Tucker Carlson Obliterates Bill Kristol, Says He's 'Glued to Social Media Like a Slot Machine Junkie in Reno'

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Last night Bill Kristol called out Tucker Carlson for discussing the very real issue of removing monuments of all American forefathers who once owned slaves, saying that Tucker was attempting to rationalize slavery and then later suggested he'd rationalize anti-semitism.

If you watched the segment, all Tucker did was pose a very serious question, which I duplicated here that drew the ire of several residents.

Should we remove the monuments of anyone who once owned slaves?

Tucker responded last night, calling out Kristol for being 'glued to social media like a slot machine junkie in Reno. He added that he had once worked for Kristol for 5 years and 'a generally smart guy' and a good boss, who was humane and intelligent.

Tucker then asked, 'what happened?'

'Hysteria has supplanted rational debate, where the purpose of political argument is to no longer explain your beliefs, but to highlight what a morally upstanding person you are, what a virtuous guy you are, usually by contrast of your opponent, who is by definition, evil. It's childish, obviously -- but for many people it's pretty tempting. Even 64 year old men with Harvard degrees fall for it, apparently.

Tucker believes, 'part of the problem is also the medium.' He criticized the fact that Bill no longer thinks things through like he used to, when he was the editor at The Weekly Standard.

'Now he just goes on Twitter and he stays on Twitter, all day, every day -- dashing off little thoughts and impressions, scoring tiny little points against strangers in cyberspace -- keeping obsessive track of his likes and retweets. At an age where he could be spending his time with his grandchildren, Kristol is glued to social media like a slot machine junkie in Reno.'


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IMO, it isn't that Kristol has changed, so much as Tucker has... Tuck has started 'waking up' and realizing the BS that fills our lives here in ...yes, Purgatory... which is a 'school' in self conscious awareness... the'dark side' rules here... thus everything turning 'bad' eventually... as they suck the love and life out of anyone and everything in order to feed themselves.... the negative polarity... sucking up the energy flow...black holes in the cosmos...

Tucker was asleep before and didn't notice that his former boss, Mr. K, was aligned to the 'dark side'... or is pathologically inclined in that direction... perhaps even born that way as a psychopath, thus hardwired as a predator... I remember Mr, K being this way long ago, but times have changed, and what was seemingly only intellectual discourse has become outright abuse... a sign of the end approaching... as the sides separate... wake and aware means having to choose....Fox News only covers Trump better because of their alignment to the Republican party... this is wy Murdoch was brought in, given a quick citizenship etc... he was brought in to represent the 'other side' of the oligarchic con game we call politics in the USA... they control both parties, which is why most of these politicial puppets are members of the same clubs.. know each other growing up, are given special awards and benefits, scholarships etc.... all part of the grooming process...

Tucker just wasn't aware of this back when he worked for Mr K... this is common... most that are ideologically inclined learn the hard way that they are working for a person/group/society that doesn't 'walk the talk'... classic political ponerology 101... from Macchiavelli to the Protocols etc...the time honored methods of controlling the masses, wither directly as is most often seen in the 'East', or indirectly, covertly here in the West with our 'fake' democracy... all an illusion... which is better in terms of creating a bigger pie of profits to further exploit the herd of sheep.. thus that ancient biblical analogy.

Tucker is waking up and realizing his old boss is part of the problem... soon he might realize that his old boss was always part of the problem... or at least going back in time much further than Tucker realizes.... as Mr. K, if not born a psychopath, had an 'awakening' of his own... and until fairly recently, his role of intellectual proveyor of propaganda BS was as a talking head type.... only with social media has the game gone more overt, Eastern style... as the roles have reversed.

natashav's picture

Bill Kristol was born from a long line of blood thirsty Bolsheviks.

Bolsheviks who destroyed all the statues and monuments and any trace of history

in Russia before murdering 65 Million Christians. Bolsheviks who were funded by

Jewish Bankers on Wall Street to murder and maim.


Bill Kristol is longing for his Bolshevik Roots.

Bolsheviks need blood for their survival.

Bolsheviks are modern day vampires.


gdpetti's picture

I don't know his ancestry, but the 'Jews' have indeed been some of the 'chosen people' of Satan for eons, having made that choice, a very long time ago, and this goes towards the need of any empire type to control their own tribe first, as is shown in how all those tribes of the Israel now call themselves 'Jews'.. which was the name of those from the tribe of Judea... the black sheep of the family, the troublemakers, etc... lots of psychos, etc in that branch of the tree, as is mostly seen in the more recent converts from Ashkenazi... who rule over all the other 'Jews'... and force/shame those others around the world, mostly past converts, into following their lead... the same pattern of dominance that every empire follows... to control the masses... thus the reason they are always kicked out of countries... as they are the ones bring the  'dark side', Satan, Baphomet etc into those countries... same today here in the West....who controls most of the media, the govt, the religions etc? Who setup the Bolsheviks, only to lose control after Lenin died and Trosky wasn't in position to take over... and Stalin did, and if if part Jewish, he wasn't part of that inner hard core circle of revolutionary Jews... and he got rid of most of them.... so they started up the Nazis in Germany to confront him... which was a test case for today, as they later setup Britian and the USA as the new center of corruption and world domination....

They are having trouble, and always have, in running this program in Asia, especially in China, Japan, etc... definite racial issues getting in their way there, though they do train those financial friends of theirs... as we see in that Asian bank... or Modi's financial games to destroy India etc.

But names get in the way... if you think in terms of energy, EU theory... electrical polarities... some choose the negative, others the positive, and it's rather obvious which side Mr. K has chosen... as all the puppets are busy 'outing' themselves in the last few years, especially since the election... the patterns are so easy to see these days.

currency's picture

Bill Kristol is one of those so called Republicans who likes to talk and theorize and ponder his navel. Republicans are in control but they have wasted their control for most of the leaders are part of the political elite who does not care about people only their own power and $$$.

Bill turn off your social media. Go out and talk to Real people and see why Real people support Trump.


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"Last night Bill Kristol called out Tucker Carlson for discussing the very real issue of removing monuments of all American forefathers who once owned slaves, saying that Tucker was attempting to rationalize slavery and then later suggested he'd rationalize anti-semitism."


It was Bill Krystol that was trying to rationalize.


The fact is that those statues have been around forever and Krystol hasn't said a word about them. Krystol is being phony.

bardot63's picture

Speaking of monuments, wait till they stick Harriet Tubman's fantastically ugly mug on a Twenty.  She helped plan and finance the raid on Harper's Ferry with John Brown, (1859 style terrorism) which ended with 2 US Marines killed along with a half dozen, dead innocent townspeople, the first of which was a black railroad conductor.  Browne was hanged 4 months later while Tubman scooted away and, altho her role was widely known and reported, she was never arrested or tried. To make it even jucier for the leftist snowflakes, Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee and his aide-de-camp Jeb Stonewall Jackson were the guys who put down Brown's terrorist attack.  And Lee was even on vacation (military leave) at that moment and was called into service to handle the terrorist attack. 

Talk about your war on cash.  Go, Harriet! 

Gerry Fletcher's picture

Seems to me all but about .01% of us are slaves, few know it, most are too caught up in themselves, FaceBoot, etc.

GunnyG's picture

Kristol is a hysterical sissy who'd suck the cock of anyone in power and touting big government. He's probably blown Linda Graham and Juan McStain 100's of times!

bardot63's picture

He was caught pounding Hilllary from behind by Seth Rich, who sent smart phone snaps to Assange. 

Consuelo's picture




"Even 64 year old men with Harvard degrees fall for it, apparently."


Correction, Tucker:  

Mr. Kristol didn't fall for anything...   And that perhaps is the most disturbing aspect of this hullaballoo.     

Chupacabra-322's picture

The Pure Evil Criminal Deep State are painting the canvas with a broad bush of Scripted False Narrative PsyOp. Painting everyone who is against Globalism, Open boarders, Conservatives etc....what have you as racist.

Mango327's picture

Bill Kristol reduced to a comparison with a Reno crackwhore. Man that just got my day off to a great start!



eminer3033's picture


Reverend Obliterates Tucker Carlson should be the title:see below youtube clip!!




shimmy's picture

Who is Bill Kristol? 

I like how libtards can't see that you can find slavery disgusting yet still accept it was part of history for the country and not try and alter said history just because of how society is now.

One really needs to step back and get help if they are actually reaching the level where they are against the very people who created the country in the first place.

SoDamnMad's picture

I don't see the libtards running around the streets of NYC trying to end human trafficing. How about they go off-shore and work at ending that form of slavery. We will send them to even a nice place where it is raging like EUROPE.  That or a UNWRF camp in Jordon.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Tucker Carlson is a wholly owned LLC partner to the Jewish Mafia that is allowed to say those things only because they know the brain dead whores that watch them don't give a fuck about the truth and wish instead to be entertained!

FOX News died after they silenced Carl Cameron's stories pre and post-9/11 and then "fed the beast" with the patriotic bullhorn(s) of Greta Van-face-pull and heretic Sean Hannity with using "rolling thunder" to silence a 9/11 Anniversary 12 years later for calling an Iraq war veteran and Muslim unpatriotic for speaking the truth about the lies of the Afghan and Iraq War(s)!!!

Ace006's picture

Is there a coherent thought in there?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

So what kinda Harley do you and Ace ride?...

This guy still rides a beautiful "FAT BOY" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5y8PtfKA14)!!!

detached.amusement's picture

quite coherent for anyone paying attention....fkn mouth breathers...

MrBoompi's picture

All of these assholes should just say they defend free speech and be done with it.  Any more than that is useless drivel.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Truth is a uncommon denominator these days.

One should consider, how hot the water is, before spouting off, like a boiling tea kettle...

Fuck off Kristol!

aliens is here's picture

Elite schools means nothing. I have more respect for my lawn mower guy than for someone like Bill the JOO, Obama, Bush and whole lot of people. My lawn mower guy works for a living. DC class are whores.

Storm-Clouds's picture

In a rare instance of clarity.

I asked the dead for an unbiased opinion of the Kristol?

The zombie scratched the result in the ice.....

"Kristol is a worm tongue Scumbag"

But! The dead don't care....

CosmoJoe's picture

It really has nothing to do with the monuments.  These statues have been around for a long time and it was never an issue.  This is really about two things; a group of anarchists and thugs who understand they have been given power by this false victim narrative ginned up by the media and democrats.  They can now point to anything and anyone and cry racism, and there is little to no defense against it.  This is also about the left trying to do anything and everything to demonize and de-legitemize Trump ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections.  My only hope is that enough of the silent majority out there sees this exactly for what it is, and will deliver the left another clock cleaning at the polls.

roadhazard's picture

I love right wing on right wing hate.

GunnyG's picture

Just like we love watching you leftards go after one another. 

Ace006's picture

Aren't you missing a deal on some cubic zirconia sunglasses on the Home Shopping Channel? Right now!

knotjammin2's picture

Bill?  Bill Kristol?  Is that you?l

pine_marten's picture

You love running your pie  hole.

SummerSausage's picture

Remove the monuments of ALL blacks since it was a black man - Anthony Johnson - who legalized slavery on these shores by suing to own a slave as was his African custom.

Denounce ALL blacks since by 1860,30% of freed blacks owned slaves versus 1% of white Americans and 4% of SOUTHERN white Americans.

Blacks have a long history of condoning and practicing slavery to this day.

Remove any monuments that include Malcom X or Mohammed Ali since the Muslim religion supports and encourages slavery.

Renounce anyone who has supported the Muslim religion or who is a Muslim for their endorsement of slavery.

Stinkytofu's picture

and christians, don't forget the christians.

yep, slavery is promoted in the bible.

leviticus teaches how to treat your slaves,

NOT to free them.

god orders the chosen to slaughter and

take slaves.

jeBus commands slaves to obey their




ultrasonic's picture

Please show me current mainstream Islamic guidance which endorses slavery. You don't know anything about Islam- except maybe what you saw on Fox and Friends.

According to your logic Christians should be held accountable for slavery. After all, the overwhelming majority of slave owners in the US were Christians.

The Iconoclast's picture

Slaves are mentioned in at least twenty-nine verses of the Qur'an, most of these are Medinan and refer to the legal status of slaves.

The Quran accepts the distinction between slave and free as part of the natural order and uses this distinction as an example of God's grace.

Whose mainstream guidance are you looking for?  ISIS seems to be pretty into it.


jacketch's picture

"current" and "mainstream" and interesting modifiers.

pine_marten's picture

Well, black dudes do seem to have an affinity for being pimps.

hoytmonger's picture

Kristol is a Zionist, neo-con POS. It's his ilk that keep the US involved in foreign interventions and regime change. But that's Fox "news."

natashav's picture

Kristol was born of a long line of blood thirsty Bolsheviks.


lennysrv's picture

This anti-monument hysteria is nothing short of idiotic revisionist history. They used to do this sort of thing in the Soviet Union to cleanse certain non-desirables from the official record; removed them from photos, took down any reference to them, basically eliminated them from the history of the USSR.

The United States is quickly becoming a fucking quagmire of inane thought and moronic behavior. Mainly from the shitheels on the Left.

The Iconoclast's picture

They're deligitimatizing the authors of the Constitution.  Guess what they're going after next.

Ace006's picture

Amen but not "inane." "Insane."

CheapBastard's picture

Tucker, Jesse, Greg Gutfield, and a handful of others are the few who speak the truth on the TV these days. You Tube is throwing all the conservatives off the air evidently with their anti-American intolerance.


I am not sure why these victims of yootoobs discrimination can't sue...if the government can shut down a private baker for refusing to serve gays, why can't the government shut down yootoob for refusing service to these yootoobers?

Ace006's picture

Good post  I don't want the government shutting down anyone but it's nuts that private people have such enormous power to shut down or harm people with views they don't like.

Where are the antitrust warriors? Why can Google and YouTube make secret decisions on speech? How did the Motion Picture Board work out? Are aspects of Google and YouTube that make them something like a public utility?

Honest Sam's picture

The statues are monument to a state's courage in seeking its own destiny.  

Exercising its right to secede, along with a dozen others who wanted the same right that the likes of the founders sought in leaving King George's tyranny. 

To let this be deflected to a slavery only issue is intellectually dishonest, but oh so politically correct.

This forced marriage at the point of massive firepower by the government of pretending we are a United States is the work of the 1% who have managed to keep us fighting amongst each other over things like transgender toiliets, gay 'marriage', an institution that ended 150 years ago, and Russia.  

they just managed to exract trillions of, partly, yours and my dollars, over the last 10 years and counting and siphon off trillions more in newly printed cash from the Treasury and the FED. With Jews running the show. 

There's a war that only one side is fighting and it's not the people who are preoccupied with superfluous shit and don't realize that they are being vanquished, and sold into another form of slavery. 




Herodotus's picture

What do you expect from someone whose parents were both communists?

Ace006's picture

That's a badge of honor in some quarters.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Ouch...years ago I thought that Kristol was well-thought out most of the time when he appeared on Fox News. He really did turn out to be the NeoCon's NeoCon. He is completely and utterly beholden to the MIC, Israel, Big Pharma, and the uber wealthy. He couldn't give a damn about the middle class.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Tucker didn't take well to Billy's Kristolnacht.  Refreshing, as usual for Tucker. 

The Iconoclast's picture

Kristol is a giant flaming turd.  His tweeting obsession implies he has lost influence, ergo less warmongering.  Tweet away, douche.  Also see if you can suck your own cock, for real this time.

gmak's picture

Uh oh. Who else has a tweeting obsession that is getting him in trouble?