it temporarily impossible to sell books and CDs or take donations online — in just the last week alone. So the Jewish power structure’s lies and hate have very real consequences.

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Good, I like Jennifer Lawrence. Jk!

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no harm intended by this comment . :)

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Boston is in Suffolk County for those who listen to web police scanners. They are trying to get water trucks down to the Capitol building now. Haz Mat teams are busy with incidents.

The conservatives get a big plus here. No problems with them at all yet the others seem to demonstrate their headwear once again (both vaginal and penal as I do not discriminate).

In a perfect world I would love to give the alt left a multiple choice quiz.

What is fascism?

I bet a million dollars most would have no idea...let alone they are (unwittingly) supporting that very concept.


Remember the bank bailouts?


Of course they want a 'green grid'. Look at what these fascists are doing to the beautiful landscape of Maine (with a negative benefit) let alone the other natural resources without the say of the good folks there. I bet they feel a little bit like the small countries we've raped over the last 70 years or so. Yea, both parties are involved but the leftist fascists are behind this one.

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This section would not be complete if we don't talk about what the statue of Liberty represents and where it came from.

The Statue of Liberty was a Masonic concept conceived from within Freemasonry. The chief promoter and fundraiser for the projectwas Edward Laboulaye and he collaborated with the sculptor Frederic Bartholdi to develop a statue of Masonic enlightenment.He also raised the money needed)

The statue represents a Godess that the Freemasons worship=The Roman Godess Libertas aka Babylonian Ishtar

Libertas was the name of an ancient Roman goddess adopted by the Romans perhaps as early as the 5th century BC and certainly by the 4th Century BC.

She was referred to as the goddess of personal freedom and liberty. In fact Libertas meant freedom.She was called the matron goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom. Indeed, she had invented the concept. Slaves considered her their goddess in the hopes of winning their freedom.

Libertas was also a goddess of war in order to fight for freedom. The whole idea of immigration connoted the idea of freedom.

We know of Libertas being referred to as the Mother of Harlots by the famous Roman historian (and senator) Cicero’s writings.

Isis was the name the Egyptians gave to her.Ishtar was introduced to the Greeks as Astarte through the Phoenicians.

It seems that the allure of Ishtar was her doctrine of holy sex or salvation by holy sexual relations with a temple priestess or priest as a means of purification and holiness.This is why she was referred to as the Mother of Harlots. Harlots had been deemed to be social outcasts so she was also referred to as the Mother of exiles.

The Biblical references to “daughter of Babylon” always refers to Ishtar of Babylon. She was a Mother of Harlots and also a daughter of Babylon.

The Mother of Harlots comes from the ancient practice(Sumer,the Babylon) of the future king needing to sexually please the godess ,and if he failed,he was killed by her and another candidate was needed.

The crown of seven spikes is a symbol   representing the enlightenment of the Babylonian sun god Shamesh/Utu. The idea was that this sun god’s occultic illumination could be focused by each of the 7 spikes of the crown. Each spike would flash this occultic enlightenment to each of the 7 “horas” or large landmasses of the world,each spike would flash occultic enlightenment to a continent on planet earth.

In the original planning, the Statue of Liberty was designed in the initial stages to be in color. She was to be wearing the royal robes of scarlet and purple.

It became obvious that for reasons of monetary purposes the statue must be made from copper. The use of copper precluded the use of any color schemes. Thus the original plans for scarlet and purple robes were abandoned.

The torch:This item was originally designed to be a golden cup filled with the wine of freedom.The torch we see today is actually the same type of cup design used in ancient times for drinking wine,the wine of liberty.The actual, original golden cup was later sold by the project to the Czar of Russia, Czar Nicholas. In 1917 during the Russian revolution the Communist government took possession of it.

The are just too many coincidences when we compare the characteristics in the scriptures relating to the woman called “Mystery Babylon — “Mother of Harlots” with that of Ishtar of Babylon and the Statue of Liberty.

I say this because  the Statue of Liberty is actually the artist/sculpture’s vision of Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon.

So,it seems that the statue is not what you thought it was.



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In a nutshell, the counter protesters pretty much drove off the free speech activists. There were no neo nazi's etc. in attendance according to WCVB.

However, counter protesters were carrying flags etc that were attached to poles (the free speech group was forbidden to do that).

The free speech folks were peaceful however the police are escorting free speech folks out in armored vehicles but antifa is starting to club folks and police are trying to control the crowd.

Get a live feed up tylers. Its getting rowdy. Antifa is attacking free speech folks trying to leave peacefully.


Lumberjack's picture

All of the arrests so far appear to be counter protesters.

Janus, in case you were in the area, let us know what you may have seen. Thanks.

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Isn't it amazing that people from foreign countries risk life and limb to enter the U.S., and yet those lucky enough to be born here have nothing but scorn for this great country and want to destroy it? I am at the point of saying that if you do not like it here...THEN LEAVE! We should have a taxpayer assisted, one way ticket to anywhere program for the whiners and the complainers. Let them peddle their 'oppression racket' bullshit somewhere else. GOOD RIDDANCE!

veritas semper vinces's picture

If (they) were great at something,this would be propaganda.

The image created to depict America is a mirage.The reality is very much different.

Those people coming here "risking" their life " you talk about do not know the truth,they have the mirage in their mind.

The people commenting here on ZH,know the truth and are not happy about what their country represents now.That's why they complain and want to reverse the damage.

If you are unable/unwilling to see this,just shut up!

Pollygotacracker's picture

I was not commenting on ZeroHedge readers. I was writing about Antifa, BLM, snowflakes, and other various and assorted people who want to be 'oppressed' so that they never have to face up to their own miserable lives. They should leave.

Anteater's picture

Better Dead than Red,  the Party of Perpetual Wars and TBTF.

Arrest Hillary's picture

If you're not yearning to breathe free .... you are not welcome !

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This is not going to go well for you Antifa cupcakes that can't stand free speech and peaceful co-existence.

You better think this through.

We don't do control freaks in this country very well,...never have.

~~~~~~~[....... The American Un-Civil War Of 2017 .......]~~~~~~~

The coming civil war has nothing to do with race, religion, ethnicity or wealth. .... Not even the level of a participant's formal education. .. IQ may have something to do with the side you pick but all you really need to be is smart enough to see who has you and your prodigy's best long-term interests in mind.

It is pure deception politics and manipulating the masses on the one side against The US Constitutionalists.

It is the Army of the Idiocracy against the Independent Free And Clear Thinkers.

AIs vs. IFACTs

Our founding fathers had this problem figured out.

Not perfectly, but in a working manner well enough to control all of the competing interests.

But alas, over the decades the US Constitution has taken a beating and the idiots have gained the upper hand. I should say, those that control the idiots have gained the upper hand.

The pure pirates that are using the idiot masses to turn the US Constitution into, "just a piece of paper" (Thank you, George W Bush) have literally terrorized the idiots into submission. ... Deceptively terrorized. ... Our Evil Pirate leadership ARE the terrorists.

I think we can all agree the Muslim Brotherhood = ISIS = The CIA. .. Except chinstrap13 and CNN, of course. They will argue that until the end of the solar fuel cycle because................ That' s right, they are CIA.

Well, the CIA is Antifa too. ....... A new country to disrupt, a new terrorist organization to back. ... The Alt Left is the CIA and funded by black budget US taxpayer funds. ........ This is a 'Color Revolution' not a real grass roots anything. .... It is not without some irony that the Army of the Idiocracy also shares the initials AI with Artificial Intelligence because that is the Army of the Idiocracy's true strategic and tactical leader. .. We are being war gamed by AI using an army of idiots.

Don't think a large enough army of idiots can't be dangerous. (See Russia 1917)

Especially one led by a super computer.

But first they have to disarm us.

Trust me, AI AL will think of something. ...

And has. ... Phony paid false flag opposition to the Army of the Idiocracy called White Nationalists or White supremacists or Neo Nazis.

(How many Neo Nazis live in your neighborhood?. ... None? .. I know, mine neither.)

I fall squarely in the US Constitutionalists camp for those with a shred of doubt. ... I don't hate idiots. ... If you want to call my previous screed 'hate speech', so be it. That's your right... I am simply exercising my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion. ...

Llike I said, I don't hate idiots but I don't want the idiots throwing the US Constitution down the shitter because of their little delicate feelings either. ... That "piece of paper" is the glue that holds the country together.

Without it, we get Un-Civil War and wars are all nasty, brutal affairs.

Bullets hurt way worse than words ever will, snowflakes. ... If you Antifas CIA patsies think AI AL will even blink for a nano-second feeding your ass into the meat grinder, think again more carefully this time. .. AI is a machine and a machine doesn't care about your little delicate feelings. ... Let's put it this way, AI cares a whole lot less than I do,...which isn't much at all.

Live Hard, IFACTers Don't Give The Pirates And The AI AI They Are Using An Excuse To Let Them Disarm You Piece Meal, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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The south had it right, they tried to secede but the ' idiots ' couldnt accept the fact that we were really two countries in one.  Secession again is the easiest way to solve this.  civil war, like the south found out, is a coin toss with a lot of dead bodies..........

The republic is done regardless of which path we now take.  Divorce is within 2 years of trumps leaving office, probably 2026.

Lets take half of the assets( land) in the divorce, build a wall, stipulate that if you ever leave you can never come back and start again with the constitution of 1791 as a bolerplate............godspeed

WillyGroper's picture

wouldn't be nice if GW, BO, RDS collaborated?

this egomaniacal pissing contest only serves tptb.

RDS has very publicly called out aipac needing to be registered as a foreign agent.

neither JG nor GW will address aipac or talpiot.

got a feeling paki/isi will lead straight to ^^^.

now tim cock comes out against djt.

it gnaws me about the meeting djt had with all the big press swinging dicks b4 he took awefuss.

will he go down in history...always revised, as the match that lit the ussa molotov?

DuneCreature's picture

Q - 1 - Yes!

Q - 2 - Could be. ..... AI AL is always weeks, monthes even years ahead of the most visionary of us. .. AI AL may have had DJT groomed for failure before the Don even considered running for POTUS. .... We only get to see what AL wants us to see. ......... Waaaay past most people's level of comprehension.

Live Hard, Who Knows, Maybe I'm Outright Batshit Crazy, But I Only Feel A Little Tardy, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

Lumberjack's picture

In Boston jersey barriers have been placed around the Common. Workers have been finding banned objects, steel posts etc. hidden around the area.

Rolling blockades will be in effect on nearby streets, Malcom X ave. Is one of them.

Lumberjack's picture

Is the Paul Revere statue next? He used free speech to warn about the British?


Able Ape's picture

WTF good are statues?  I never saw a statue and then said, "Boy, I wish I was living back then!"  Then again, maybe I'm wasn't looking at the right statues...

chrbur's picture

Memo to Able Ape.......Try harder.......

williambanzai7's picture

The first place you run into them is in cemeteries.

And those assholes have had the gall to go and debase confederate gravestones.

A gravestone is purely a memorial for the dead.

A public statue is a symbolic projection. A projection of power, ideology, religion, historic marker or some other collective meme.

The relevance of any statue is tested by time.

Something is keeping these confederate monuments relevant in the minds of many. For some it is ideology, for others it is history and yes for others it is oppression. Resolving all of that is a tinderbox.

The question is who and why now?

I will tell you who, the same who who kept everyone arguing about religion and abortion for 30 years. That divide and conquer strategy is worn out so here we have the new divider. Anything to draw collective attention away from the thieves in the room. Do those thieves really give a rats ass about any of this stuff? Only in so far as it provides a convenient tool for channeling the mob and drawing votes.

It is easier to pontificate about statues than really doing something about solving the sad plight of inner city blacks. Blame the statues rather than unabated transfer of wealth. You know why Obama was an abysmal failure for inner city black youths as Mr Farrakhan astutely notes? Apparently, because he failed to tear down all the statues and monuments. Naturally, the end result is Google's abysmal diversity numbers (sarc).

And while we are at it, let's debase the First Amendment by creating a public emergency.

treefeller's picture

Well I'll be dipped in dog shit. Looky here. 


They say there are no secrets. 

Lumberjack's picture

Nice catch! From the folks who convinced synaptically challenged folks to wear vagina hats no less....and are still laughing about it.

A song popped in my head this morning so I googled it. This tune and vid needs to be renamed ' Hill'ry has risen.'...


williambanzai7's picture

I wouldn't mind meeting Bannon.

Anteater's picture

Walk into any bar. Bannon is a trope for dishonesty and dishonor.

Bannon showcases random Muslim violence, but buries the lead

when Trump sells $112 BILLION of US arms to al-Saud Wahhabi-

ISIS terrorist headchoppers! Bannon make-believes about China

trade and IP theft 'changes', but then ignores Trump's $4 BILLION

money-laundering hotel:casino deal with China's Xi! Bannon says he

will 'go to war' for Trump, but skirts who is really in power, the

khaCzar mob Kushner, Goldman and MIC Pentagon are running!

Better Dead than Red, the Party of Perpetual War, and of TBTF.

No Healthcare, no Infrastructure, no Lower Taxes and no Agenda.

TeethVillage88s's picture

I don't know if I would make these votes... knowing the implications

- Repeal Glass-Steagal
- Fast Track NAFTA
- Fast Track CAFTA-DR
- Admit China to WTO
- Deregulation for Banks, Telecommunications & Media, Energy (ENRON), End of Capital Controls to Allow Funds to move off Shore for Manufacturing & Services (US Jobs in Services & Factories)... Carte Blanch for US "Trade Deficits or Account Deficit (Trade Imbalance) , Carte Blanch for Derivative Creations without Regulations or Limitations... Carte Blanch for US Cities Like Chicago to go into Deficit Spending, Carte Blanch for US States to go into Deficit Spending like Illinois... Carte Blanch for Central Bank & US Treasury & BAE/BLS for publishing crazy shit on GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment... USA has 100 Million working aged people not working today (Crazy)

Thamas Pickety is much more Honest than our own Nation on Capitalism & our Depression of Labor Rates, Labor, and the Inflation of everything we need to live.

Low-Withers's picture

If progressives get their way Lady Liberty will be replaced by the Arch of Hysteria.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Absurdity Number 1-7: "You have chosen Wisely..."

Nostradumbass's picture

Absurdity Number 8: White People are to blame for what is wrong in the world.



seataka's picture

"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others." Willian Allen White 1868-1944 Editor, Emporia Gazette

There is little difference between Tom Cruise believing in XENU and the Space cooties and some libtard wearing a Vagina hat, only the shore story and stage setting differ.

The playbook being used is based on the prior successful one used in Ukraine. many of the actions being undertaken are outlined in this once secret document

The "Simple Sabotoge Field Manual"

(None of my pages have adverts)

847328_3527's picture

Under Armour taking another big hit today. Makes me wonder if UA CEO Planck sold his own stock before he decided to bash the American people and our president and drive the stock down?

Long memory man's picture

The USA has gone nuts. It must be scary living there nowadays.

BingoBoggins's picture

It can be if you're attentative. Son what do they choose? Inattention or bombastic hyperbole.

Wait, there's more!

Fighting and arguing with everybody. Everyone is angry all the time but they don't know why but to condemn some invention of a villian.

it's mere suggestion that starts it; the rest is self hypnosis.

Look. Congress is the target. No, not a weapon, not a talisman or magic powder or pixie dust or hand held nuke.

The weapon is a ... Demo in 10 seconds! I'm gonna do it, I am not fucking lying! Better run suckers!!

... safety glasses, sound protection, ha! ha!, ARE YOU SCARED NOW!!? ... 2, 1 , 0


We win.  ... oh, shit, wait a minute. I forgot. no one here will stand up and say "no" to

spineless jellyfish, bullies who pick on weaklings, blatant liars with no proof, and the projection of a Security State apparatus boogie man that's comin' to git you .... BOOGAH BOOGAH BOOGAH!!!!

Yeah, scary, man. They're gonna burn books soon aren't they?



Nostradumbass's picture

Somewhat scary, but unlike the cucked Eurpoeans, Americans are organizing to run the (((enemy))) out once and for all.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"cucked Europeans"

Really? From over here in Europe you look like a bunch of castrated overweight bunch of poultries. In other words you're too weak/too fat and too addicted to physical comfort to be able to shake the establishment. War or street rioting is mainly a physical thing and I picture most Americans as unfit for the task. Anger and fireamrs are not enough.

I live in a touristic city and every day I see US tourists barely able to walk properly. As if walking several miles in a row wasn't part of their habitual regimen. It's bizarre and a bit scary.


Otoh Russians who are raised the hard way are probably the "white" people most fit for insurrection. The irony is they live in a system that gives them little reason to rioting. Thx Vlad for this.

Nostradumbass's picture

What upsets you so?

Is it that Americans still have some spine remaining and just may be able to save their country from the jooze, or is it that you realize Europe as we know it is nearly finished?

Sid Davis's picture

What is the purpose of removal of cultural artifacts?

One is to remove the reminders that alternatives to the present political arrangements or religious beliefs have existed. It is a re-education effort, a critical point that should not be missed. And don't miss the revenge motivation also. The claim by those doing the removal that they are taking the moral high ground by committing violence against inanimate objects is just their own delusion. They are violent people advocating a society based on their own anti-freedom belief system. If they were non-violent wouldn't they be trying to peacefully persuade the rest of us of the merits of their socialists/communists/fascists beliefs instead of trying to bead us over our heads, humilliate us, and destroy inanimate objects that we admire.

If we remove the reminders that there was a civil war, and a huge number of decent, ordinary people from the South actually fought, and died to escape the tyranny of a centralized government, then people today might not realize that this is a possibility. Part of the re-education effort began right after the Civil War with by creating the myth that the Civil War was only fought for the purpose to free slaves.

The violent group ISIS uses the same tactic as the antifa and BLM. Here is an example:

"The destruction of ancient Iraqi artifacts – a tactic employed in cultural genocide – is part of the Islamic State militants' efforts to reform the region into a single, homogenous Muslim caliphate under its control."

And then the Wall Street Journal commented:

"The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Should be a War Crime"

How is it that now the Wall Street Journal or the rest of the MSM don't seem to recognize the crime aspect of tearing down markers of history. How is it that corporate leaders, and most of the ruling class in Washington, DC, not only are silent, but are jumping on the destroy freedom bandwagon?

And people say that predicting civil war is a right wing fantasy. Civil discord has been with us for a long time; it is just now moving toward the tipping point where is will be deemed war instead of unrest. Further economic disaster will make life painful enough for millions to justify risking the fight in the belief that anything will be better than the pain and suffering of accepting the present plunder and control of the ruling class or the proposed complete subjugation of the leftists retards. Just prepare and watch the water come to a boil over the next decade.

CalifornianSeven's picture

Nice work, WB.  Thanks for calling out the left-wing statue attack hysteria...

williambanzai7's picture

Organising statue attacks is propaganda theatre on a grandiose scale. The symbolic apex of misdirection.

No one gave a fuck about the statues until 5 minutes ago. Suddenly it's a national statue emergency.

Look at the rats scurrying in the shadows.

kumquatsunite's picture

And why do all these black men have the time to carry bats and show up for what was just an afternoon walk? Because you, working taxpayers, provide Welfree for all those babies they leave laying around and don't bother to show up for or support. 

Recent article on, what is being called Baby Court, had a white woman with her black baby. She was 33 and the other two children had been removed from her several years ago. When ya got nothing else, ya have a baby. With the baby removed from her at two months due to drugs (she was using during pregnancy), at 8 months after being "counseled" through rehab, provided endless parenting training, assigned lawyers, social workers who provided her a crib, high chair, and other baby needs, she called the judge part of "her team and her advocate." 

So consider that this one woman and her one baby, has at least 20 professionals being paid by the government to try to create a "mother" who can function. Oh yeah, so she is going to go to college, which is fun because exactly how does someone with no skills in (almost) mid-30s with a new baby go to college? Oh yeah, TAXPAYER PAYS. Welfree +Taxpayer paid daycare +Food stamps +Medicaid + Endless Free Resources aka Baby Blackmail.

80% of black babies are born out-of-wedlock with no discernable father in sight; until you make black men responsible for their children, they'll have plenty of time to tear down American history and whine about discrimination in the one country in the world that actually provides opportunity...for those who Want to make something of themselves by hoisting up their pants and speaking English.

Anteater's picture

73% of welfare recipients are the White people, the system gamers.

68% of the molestations and rapes in America are by White males.

Far more malpractice deaths are by White doctors, than drug dealers.

The top four quintiles at the Luciferian Pentagon are White officers.

The Three Buildings Two Planes military coup was entirely by Whites.

There's no Blacks, Hispanics or Muslims on Wall Street, only Whites.

The Gramm, Leich Bliley Wall Street coup was entirely by White men.

America was driven to its knees, and completely bankrupted by Whites.


hedgeless_horseman's picture


One of your best, Banzai.  

So true, and so very sad.

oromae's picture

Succinct and exactly on point.

This needs to become part and parcel of our lexicon.

steveo77's picture

Some of you may have heard about the 7 page Higgins memo, describing the specific strategies for the attack on Trump.

free helped me find the files, I gathered the large size links which are much more readable, and also scanned them into a PDF that you can download.


steveo77's picture

Some of you may have heard about the 7 page Higgins memo, describing the specific strategies for the attack on Trump.

free helped me find the files, I gathered the large size links which are much more readable, and also scanned them into a PDF that you can download.


roadhazard's picture

Fuck a bunch Nazi's and anyone who stands with them. You clowns are a massive joke.