Google Diversity Director Admits "Change Takes Time" After Female Employees Blast "Repressive Culture"

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James Damore’s anti-diversity screed has surprisingly triggered an outpouring of commentary from former and current female employees who are speaking out about the company’s purportedly repressive culture, despite the mega tech company's 'holier-than-thou' view of its work environment.

Enter Guardian reporter Sam Levin, who last night published a story recounting several Googlers’ encounters with sex and race-based discrimination.

Google’s director of global diversity and inclusion was ready when Levin called for comment, saying all the right things to try and mitigate the outrage of her virtue-signaling Silicon Valley peers.

Yolanda Mangolini

 “Asked about the slow pace of progress, Yolanda Mangolini, Google’s director of global diversity and inclusion, said in an interview that “change takes time”, adding: “We know that it’s not just about recruiting a diverse workforce. It’s about creating an environment where they want to stay.”


After reviewing the Guardian’s summary of the women’s claims, Mangolini said: “I’m always disappointed when I hear these stories.” She pointed to Google’s “employee resource groups”, such as the “black Googler network”, which she said can go a long way in helping minorities who feel isolated find support and make connections.


"It saddened me personally when I read it, because I knew the impact of those words on the technical women … [whose] skills are always questioned,” Mangolini said. ‘My heart sort of broke for them.’”

Former female employees have continued to speak out despite the company’s notoriously stringent policy of forcing incoming employees to sign NDAs about their time inside the Googleplex.  According to Google data, which the company supplied to the Guardian, men occupy 80% of tech jobs and 75% of leadership roles at the company. Overall, only 2% of employees are black, 4% are Hispanic, 35% Asian and 56% white. The company has touted its recent 1% increases in a number of underrepresented groups.

But as Damore argued in his memo, enforcing mandatory diversity policies could weaken the company by forcing it to choose inferior engineers over more-qualified peers because of gender or skin color. As Damore explains, differences in the distribution of certain characteristics across male and female population accounts for the bulk of the discrepancy, not some monolithic patriarchy, which is a myth propagated by academics with a focus on gender studies.

One former employee, an Asian woman named Quichen Zhang, said she nearly “shut down” after being teased about her race by a male colleague.

“Qichen Zhang couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The technical specialist was in the middle of the office at Google when a white male colleague began joking with her about her hiring.


"He said, ‘It must’ve been really easy for you to get your job because you’re an Asian woman and people assume you’re good at math,’” Zhang recalled in a recent interview. “It was absolutely stunning. I remember me just emotionally shutting down.”


“Zhang, who quit in 2014, said she felt that raising concerns to human resources about the racist joke she faced would be pointless, especially since the colleague was an engineer and she was not. (Reached for comment, the former co-worker said he did not recall making the remark).


‘I don’t want to be labeled as the girl who cries ‘race card’ or plays the ‘woman card,’’ she added. ‘I was just trying to get over it.’”

A black female former employee told The Guardian that she overheard racist jokes in the office, and felt like the company’s HR department didn’t take her complaints about being singled out because of her race seriously.

“She said she also overheard racist jokes on multiple occasions and that she immediately felt left out at the workplace – excluded from emails and social events and working alongside colleagues who didn’t bother to learn her name.

The woman said that her efforts to advocate for diversity further took a toll on her. The company seemed primarily interested in PR and positive branding when it came to diversity initiatives, which made it difficult to push for more substantive reforms.


She felt she was negatively judged for her advocacy for people of color: ‘They didn’t like the way you’re prioritizing diversity, because that’s not your role.’”

In a Wall Street Journal editorial published last week, Damore said he was fired from Google because the discussion of differences between men and women in tech couldn’t be tolerated by the company’s "ideological echo chamber.” But as more current and former employees come forward, Google might be forced to take dramatic action to signal that it is taking these complaints seriously. That could include firing a top executive. After all, scandals are easier for shareholders to swallow if there’s a scapegoat ready and waiting.

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Google is Satan's Diversity (anti-white) Director.

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whiny Google cunts: "timeclocks be raciss, yo. employee evaluations be raciss. performance standards be raciss."

asshole google mgmgt: 'we working on it. gotta make them white male mutthafukkuhs work hodder, is all. patience."

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Do what I say or I will stamp my feet and call you names publicly...

Yep, sounds like a woman alright.

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She's obviously a raycist. She did not condemn the nazis in Charlottesville 453 times (and praise the people with bats).


Therefore, she must be a racist.

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Anyone calculate the ROI on these "diversity initiatives"?
Must be killer for the bottom line...

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After this display of bias, you can bet alot of employees are already looking for other jobs. Many are sitting there thinking,

"Am I next?"

"Did I say the wrong thing?"

"is my shirt too white?"

"Do I need a lawyer?"

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The funniest jokes are about crackers.  But the ones about niggers are quite damn hilarious!  And don't get us started on the ching-chongs!  Or the wops and krauts.....  then there's the towel-heads, lmfao!!!

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Google is the Standard Oil of this century and must meet the same fate ASAP.

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Hey man, since when did like people give a shit about someone being offended so much? I get called names all the time, and I'm like, that's just your opinion man.

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It's weird how little diversity there is in the Diversity Director field. They're almost all black females. Perhaps a civil rights investigation is in order to ensure diversity in the field of diversity.

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They will get into that investigation right after they finish investigating what the hell happened in Charlottesville and why the police were told to not get involved.

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Black female named Mangolini. If she is a lesbian with a gimpy leg that ticks 5 boxes right there.

pitz's picture

Standard Oil provided unique and critical infrastructure and products.

Google, however, could be shut down tomorrow, and life would go on.  A few people would have to find a far less lame email address, but that's hardly the end of the world.

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There's also very little diversity in the terrorist sector; they all seem to be muzlims.

That's rayciss, right?

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Another we'll just get 'em to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and give everybody a coloring book.

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Now THAT is a bullshit job title, if there ever was one.

"Diversity Director"; what's next, "VP of White Privilege Management"?

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Maybe not, but my former college just announced a course something like "How to Cope when Confronted by White Privilege."

No course in "How to Deal with AA when you are rejected despite being more competent."

Needless to say I stopped donating there awhile back even before now when they moved a few statues off campus. People should think twice before donating to American red Cross and/or the Clevelnad Clinic both of which just cancelled their charity events at Mar-a Lago because Trump spoke the truth. Hard to beleive doctors at that Clinic would not support Trump after Obamacare scewed them royally unless they are salaried cucks paid for by the Clinic as staff docs cause the private docs I know hate Obamacare (and Obama/Hillary).

I doubt I'll ever donate blood again to the Red Cross. In fact, I have zero doubts. Let them get the blood from CNN, MSNBC, BLM, etc

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Hey.  That's math. Governments hate math.

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Wait.  Suddenly they are surprised that software programmers are mysogynestic nerds without table manners or any other kinds of social skills?  They ogle women?  Oh my.  Do these clueless female progressives ever visit Reddit or 4chan? How about going to a gamer conference?

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So the diversity bitches whine nobody tries to be friendly.  Then when someone does, they go crying to HR and *shut down*.

The only way you can win in these mad houses is to do your job and not talk to anybody.  Make friends outside of work.

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Funniest shit I have seen all day...

The Goolag view of 'American Inventors'...


???ö?'s picture

Wait.  You wear camel toe yoga pants to work and then expect men not to be sexist.  Any other great ideas?

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@ The Dude:

Even more ridiculous than that, is a Goolag image search of "White American Inventors":

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Typical pack of Leftist Hypocrites.

Hypocracy defines the Left who will say and do ANYTHING for power

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Wow, they really have managed to turn white in to black. Amazing!

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Who is that Thomas Edison slave owner guy? The one who stole all his ideas from the Congo?

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I'm impressed at how they got Alexander Graham Bell to look black.  lol

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Whaa, Whaa, fucking whaa! Christ, it used to be that you got a job and put up with whatever assholes were working there. It has happened to everyone throughout the ages. Now, holy shit, if someone looks sideways at you, they should be fired.

This chick has someone tell her she got her job because she must be good at math and she "shuts down"???? Are you fucking kidding me!!!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

These perceived slights are nothing. People say stupid shit all the time, get over it. Now we have "black googlers"???? And these fucking people think they are going to be part of the work group by self identifying and then starting a club where you are separated by skin color? Are these people serious????? Are any of these people actually adults??

I just give up, there isn't anyone who really understands how the world works and this shit is JUST getting started, we are doomed. Way too many retards with thin skin walking around thinking everyone needs to be sensitive to whatever fucking flavor of the day issues they are working through.

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I remember a meeting at a Mobil Oil/ Plastics Div when we all were getting chewed out because a product development was taking too long. After the tirade

the boss stopped and there seemed to be silence until the sound of a female sobbing at the table broke the still.  I almost puked.

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From the Obama White House archives:

"It was a heroic struggle; and, as is inevitable with all such struggles, it had also a dark and terrible side. Very much was done of good, and much also of evil; and, as was inevitable in such a period of revolution, often the same man did both good and evil. For our great good fortune as a nation, we, the people of the United States as a whole, can now afford to forget the evil, or, at least, to remember it without bitterness, and to fix our eyes with pride only on the good that was accomplished. Even in ordinary times there are very few of us who do not see the problems of life as through a glass, darkly; and when the glass is clouded by the murk of furious popular passion, the vision of the best and the bravest is dimmed. Looking back, we are all of us now able to do justice to the valor and the disinterestedness and the love of the right, as to each it was given to see the right, shown both by the men of the North and the men of the South in that contest which was finally decided by the attitude of the West. We can admire the heroic valor, the sincerity, the self-devotion shown alike by the men who wore the blue and the men who wore the gray; and our sadness that such men should have to fight one another is tempered by the glad knowledge that ever hereafter their descendants shall be fighting side by side, struggling in peace as well as in war for the uplift of their common country, all alike resolute to raise to the highest pitch of honor and usefulness the nation to which they all belong."


--Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism speech, as posted on


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Why was McKinley assassinated?

Interesting time of history

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Google needs to be broken up or strictly regulated like a utility.

It shpuld be no surprise it is run by sexist sociopaths.

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Let's just face it.  Men and women both flock to Google because that's where the money is.  They are all goldiggers.  To say this is a matter of diversity or social justice is idiotic.  Just follow the money.  You don't hear any of this nonsense being battered around at Wal-Mart employee lounges.  Really, where is the diversity chief at Wal-Mart.  NOT.  Why NOT? Because nobody is gold-digging there. They would be wasting their time.

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Just changed to Startpage, next up replace Chrome with another browser, any suggestions?

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Brave browser. free, fast, built-in ad blockers. haven't seen a pop-up ad - except on asshole sites like breitbart ("read more of our shit!") - since I can't remember. Brave is your friend.

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The Guardian article mentioning Quichen Zhang was linked at Drudge earlier today. Based on my recollection thereof (I can't find it now) the author of the article threw in some red herrings about the Goolag ladies having problems with sexist jokes due to conservative white males at Goolag. The only conservative white males at Goolag are probably white Hispanics on the janitorial staff, which is probably outsourced anyway.

I'd love to see how all these delicate snowflakes react when everything stops working, except, well, that will include ZH. Time, I suppose, to build a solar-powered media player so I can watch all those videos I've downloaded.


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Yolanda Mangolini barely looks human. Trannie?

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One word for you BB ..FAILURE ! a opportunity ... real job affirmative actions fails again it will again and again and again ... dumb ass bitch ...

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"Yolanda Mangolini"


Thank dog we have a sensible & smiling, 'ITALIAN/AMERICAN' at Google, is it a 'he' or a 'she', can't tell, (reported by Sam LEVIN), to help us all to be able to see things correctly

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Paragraphs could be written, but why bother when brevity is the soul of wit...

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When morons have children they should hire intelligent people to name them. Otherwise it's too easy to guess the child's genetic predispositions.

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Now Hooters is closing stores because the young fags.

Millenials are about as much fun as an empty bottle.

They should look in the mirror if they want to know why their anger.

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They only get off on destruction, because they have yet to learn how to create anything.

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As soon as the diversity cops show up innovation dies at these companies.  All the genius nerds do is move on.  Somebody will give them money for their evil genius.  Simple as that. 

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Very little 'innovation' at Google.  Most of what they do is just stuff copied elsewhere, or trivially obvious stuff.


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They're ugly too. Why do you think theywear those masks.

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Hooters food is awful. You can see more and get close enough to smell snatch at a strip club. I've never understood how Hooters stayed in business.

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Can the corporate Diversity Director ever not be an Affirmative Action hire?