Love Fest in Boston: Trump Shows Support for ANTIFA Shutting Down Free Speech Rally

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I am sure this is just another case of 400DD inter-galactical chess. Before we delve into today's alt-right embarrassment in Boston, it's important to note that Trump's White House is, quite literally, staffed with Democrats -- people who would be comfortable in a Clinton White House.

He has Mnuchin, Cohn and Powell leading the charge, all democrats. His daughter and son in law, Jared, also democrats. The generals really don't give a shit about politics. And then you have AG Sessions who Trump regularly demeans in public.

Today, the weak alt-right formed a rally to express 'free speech.' Little did they know, free speech is limited to those who can rally the most people. Since the alt-right are a fringe group with zero coordination, they were quickly dispatched and humiliated today.

Have a look.

A handful of petrified alt-right activists showed up to Boston today.

An army of 15,000 counter protesters showed up to shut them down.

And here is a pastiche of pictures from today's momentus event. America will not tolerate speech that is hateful.

A whimsical kill list is displayed.

Free speech at its finest.

Both racism and capitalism should end.

Here are some videos of the patriots in Boston, displaying their constitutional rights to shut down free speech and assembly.

At times, patriots will disagree with one another. Here is one gent who disgracefully would not condemn all white people. He was rightfully knocked out. Hopefully he lost a few teeth and his jaw was dislocated for not using it when asked to demean racists white nazis.

In response to these images and videos, our President praised the protesters and praised their anti-bigotry message.

Miss Bannon yet?

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What the right should do is hold their rallies on private property. Don't admit the left, or the media, but make sure they both know it is going on.

Let them wonder what is being said. But force them to remain outside, protestors and media. Since much of this is about the clash shown on media, they will be frustrated beyond belief, but unable to do anything about it, as they'd be trespassing on private land.

Then the folks at the private rally can post and stream a peaceful rally, without the masked ones showing up to hog the spotlight. It would also make for an interesting side-by-side, especially if the rally folks are very peaceful, and the ones outside have a melt-down...which I can DEFINITELY see happening, as they don't 'do' frustration very well


It might also give them an idea of WHY shutting down free speech is such a bad, dangerous idea. As much as you might hate what your 'enemy' is saying, it is always better to hear it then to try and guess what they might be thinking. and saying. When they 'go silent', you'd better worry. So go ahead, shut down all the unpleasant speech, the stuff you don't want to hear. Then stand outside the gates and rack your brains trying to figure out what's going on in there, where you are not being allowed. Stand outside and wonder what is being said and planned outside of your hearing range. As the participants leave, they'll smile and wish you a happy day, and you will wonder...


But at least you won't be offended.

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I was born on a SAC base. My dad fought the Communists. I was raised to fight Communists. Now Russia reminds me of America from the 1970s and the present day United States reminds me of how the Soviet Union was in 1917.


Communists hate Christianity because they are reminded by the 10 Commandments ‘not to covet thy neighbors wife and money’ and the Communists definitely know how to covet our money and our families. The Communists want to run our lives and the lives of your children and then sell ‘exceptions’ to the system to the highest bidder as shown by the Clinton Foundation crime model.


The Communists have broken through our perimeter. They are in the wire. America has been overrun by Communists, Progressives and Democrat traitors and has rolled out their own NKVD (secret police) in the form of ANTIFA/BLM/CAIR zombie army.


The Communists have overrun us and President Trump has left us in a smoking hole to fight or die on our own. He did what he could, but he is impotent and his daughter and son-in-law run the country now.


Trump blocked Hillary, so we still have 2A, and Trump bought us some time – about 14 months until the 2018 elections  - but you cannot depend on him. He’s gone, man, he’s gone. You cannot count on the police. You cannot count on the Republican Party. You cannot count on voting. You cannot count on reason. You cannot count on facts.


You can only count on yourself and trust yourself.


You can’t even trust Bannon because he loves Israel and I don’t think Breitbart will be able to overcome the GLOBAL MAIN STREAM MEDIA’S JIHAD AGAINST AMERICA.


But you can take this to the bank: You can expect the violence and Anti-American propaganda to RATCHET up between now and the 2018 elections. The 2020 presidential election will make the last presidential election look like an episode of Sesame Street. The BLM/ANTIFA/SOROS FUNDED FAGS are just getting warmed up.


What to Do? First, don’t become demoralized. That’s what the Communists want. Take action and create your future:


One: Weaponize your Wallet. Someone here said it before, I am sorry but I don’t remember who – but we must ‘weaponize our wallets’. If half the country stops spending money, do you think it will have an impact? Only spend money with patriots and to make yourself a better person. Boycott movies, Hollywood, Amazon, Apple and every fucking other business that makes America a communist hell hole.


Two: Build a network. Figure out who you can trust. Communicate with them in person – get off all social media. For fuck’s sake, don’t call it a militia and keep a low profile.


Three: Think about moving into a safe red state if you live in a blue state. Do you really think you will be free and safe in California? New York?

Four: Get healthy, get physically fit, get emotionally solid. Stop drinking or at least lay off the heavy stuff. Start training. Start loading your mind. Start studying guerilla warfare, the art of propaganda and other useful skills.


Five: get your family sorted out. Have a wife and kids? Make sure they have a place to go that is theirs. Where they will be safe. Imagine your name and face are on CNN one day. Will the ANTIFA/BLM assholes be able to find your wife and kids? Will they be able to harass them? Will the lawyers be able to take the home they live in? Start getting your legal affairs in order for your family


Six: Money. You want to get your financial affairs in order. Being a patriot costs money and you can’t expect the French or Russians to bail us out as they did in the war of 1776. Work, save and hell, go on foodstamps, file for Social Security, take what you can in handhouts if you need to.

Seven: Timing is everything. Things will heat up in different parts of the country at different times. Timing is everything in life and you will need to know when it is time to act.


Eight: Be discrete. We need to go underground. Running around with Trump hats and flags isn’t the smartest camouflage.  Don’t draw attention to yourself. You want to blend in. Become invisible. Scrub yourself off the internet.


Nine: Infiltrate. If you have the balls to do this, and few do, think about infiltrating BLM/ANTIFA/SOROS ORGs. You will need to think about this very fucking carefully and also have a sponsor on the outside who can vouch that you are indeed an infiltrator if you ever get rolled up by the police.


Ten: Get a job with a badge and a gun. Any job with a badge and a gun. Deputy, reserve sheriff, dog catcher….something that gives you the protection of the state.


Finally, start to think about what you are going to do and who you are going to do it to.



Good luck. I’m outta here.

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from ny post, guy in colorado stabbed for his nazi hair cut..insane hate on the left can used against them ..carry a reply to the leftist nuts on your hip

"But he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut got him mistaken for one — and nearly stabbed to death by a confused anti-fascist."

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Why the organizers chose Boston to do this was an exercise in futility and stupidity. The outcome should have been very clear from the get go. It may even be that they knew what the outcome would be all along.

The only plus I see is that it demonstrated the intolerance of the left that it has for peaceful free conservative speech and mob rule.

Counter protesters in one of Maine's largest cities only had 50 protesters show up who were pretty much ignored by the locals.

Location, location...

This is like promoting head banging acid rock at a church disco event, or a gazelle wandering into a pride of lions at their watering hole.

As for this morning, there are still a few stoned protesters hanging out in Boston at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green....

Lumberjack's picture

I suppose that the conservatives should get a shitload of protest permits in all democrat strongholds to promote free speech... advertise the hell out of them and tell the permit folks you expect 20 to 30k people will attend...and never show up. (about that many alt left will,so you are not lying).That'll be funny as hell.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Trump's spot light continues to reveal the NWO many rino GOPe has he shown us?..the courts and black robed tyrants even making foreign policy?

the NWO  major ceo's of international corps showing us their ass..and his biggest reveal ..the bought and paid for uniparty congress?

all this truth is so very hard to swollow in Free Amerika..many will deny it all and desperate to remain "eyes wide shut"

"They Live" is not fiction.  do you see them?

Lumberjack's picture

Why they chose Boston to do this in the first place was either seriously and stupidly flawed or they knew damn well this would happen.

shimmy's picture

That's the president pumpkin way and the thing with all the dumbocrats shouldn't be a surprise given he was one and probably still is a dumbocrat at heart. 

As for those examples of signs/people, I sure hope they were indeed just paid protesters because if not and they truly do believe that stuff, they should be executed on site before their disease spreads. 'My heroes kill cops' while you are preaching about supposed hate and violence? Wow. 

If those people are legit then they are as culty as cultists come. 

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

Sorry Zerohedge - this is FAKE NEWS   The right to speech group was conservative and independents numbering around 140.  The Antifa crowd numbering around 40,000 showed up in car caravans and buses.  They were ready for a fight.  The Boston Police were effective in keeping the two groups separate.  It was a joint decision by the free speech organizers and the Boston PD to end the rally after 1.5 hrs.  Although MA and Boston are progressive left in politics, the Boston PD puts up with nothing and is quit effective in crowd/riot control.  You are mistaken in your reporting and should be banned from ZeroHedge.  btw I live near Boston.


chrbur's picture

Funny....all the hate seems to be coming from the antifa and black lives matter I mean.... the um I mean the "counter protesters" yeah.......the peaceful protesters against free speech...yeah.......well this will surely bring us all together............Look into their eyes if you want to see what "HATE" looks like.......Peace

hooligan2009's picture

just to highlight the fact thaqt the demonstrators represent minorities

64% of the US is white

95% of the demonstrators were black

the demonstrators are a "bonfire of minorities" seeking welfare benefits from the white majority.


move along.

Truthseeker20's picture

I went to youtube and i couldnt find any independent sources (i dont meant infowars as indep source) of the one held yesterday. I found old indep videos of free speech rally in boston. I found many msm videos. So these footage could be all doctored. I really dont believe that many people came out to protest free speech unless they were lied too.

Vigilante's picture

Alt Right muh dik...The rally was by some no-names from the Alt-Light (and I use the term loosely)
To the filthy Left anyone who is not like them is a nazi of ourse.
Trump is quickly running out of allies with his dithering.
I doubt he will last past Chritmas

cossack55's picture

How far down the Chain of Succession must one move before you find a real human?

Truthseeker20's picture

Trump is controlled opposition. Continues endless wars and put globalists in his admin.

slyder wood's picture

Looks like a couple of spics in the knockout vid. Just a warning, since I've lived around beaners my entire life, they'll work together. One will distract while the other will go for the punch to the head. They'll also try to take your legs out by going low to get you on ythe ground. Keep your head on a swivel when they approach - under any circumstance. Also, they have a deep and abiding hatred/jealousy of whitey even while they smile in your face. I stiff all spic waiters/waitresses, avoid the culture like the plague.

PrezTrump's picture

By that logic the nigs and spics should spit in your food.  Keep hating ya nazi :D

slyder wood's picture

Your comment isn't useful for survival. Even though they prey upon one another whitey is their eternal enemy. Spics are far more hateful than I could ever be. Know thy enemy.

Vigilante's picture

All the muds work together and they will fight dirty.

Niggros are the worst of course.


aPocketofResistance's picture

Fucking dumbass Trump changes his tune every day. That's the best we could come up with? He's trying to win the left to back and respect him now, funny as fuck if it wasn't so shitty and pathetic. Idiot can't figure out they hate his guts and always will. Back stabbing prick, Where's my wall????

veritas semper vinces's picture

I've come to the sad conclusion that this country does not deserve anymore to survive.

When it has so many stupid  useful idiots ,it really needs to fade into the sunset of history.

The spectacle that Jewmerica presents to the world today is so grotesque,so horrifying,so unnatural,so ridiculous that it needs to stop. ASAP.

I'm curious what  the history books will say in 100 years about all this.

As for Trump,the man is done.

There is a good analysis at Moon of Alabama and The Saker about all this craziness

Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

Boston Cuckfest lame...

Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

Boston Cuckfest lame...

Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

Boston Cuckfest lame...

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

What is there to really say, at-this-point?



newworldorder's picture

Nothing. We have allowed children devoid of logic to dictate to their betters. There is an anti America sickness in the land that will not cured with mere words.

bluez's picture

This is just a big misunderstanding. Sort of. I have been against war, for equal medical care for all, and for a 100% wealth tax so no one is allowed to own more than $20,000,000 worth of anything. I also think there should be equal treatment for men, women, single, and married people, so that the family is not destroyed. That's progressive. These giant crowds would not stand up for any of that. They are being programmed by people like George Soros to "oppose" something they are calling "white nationalism" (whatever that is, or rather isn't).

The bottom line is that if your thoughts are being purchased by people like Soros, you are useless, and this goes for everybody, completely regardless of what those thoughts might be. (In this case, some shady thing called "MassLiberation" is probably involved.)

I used to travel to Boston a lot, and have even slept in their splendid Federal Reserve garden. The putative "white nationalists" are in the rightfully famous Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common, and are surrounded by perhaps 15,000 (mostly) "sponsored leftists". I haven't seen any of the signs held up by the ones in the bandstand. And I certainly don't trust any media.

Edit -- It should be obvious that Europe has demonstrated that it is a very bad idea to try to do away with nationalism. And I just don't worry about skin color; why should I?

house biscuit's picture

You raise interesting ideas

I'm intrigued by a tax on wealth (not income). Seems this would eliminate useless eaters from sitting on unearned/stolen loot & would require constant contributing to the system for one to enjoy privilige

One thing is for sure, in my view: no person or family should be allowed undue wealth/power. It is a recipe for abuse, every time. No one is immune

1.21 jigawatts's picture

So 15,000 antifa x $25 per hour x 3 hrs = peanuts for Soros

aloha_snakbar's picture

"Our country will soon come together as one"


Maybe in a mass grave... otherwise, not so much...


Trump... fucking FIRE JARVANKA; they are toxic, they are family, and they SHOULD GO....

Blacksunday3's picture

Can't punch someone in a voting booth

sonoftx's picture

We people on the other side are quiet. We do not shout slogans or march in the streets we just want to be left to our means and go about our lives in peace.

But, "they" do not understand. We cannot give much more. They are now pushing at our soul. They are now pushing at those beliefs that cannot be changed or debated. If we give on our core beliefs then we may as well give in and become SJW's. I think they know this. This is what they are counting on. They want it to happen. They want us to react. They really thought we would have reacted by now. But, they do not know us. They are evil scum, we actually believe that a handshake means something.

I do not look to kill black, brown, yellow or green people. I look to view through a hollow tube c glass: Astors, Duponts, Rockefeller's, Wharburgs, Rothschild etc.

I guess I am a dreamer. I always picture the scene in Atlas Shrugged where all of the mines were blown up. Just a dream and I will probably die a lonely conspiracy theorist in Texas. But, as Mr. Hedgeless said on another thread tonight it will not be in a damn NH or hospital.

house biscuit's picture

Well said, although some might suggest that resorting to violence against TPTB is ultimately counterproductive

There is, however, a better solution & one which the silent majority can get behind: General Strike

tangent's picture

You had me until you got to the green people! Is that the ones on the moon? So nice of you to not kill them though.

shutterbug's picture

Figure of speech .... any color...
Don't be so lite-rally

tangent's picture

I guess Trump is prepping for his 2020 run with the Democrat party. Don't think that will work out for him.

moneybots's picture

The many protesters in Boston were speaking up for their own bigotry and hate.


That will not bring us together as one.

sister tika's picture

Methinks The Donald is just trying to get the kiddies to settle down. This makes sense to me. Next, he might condemn (in no uncertain terms) ALL violence to stop it, including the bat-wielding ANTIFA ding-a-lings as well.

Logic my dear, Watson. We'll see what happens.

SybilDefense's picture

And remember... It's not right to hate... It's LEFT

U4 eee aaa's picture

The problem is that lefties tend not to stop. They are amoral. If you back down you only encourage them to do more. They are the type of mindset that only stop when forced. Just watch

mkkby's picture

There was NO PROTEST TODAY.  It is just Soros employees.

This fake *movement* would stop in an instant if Trump would shut down Soros money.  Prosecute them for inciting riots or what ever the legal minds can dream up.

Trump has Sessions, which is like saying he has a wart on his ass.  If they cannot solve this, they deserve to just fade the fuck away.  Bannon was the only one with a plan willing to fight.  The rest all just want personal fame and money.

Bring on the asteroid and finish it already.

Rufus Temblor's picture

Ah yes, the Trump grand plan.  A maseterul chess game in at least 4 dimensions.  Or maybe he's just chickenshit and just wants to be liked.  Maybe he's not serious about the agenda that he won on.  We'll see what happens.

sister tika's picture

If Trump has betrayed his existing constituency, neither side will trust him after that. If this is the case, we will know soon enough and will respond accordingly.

Boston was quite a photo op for the lefties.

NumbersUsa's picture

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHY IS IT important to study and understand the Jewish Question? The Jews are presently the most powerful and wealthiest ethnic group on this planet, and it is their power structure which is pushing to terminate the existence of our race through replacement migration.

It is they who are the true power behind the Muslim and the other Brown invasions across the borders of America, and in Europe, and wherever White people live. It is they who demonize any who oppose the invasion, by calling them “racist,” trying to get them shunned, isolated, and unemployable.

It is they who created an inverted “morality” which teaches our children and our brothers and sisters that they are “evil” if they want our race to continue to exist.

It is they who own and control the mass media which are spreading the false narrative about Charlottesville — that “White racists” killed Heather Heyer — and using the emotions they generate with their lies to de-platform and economically destroy and deny the rights of the writers, publishers, and activists who are trying to expose their crimes.

The National Alliance, the sponsor of this radio program, has lost its credit card processor and its online store software provider — making it temporarily impossible to sell books and CDs or take donations online — in just the last week alone. So the Jewish power structure’s lies and hate have very real consequences.

Is-Be's picture

The Jews are Monotheists.

When will the penny drop?

NumbersUsa's picture

actually most talmudic jews are admitted atheists or believe in a combination transvestitish female/male god- sounds kinda queer don't it. look it up, its true.