CalExit 3.0: New Petition Calls For Cali Secession...3rd Time's A Charm?

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A new group of CalExit activists are hoping they can secede (see what we did there?) where two predecessor groups failed in efforts to force California's independence from the United States of America.  Ironically, you would think that removing California from the union would be something that Republicans and Democrats could actually agree we remained perplexed as to why this process is proving so difficult.

So, what's their plan?  Well, rather than pursue a ballot measure, which requires 585,407 signatures, the CalExit 3.0 group has petitioned California's Attorney General to call for a Constitutional Convention of the States so they can, among other things, amend the U.S. Constitution to allow for a "clear and reasonable path for individual States to become independent, so that CA can secede, if they so choose."

But, secession isn't all they're after...the CalExit 3.0 group enumerated a litany of Leftist grievances which they would like to address with constitutional's just a couple of our favorites (spelling mistakes below are not ours):

1. Given that "California is - and must always be - a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations - regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love;"


2. Given that the world has changed dramatically since 1787, and over the next Century California will continue to invent the future, be it in Entertainment, IT, Medical discoveries, Environmental Protection, Global Climate Disaster Mitigation, or Civil Rights & Liberties;


3. Given that a Californian's vote has one seventieth the weight of a citizen of Wyoming in the US Senate and has become functionally irrelevant in presidential elections;


5. Given that the US federal govermnent has seen increasing gridlock and citizens across the country feel poorly represented by the federal government;


6. Given that California's government and people increasingly want to chart their own path on issues ranging from - but not limited to - immigration, civil representation and environmental protection and, given the US Constitution expressly designates states as sovereign entities;


20. Given that Californian's believe in the equality and inherent dignity of all persons;


22. Given that California was seized undemocratically and annexed by the US in 1846 in an act of naked imperial aggression;



Not surprisingly, the petition also calls for a whole bunch of very expensive entitlements...

8. Provide free, reliable and safe Universal healthcare for all citizens, regardless of medical history.


9. Provide free, high quality, Universal education.

...but then also calls for Federal taxes to be abolished...

Modify Federal tax law to render Federal taxes negotiable:


1. State tax becomes primary.


2. Federal tax secondary and negotiable, based on the needs of each State - to be determined by each State and the voters.


3. State govermnent negotiates Federal Taxes on its voters, and their respective communities, behalf to fairly and equally represent voters' values and needs, and those of their respective natural environments.

...which we presume means that they're planning to rely on the entitlement fairy?


Here is the full petition filed with the Attonery General's office:

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Speaking of ABCDExits….

What’s going on with Brexit? Why is it so quiet?

The Brexit negotiations should be very simple.

First, both May and Juncker must agree on the position – Missionary vs. Doggy Style.

Then, both bitches can take turns pretending to be the Top.   ;-)


Stackers's picture

Texas v White... 1869
"You can check out but never leave, welcome to the hotel"

Future Jim's picture

Free high quality medical care, and free high quality education ... So, back to slavery then. Eitehr doctors and teachers would be slaves, or they would be paid by money taken from others (slaves). It would have to be one or the other.

What about free high quality food, clothes, shelter, and transportation? Those are even more important than medical care and education.

Wait ... Nobody is stopping California from giving away all this free stuff right now, and they obviously aren't worried about open borders, so ... what's stopping them?

y3maxx's picture

California secession = the Southern States secession

Both require slave labour for the agricultural economies

Civil War

-Outside the box asessment-



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CA can leave the USA under these conditions:
1.  ALL CA residents lose USA citizenship and visa free travel like everyone from a terrorist state.

2.  CA MUST build an East Berlin style wall keeping it’s people inside.

3.  ALL US gov support for schools, welfare, infrastructure, etc. must stop immediately.

4.  All transmissions via radio, TV and internet from CA must be jammed (strawberry preferred).


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Unfortunately, a calexit is very illegal and will result in a very unhappy ending(for them)...


The people that actually put forward a bill should be punished. This is real, actual treason...



The only state that has a legal footing for leaving the union is texas, and they didn't do it under obama either...


TahoeBilly2012's picture

This turn the entire Country hard right, including California a few years afters the new "country" fell off a cliff. Besides that, Republic of Jefferson will sucede from Mexifornia, now we are really having some fun!

ROJ, that being rural Nor Cal and parts of Southern Oregon are the very best place and land in the entire Nor Am.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Don't forget that, absent Sacramento, most of California east of the Coast Range can't stand the coastal people and will want to withdraw.  And, of course, there's the eternal San Francisco/Los Angeles schism to remember.

The whole thing falls apart when H2O comes into play.  The north will want to play hardball with the south.  And the south depends an awful lot on water that would be coming from a foreign country (the Colorado River).

Freddie's picture

I am all for it.  Let the Cali conservative counties go their own way and let them also escape the USSA Inc. Federal Reserve Deep State Rothschild holding company.

If Cali gets to leave the criminal Federal Reserve private bank them let the other 49 states leave too.   Let Wash DC, Langley VA, the NSA's Utah Mormon fascist listening post and all the alphabet agencies stay with Rothschild Inc Federal Reserve.   The people in the newly freed states can be fully armed and able.

Freddie's picture

I am all for it.  Let the Cali conservative counties go their own way and let them also escape the USSA Inc. Federal Reserve Deep State Rothschild holding company.

If Cali gets to leave the criminal Federal Reserve private bank them let the other 49 states leave too.   Let Wash DC, Langley VA, the NSA's Utah Mormon fascist listening post and all the alphabet agencies stay with Rothschild Inc Federal Reserve.   The people in the newly freed states can be fully armed and able.

Freddie's picture

I support this all 100% IF:

1. Conservative Cali counties can also break off of Cali and secede from USSA Inc a Rothschild-Deep State partnership.

2. All 49 other states or 56 according to Obola - can leave as well.

3. All former states can default on gfraudulentRothschil Federal Reserve debt and the Fed's enforcers the IRS. 

4. CIA, NSA and all alphabet agencies are banned from states that leave.

5. All Cali products have 30% import tariff including their shitty movies and shitty spyware websites, hardware and software. F SillyCon Valley!

Ima anal sphincter's picture

@macholatte - Excellent +1000 

NumberNone's picture

Aren't these the same people calling the generals and soldiers that served in the Confederacy traitors to the USA and calling them people that should be erased from the history books forever?  

Can a California liberal explain how Californians calling for seecession are any different and shouldn't they be executed as traitors to the state?   

Just looking for clarity here on what defines a traitor and what doesn't.  

Chupacabra-322's picture

As long as the Criminal System of Fractional Banking exists there will be absolutely NO escape from the grip of Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC.

August's picture

Californians are cosmopolitan, and love all people of color.

Southerners, on the other hand, are narrow-minded bigots.

yogibear's picture

Mexico can over-run California.

When it happens they should ban all the degenerates from California from infesting other states.

Good time to build the wall. 

Freddie's picture

LOL! The invaders into Cali are mainly La Raza Mexicans who hate blacks.  La Raza means the race aka they are racists. 

Farqued Up's picture

Southerners are more aware of their surroundings. Californians suck on those cosmolitan ozones, oxides of nitrogen, bad weed, and other carcinogens which render them oblivious to their superiors of color as they laugh at their stupidity for electing those sub-80 IQ politicians.

Midas's picture

Your facts have me triggered.  If anyone needs me I will be in my safe space with my therapy puppy.

HalinCA's picture

Clarity? From a leftwinger in CA? Where is your sarc tag?

yogibear's picture


They should say:

"When they go right we go south, to Mexico"

Mexico can over-run that hopeless state.

Libtards are self-destructive.


political_proxy's picture

Might as well check out "The Dick Act" while yuou (LibTards) are at it.

Raffie's picture

If Calif exits, hope President Trump takes all military hardware and such out of Calif. Gut Calif big time, THEN they can rebuild. 

No need leaving things they can use for them commies to attack America.

runswithscissors's picture

All of the states should secede from "Mordor on the Potomac" and form a loose confederation of states like was intended originally.

Krungle's picture

That is a great idea! The remaining 49 states will surely be able to pay for the $1 trillion a year military and IC adventurism without the $400+ billion in California tax revenue, right?

In all seriousness, lets just pull the plug already. Let Cali go and do their thing. Let Texas go and do it's thing. If the southern states want to become some sort of Confederate Nazi fourth reich, go for it. Why are we sitting here fighting each other, calling people Nazis and Communists? It isn't productive and we're just not going to get along. Pull the plug and the empire is gone and people can pursue whatever crazy ideas they want contained within their own borders. 

Raffie's picture

#1 said IF they exit, not going to but IF

#2 Should they exit you want to leave them haters with nukes and such?

The best solution is to remove all the pure hating proven Dems that want it their way and only their way at any cost. 

Overfed's picture

Sounds good to me. Unfortunately, the US military is the banker's big stick, and I don't think they will be easily persuaded to drop it.

Omen IV's picture

look the regions will separate -  the military as we know it is gone - Militia will replace with every man and woman a responsibility to serve

dont need CA - the cheapest and most qualitatively desirable land - will pull the best and brightest like a magnet- with no welfare / military / public education to pay for  - will be dirt cheap to operate

all privatized


defund Washington DC - since he was a slave owner............DC will be abandoned

political_proxy's picture

Logistics is an unkown word to libaeral.

Federal land would not become Ca's.

their primary objective translates to s totalitarian Marxist utopia where only what they say is reality. All others are castigated or wose., including ececution.


They want a fluffy gov to enlessly provide all their wants and needs having conept of something cannot come from nothing 

knukles's picture

It's called early withdrawl in both banking and sexual parlance

ShrNfr's picture

Hand them a bill for 23 trillion  on the debt that they owe to the federal government, another 60 trillion for their fair share of the social security mess, and let the Norks fry them.

SilverRoofer's picture

All we really need is about a 12.0 Earthquake and it will succeed on its own

doctor10's picture

this is BS. THE reason these guys keep trying to secede is because of MASSIVE systemic California voter fraud

It is SO great probably the only way of the entire California Democrat Party avoiding jail time is by secession.

That's it. In a nutshell

Miner's picture

I seem to recall that the last time a state tried to leave the union it caused a "small" war.  I do hope they can get away without a recurrence.


I don't like California, but I'm all for secession.  The States have lost control of the Federal government, and dissolution seems to be the only way out.

HyeM's picture

when will they leave already? can we in other states vote also, just to ensure they leave once and for all? dear Lord .... 

dogismycopilot's picture

I think Martin Armstrong sums it up

Whatever Trump does, the agenda is to stop all reform at all costs.

Proctologist's picture

As long as they take their share of the federal debt....

good riddance!

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Yep. $60,000 per resident. They can thank Bush and Obama for 3/4 of that. Crap. I mean per citizen. Per resident would be 600,000 pesos.

HillaryOdor's picture

Give me a break.  The debt is never going to be paid anyway.  It is well within our interests to get rid of them, debt or no debt.  It's worth 10 times the cost because these people will literally cost us everything  eventually.

dogismycopilot's picture

I hope they try.

It will give us a good reason to go in and exterminate every fucking progressive/democrat/traitor in the state. We might even get medals for it.

Lucretius's picture

Medals, MEDALS! We don't need no steenking medals!

I'd go for free! Hunting, that is.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Again, patriots must take everything east of  Appalachia.  Rekindle relationships with European weapons support.  Start shelling all the majors from New York to St. Louis. 


The new American government can tangle California up with Mexico.  The new American government declares the recognizing of old borders.  


Salsa Verde's picture

And say goodbye to 55 solid democrat electoral votes for any presidential election going forward.

decon's picture

All my posts from yesterday are gone as well as other posters comments.  What's going on ZH?

Stackers's picture

Nothing new with ZH censoring comments....

evokanivo's picture

more likely a glitch. the website and messaging system is old as fuck and probably poorly tested.