Michael Moore Melts Down (Again): "This Guy's Going To Get Us All Killed"

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Michael Moore, the controversial documentary filmmaker who infamously predicted Trump's victory when everyone else was saying it was impossible and then proceeded to have numerous public nervous breakdowns as a result, is once again back in the public spotlight with a new prediction: "[Trump's] going to get us all killed." The comments came courtesy of an interview with Reuters (full interview can be watched here).

"This guy's going to get us all killed. There's nobody in charge. This man (Trump) has the nuclear codes," Moore, 63, told Reuters Television in an interview on Thursday.


"I'm hoping somebody in the Pentagon is protecting us. Like, whatever's in that nuclear briefcase it's just some girlfriend's phone number or something. I'm just hoping that it's not the real numbers because we're in desperate shape here," said Moore, a longtime liberal and a harsh critic of Trump.


"By the end of this run, 100,000 people would have seen the show. And each of them will tell 10 people things I said or did here tonight. That's a million people I've reached through a Broadway show," he said.


Moore said that far from being depressed by the actions of Trump and events in Washington in the two weeks since starting the show, he has drawn strength from his appearances.


"Every night, when I leave here, I feel like my soul has been healed a little, that I have less despair, that I'm a little bit more hopeful that we're going to figure this out," he said.



Of course, this is hardly the first time Michael Moore has suggested that President Trump is going to "get us all killed."  Back in March, Moore, in reaction to President Trump's roll-back of a number of President Obama's environmental protection and climate change regulations, suggested that Trump's policies were going to result in the "extinction of human life on earth."


All because Hillary lost an election...

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Eat shit and die

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Drudge has turned colors too it appears.


We'll see who is solidly in the anti-NWO corner now during this full-frontal attack.  (Lots of elbow room unfortunately).


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they/he always were rainbow........it was easy to see his bias.....now its just more obvious

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We're paying attention to him......why again?

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As If Hilirry Would be much safer ...

Who Trusts any Human...

Get ride of ALL Nukes ...

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Like that'll ever happen. Not a chance man.

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When was the last time this piece of shit worked a day?    Fat fucker is living pretty well for someone so in fear of his life.......

PT's picture

He would have sounded so much more believable if he had not supported Hillary.

Hey Mikey!  You were never perfect but you did some good once.  I watched several of your videos, read several of your books (even back then you were irrationally pro-Hillary) but at this stage you have more than lost your way.  I'm not sure you still believe what you say either.  Someone got a gun to your head?  Or with-holding a donut?  Or are you really that stupid?

You don't need nuke codes to destroy America.  Look at what previous Presidents have been doing now, for how long?

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..the only problem with this leftist idiot……

… outside of the smell…..


……….is that his body mass warps time and space for everyone in proximity

…………..he might have his own event horizon

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Chrissakes ~ all that 'melting down', & he still looks like a LARD ASS



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gop,kkk,nazi.... idiots I only problem they smell Badly!

Trump suffers from Narcisstic Personality Disorder (NPD), and should be examined by a group of psychiatric(sp) personnel

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I don't mind if Trump gets Moore killed.

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politics is hollywood for ugly people

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Fat fucker is living pretty well for someone so in fear of his life.......


The Amygdala is the fear center.  People who have unnatural fears have an amygdala that is conjuring all kinds of sceptres and ghosts and hobgoblins.  

The only way for them to get rid of their fears is to project, gnash teeth, run around in a circle, or make a movie. 

My recommendation for the fat fucker is to paint himself with war paint, put a feather in his hair, and then jump around with bongo drums.  That way he can ward off his imaginary demons.

Then later he can go into a frenzy of raping local girls, and fall down in fat exhaustion, and then his amygdala fear center is purged.

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At 63 he is past due a coronary event. Any day now.

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Obama had us in seven hot wars when he left office, but "this guy is gonna get us all killed"...people are so f'ing full of shit to even listen to this guy.

PT's picture

Obama sez to Trump, "Ha!  Solve that!"

BarkingCat's picture

I could solve it all and more if I was sitting in Trump chair. 

Day 1 - fire every Obama political appointee in all federal government agencies.

              Give orders to pull all US forces out of Eastern Europe.

              Give orders to pull all US forces, including CIA ops from Syria.

Day 2 - Start the process of closing down every federal agency that was created by a presidential decree.

            If it was not created by an act of congress, it is getting shut down.

Day 3  through Day x (however long it takes). - review every executive order issued by Obama and reverse those that are unconstitutional. 

            Issue the reversal as soon as the determination is made. This means that every day there would crying leftists.

            Once Obama's executive orders reviews are completed, move on and do the same to George w Bush's.

            Then Clinton's and then George H Bush's. 

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That.... Is gold.


helloimjohnnycat's picture

And then on the Seventh Day, hang this pathetic slob Mike Moore, then all the rest of ' em, and rest.

Piece of cake !


MEFOBILLS's picture

Trump isn't king, he doesn't have that kind of power.  Trump is being attacked from without and within because he doesn't have an army or a congealed movement.

Robert Steele's plan is actually well thought out, and it allows for Trumps strengths.   Trump would unite his base and extend it by campaigning.  This way Trump has his army and movement.

Then the 12 points can be addressed:


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There are at least two incidents …..

The magic negro proclaimed to his socialist compatriots in the EU…

……and he also proclaimed to his faithless  faithfull subservient in the USSA……

………..Donald Trump will never be President  

…………………I am

……………………………………….not anymoar MoFo


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So, he hopes thtat someone in the Pentagon will save us from war???   Clearly he doesn't understand what the Pentagon does for a living.

toady's picture

Gentleman! There is no fighting in the war room!

detached.amusement's picture

Exactly what I was thinking....PENTAGON of all fkn places, save us from war????  You mean Pentagon save us from a peaceful world, ya fat fk!

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Moore's obit will state he died of a "Bic Mac attack"...not a Trump war...

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If Fatso scares everyone to the point of hiding under their beds, there won't be a line at the Hot Dog Wagon. 

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How many doughnuts have to die before, during, and after his show?

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Michael Moore Melts Down (Again): "This Guy's Going To Get Us All Killed"



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Well, we got at least seven months more than Hillary would have given us. 

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Michael, please go rush the guy with the briefcase. We can't find out what is in Ft. Know but you can find out if the briefcase just contains a couple ham sanwiches and the girlfriend's phone number and not the launch information. Be a hero, rush the guy.

Note to the senior officer carrying the codes that follow the President.  A fat man might be sneaking up on you over the next week. Insure your weapon is loaded and ready and your protection team is similarly ready to defend. This fat guy is a NUTCASE.

xavi1951's picture

Mental illness is a sad thing.

Chupacabra-322's picture

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
- Geroge Carlin

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At the risk of being called out as an incorrigible pedant, that is only true in the case of a distribution wherein the mean = the median.

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Who Trusts any Human...

Get ride of ALL Nukes ...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

My point exactly, Ghost. So the Angry Canadian is at it again.

Seriously, who gives a shit?

spastic_colon's picture

you have to admit it is good ol' fashion fun watching so many heads exploding...I mean its like 4th of july all year

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It would be truly hilarious if so many people didn't believe the absolute crap he spews. It's still funny though :-)

gadzooks's picture

Hes from Flint Michigan, and i wouldn"t put those Nukes in his hands!!

BarkingCat's picture


He would probably just eat them and then shit out depleted uranium.

edotabin's picture

Not I...... just had to read the comments though :-)

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PC is what has been slowly killing this country, brought to you by the "progressives" (is that an oxymoron?)

Kenny Drebson's picture

very true.


seems drudge, daily caller, breitbart etc. have reverted to their more mainstream controlled opposition roles.  anyone can be bought/threatened.

UselessEater's picture

Those who watch Red Ice TV will know their sites was hacked and trashed after all the usual nice death threats and cursing by antifa garbage.

Well, Red Ice is coming back and they are even more determined, followers who thought they were a bit dramatic and over the top about white genocide and totalitarianism and other subjects their media business covered now believe them.

Henrik, Lana & a new member of the white race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUIgvLu2d9Q

I for one am sick of these freaks banning, destroying, removing the various channels I watch and websites I visit and support and subscribe to.

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The nuclear code for that football was 000000 for a number of decades.