Will They Haul Off Trump's Statue, Too?

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Authored by Bonner & Partners' Bill Bonner, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum,

Confused by Shadows

This week, we are talking about the perishable nature of gods. Yesterday, the city fathers of our hometown of Baltimore let it be known that it was time to toss out the old deities.


The Robert E. Lee and Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson Monument in Baltimore, which the mayor inter alia wants to remove. Suddenly it has become fashionable to erase the memory of an important part of US history all over the country. By experience, this is typically done by authoritarian Marxists and fascists, as well as assorted radical Islamists. They are all famous for destroying monuments they don’t like or brushing people out of pictures when they are no longer considered to properly toe the line of the Fuehrer du jour. Democratic societies tend to remove the statues of former dictators and all around bad guys (such as e.g. Hitler, who has not been granted any monuments in Germany, which is understandable. The heroes of the Confederacy may be controversial, but removing all their statues seems quite the overkill – and obviously, it is mainly done to provoke a reaction. [PT]


Reports the Associated Press:

After violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend in response to the city’s plan to remove a Robert E. Lee statue from a park there, Mayor Catherine Pugh has renewed efforts to remove similar Confederate imagery from Baltimore. […] On Monday, Pugh released a statement saying that it is her intention to remove all of Baltimore’s Confederate-era monuments – Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue, the Confederate Women’s Monument on West University Parkway, the Roger B. Taney Monument on Mount Vernon Place, and the Robert E. Lee and Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell.”

All across the country, the old gods become devils. New, gluten-free gods take their places. The statue of Taney (pronounced Tawney) will be particularly missed. Roger Taney, like your correspondent, comes from the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Like your editor, he grew up among the tobacco leaves. Like your editor, his teachers advised his parents that he was someone whose future lay beyond the green fields. And like your editor, he left the rich farms and oyster beds, went to college, and studied law.

This is where the similarity ends. Taney had a brilliant career; he took the high road to the top of the nation’s highest court. We never even took the bar exam. The statue is less than a one-minute stroll from our office. Artfully done, it shows the Supreme Court jurist in his robes, bent forward in gloomy reflection.


Roger Taney monument in Baltimore. There is a second Taney statue in Baltimore that is presumably also under threat now. [PT]


The poor man had a lot to think about. Upon his shoulders fell the weight of contradictions over slavery. America was supposed to be a free country. As chief justice of the Supreme Court, his main duty was to protect the freedom of its citizens against the power of the government. And yet a large part of the population was kept in chains, condoned and abetted by that very same government.

On a personal level, where he bent to his own bricks and tilled his own plants, he knew what to do. He freed his slaves and gave pensions to the older ones. Taney said of slavery that it was “a blot on our national character.” But the gods and myths misled him. In his chambers… wrestling with a complex legal issue by candlelight, the shadows confused him.


Surface Dirt

Before him was the plaintiff, Mr. Dred Scott, slave and lifelong resident of the United States of America, asking the highest court in the land to affirm that he had a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without being forced into a win-lose deal by his former slave master.

But instead of boring down to the bedrock of the issue, Taney let himself get distracted by the surface dirt. The rights of the black slave, he seemed to think, were bound up with his race and limited by them — not by the Constitution of the United States of America. This from his decision:

They [slaves] had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect…”

Apart from the iceberg, the voyage of the Titanic was a great success. And apart from Dred Scott, Roger Taney had nothing to be ashamed of. After he died, a few statues of him were put up. Now it is time to take them down, says Baltimore’s mayor.


Plaintiff Dred Scott, the plaintiff who wanted the Supreme Court to affirm his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – which left Justice Taney with am indelible blot on his résumé, as he failed to recognize that the constitution applies to all Americans equally – despite doing the right thing with his own slaves. [PT]


Age of Miracles

We live in an age of miracles, of course. Negative interest rates… money out of the air… the election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land – things that we took for absurd a few years ago we now take for granted.

We take for granted, too, that our officials are miracle workers… and that we live among the gods themselves in an economy that never takes a breather… a stock market that only goes up… and something for nothing until Hell freezes over.


Behold our birthright – a stock market that goes up forever and ever… (until it doesn’t anymore). [PT] – click to enlarge.


President Trump seemed to wonder how we could be so ungrateful. He used the occasion of his condemnation of the violence in Charlottesville to remind Americans how lucky they are:

We are renegotiating trade deals and making them good for the American worker. And it’s about time. Our economy is now strong. The stock market continues to hit record highs, unemployment is at a 16-year low, and businesses are more optimistic than ever before. Companies are moving back to the United States and bringing many thousands of jobs with them. We have already created over 1 million jobs since I took office.”


Land of Gods

But America’s president is sui generis, practically a walking miracle. In the wake of Charlottesville, Ken Frazier, CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck, resigned from the president’s American Manufacturing Council. Frazier said his decision is “a matter of personal conscience” and “a stand against intolerance and extremism.”

Another president might have responded to the issues – his own connections to the alt-right, for example. Or the allegations against him of racism. Not Mr. Trump. He understands better than his predecessors that in the land of myths and gods, logical argument is unnecessary. His response via Twitter:

Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!”


The world’s foremost Twitter troll, US president Donald Trump. [PT]


Ya gotta love him. But taking credit for the economy and the stock market is a dangerous thing for the president to do. They are likely to blow up in his face. In June, we entered the ninth year of economic expansion. Next month brings us to 99 months without a recession.

Typically, since World War II, a boom ends before it has gone on for 59 months. Only twice have they lasted for longer than the present one. A recession cannot be far off. When it comes, the stock market will go down in sympathy. Then, Mr. Trump’s statue might be hauled off, too, before it is ever put up.

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Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Which statue are we talking about?...

The one with the knee pads with the presidential seal surrounded by a "six-sided star"?

Or the statue that is bottomless with no "testicles"?!!!

Jim in MN's picture

I feel sad for my country. Well meaning people are being used as tools by evil people trying to keep their hold on power.

I used to live in super liberal Takoma Park, MD. I lived on Lee St. and the next block was Grant St. That is fine, and was fine.

The reason this is happening now is an attempt to use racial tension and yes, hatred to split a progressive revolt against a corrupt and ruthless
band of sociopaths clinging to power despite committing serious crimes.

Feels good? Think again. You're being used.

SafelyGraze's picture

tear down the giant green goddess in the ny harbor

that thing sends shivers down the spine of everybody who sees it



artichoke's picture

It was awesome that Stephen Miller reminded us the real problem is with the replacement plaque that's on it.

Other than that it's OK.  Lady Liberty was on all the coins (dime and above I think) before 1900 and on the half dollars up until Kennedy was assassinated and he was put on them instead.

eclectic syncretist's picture

The Capitol building was built with slave labor, so it should be removed as offensive too. And while we're at it, the vast majority of slaveholders were Democrats, (the Republican party was created, in part, on a platform of ending slavery) so the Democratic party should be dismantled because of it's deep historical ties to promoting and preserving slavery.

"Those confederates that they're taking down were all Democrats" 

toady's picture

I'm petitioning my kids high school to stop teaching the wwII and civil war portions of American history.

Mr. Universe's picture

The walking liberty half dollar is a beautiful coin, follwed in 1948 by the Ben Franklin/Liberty bell half until the Kennedy.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"tear down the giant green goddess in the ny harbor"

Correct me if I'm wrong SG... But doesn't that "whore" with the tiara and a "blowtorch" stand on a "six-sided star"?!!!

Shouldn't it be "5 points" instead of "6 points" to match the "non-dual citizen" "flag"???...

clade7's picture

Discussions underway to rename it "I am Jazz"

artichoke's picture

It's been a while since I was called a progressive.  Decades.  But, yeah.

Jim in MN's picture

Oh Hell, I meant populist. 

Hopefully it'll still matter as this plays out.....

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Good observation(s) there Jim

I actually still live in D.C. or should I say it's suburbs and you know it's reached peak insanity when the very people that live and work in it -such as myself are calling for it's complete demolition even though we still live in "it"!


Because the burden and onus of what we've done is so great that whatever happens... Be it the American people finally grow a conscience for all the rape, theft and murder it's been a part of everywhere else on the planet OCONUS takes ownership of that guilt and does EVERYTHING TO MAKE IT STOP by razing this pustule on the face of humanity that is the Nation's Capital!...


Allow a superpower like the PRC and Russian Federation pushed to it's brink doing the honors on "We The People's" behalf because we are THE WORST MOST DECADENT COWARDS ever to be created in human form!

I'll leave it there with a Novina book and a rosary!

Sam Clemons's picture

Technicaly we're all slaves to the Federal Reserve and Federal Government. When will People realize that? 200 years?

the artist's picture

I like Lincoln's definition of slavery- "You work, I eat"

Peacefulwarrior's picture

 President Mark Zuckerberg or President Mark Cuban will be the next politically correct street names...Yikes

doctor10's picture

Having failed to make him a commie colluding with Russia, they now will attempt to paint Trump a racist.

Pretty predictable leftist garbage through and through.

There is something damn good and ugly going on with the American Left-seeing as they'd rather lay down with Senator Joe McCarthy and Brother John Birch looking for Russians in every nook and cranny, and now willing to torch the Dixie electorate totally, in pulling down their monuments to American history, than let American's electoral vote prevail.

That is the definition of sedition-and it cries out for prosecution

seataka's picture


We are watching the same program that was used by the Deep State in Ukraine, re-branded....

There is little difference between TOM CRUISE and his belief in XENU and the Space Cooties  and some libtard wearing a Vagina hat.

Same METHODS used with a different shore story and stage set.

geeves's picture

Of course they will.  Haven't you heard that Trump is a Nazi slave owner?  CNN and the NYT will tell you all about it.

sheikurbootie's picture

Try it deep state, try it.  This is not about race, this is liberals upset that their forced fed agenda isn't what normal America's tolerate. 

All the President has to do is call his 60 million supporters to rally in DC, millions will appear (armed) in support of our Constitution.

Why does everyone forget (RINO's included)  Trump had the MOST votes EVERY for a GOP candidate.  We're over the fake R's and losers D's.

Trump 2020

Consuelo's picture



He has either not been brought low enough to 'ask' for the help of those who put their 'faith' in him enough to vote for him, or...

Perhaps he is too proud...?




They are closing in, that much we know.   They sense Pence...    I guess we'll find out in fairly short order if Donald Trump posesses the humility to ask his constituency to take a stand...

the artist's picture

I would go to a Code Pink Commie ralley to defend their right to air their grievances in public. 

I would damn sure attend Trumps ralley to promote Liberty. 

buzzsaw99's picture

kathy lee would be happy to put his bloody statue-head on the hood of the deathmobile.


Knowledge is good.  [/Emil Faber, Animal House statue turned hood ornament ]

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

I thought Kathy Lee was still in alcohol rehab...

the artist's picture

I totally agree with these people. Lets not stop there...

Yale-Named after a slave trader

Stanford-Slave labor built his fortune

Duke- Tobacco and cigaratte magnate known to have owned a woman named Caroline that he bought for $601 and enlisted in the confederate navy

Brown- founded by slave owner

I demand these institutions change their name and make restitution. 

No /sarc

NugginFuts's picture

The main difference is those institutions are defended by the liberal organizations that are so busy destroying other institutions. 

Jim in MN's picture

How about they go FIRST and then we discuss the rest.....

runswithscissors's picture

JACKSONville a city named after a KNOWN abuser of negros...wants to take down all of its confederate statues of CSA.soldiers...oh the hypocrisy!

jamesmmu's picture
BREAKING: GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Meets With Julian Assange, Receives “Earth-Shattering” Information.


QIG's picture







IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

hen in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

NickPeeMe's picture

They are making a statue of Trump out of dog turds. A monument to shit.

buzzsaw99's picture

fear not, the next president will be worse.

the artist's picture

The far right is fueled at the moment by a just persuit of equal protection and the results of descrimination against whites affectionately known as "Multiculturalism" 

Multiculturalism is state sponsored racism. Dont believe me? Google "black only school" Black only dorm", " Balck pride" vs White pride" and tell me what you come up with. 

It is based upon the notion that all cultures are inherently equal and inherently valuable. Therefore the majority culture must be supressed and replaced in a game of catch up. 

LA gang culture is as valuable to society as Russian ballet, for example. 

For the record, I am against multi-culturalism and pro multi-ethnic and multi-racial.

So the far left has taken up the task to infringe upon the rights of the far right, "By Any Means Necessary" or BAMN, which is a violent group of so called "anti-fascists"  out of Berkeley. Has its origins at the Frankfurt School of Bolshevism.

The result of this will be a complete polarization of American politics. Unfortunately for the left and the occasional liberty loving liberal, this country will decide to go Right. 

Leftists take power through force. Right-ist powers tend to take power through taking control of the democratic machinery. Like it or not we have the democracy thing going here ( I know, we are a constitutional republic). There is no way in hell the American people will stomache the obvious insanity on the left that is now becoming obvious. 

Are you going to stand next to the guy with his hand in his mouth and shitting his pants? No. 

There is no way this country will put up with the kind of taxes that the Left will need to impose their socialist will on the well armed people. 

Now I know the retarded among us is thinking "right, you gun nuts are going to go up against the Marines and blackhawk helicopters with your deer rifle. Good luck with that."

To that I have two words...

D.C. Sniper

Two men shut down the D.C. corridor. 

And here is another example of what a small group of people are capable of. The Metcalf transfer station attack in San Jose where a small group almost brought down the power grid isn Silicon Valley. 


Of course nobody has ever heard of this event but it illustrates the real vulnerability of the system the oligarchs depend on for their power and fortunes. These attacks happened prior to the beginning of what I call the Great Drone War where attacks will happen with complete annonymity. 

For the record I do not condone activities like this. nor do I want our country to move to the far right. I am merely pointing out the nature of this "Thing" that is in motion. I want us to form a new "Sane Center Party" that is centered on Liberty

Hands off the Bill of Rights

Gay marriage, dont give a shit. Its called equal protection. The State has no business being in the marriage business

Abortion, That is a medical procedure and between you and your Dr. The state has no right to weigh in on it on either direction. Roe v wade is a red herring designed to distract you from the reality that the State has no business being in the abortion business. 

Sane imigration policies that protect the rights of American workers and our way of life- Black, White, Latino, All of us. 

Deregulating small business. Zero red tape policies.

Sane tax policy- One written on the back of a napkin. 

There are others but you get the picture. 

WhiteHose's picture

Hey junior, get out of mommys basement, go upstairs and adjust your man bun! Its on too tight, affecting your thought process! 

Pure Evil's picture

Just think. They'll build a little cove where you can light candles and lick his little toe turds.

Rick Cerone's picture

Trump gave this dog 6 legs, and its been running all week.

Doesn't this guy know when to shut up?

Consuelo's picture



Schwarzenegger was 'set straight' early on in his political career and brought to heel at what seems to be a ritual for budding politicians - a trip to a graveyard somewhere in Europe where an annual requiem for the atonement of Goyim sins against the chosen is held.

Jim in MN's picture

No, it's when they explain the Israeli suitcase nukes hidden in major cities.

Play nice, now.....

Mzhen's picture

There's a Nazi uniform hanging in Schwarzenegger's closet.

Erek's picture

Fuck Arnie. Send his ass back to the Alpen Republic.

BeerMe's picture

Umm...  The Dred Scott case was 7-2.  Tawney wrote the majority decision which followed the Constitution.  The Constitution had to be changed first to grant blacks citizenship.

wmbz's picture

There is not one single turd floating in the cesspool that does not want to see Trump out of office ASAP. When he said "drain the swamp" that was it.

The 535 have it in for him period, and will do whatever it takes to bring it about.

Any serf voter/taxpayer that think the turds give one damn about them and what they want, are just plain blind fools.

buzzsaw99's picture

all 535 wanted hillary.  she was their corruption goddess.  boo hoo for them.

QIG's picture

Make it 534, I think Gowdy is sincere.

homebody's picture

It is time for Trump to have rallies in every State prior to the midterm elections.  Then the public would see what RINO's support Trump and how many real citizens in this country want to drain the swamp. 

Juggernaut x2's picture

Trump will never, ever address what is at the core of the problem in this country-  if he did he would end up like Jesus Christ and AH.