"They're Going Thermonuclear": Breitbart Declares "War" On The White House

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The love affair between Breitbart, whose former head Steve Bannon was just fired by Donald Trump, just turned to hate, as confirmed by Joel Pollak, a Breitbart Editor, who moments ago tweeted one word:

As Axios' Jonathan Swan explains, "Joel is a Breitbart editor. They're going thermonuclear, I'm told. "

Separately, as iBankCoin reports, investigative journalist and former Breitbart employee, Lee Stranahan, offered a quick quip on today’s news that Bannon has resigned from the White House, suggesting that Steve would ‘unleash the beast’ through his online publication and call out those working against the Trump agenda in the White House.

Stranahan has been a long time loyalist to Bannon and ardent opponent to several people inside Trump’s White House, namely McMaster, Powell and Cohn. The theory he’s putting forth is that Bannon will have more power outside the White House than inside. While that might be true for Steve, I fail to see how fomenting more internal strife inside the Trump White House will be constructive at this point.

Nevertheless, it’s about to get real interesting soon. Watch


As for what Steve Bannon's next steps would be, Axios reports that it "will be all about the billionaire Mercer family."

I'm told Bannon, who visited New York this week, met with Bob Mercer and together they will be a well-funded force on the outside.

  • Bannon has felt liberated since it became clear he was being pushed out, according to friends. He's told associates he has a "killing machine" in Breitbart News, and it's possible he returns to lead their editorial operation.
  • A source familiar with Breitbart's operations told me they would go "thermonuclear" against "globalists" that Bannon and his friends believe are ruining the Trump administration, and by extension, America.
  • Watch for Breitbart's Washington Editor Matt Boyle to be a central figure in this war — which has already begun — against White House officials like HR McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, and Jared and Ivanka.

Then again, Trump may be spared. As Politico's Robert Costa tweets, "One theme I'm picking up: Bannon believes next battle is *not* w/ Trump but w/ Kushner/Cohn/Dina/HR McMaster. "Save Trump," as one R put it."

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Chupacabra-322's picture

Blow Back.

The Blow Back the Pure Evil Deep State is about to receive will be their Epic demise.

Take it to them Bannon.

We have your back.

Linus2011's picture

basically Trump is f***ed. Poor americans

knukles's picture

Everybody's gonna get fed through the wood chipper.
Nobody but the 1% escape unharmed.

Ironic, is it not?
That while so many people here were or are Trump supporters, that if he were able to accomplish what folks here had projected, gold would have been toast.
But instead ....

Ah, another fillip from the Land of Unintended Consequences

yomutti2's picture

Bannon's a loser. Good riddance.


froze25's picture

Says the man/thing that is posting on Zerohedge comments along with me during the work day...

bigdumbnugly's picture

even my girl Faith Goldy got the ax today.

you need anything - i got yer back, Faith.

Full court pressure has officially begun.  Other team has a million players on their side to our few.  Stand strong.


bigdumbnugly's picture

plus, we'll see about this thermonuclear stuff on Trump from Breitbart.  I do not believe it.

Fake news.  Maybe against the Globalists, yes.

atomp's picture

I don't think anyone is implying that the potential breitbart war is against trump.

Food for thought:

#WAR could mean US is going to war now that Bannon is gone and the "globalists" and generals are in charge.

bigdumbnugly's picture

could be.  Can be read several ways.  They'll go after the globalists because that's what they do.  Hopefully not Trump as some parts of that inferred.

Anyway, I'm just pissed off about Bannon leaving and in mourning about Faith.

Not a good morning.  Need a stiff drink.  Maybe i can meet up with Steve (but only if Faith isn't available).

JSBach1's picture

Trump's starting too many fires which will, in the end, ironically engulf him.

Contagion Deleverage's picture

The #WAR is/shall be waged against McMaster and the other nested globalists.  Brietbart will ROOT OUT the scum communistic globalists with every news article it directs at the White House.  The journalism from Brietbart will go scorched-earth on these people, thus relieving the enormous pressure on President Trump.  This pressure is in the form of insubordination: these globalist rats do not obey the word or spirit of the President's orders.


May the White House globalists get bentover.


MOAR Popcorn, PLEASE!!!!


moimeme's picture

The Globalists' https://goo.gl/bFYusM handiwork:

(((THEY))) became the Bolsheviks and destroyed Russia.
(((THEY))) fomented 2 World Wars and destroyed Europe.
(((THEY))) stole Palestine and destroyed the Middle East.
(((THEY))) took over the DEM and destroyed it.
(((THEY))) became the neocons that are destroying the REP.
(((THEY))) took over the FED and destroyed the US Dollar.
(((THEY))) took over Hollywood and destroyed our culture.
(((THEY))) took over Congress/USG and are destroying America.

The saga WILL NOT stop. It's the ANTI-CHRIST spirit.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

On Drudge now:

"White House lawyer Cobb predicts quick end to Mueller probe"


Should Read:

"White House lawyer Cobb predicts quick end to Mueller probe, now that Bannon is out"

carlnpa's picture

So they traded Bannons head for Kushners?

Too bad Trump sold out.

Occident Mortal's picture

I don't see how it's possible to attack Kushner and Ivanka whilst sparing Trump.

Trump will defend Ivanka with his life. There's nobody on the planet he cares about as much as Ivanka.

jeff montanye's picture

perhaps i'm missing something but shouldn't allies of trump be attacking such as imran awan, debbie wasserman-schultz, john podesta, hillary clinton, brennan gilmore, michael signer, jason keller, james comey, the asshole brennan and that cocksucker rogers?

we had them on the ropes with russiagate, then along came charlottesville which was another cloud with a silver lining if one just looks closely enough.  

the truth of these matters is strongly with the president.  so get the truth out.

they want to weaken president trump and turn his base against him.

then they will try to impeach him using the rinosdinos, rnc, dnc, cia, nsa, fbi and the msm.  better fight early rather than late if you want to win mr. president.

make peace with china over north korea, pardon julian assange.  assert your authority.

11b40's picture

better would be predicting a quick end to Mueller.

BarkingCat's picture

(((THEY))) did not take over Hollywood. 

They have always owned it.

Look at who formed any powerhouse studio in Hollywood. MGM, Paramount,  20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers. 


Mr 9x19's picture

they didn't took down russia neither, they took down soviet union, and with vlad in charge, i whish them good luck to take russia down, it is not going to happen soon.

Dindu Nuffins's picture

He who owns the finance owns whatever else they desire.

BarkingCat's picture

(((THEY))) did not take over Hollywood. 

They have always owned it.

Look at who formed any powerhouse studio in Hollywood. MGM, Paramount,  20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers. 


Bendromeda Strain's picture

Let's not forget who brought us gangsta rap. They'll censor (and self-censor, disgusting) Money For Nothing, but give us the most vile garbage blaring out of every metallic purple car.

Straight Outta Compton? I don't think so. Missed it by about 7500 miles. But (((they))) as you like to call it, are not the real Jews. They are the Synagogue of Satan© doing the bosses work.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Yesterday I commented that we all take Wolf Blitzer too seriously.
CNN's ratings are below the Cartoon network and maybe we should get Bugs Bunny's opinion instead.

And that comment was censored.  My second time.

So I'll leave ZH to the spammers, snowflakes and pedophiles like Chindit13.

Good luck, everybody.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I've never had a comment censored here that I know of.

I don't understand this.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

There have been comments disappearing the last week.  The allegation as that it was to remove spam.   Not so sure about that. 

But I guess it is time to start taking screenshots of the ZH comment section!

Bes's picture

I've had mulitiple comments go MIA.  Good to know it isn't only just me.

good convos with people gone.

stand alones.  poof.

not a good sign....

OverTheHedge's picture

It used to be that with Swiss servers, anti-Jewish comments got you banned. Now we have Amazon cloud servers, anti-Hilary comments just disappear? Zerohedge - a constantly moving target, and constantly evolving environment.

Free speech - where else is there any on the internet?

jeff montanye's picture

i've had plenty of anti zionist and anti hillary comments and none censored as far as i know.  years ago the system worked very poorly but i don't think it was censorship.

to my mind this is the most free and one of the best comment boards on the internet.  do not have to do social media to get on.  is there a left wing one near as good, relatively speaking?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Anyone remember the name of that old Libertarian site about 15 years ago? It was wide-open and uncensored. (GREENATTICRAT)

Rubicon727's picture

"We've had mulitiple comments go MIA.  Good to know it isn't only just me.

good convos with people gone.

stand alones.  poof.

not a good sign....


I'll 2nd, 3d, and 4th that, too.

Zerohedge is on a short leash, otherwise, it wouldn't have a website.

When I write about The Silk Road, Shanghai Cooperative and how China, Russia, Brics are constructing a counter trade in half the other world, and separated from the US hegemony: currency/military, quite often the comment is deleted......Yet look what Bannon openly stated a day or two ago: CHINA, the rising alternative to US trade, currency, and by extension the US military.

Now let's see if this message is posted. 

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

Understand this:  the site recently changed hands - again.  New owners = continued attrition from the original high standards of Tyler and Marla.

Byte Me's picture


I've never had a comment censored here that I know of.

I don't understand this."

Surely this was *gosub_sarc?

There was a long series (that wasn't a series) posted by some of the Tylers around 18-24 months ago revolving around trollism, psyops, gaslighting, and other "tactics" perpetrated by various forms of entities, (closely related to slime moulds) that was generally critical (without criticizing - since this is 'Fight Club', remember) of attempts at social media subversion by infiltration followed by manipulation.

At the time this mainly focussed around the discourse over Crimea and possible infiltration by bogus 'bad actors' within the interwebz putatively controlled by the Kremlin.

Or GCHQ, Langley, etc....

Since then, the 'American' Left has gone full batshit insane - the MSM has been outed and proven demonstrably as a Fifth Column of the Globalist Marxist cabal, and your legislative branch to be an oligarchical parasite...

Your judiciary and education systems have been subverted over a 50 year period, resulting in sanctuary shities, Antifa(g) and BLM, courtesy of a postmonernist prediliction for "relativism".

The Internet was ALWAYS going to be used as a tool of social control. Just as television (and radio before it) were. The difference being that the Internet was always going to be muuuuuch more systemically intertwined and interlocked with EVERYTHING.

It's much simpler than - He who controls the past controls the future.

It just boils down to - Who controls the Internet controls the planet.

(I had a comment "deleted" a few days ago, it wasn't the first. ZH is not the ZH that you remember when you first joined)

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Or GCHQ, Langley, etc....

If you want a primer on Trolling as a Psyop Weapon you can probably do no better than James Corbett (.com) or Aaron & Melissa Dykes @ Truthstream Media. Besides the Gov being in the game, and NOT aimed at Russians, you also have an army of bedwetters on the payroll of Soros and Tom Steyer through batshit crazy David Brock (Wikileaks:Neera Tanden).

Crazy Or Not's picture

Good Luck Sir, sail on to sunnier climes.

JSBach1's picture

I've noticed lately large chunks of comments being summarily removed from different threads, mine included.

chindit13's picture

I realize I’m in your head, as well as being inside all of your electronic devices (got your bank balance if you need it), but try to be a little more creative when you aim to ridicule me. I’m sure you can do better. How about I’m a love child of an illicit liaison between George Soros and Madeline Albright, which took place at a Bilderberg gathering where all dined on aborted fetuses roasted in gold leaf?

I’m sure Tyler would gnash his teeth if he thought you were really leaving Zerohedge forever, so please reconsider. Think of poor Tyler! Have you no compassion?

tmosley's picture

Don't jack yourself off too hard there buddy.

Would be a real shame if that dick came off and the CIA became majority trannies.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

You forgot to say "chin up" (like I'm sure you've heard innumerable times...)

new game's picture

wish/think/realize above comment sums it up. 1 percent unscathed. us 99 percent are the cannon fodder of this battle.

populist vs progressive

yeah, baby, go get yor head bashed for what? THE 1 PERCENT ROMAN GAMES OF ENTERTAINMENT.

like feeding the lions, fresh meat...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

If they go after GLOBALISTS without going after ZIONISTS they aren't going to get very far, I will tell you that.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

I think that is what #WAR means. Not that Breitbart is going to war with the White House but that the way is now open for real actual war with North Korea, Iran, anybody, who the fuck knows anymore.

jeff montanye's picture

no.  war with iran and north korea is what hillary clinton would want.  the comment that to go after globalists but not zionists is a loser is much to the point.

israel is the problem.  the one state solution is the solution.  israeli citizenship for all in the occupied territories, including gaza.

willy up the creek's picture

For what it's worth - That's how it read to me.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Personally, I can't stand Breitbart but I hate the 1% even more.