Al Gore's Climate Film Flops - Earth Temps Cooler Now Than When He Won Nobel Prize

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Climate alarmist Al Gore's second film, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ failed to resonate with Americans.

The documentary dropped to 18th over the August 11-13 weekend grossing under $2.3 million since its August 04 release.


Media corporation Viacom pushed the film onto its 700 million subscribers with “An Inconvenient Week” starting July 31, with many of its networks promoting the film. Its support for Gore’s film included an MTV town hall event with the former politician.Two days before the week-long promotion began, Viacom’s blog posted “Four Reasons to Go See Al Gore’s Hopeful, Compelling” film in which it called Gore a “climate change folk hero.”

Earlier this week, President Trump signed an executive order that would streamline the approval process for American infrastructure projects by eliminating the climate change bureaucracy enacted by the Obama administration.

Back in 2012, President Trump spoke his mind about global warming:

President Trump’s view on global warming is a climate skeptic which has enraged the believers.

In our view, climate change is just big business just ask Al Gore, whose net worth in 2000 was $700k, and now it’s almost $200 million.

Back to Gore’s movie flop: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’...

The chart below could be the key in understanding why the documentary has utterly failed even with a Viacom pump.

According to @BigJoeBastardi at earth’s temps are cooler now than when Al Gore won the noble prize.

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prymythirdeye's picture

Oh, don't worry.  They can whip up a boogyman in no time.  Prolly gonna be "radicalized" white males next.

Sparehead's picture

Next? They've been declared the nation's greatest threat since the last administration, with bonus threat points for being a veteran or being a supporter of the US Constitution.

DavidC's picture

Climate change DOES exist, the Earth has had warm periods and cold periods. Man is the only creature to date which thinks it knows which way it's going - more fool man.

By the way, am I the only one who's read the article and has no interest in seeing ANY of those films?! Either for children ('adult-child') or crap!


True Blue's picture

and has no interest in seeing ANY of those films?


But, am I the only one who thinks it is ironic that MTV is so supportive of ManBearPig considering what Tipper did to the 'music' industry?

JuliaS's picture

Indeed, climate does change, but it is self-balancing. It feedback loops were possible, all life would've been extinct long ago. Sun's activity is irregular. Cosmic events occur every once in a while. Meteor impacts. Volcanic eruptions. Solar flares.

If any of those things had the potential to amplify temperature change, then the earth would've been either perma-frozen or a glowing molten rock. In reality, earth had been in both states millions of years ago and what we have right now is where it settled. When it gets hot, it cools down. When it freezes, it eventually warms up. It's self-healing.

Like the poster above me said, I'm more worried about ecology. Now that is a real threat - the fact that we can eat our way through organic matter faster than it can reproduce. Sure it'll bounce back if we eat enough to cause human extinction. There is also an issue of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy both of which can destroy the very DNA structure of organisms. Without any climate change we can experience a terminal event, thanks to our wonderful inventions. Einstein gets the blame, but if it wasn't him, someone else would've made the discovery.

We're addicted to faux sense of security nukes offer and we believe that the effects of depleted nuclear reactor fuel are managible. Neither is true. We've got one thing that we made and cannot destroy. We can only put it somewhere. Shooting that stuff into space is somewhat of a viable option, but no one is ever goint to do it. Additionally, one launch disaster is all it takes to end any dumping program. Nuclear fuel sits at the bottom of the periodic table. It's rich with neutrons and has a lot of mass. Delivering mass into space cost a lot of money, especially if it has to be enclosed in protective casing, on the off chance the rocker explodes above our heads.

Climate change is real, but it'll sort itself out. Life? Maybe it will go on, maybe it won't. Maybe with us, maybe without.

As George Carlin puts it: "The planet is fine! We are fucked!"

0hedgehog's picture

Climate change does exist, humans are just not in control of it.

Dominus Ludificatio's picture

Joe Bastard is lunatic along with all the mentally incapacitated deplorables.

Sparehead's picture

...still waiting for NYC to be swalled by a massive global warming tsunami. Come on tsunami...

Dumpster Elite's picture

That picture is hilarious.

prymythirdeye's picture

Until Al Gore mentions geoengineering, you can be sure he's just a stooge puppet doing his masters' bidding

GunnyG's picture

Al Gore, the clown who could not even win his home state. Says it all right there.

DavidC's picture

Probably because the voters realise his house uses more power than the rest of the state combined!


GunnyG's picture

And that Al is a POS.

personal109's picture

Just because weather temperatures are rising or falling does not mean that climate change is not happening. Leave science to those who are trained in science.

armageddon addahere's picture

I would love to. Unfortunately anyone who does climate science, has already been warned repeatedly that he (or she) better not come up with any politically inconvenient answers unless they want to be demoted, fired, blacklisted, and if necessary, jailed and executed. All these things have been done and threatened by the promoters of 'climate change'.

This makes it hard to find a climate scientist who is not intimidated. There are a few crusty old retired guys with nothing to lose but they are getting rarer all the time.

Pinefox's picture

Climate change is always happening and has always happened.  Our individual life span is a blip on the chart.  Are you familiar with the ice age, that oceans used to cover much of the the American Southwest?

You don't need to be a scientist to know history!

True Blue's picture

Or that sea levels were 3 feet higher on the Ides of March, 44 BC (when Julius Caesar was murdered on the Roman Senate floor) than they are today. Inconvenient -for some.

afronaut's picture

I am trained in science (Chem). I even studied atmospheric Chemistry at some level.The professor (PhD) of that class, back in 94, told the class that our earth would likely uninhabitable in about 20 years, If we continued putting CO2 into the atmosphere. He is probably there still, at my old alma mater, telling the new crop of students that we only have about 50 years left. Its bullshit. CO2 at the most warms the earth by 0.2 W/M^2 , as it was measured by Berkeley. The only actual attempt at measuring the effect of CO2 and its warming effect outside a lab.

Why is the desert Hot during the day, and very cold at night? Hint: Water Vapour. CO2 is the same in Death Valley as it is in Waikiki. 

0hedgehog's picture

"Leave science to those who are trained in"....grant writing!

Pinefox's picture

Keeping the air and water clean should be paramount, not because of global warming.  Global warming and cooling are not in man's control.  There were no cars, few people, animals etc. when the ice age melted.  There is a ring of volcanos, the Pacific Ring of Fire, spewing hot molten material and steam into the ocean every minute of every day.  I think there are over 400 undersea volcanos over which human beings have no control.  Not all of them are erupting at the same time, but it means that these eruptions will be happening for all time and could impact the oceans temp.

Vimes's picture

Where is that "SlackJack" cunt when you need him. He loves all this bollocks about CO2 global climate change  (change implying it can go either way but they still secretly think it is warming, fuckers)

CO2 is just about taxes and buying the third world countries with it.

Mr. Pain's picture

Al Gore = climate porn.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Here is a new twist on an old conspiracy theory; *what if* there never was global warmimg, but instead was a smokescreen knowingly created by the powers that be to create a distraction around bizarre weather patterns that have been evident for a while now. Pick a bogeyman... there is no shortage of possible candidates; 1) A solar minumum event;  2) the Revelation 12 aligment on 09/23/2017 3) The coming eclipse 4) one of my personal favorites, Planet X / Niburu. Also, earthquake and volcanic activity has been off the charts recently; scientists have been quietly studying movement of the crust under Yellowstone, and have no explanation for it; persistent recent rumor that the USGS has been purposely under reporting / not reporting recent deep earthquakes.

Who knows; the only thing I DO know is that bizarre weather events are on the rise and the Earth feels like it has been having an ongoing epileptic fit, not only that, but the human race seems to be going insane. We seem to be rocketing towards some type of singularity, and I guess man/bear/pig makes as good a scapegoat as anything else...

armageddon addahere's picture

We already know how the global warming panic started. In the late 70s Margaret Thatcher had two big, big problems that could be solved by building nuclear power plants. One was the energy shortage and the high cost of imported oil which was killing England's balance of payments. The other was the very militant coal miner's union which repeatedly went on strike leaving the people without heat and power.

The only problem was the public was against nuclear power plants. To reverse this, the government started a publicity campaign in favor of nuclear power. Among other things they offered grants to any scientist who would prove global warming was a thing, and the best way to combat it was nuclear power.

The whole thing took off from there and was taken up by governments and scientists around the world.

not dead yet's picture

What is not as well known is that a few decades later when Maggie had a chance to study the "problem" she called bullshit on man made climate change.

armageddon addahere's picture

So did James Lovelock, pioneer climate scientist and inventor of the Gaia Hypothesis. He predicted in the 1970s that the earth would be uninhabitable in 30 years due to global warming. When it never happened he had the good grace to admit in public that he was completely wrong. When reporters asked why he was the only one to admit the truth he said "I'm 92 years old". In other words, long since retired with no family to support, no mortgage to pay, no career to worry about.

rex-lacrymarum's picture

Got it in one - that is precisely what kicked it off. If only she had known that the environmental movement would be infested by authoritarian Marxists a little over 10 years later when they lost their sugar daddy in Moscow. 

konadog's picture

Reporting of bizarre weather events is on the rise. Hurricanes and such are actually down. When the globalist elite deep state scum want you to believe something, the CIA and the Operation Mockingbird fake stream media swing into action.

Benjamin123's picture

Its been a cold summer for sure. Compared to the previous 2 years.

The Bell Rang's picture

Don't know where you dug up that chart, but it's total bull.  2016 has been the hottest on record !  Just saying

afronaut's picture

Havent you heard? they cooled the past and "adjusted" the present. 

Besides what is the margin of error in measuring the temperature of the globe. What is the average colour of your Television screen throughout the year?

My back yard alone, has 5 different micro climates and my front yard can be sometimes 3 degrees C warmer than the backyard on a summer day.


True Blue's picture

What is the average colour of your Television screen throughout the year?

Yay! An easy one! My TV averages black -because I do not turn it on. (Mainly because it averaged 'black' when it was on...)

GoinFawr's picture

Apparently for some folk "the whole world" doesn't exist past their screen door.

"Down here where we're at.

Weather changes that's the way it goes.

Sometimes it snows, when everything's wrong.

Sometimes it snows, but what it does, it doesn't last long."  Uncle Tupelo

vietnamvet's picture

Don't bother these dumb fucks with fact and science.  It will only cause their heads to explode.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Al Gore is waaay too fat and old to be a hero for today's youth. Boring.

sharonsj's picture

You are a lying piece of crap.  The latest 600-page scientific report on global warming--which I know you haven't read--says the following about what has already happened to the planet:

world-wide rise in temperature of 1.9 F degrees

rise of sea levels of six to nine inches

acidification of the oceans

loss of drinking water and a loss of agriculture

increased flooding due to increased severe storms

I also read the 2004 Pentagon report on climate change, which states that global warming is a threat greater than terrorism.  Maybe you think the Pentagon is a Chinese hoax?

jcaz's picture

Your stupidity knows no bounds, but contradicting yourself in your own post always makes the highlight reel.....

You are exactly the problem- now take your "600-page scientific report" (which you don't bother to even name), and fly back to your safe space- don't forget your 13 year old "Pentagon Report" (I just love those);


afronaut's picture

did they mention the loss of scientific integrity?

Remember the CIA report on the coming ICE AGE in 1974? It also included loss of agriculture, mass famine, migrating species. You people are gullible

cynical_skeptic's picture

I'm looking for the sarc tag but i don't see it.  you actually believe anything coming out of the Pentagon?

Tigg47's picture

Last 20.000 years sea-level rose 120 meters. People did not get taxed enough right?

GunnyG's picture

I'm still waiting for the Ice Age Newsweak predicted in 1979!

True Blue's picture

world-wide rise in temperature of 1.9 F degrees -Over what timeframe? Using what methodology? How much data was scrapped, and how much was manipulated by placing sensors atop conctrete or blacktop and surrounded by reflective surfaces like buildings?

rise of sea levels of six to nine inches -Again, over what timeframe? And a 30% +/- is considered scientifically accurate by whom exactly? Exactly nobody- that's who.

acidification of the oceans -Where was the Ph tested; in how many locations; what was used as a baseline or control grouping? What depth? What O2 levels? Above, below or within the thermocline? What was water temp and proximity to agricultural or industrial runoff?

loss of drinking water and a loss of agriculture -Where? What farming techniques? What does overuse of aquifers to irrigate enough farmland to feed 7+ billion have to do with 'climate change'? You do know that Los Angeles for example lost the first 3 colonial attempts to build a city there because it is in a desert that has only flourished due to massive water projects and irrigation.

increased flooding due to increased severe storms -Contradicts your above assertion about loss of drinking water etc.

In short -you know exactly fuck-all and your pointing up a politically motivated Pentagon report is simply laughable.

not dead yet's picture

A couple of years ago there was a so called definative report on ocean acidification. A grad student going for his PHD studied this report and wondered why the start date was 1988. Upon looking he found records on the subject going back over 100 years. By doing the analysis using the total records there was NO trend of ocean acidification. When he contacted the authors of the "ground breaking" study they threatened him with legal action if he printed anything that showed their "study" was actually cherry picked to bring about the desired result. A few months ago there was scare headlines that the Great Barrier Reef was almost totally dead due to the warming waters of climate change. The "proof" was observations by amateur divers on one SMALL SECTION of the reef. The people who make their living off the reef and live there cried foul. They sent there own divers down who while finding some damage due to bleaching, and usually recovers eventually, the reef is in good shape. Most of the damage to the reef in recent years was due to the crown of thorns starfish. The scare story made the news but the actual findings did not. Current PH of the oceans is solidly in the alkali at 8.1. Neutral is 7. So there is a long way to go for any acidification. May parts of the ocean where there are thermal vents and erupting volcanoes the water is acidic yet sea life thrives there. There are some scientists who claim if the oceans absorbed all the C02 in the air they would still not be acidic.

There is a law of physics called Henry's law that that states the ability of a liquid to absorb a gas varies due to pressure and temperature. Some scientists including Dr Patrick Moore claim that as the oceans have warmed as the planet has warmed coming out of the little ice age that the rise in C02 in the air is due to the oceans releasing it. Open a cold can of pop and nothing really happens. Open a warm one and get a woosh as the C02 no longer in suspension rushes out. Thus the ice cores showing C02 lags temperature and heading into ice ages the levels of C02 are exceptionally high.

Al Gore and the rest of his ilk have been predicting every year from around 2008 on the Arctic would be ice free in summer. Not even close. They point to the low ice levels of recent years and raise the alarm on that too. 1979 for comparison is used as the beginning year as that is when satellite records began. Using them the ice levels are indeed low. Yet we have records going back further and they show 1979 was a peak year and that what is happening in the Arctic now is normal.

rex-lacrymarum's picture

You've been had...  some critical thinking skills might come in handy some day. I'm still waiting for entire regions to empty out as "climate refugees" leave en masse. Instead, the population is at new highs in all of them. This was due to have happened a few years ago already. I've observed this rigmarole for almost 5 decades, I have yet to see a single prediction come even remotely true. By the way, the global incidence of hurricanes and tropical cyclones is at a 150 year low. 

HuskerGirl's picture

Even worse.  Al Gore's family owned slaves.   They should be eliminated and all his wealth should be forfeit in just compensation and reparations.

Vimes's picture

If they ever manage to do so, I hope they spend it on infrastructure and coal fired power stations instead. Although the Afro-Americans would probably spend it wisely too... on KFC and McDonald's  :D

jcaz's picture

Naw, rims..... Spinners, baby.....

Swamp Yankee's picture

The growing season has been slowly shrinking up here in Cow Hampshire for the better part of twenty years now.


Long on snow peas.

insanelysane's picture

I hear they squashed a climate study that shows that removing statues causes greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

Decrapios "nail clipper" has a bigger carbon foot print than my entire family