Walmart Customers Blast CEO's Criticism Of Trump: "You Want To Be A Political Pundit, Go On CNN"

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Walmart shoppers love the everyday low prices (apparently too low judging by this morning's earnings guidance) they get shopping at the largest big box retailer in the country, but they apparently don't give a rip about the political beliefs of its executive management team. 

 In fact, Walmart shopper Ed Congdon of Indiana thinks "all CEO's should keep their mouths shut" about political issues unless they want to be a political pundit, in which case they should "go on CNN." Per the New York Times:

“I think all C.E.O.s should keep their mouths shut,” said Mr. Congdon, 63, who was listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show while his wife shopped inside. “You want to be a political pundit, go on CNN.”


Mr. Congdon, who drives tractor-trailers for a living, said he agreed with President Trump’s hesitation to place the blame for the violence solely on the “conservative side.”


“The biggest problem is that they’re not calling out the liberal side of things,” he said, adding that the Virginia protesters should be “investigated” as to who “paid them.”

Of course, these comments come as Walmart shoppers around the country are being asked to respond to CEO Doug McMillon's statement released yesterday which, among other things, criticized President Trump for his response to the Charlottesville tragedy.  Here is the full statement he made yesterday per CNBC:

Respect for the individual is one of our core beliefs at Walmart. And the role we play in communities around the country to build a more diverse and inclusive society is more critical than ever as the tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend painfully reminded us. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.


As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we too felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists. His remarks today were a step in the right direction and we need that clarity and consistency in the future.


Our country is facing some very difficult issues that require our elected officials, business leaders and community-based organizations to work together. Representing a company with the largest and one of the most diverse groups of associates in the U.S., and an even more diverse customer base of tens of millions of customers, we believe we should stay engaged to try to influence decisions in a positive way and help bring people together. I will continue to strongly advocate on behalf of our associates and customers, and urge our elected officials to do their part to promote a more just, tolerant and diverse society.


Thank you for representing Walmart and our values today — and every day.

Wal Mart


Of course, not everyone disapproved of McMillon's comments.  Shandra Tenney of Las Vegas simply didn't think she could "come here and give them my money" unless Walmart's CEO publicly clarified his stance on Trump's political controversy...after all, anything less than a public rebuke of the President at this point is clearly a full endorsement of radical white supremacist groups and hate crimes of all types.

“I’m pleased with the C.E.O.’s response,” said Mr. Ellington, 40. “He was spot on. What Trump did was miss a very critical opportunity. Considering today’s society and climate, those types of opportunities are important and not to be wasted. To have the president in office not stepping up is a disgrace to the office.”


Shandra Tenney, 25, agreed. A married dental assistant, Ms. Tenney left the store with a bounty of the 12-packs of soda that were on sale.


“If the C.E.O. had been for Trump after what he said yesterday, I don’t think I could have come here and given them my money,” she said. “I’m really happy they are standing up to this guy. These business guys, and Trump is a business guy, are saying something. And they are saying, to me, they don’t think he’s a good guy to be in business with. It says something.”

Meanwhile, Peter Caprio of New Jersey seemed to interject some logic into the New York Times' narrative..."If it doesn’t affect stockholders, best to let it go."

Mr. Caprio, a school business administrator, said Mr. Trump had made fair points in his news conference on Tuesday, when he said the violence was not just the fault of the white supremacists. “He was right; it’s on both sides,” he said.


But even if he might have agreed with Mr. McMillon’s position, he suggested it was not appropriate for the chief executive of a big company like Walmart to comment on politics.


The C.E.O. has to worry about stockholders, nobody else,” Mr. Caprio said. “If it doesn’t affect stockholders, best to let it go.”

Perhaps someday America's CEOs will learn that while 100% of people may approve of their products, roughly 50% are always going to disagree with their political views.  Maybe these CEO's would be well-served to remember they're fiduciaries of public companies hired to pursue whatever is in the best interests of shareholders....not elected officials that need jump on TV every single time a national tragedy strikes.

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dietrolldietroll's picture

Under a socialist corporatist regime, business IS politics.

Eyes Opened's picture

Actually its the other way around ...

Politics is business... BIG business....

Honey-Badger's picture

Every time you shop at Wal-Mart a kitten dies.

Billy the Poet's picture

Called Walmart and told them I like shopping at their store but if the CEO doesn't apolgize for his remarks against Trump I will likely shop there less often and look for other alternatives.


1 (800) 925-6278

Croesus's picture

Email his ass:

All these assholes need to STFU.

The Juggernaut's picture

@Billy the Poet - you mean Amazon Prime?  ...Worth leaving Walmart.


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I guess I'll have to find someplace else to buy my cheap Chinese junk, and toxic processed food.

Oh wait I forgot-- I stopped shopping there a while ago, because I'm sick of all the brown people who don't speak English and generally shit the store up. No worries.

AnonymousCitizen's picture

Well, that does it! I'm going to just do all my shopping at Hobby Lobby.

{{looks around}}

Well this sucks.

cornflakesdisease's picture

Don't forget the cashier lady with the gang tattoos on her neck.

Bigly's picture

He looks like a fag (pink shirt and moobs) and his shit's all retarded

Amendment X's picture

Thank you. Hope your address is correct, cause I fired one off to him. Now we need 100,000 more former WM customers to do the same. 

meterman's picture

I went a step further - I had open orders at Walmart when the big mouth McMillon made his statement. I went to the local store and CANCELLED them. Told them the reason. In my opinion they didn't give a damn. 


Offthebeach's picture
( letter sent to doug)... Mr Trump who built his own buisness,  many of them, unlike you.  You are no Sam Walton.   Mr. Trump took on the GOP, weak, unresponsive to thier "customers" , and kicked their butts.  At record every day low cost.  Ditto anointed, long time, mid-America and middle American thought she had a lock Hillary.  Get it?   You never publicly ran, let alone won, any office.  Like, who are you? What a wimpy, dime a dozen,  virtue signalling wimp you are.  Quit drinking your own corporate kool aid. I don't know why Wal-Mart was in a "Manufacturing " Council.   You don't make anything.  You are not Henry Ford, Carnegie,  Hewlett nor Packard.    Check your hired hand magerial privilege. You said nothing of Black Lives Matter of  10 cop assassination.  Nada. Zip. You said noting of President Obama inviting BLM to the White House. You are a cheap, cowardly, finger to the wind clerk.     You are not alone.  The mass, loser corporate and political elite are as isolated as 1916 Russian royalty.  Good luck,
Quick's picture

I did the same in an email.

If I can get to at least even on the stock, I'm selling that crap....I have no interest in owning stock with a fucking idiot do-gooder as CEO.


Slarti Bartfast's picture

But not before you unload it, right?

Sgt Soros's picture

Goodluck finding other

pilager's picture

He's a piece of shit to me. 

Asshole, will not get any money from me.

pilager's picture

He's a piece of shit to me. 

Asshole, will not get any money from me.

Freddie's picture

Wal Mart is a real govt trough whore with food stamps cards, remittances to Mexico via Western union and other welfare programs.

I wonder if it is 45% or more of their business.  I had also read somewhere that old Sam Walton was not this pickup truck driving hill billy rube but was ex intel agent type.  I think he was also connected to very sleazy Ark investment bank Syephens and the telco in the state which I think is Century or another regional telco.

If it comes down to it - it is Aldi and their sister company Trader Joes for food.  Started by a German mom post ww2 in their bombed out house.  The Albrecht family.  They are Catholics.  It is not that I support the Catholic Church or the vile Jesuits like McCain and Pope Frances.  Still - I would rather give my money to Aldi-Trader Joes.

The other one who will kick Wal mart's ass from Germany is Lidl which is owned by Dieter Schwarz.  he was born in 1939 so I doubt he is tribe.  Aldi-Trader Joes was a big enough head ache for Sam Walton-Goldberg's Wal Mart but Lidl will make things even harder.  Now if the Germans can someday get the balls to throw out Rothschild-Soros.  

Rainman's picture

yah, it's good bizness to cause half  of your customers to hate you.

ThirdWorldNut's picture

Thats the point - they vastly underestimate the anger in public. They still believe they can fool the rest of us and the charade can continue.

Boy oh boy are they wrong.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Walmart Customers Blast CEO's Criticism Of Trump: "You Want To Be A Political Pundit, Go On CNN"

My response: I would bet money that there are MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who really feel the way this customer feels. We may be on the verge of a CIVIL WAR if things go really wrong.

I personnally have about had enough of the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL BULLSHIT which would include RINO BULLSHIT as well.

I know this is NOT a popular perspective, but AMERICA needs a real scare of some type. Not sure what that would be, but people need to be really shook up to the core of their beings so they wake up before it is too late.

duo's picture

Most of the people that support Trump stopped shopping at WalMart years ago if thy could. It's the largest plantation, I mean, government PX, I mean crony capitalist corporation in the country.

Edit: Unlike real plantations, they don't house and clothe their slaves.

BetterRalph's picture

Farmers Market CARROTS APPLES BEETS Never forget it!

Donald J. Trump's picture

This is already a civil war.  It just hasn't escalated to armies and combat yet.  Think about it.  Most people would feel sympathy and sorrow for any stranger that is harmed in anyway and offer to help them.  Throw in these current politics and these same people are willing to kill each other. 

Donald J. Trump's picture

I would also like to point out that this is mostly a leftist issue.  I don't think most righties would actually harm a libtard unless it is in self defense.  That could change and when it does, uh oh.

StarGate's picture

Have heard that COMMUNIST China bought Walmart long ago.

Believe it occurred when they changed the "dash" between Wal and Mart to the China 5 point "Star". That star has since changed to a star of dashes.

Eyes Opened's picture

U have to recognise the fact that americans are willing to pay Walmart & all the other big importers for the crap they sell. And in doing so , they have sold their manufacturing base down the river...

We hear alot about the FREE SHIT ARMY... 

How about recognising the CHEAP SHIT ARMY ....

Walmart et. al. is just a SYMPTOM.... not the problem....

NumNutt's picture

Oh I agree completely, and I am guilty of going in there to buy cheap shit (ammo), but it is usually my last option after going to other privately owned businesses. So as I said before, Fuck Walmart.

Jim in MN's picture

Well, maybe we can all learn something here.....leave the fallen in peace.

Or the Nation may fall to pieces.

Consuelo's picture



"Maybe these CEO's would be well-served to remember they're fiduciaries of public companies hired to pursue whatever is in the best interests of shareholders...."


Didn't we just see something here on ZH a few days back about the order-of-importance regarding 'shareholders' employees and...   Customers...?   You know, something about who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd...?

One of We's picture

What I don't shop for at Walmart:

  • food that will kill me
  • itchy cheap clothing
  • useless hand tools
  • STD infested sluts

What I do shop for at Walmart:

LawsofPhysics's picture

Meat. Interestingly enough consumer reports did a suvery of 10 major food stores and Walmart's poultry and meat was the least contaminated.  My hypothesis is that this is due to the turnover (they sell more than anybody else) not necessarily the quality...

...although I have gotten very good and reasonably priced Salmon there.  Bottom line, if you eat any sort of PROCESSED food from any store, you are a moron.

One of We's picture

I get the bulk of my meat from You'd never eat a steak from Wally World, Costco, or any other large outlet once you've had free range grass fed.  Agreed on the processed garbage....

LawsofPhysics's picture

We butcher our own. My family has been farming for three generations.  My Grandfather survived a similar period in history and I am sure we will too. Time to thin the herd, makes it easier if people do it to themselves but people who make healthy choices should not be forced to pay for people who DON'T.


Need more common sense in congress.

Eman Laer's picture

Walmart sells grass fed, free range, organic beef.

Jason T's picture

I don't trust for one second.


slightlyskeptical's picture

I buy free range grass fed steaks and lamb bought at my local walmart grocer . They also have grass fed roasts which I can't find locally anywhere else.

sonoftx's picture

You are most likely not eating true "free range grass fed beef". Now, if they supplement the cattle with corn or some other high protein feed then it probably is good. However if they state that they do not supplement with any feed then it is likely not free rang grass fed beef that has been raised free range.

In the US a cow only has to be in the US for 90 days, free range, for it to be called, free range grass fed beef. Most of the frgfb here in the US comes from South America, just in time for it to be here for 90 days, on "free range" and then butchered.

If you ever ate true frgfb you would not like it. I has NO marbling, very little fat, it is VERY lean. It tastes almost exactly like venison. And it had better be cooked right like venison or it is as tough as a boot.

If the steaks you get have pretty marbling and nice tasting fat that chars up nice then IT IS NOT true free range grass fed beef.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

I was in a grocery looking at steaks and started a conversation with a local about how walmart steaks suck. He stated walmart uses dairy  cows.  Don't know that to be true but a walmart steak vs my local grocers steak... no comparison. WM steak is subparand if you don't realize it, go to a meat market and get an Angus ribeye and grill it up. It is so worth the few dollars in price.

Billy the Poet's picture

I buy a lot of American made products at Walmart and appreciate the service provided by the staff who earn better money and have a better vacation plan than employees of other local retailers. But their CEO should apologize.

idontcare's picture

Perhaps people should boycott Amazon and Walmart and go back to patronizing small groceries and other small retailers, even if you need to drive a bit out of your way to do such.  Just saying.

Yars Revenge's picture

Somebody tell this to Howard Shultz.

I just went to my local Starbucks and he has his employees wearing gay pride rainbow nametags.


BSHJ's picture

Well, quit going there!!

Quick's picture

Fuck Starbucks and walmart.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, CEOs need to stick to their business.  Especially CEOs that have recieved Federal grants (like SBIR or STTR funding for "innovation" etc. -looking at you siliCON valley) or LARGE TAX BREAKS...

The taxpayer's that remain are pissed, but once they start starving they will eat you fuckers. 


"Full Faith and Credit"


I think the CEOs know where the real problem is, odd they never say anything bad about The Fed...

MsCreant's picture

The real welfare queens (taken from some old notes of mine I put together for something in 2014): 

In 2012, almost 50 billion dollars went to social service programs such as SNAP, subsidized housing, etc.

Compare that to at least 100 billion dollars (according to the CATO institute) or 110 billion (according to Good Jobs First) going to Corporate Welfare programs. These are tax breaks, subsidies, and grants that come out of US Tax payer funds. Three out of every 4 dollars goes to fewer than 1,000 big corporations.


  • Minimum wage workers who do not have full time hours make so little that they participate in publicly funded health insurance, section 8 housing, and food assistance programs totaling 6.2 billion annually.
  • A taxpayer-funded control tower at an airport that houses Wal-Mart’s cargo corporate fleet.
  • Walmart enjoys 3 billion a year in tax breaks by keeping their money in specialized “trusts” which they lobbied for.
  • Wal-Mart had an estimated $13.5 billion in food stamp sales, capturing 18% of the food stamp market in 2013.