VIX Tops 15, Stocks Hit "Fire & Fury" Lows As Cohn Doubts Continue

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Amended statements from The White House have left investors doubting whether Gary Cohn will "remain" at The White House and that has sent stocks plunging to "Fire & Fury" lows and VIX back above 15...

VIX back over 15...


For now, Nasdaq is leading the charge lower..


Nasdaq VIX is surging...

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Fucking crash and burn baby. We need a fresh start.

Hugh_Jass's picture

You referring to only the New York, or the entire world financial system?

Dukes's picture

Fuk Cohn and his pedigree. He's not needed or wanted

Juggernaut x2's picture

It's not like there is a shortage of jews to run the Fed

MillionDollarButter's picture

C'mon. Cohn?  Jeez, really?  A learning disabled guy who got his start purely from privilege?

jeff montanye's picture

or, put another way:  President trump you did try.  they (the neocons, banksters, mic, cia, nsa, fbi) or at least a substantial part of each, hate and fear you howevermuch you kowtow to israel, now.  they are trying to get you out of office so mike pence can be their president.  he is fully vetted, a made man.

you have to get at least some of the fbi and the prosecution part of doj under your actual control.  get some better advice.  make a plan to defeat them.  your best shot, by far, is to unmask the false flags like, probably, charlottesville, and, far more likely, russiagate.  tweet the nation article.

this time, they're nixon, the guilty one.

JRobby's picture

His pedigree?

He is Ashkenazi. They seek world domination and death. Wonderful "pedigree"

Truther's picture

Doesn't matter, if it starts with NY, then the world will ultimately follow. Like zombies.

Bill of Rights's picture

And please take D.C. And all its inhabitants with it.

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meh.  a few hundred points lost from the DJIA after gaining FOUR THOUSAND points since November.

U.S. stock indexes are rigged to go up, plain and simple.  

Down days are simply buying opportunities when they are allowed to happen.

I woke up's picture

I heard Gary Cohn is dead!

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If Cohn resigns because of media BS surrounding the protest, it would show he can't think for himself -- and shouldn't have the honor of working with Trump in the White House.

Are you telling me that evidence of advertising for protesters at $25/hour through Craigslist is not enough to throw water on this whole scheme?

JRobby's picture

That story will never see MSM converage.

Just like the Craigslist hires to fill the DNC after all the Bernie people walked out. "Stronger Together" you filthy unwashed deplorables!!!!

Just a look back at the past 18 months shows you where we are headed. Civil war.


CrimsonAvenger's picture

A year ago I thought the idea of civil war was absurd. Now I think it's more likely than a new external war.

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Cohn not talking speaks volumes.

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gettin little hot..runaway maybe 241 spy..245.50 broken.

technicals matter till don't..  im not buying into 4 another 18hrs know that..

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Hes not resigning, he will just replace Yellen.

shizzledizzle's picture

The boys have it under control... Please resume buying. 

runningman18's picture

They do have it under control, and they are crashing it deliberately.

aloha_snakbar's picture

...doubting whether Gary Cohn will "remain" at The White House





Leave, asshole... go back to your slimy jewish lizard den...

chickadee's picture

The Goldman Gangsters will not leave until they get bank dereg through.

Swampster's picture


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Right, keep telling story to yourselves. It is Cohen who caused this.