Virginia Governor Changes Stance: Confederate Monuments "A Barrier To Progress"

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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) has added his name to a growing list of public officials in state governments encouraging the removal of Confederate statues and memorials throughout the South. Late in the day on Wednesday McAuliffe released an official statement saying monuments of Confederate leaders have now become "flashpoints for hatred, division and violence" in a reference to the weekend of violence which shook Charlottesville as white nationalists rallied against the city's planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. McAuliffe further described the monuments as "a barrier to progress" and appealed to state and local governments to take action. The governor said:

As we attempt to heal and learn from the tragic events in Charlottesville, I encourage Virginia’s localities and the General Assembly – which are vested with the legal authority –  to take down these monuments and relocate them to museums or more appropriate settings. I hope we can all now agree that these symbols are a barrier to progress, inclusion and equality in Virginia and, while the decision may not be mine to make, I believe the path forward is clear.

The statement represents something of a flip flop on the issue for McAuliffe, who has long been on record as generally reluctant to remove Confederate monuments while the issue was being debated in various cities over the past months - he has previously carefully avoided sanctioning any blanket state-wide policy, instead considering it an issue to be decided at the local community level.

A vandalized Confederate grave memorial in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, NC in 2015. Image Source: ABC 11 WTVD News.

In 2016 McAuliffe sponsored the creation of a "working group" to explore the delicate cultural and legal issues surrounding monument removal. His previous hesitancy to weigh in firmly on one side or the other was likely due to the issue being a definitive hot button topic in recent Virginia gubernatorial elections. Virginia has over the past years been galvanized into two large warring political camps over monument removal - a fight often involving highly charged town hall debates and threats of lawsuits, where the slightest statement of a candidate aspiring for office can cost significant votes. A March 2016 veto by the governor, reflecting his hesitancy to enact a state-wide law read as follows:

There is a legitimate discussion going on in localities across the Commonwealth regarding whether to retain, remove, or alter certain symbols of the Confederacy. These discussions are often difficult and complicated. 

But it appears that the racially motivated carnage in Charlottesville has, in the governor's mind, now ended that discussion. McAuliffe's change of heart follows news of Tuesday's night's statement by North Carolina governor Roy Cooper, who made a strong and impassioned plea for Confederate monument removal throughout his state with words like, "Unlike an African-American father, I’ll never have to explain to my daughters why there exists an exalted monument for those who wished to keep her and her ancestors in chains."

Virginia's Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) also issued a statement calling for the moving of all Confederate monuments into museums and out of public eye, reaffirming his position. Overnight on Tuesday, the city of Baltimore quietly removed all four of its Confederate statues upon the mayor's orders who announced early Wednesday morning, "It's done, they needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people. We moved as quickly as we could."

It seems the push for monument removal is now picking up steam, with cities like Baltimore simply deciding to act briskly while claiming anti-racism and concern for public safety. Of course, the irony in all this is that the White nationalist and supremacist groups which showed up in force at Charlottesville and which are even now planning a major protest in Lexington, Kentucky, are actually themselves likely hastening the removal of these monuments through their repugnant racial ideology, symbols, and flags. 

As highlighted previously, we are facing a false dialectic which will end in the eradication and purging of American history - a dialectical narrative which the media is all too happy to exploit, though it remains true that:

It is unlikely that the majority of Americans will readily identify with the representative camps on either side. White nationalists and neo-Nazis on the one hand, and counter-protesters declaring "socialist revolution in the United States" and "war" on all historical monuments deemed tainted by a racist past on the other, are unlikely to attract most ordinary Americans increasingly sickened by the entire escalating spectacle.

Missing here is any reasoned national debate or discussion which once defined even Virginia governor McAuliffe's prior position - he and others will now attempt to seize the political moment.

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iamerican4's picture

Rome ran Big Slavery for over 2,000 years and the U.S. had made buying from them illegal during the Jefferson administration.

The Union Army was the Roman Anti-Christ's proxy for invasion, as retribution against Protestant America.

Study history and our Black and White "whig" Founders. 

Minack's picture

You're not going to be allowed to LARP as Mao's Red Guard. The Confederacy was not the Third Reich. Lee was not Hitler. Those monuments were placed to honor the character and dignity of the men who fought in battle. You're a cuck, or a commie, so honor and dignity are probably foreign concepts to you.

Hurricane Baby's picture

Treason against cunts is loyalty to humanity.

Harry Lightning's picture

You have a chimp's understanding of American history.

The South did not wage war against the North nor were Southerners traitors. All Americans were promised in 1787 when the Constitution was agreed upon that the country would provide the right of self-determination to all its citizens in each of their States, They had the right to decide what form of government they followed and what policies that government would enact. 

In 1861, the Northern States sent an army to wage a war against the Southern States that had decided to exercise the rights of self-determination promised them 74 years earlier. The South raised an army and sought to defend itself from this illegal attack. At the time slavery was legal in both the North and the South, so this could not be claimed to be a war over slavery since people on both sides of the Mason Dixon line supported the practice.

After the North succeeded in imposing their tyrannical rule on the South, slowly the South was permitted to govern itself to some small measure. To honor the men who fought to protect the rights of the Southern States, and to poke a finger into the eye of its oppressors, Southern governments erected statues and memorials to those brave men. 


Now people of low intelligence and no understanding of American history want to tear down these tokens of Southern honor who truly were American Patriots as they defended the principles that the US was founded upon. The modern day social imbeciles have np right to trample upon the history of the South, nor to offend the work of the men depicted in those statues and monuments. True Americans, who put their country before their political agenda, should stand against these efforts, and fight them with the same vigor and means that the Southerners fought to defend their natural rights to self-determination. The attack on these monuments is an attack on the freedom of the American people, and should be opposed with all possible means before all freedoms of the Bill of Rights are taken from American society by social engineers who believe that tyranny and totalitarianism are the paths to utopian rule.

Joe A's picture

You just made a Godwin. The funny thing is, the guy that invented this "law" (Godwin's law) suspends his own rule for the Charlotteville's nazis. Well, comparing neo-nazis to the nazis of Germany makes sense of course. I guess the neo-nazis would want to have it any other way. But you compared civil war confederate monuments with nazi Germany. That is way out of proportion.

William Dorritt's picture

Robert E Lee = Hitler

Schools are worse than I thought, which is pretty low.

Justin Case's picture

History was written the way the west wanted it, not factually.

After World War I, the victorious allies had carved up German territory and given part of Germany (Western Prussia) to the newly re-established nation of Poland. Eastern Prussia was left isolated; totally cut off from Germany. Tensions among Poles, Jews and minority Germans simmered in the area.

To resolve the problem, Hitler makes numerous sensible proposals; which include: demilitarization of the key port areas, public referendum, accepting Gdynia as a Polish port city on the Baltic Sea, 1 km wide rail & road passages to link Eastern Prussia to Germany, or to link Poland to the Baltic Sea.

Even the pre-war August 28th headline of the Hitler-hating New York Times confirmed that Hitler sought to avoid war with Britain & France. Hitler's thoughtful letter to France is published in full.

Finally, as attacks against Germans living in Poland escalate, Hitler proposes that the region be placed under International control. Every German proposal is ignored. We now know that, behind the scenes, US President Roosevelt had been pressuring Poland to not make any deals with Germany

In 11th hour attempt to avert war, Hitler calls for emergency talks between Germany and Poland.
Just three days before the actual outbreak of what was to become World War II, Britain agrees to come to the Poland's assistance in the event of a conflict with Germany. (Anglo Polish Military Alliance) This unecessary deal emboldens the Polish and Jewish militias who want the West to wage war upon Germany. To force Hitler's hand, terrorists begin murdering German civilians in large numbers. A British ex-Pat named William Joyce describes the events:

"On the nights of August 25 to August 31 inclusive, there occurred, besides innumerable attacks on civilians of German blood, 44 perfectly authenticated acts of armed violence against German official persons and property. These incidents took place either on the border or inside German territory.

On the night of August 31, a band of Polish desperadoes actually occupied the German Broadcasting Station at Gleiwitz. Now it was clear that unless German troops marched at once, not a man, woman or child of German blood within the Polish territory could reasonably expect to avoid persecution and slaughter."

And yet, just prior to ordering the invasion of Poland (September 1, 1939), Hitler is still trying to resolve the situation peacefully by summoning the Polish Foreign Minister for talks. Unbeknown to Hitler, the fix was already in. After the 3 week German-Polish War ends in victory for the Germans, Hitler declares:
"I attempted to find a tolerable solution. I submitted this attempt to the Polish rulers. You know these proposals. They were more than moderate. I do not know what mental condition the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals. As an answer, Poland gave the order for the first mobilization, and my request to the Polish Foreign Minister to visit me to discuss these questions was refused. Instead of going to Berlin, he went to London.”

StarGate's picture

Read the US Constitution.
Succession from USA is a RIGHT granted to every State and those who entered the Union before the Civil War are individual Nations.
They can exit USA the same way that Britain can exit EU.

It is not Treason (traitor) to vote to exit the Union. The Fore Fathers put it in the Constitution to protect State rights and to guard against a Federal government attempting to write Laws for the State's.

Federal govt was granted only authority over minting coins, postal service, (both of which have been usurped by private corporations), interstate commerce and international Treaties / Wars.

The Federal govt is only allowed to write laws over Wash DC and territories and possessions.

cherry picker's picture

Get rid of Yankee statues and religious ones.

Blow up Mount Rushmore.  it is an affront to us all.


Herodotus's picture

Get rid of Yankee Stadium.  They tore it down once, but it keeps coming back.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Not now. They're on a winning streak. Even though it is only against the Mets.

yogibear's picture

In progress.....

The progressives.

Harry Lightning's picture

"I’ll never have to explain to my daughters why there exists an exalted monument for those who wished to keep her and her ancestors in chains."


Some one should point out to the imbecile North Carolina Governor that his daughters salute the flag of the country that kept slavery legal long after it was abolished in the Confederate States. What an asshole.

Infinite QE's picture

How about BLM planting posters outside of all synagogues with the names of the jewish slave ship owners that brought the hapless negro to America? That should get things stirred up.

iamerican4's picture

The false-Jew ZioTalmud Khazar Christ-killers were Rome's slave brokers, agents and slavers at their "Wall Street of slavery" at Rome for over 2,000 years. Now it's called Bilderberg, CFR, and the FedScam.

Dadburnitpa's picture

Ha what a joke! Yeah, history never happened. It's a pretend world.

DisorderlyConduct's picture

I know, right?

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Xscream's picture

THIS IS JUST INSANE. Start of a 4th turning perhaps. 

south40_dreams's picture

Every street named MLK Blvd is a complete disaster zone. How about we start eliminating those racist relics? Makes as much sense as removing CW statues

Mena Arkansas's picture

Bad idea. Think of MLK Blvd as a PSA for areas to avoid.

Bill of Rights's picture

In other news the Government took in nearly $2 trillion in payroll and other Misc taxes...Ok back to the phony race war.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Yeah, America is falling behind because of statues.

Infinite QE's picture

Remove the blacks from the south. Liberia was established for this very purpose. Problem solved.

historian40's picture

More problems out of the blacks from the north being shipped in, and the off-white self-righteous crusaders bussed in from the colleges where they get paid to be revolutionaries.

Herodotus's picture

What about Grant's Tomb in NYC? 

rrrr's picture

It's going to be one thing after another, until, finally, whites themselves are going to have to leave. Other peoples won't be happy until then. The only alternative is to stop this, and the best time to stop it is before it starts. Unfortunately it has already started, so it's too late for that. Therefore now it's going to have to be messy for somebody. And it's whites that it's going to be messy for, at least at first. Then we'll see. Over time, the more these kinds of things happen, the sooner and sooner they will be stopped, because that is the least messy way to deal with these kinds of problems. It's simply a question of who is going to dominate. You think blacks don't dominate? Think again. They are much worse than whites when it comes to dominating. Asians? Not a chance. Wake up. Ultimately your only choice is going to be whether to rule or be ruled. It's your choice. And the only way you can determine this is by pragmatic means. Your government will never help you because it cannot.

sister tika's picture

"Virginia's Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) also issued a statement calling for the moving of all Confederate monuments into museums and out of public eye, reaffirming his position."

How long will it be before these "repugnant" Confederate monuments are removed from the museums also, Mr. Northam?

grunk's picture

Those statues have NO place in museums.

Museums are for crucifixes in urine and homoerotic art.

Philo Beddoe's picture

True story. We were asked to leave a.k.a. kicked out of a museum back in college for pointing and laughing.

The lesbian guard was very mad at us and threatened to call for back up.

Memedada's picture

So you’ve only heard about (doubt you’ve visited) art-museums?

grunk's picture

Sell naming rights.

Mount Zuckerberg instead of Mount Rushmore.

Goldman Sachs, D.C. instead of Washington D.C.

NoWayJose's picture

Early response was typical wishy-washy politician. He became emboldened by the recent actions. It will cost him in the next election - even if his opponent cannot speak out in favor of Confederate monuments.

FoggyWorld's picture

It really wasn't wishy-washy.   It was very hard from outside to know exactly what went on.  For that matter, the pieces of this awful puzzle are still being put together.  

Trump just is not the smooth, eloquent speaker that we had before but he would have been very wrong to make judgments based on close to zero information.  And I doubt that Terry MacAuliffe was being helpful because he wouldn't have helped the man whose job he wants.



FoggyWorld's picture

It really wasn't wishy-washy.   It was very hard from outside to know exactly what went on.  For that matter, the pieces of this awful puzzle are still being put together.  

Trump just is not the smooth, eloquent speaker that we had before but he would have been very wrong to make judgments based on close to zero information.  And I doubt that Terry MacAuliffe was being helpful because he wouldn't have helped the man whose job he wants.



Honest Sam's picture

No no no!  McAuliffe, you ninny!

Abraham Lincoln settled this whole racial thing in 1861-65 by killing 640,000 men, maiming another 600,000  and ruined millions of families, watched and encouraged Sherman as he burned down the south, laying waste to the property, and raping the women.  

The Confederates punished, their right to secede jerked away from them with extreme prejudice. Lincoln jailed editors of newspapers, by the thousands, suspended habeus corpus, and did what any tin pot dictator would do as any one world tyrant, despot and mass murderer does.

The racial thingie is way over, the south conquered and feeelings of men corralled so that all could live and love in harmony. The followers of Lincoln then had his grossly warted and ugly countenance hammered into stone for the world to see that he alone subdued the racial divide and......wha......what?  Oh.

Sorry, wrong page.



Sandmann's picture

Didn't you get a Military Dictatorship in the South like Occupied Germany or Iraq ?

Hurricane Baby's picture

Yeah, we're conquered and assimilated like Caesar's Gaul.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

do you see who owns and controls your lands?? Trump has made them come out of hiding..D &R's to wall street mega corps..for many they have shown themselves for what they are..They Live. obey. 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture
Virginia Governor McAwful:"A Barrier To Progress"

There, fixed it. 

Beowulf55's picture

Didn't know the South was full of pussified snowflakes.  Where is Southern pride?  Have their balls been cut off?  When will the people of Virginia and the rest of the South who's sons and daughters died fighting for the South start speaking out?


historian40's picture

That ship already sailed.  Most southerners are as ignorant as the north about what the war on the States really was all about.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

The Constitutional framework that brought us to this point will surely work to get us back.   


Bwahahaha!!!! LOL

grunk's picture

Get rid of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Sandmann's picture

How ? do you intend to change Delaware's borders ? Or Penn's ? Or do you want to redraw all state boundaries too ?