Ann Coulter Rips into Trump For Bannon Firing, Favoring 'Fake News Media' Over Conservative

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Ann Coulter, the conservative firebrand who predicted Trump would win, much to the cackling laughter of the Bill Maher audience and panel, railed against Trump in an interview with Mark Simone.

Sounding despondent and admittedly 'depressed' over the recent firing of Steve Bannon, Coulter lashed out at the President, saying 'it's not a good idea to let the media know to manipulate him as President.' Coulter was referencing Trump's defensive posture and annoyance that Bannon had been credited with Trump's election win. Over the past half year, the media, including comedy outlets, had lampooned Trump and Bannon -- painting Bannon as the true, yet sinister, mastermind behind Trump's success.

Coulter almost pined for the campaign era days of Trump, reflectively saying 'finally, after 30 years, we're gonna get a President not controlled by Goldman Sachs,' making reference to the Goldman alumni stacking Trump's cabinet.

Coulter threw down the gauntlet to Trump, saying,  "if you really want to prove to us that Bannon had nothing to do with winning the nomination and then winning the Presidency, what you really want to do now is pedal to the metal on raising taxes on Wall Street (carried interest loophole), start deporting illegals, end NAFTA, bring the jobs back and build the wall."

Ann furthered, "and if he does all those things, okay, I'll say 'My gosh Mr. President you're right. Steve Bannon had nothing to do with your success.'"

The reason why she's depressed over Bannon's departure likely stems from the fact that all loyalists from inside the campaign, save Conway and Miller, have been purged from the White House.

"People like us should be a little depressed today because there's no one on the President's side in the White House anymore. "

She summed up Trump's isolation succinctly, 'it's just you in the White House surrounded by the people you hired from Goldman Sachs. Don't you want to have one guy in the White House on your side?'

Ann then ripped Trump to shreds for calling out 'fake news media' and then giving them exclusive access to him, saying 'he's calling Maggie Haberman (NY Times) everyday.'

"Why isn't he giving all his interviews to Breitbart, Daily Caller? Why isn't he directing his communications director, or press secretary, to call on the conservative media. No, the conservative media is totally dissed in the press briefing room."

In short...

"He's surrounded himself with the ruling class." -- Ann Coulter

If it acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

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Coulter for President 2020.

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He does have people on his side as he is one of those people. I don't know what else needs to happen before his remaining supporters clue in this guy is a fraud. Talk about cognitive dissonance and way worse than the obozo hope and changers since the trumptards should have learned something over the last 8 years rather than acting the same way as those silly hope and changers. What, they think only blacks or dumbocrats can be frauds? 


Trump is like a big baby. He will do anything to be accepted. It doesnt matter what. He needs so badly for the scum of the earth dc parasites to look at him as in charge. Hes totally a narcissistic arrogant jooooo sucking shithead. HE HAS TO BE IN CHARGE! If he thinks bombing syria or firing bannon or whatever will get him the thumbs up from the swamp then thats what he will do. Hes too stupid to realise that he will now be a one term pres. No matter what. What an idiot. He really thinks he did this on his own. Worthless arrogant fuck. Cant wait til 2020 to see the look on his ugly face when WE say.......YOURE FIRED!

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I love Ann. She is smart, loyal, and hot.

Barney Fife's picture

Have most of the Trump Diehards taken down their pinups of The Donald in a thong yet? 

This is such a pyrric victory. 

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Without Bannon Trump is Hillary. 

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She does make a point: trump has surrounded himself with goldman sachs(and generals)...


Which means we will probably have to wait for another 30 years for a decent president to come along...


If we last that long(which has been in doubt for the past 30 years too).... $20 trillion with no end in sight...

Herodotus's picture

The country won't survive another 30 years without turning into a Venezuela-like state. 

bluez's picture

Sick of hearing about this skanky little bitch from Connecticut. She sucks big cocks in hell. What other qualifications does this ugly bitch have?

pc_babe's picture

Triggered?  Must be doing something right.  Bhahahaaaa

Eyes Opened's picture

Ann Coulter rocks... she takes no shit from anyone, Trump included. She calls it as she sees it & I applaud her for that.

I love watching utube vids of her destroying leftys / feminatzis / RINOS / DeepStaters & on occasions (like here) even Trump himself if she thinks he's straying from his election promises ....

She is a traditional dyed-in-the-wool conservative (small c) & fearless in the defence of her beliefs. Whether u agree or disagree with her politics, u can't fault her commitment & passion.

Not many like that out there... or in here either....

DeathMerchant's picture

At least she's not eating carpet or isn't confused about which appendage she wants to gobble like the pukes of your ilk. Aside from that she is right on the fucking money.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

"At least she's not eating carpet"

You seem confused...Ann Coulter is an admitted Lesbian...
She 'Came out' years ago.You need to google this.

shutterbug's picture

SHE has a perfectly normal working brain, THAT is something YOU lack...
She wins...

saldulilem's picture

You made a good point, sir

Chris88's picture

If you still think voting matters you're a moron.  BTW, it's not that it doesn't matter because Congress won't allow the Trump "agenda", it's that there is no agenda except the growth of the cancer known as the State at the expense of all your ability as an individual to make decisions.  Trump didn't/doesn't offer anything to the opposite of this, he never pretended to, you all heard whatever you imagined in your heads and now you have another Statist.  In 4-8 years, you'll be suckered again and rationalize it away "he was 2% less shitty than the other guy" - never realizing that having any hope in life from a political outcome is pathetic.  

Barney Fife's picture

If you still think voting matters you're a moron.

Truer words never spoken. 

DeathMerchant's picture

If you're saying that voting is pointless and we should just take the country back by whatever means, then I'd agree with you.

newworldorder's picture

Ok - you get to gloat. Unfortunately there are always 2 choises, and Trump with 'hope' is better than Hillary with no hope.

Barney Fife's picture

No, this is a childish retreat into a manufactured safe space in your mind. 

Time to grow up. Seriously. The more you guys hold on to your fantasy world the worse off we all are in the end. 

johnduncan78's picture

Sure about that? Last Nov I said I couldn't wait till late summer to say "don't blame me, I didn't vote for him" Well here it is late summer and don't blame me! Maybe Gary what's his name would have been better. I mean with 300plus million that's the best 2 we could find????????????????

DeathMerchant's picture

So we should have elected an obvious, blatant in your fucking face crook who didn't even have the brains or the humility to try and be discreet about it??

shutterbug's picture

You just fell in the wanted thought loop...

BUT YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES... so everything is OK!

Not, when those choices don't matter at all....
choice 1 ... fooled you... choice 2 ... fooled you again...
see the picture there??

Librarian's picture

I think they are overacting at this point.

They need to tone it down 2 notches, or the Leftists will figure it out.

Salsa Verde's picture

I got what I wanted:

1.  Hillary did not choose the next Supreme Court Justice(s).

2.  DC is in turmoil as McCarthyism has consumed the established elite.

3.  The MSM is still clueless on how to read the American populace.

Thom Paine's picture

Well that is true.

Scalias sudden end didn't give the liberals the payoff the were planning on since Clinton lost.

And now much of the Swamp, msm, and Snowflake mentality of half the nation is outed. And all get a clearer picture of the game.

It tells us that we are fucked and that there is no way around the corrupt ownership of the USA.

Even if say next election you got a non establishment POTUS like Conway for example, it would make little difference while the Republicans are infested with traitors, and deep state plants are everywhere.

Frankly the US would need that volcano to blow up for it to have any chance of cleaning the shit out of Washington.

jeff montanye's picture

nil desperandum mr. copperfield.  

there is a similar volcano in u.s. and world politics awaiting the critical mass of exposure of the deep state and its depraved apparatus of corrupt media and owned politicians.  once an avenue of real reform appears it will experience traffic of truly astonishing magnitude.

Koba the Dread's picture

Perhaps you should say, "If an avenue of real reform appears". Look around; there are none on the horizon except a descent into chaos. That's a real possibility but it's way chaotic.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

The hooknoses will fish the Jewnited States of America until it's dry.

Everything is a fraud or scam with the schlomos sucking the sweat from their leveraged slaves.

Slick job by the zio-kikes ramping up the hate against one particular group of White men, long since dead.

Truth is, the joos = " Guilty dogs barking. "

Fat-assed joomericans are too ignorant, too drunk, too stoned, too stupid, & too lazy to understand a truism as old as prostitution.




Horse Pizzle's picture

Bannon stupidly leaked to the press and got wacked.

Thom Paine's picture

Bannon fought against the swamp taking over Trump, McMasters for one. It isn't stupid to fight a disease fuckwit

SheHunter's picture

Can I please be allowed to upvote you more than once?

Billy the Poet's picture

That depends. How many times have you registered?

HoserF16's picture

At this point, all I can say about Trump is, THANK GOD IT'S NOT HILLARY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! Trump has lost his fucking mind!

Reaper's picture

Nice guys finish defeated and/or impeached.

Ace006's picture

I think presidents with no jdgment or strategic vision lose.

DeathMerchant's picture

Having a set of large balls and steadfastness of purpose helps as well.

squid's picture

Ann nailed it again.



NumbersUsa's picture

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHY IS IT important to study and understand the Jewish Question? The Jews are presently the most powerful and wealthiest ethnic group on this planet, and it is their power structure which is pushing to terminate the existence of our race through replacement migration.

It is they who are the true power behind the Muslim and the other Brown invasions across the borders of America, and in Europe, and wherever White people live. It is they who demonize any who oppose the invasion, by calling them “racist,” trying to get them shunned, isolated, and unemployable.

It is they who created an inverted “morality” which teaches our children and our brothers and sisters that they are “evil” if they want our race to continue to exist.

It is they who own and control the mass media which are spreading the false narrative about Charlottesville — that “White racists” killed Heather Heyer — and using the emotions they generate with their lies to de-platform and economically destroy and deny the rights of the writers, publishers, and activists who are trying to expose their crimes.

The National Alliance, the sponsor of this radio program, has lost its credit card processor and its online store software provider — making it temporarily impossible to sell books and CDs or take donations online — in just the last week alone. So the Jewish power structure’s lies and hate have very real consequences.

Bemused Observer's picture

Argghh! The dreaded double-post...hate when that happens.

Bemused Observer's picture

If your right-wing folks would buy a clue, and at least speak out against the worst abuses of say, the Nazi's, they would make it a little harder for their enemies to portray them the way they do. And the jewish rhetoric could be tuned way down without losing the effectiveness of the message.


These two things are largely responsible for the image the public has about the right. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it's what they SEE, so that's what they will base their opinions on. The hard right, just like the hard left, loses much of their potential audiences because of the extreme nature of some of their messaging. I mean, go ahead and say what you will, do what you will, but understand that your methods are not as effective as they could be, and that you are losing key support by insisting on it.


What good does it do you to be "right" if you are all alone in a world of "wrong"? Allies are a GOOD thing...we should encourage them to join us, not scare them away.

jeff montanye's picture

bust 9-11 and install the one state solution in palestine.


nmewn's picture

At the end of the day Hillary...

Will-Never >>>EVER<<< Be-President

...which is all that really mattered and Gorsuch.

So if Trumps gonna roll over, I can live with a President Pence.

Be careful what you wish for snowflakes ;-)

SheHunter's picture

she'll be a quivering, drooling , senile, scary , bitter old lady before long.  clinging to her past.  OMG we are blessed she did not make it to the prez.  Ought to restore our faith in the American masses she was not elected.  The nameless faceless American persons said NO.

spdrdr's picture

Chelsea 2020 - mark my words!

Eyes Opened's picture

I'd rather have Mad Max than Chelsea Cunton....

(as prez I mean... not in a sexual way... fuck it now I need a shower )

Koba the Dread's picture

Web Hubbell's daughter? I doubt it.

DeathMerchant's picture

Webster Hubble would be so proud and perhaps they would bring back the Howdy Doody show with Howdy as president and Phineas T Filibluster as VP

Thom Paine's picture

Well that would be fitting for the alt left.

Give them the world they are claiming they want.

I give it two seconds before they start whining they want their old world back.

Chelsea Clinton would be about as low as you could get as a US president.