When Haters Hijack History

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Authored by Ned Barnett via AmericanThinker.com,

Is anything and everything related to the Confederacy be wiped from the face of the earth?  Doing so, these radicals risk losing sight of American history.

True, there were some Confederates who were virulent racists.  Nathan Bedford Forrest, an untutored cavalry genius and perhaps the best cavalry leader of the war, was a former slave trader. He was so lost to hatred that he massacred black Union soldiers he’d captured at Fort Pillow.  After the war, he founded the KKK.  Anybody who still honors Forrest for his exceptional war-fighting ability is either psychotic or ignorant.

However, there were other Confederates who cared nothing for slavery, including General Robert E. Lee, the focus of the Charlottesville brouhaha. At the start of the war, President Lincoln – clearly no friend of slavery – offered Lee – the pre-eminent soldier of his generation – the command of the entire Union Army.  Lee, who in early 1861 had opposed the creation of the Confederacy, graciously refused his President’s request, not because he supported slavery – he didn’t – but because he would not fight against his home state.  He told Presidential advisor Francis P. Blair:

“I look upon secession as anarchy. If I owned the four millions of slaves in the south I would sacrifice them all to the Union [here, Lee did not mean “human sacrifice,” but instead freedom for those four million slaves]. But how can I draw my sword upon Virginia, my native state?”

Late in the war, Lee strongly advocated to Jefferson Davis – as well as to individual slave-holders – that slaves should be freed on the condition that they enlist in and fight for the Confederacy.

Lee and his immediate family opposed slavery.  His wife and mother-in-law were active in a pre-war Christian Southern movement to liberate slaves, relocating them to Liberia.  Lee’s wife and daughter set up an illegal school for slaves at Arlington Plantation, teaching them to read the bible.  On December 27, 1856, Lee wrote to his wife Mary Anna Lee:

“… In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.”

In 1862, Lee freed the remainder of the family’s slaves, many of whom were direct descendents of slaves owned by the adopted grandson of President George Washington.

Despite this, it would be inaccurate to view Lee as an active abolitionist. Like many Christian Southerners of his class and station, he felt slavery was a moral wrong, one that God would sort out in His own time.  Lee had other priorities.  Yet despite his willingness to free his family’s slaves, as well as to free and enlist slaves into his Army, and despite his post-war support of civil rights for blacks, far-left radical racists still want to banish Lee from America.

Where does this hijacking of American history take us?

Statue of a Confederate soldier toppled by a mob in Durham, NC

The far-right racist Nazis and Klukkers want to enshrine their spiritual father, Nathan Bedford Forrest as a hero for his undoubted gifts as a cavalry leader – as well as for founding the KKK.  Fortunately, no matter how many violent rallies they hold, this will never happen.  They will not succeed.

However, the far-left racists from Black Lives Matter have enough media credibility to push for more dramatic changes, and they’ve already begun to succeed.  Having triumphed over Confederate heroes and symbols, they are now targeting our twelve slaveholding Presidents.  Those Presidents whose honors are – or will soon be – on the chopping block include:

  • George Washington, who in his will freed all his slaves

  • Thomas Jefferson, who actively opposed slavery and freed some slaves in his will

  • James Madison, who did not free his slaves or actively oppose slavery

  • James Monroe actively opposed slavery and supported the creation of Liberia, a homeland in Africa for freed slaves – its capital, Monrovia, is named for him

  • Andrew Jackson, who owned slaves and may have been a slave trader, never freed any slaves

  • Martin Van Buren’s father owned six slaves. The President owned one slave, Tom who escaped to the north, and – after Tom was caught – Van Buren insisted he remain free.  Politically, Van Buren opposed the expansion of slavery to western territories

  • William Henry Harrison inherited several slaves and lobbied to extend slavery to Indiana – this was opposed by slave-holding President Thomas Jefferson

  • John Tyler considered slavery evil, but he owned slaves and did not free them

  • James K. Polk owned slaves – his will would have freed them, but Lincoln ended slavery before Polk’s will could be executed

  • Zachary Taylor owned slaves but resisted the expansion of slavery into the territories – he may have been poisoned by slavery advocates

  • Andrew Johnson owned a few slaves and successfully pushed Lincoln to exempt Tennessee from the Emancipation Proclamation

  • Ulysses S. Grant’s wife inherited a few slaves, and Grant owned one slave for two years – yet despite crushing financial need, Grant freed that one slave in 1859. During the war, he enlisted slaves into his army and paid them for their service; after the war, he pushed for civil rights for former slaves, and for American Indians

Using the far-left Black Lives Matter movement’s flawed logic, our nation’s capital – along with one of our states – will have to change their names. 

The monument built to honor our first President will have to be torn down.  Yes, President Washington despised slavery and wrote often of his desire to abolish it, but obviously, that isn’t enough.  Joining President Washington’s “dethroning” will have to be President Jefferson. Will we have to abandon the Declaration of Independence, which he wrote?  Clearly, Monticello must be torn down, while the University of Virginia in Charlottesville will have to renounce its founder.  Ultimately, all twelve slave-owning Presidents will find their statues ripped down, their names banished from public property, and their real merits lost to history.

While nobody with any sense can find any logic in the far-right racist groups like the Nazis or the Klukkers, Black Lives Matters' media power - and the fear many have of being labeled a racist for opposing them - will continue to give haters on the far left the power to rewrite American history.

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It is all about to come-crashing-down, and I believe VERY, VERY soon.



Looney's picture


the far-right racist groups like the Nazis or the Klukkers

Does it have anything to do with the “Cash for Klukkers” program?   ;-)


P.S. Oh, and Lindsey… Why are ya SCREAMING all the time?

Looney's picture


SH, I betcha very few of our ZH-Brethren know what a Shovelhead is (without googlin' it foyst), not that there’s anything wrong with that!   ;-)


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Entertain a different line of thought ,,,,

.. the North/DC  imposed onerous fees on the South

…… the South just wanted out of a continuing bad deal

..if you want to get mad at anybody about slavery… look to London…

They are the ones that swept negroes out of Africa and shipped them over here.


…butt now the SJW’s in the corrupt media and US educational system are just perpetuating fake news, unfounded  hatred and resentment.



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Future of Pittsburgh's Stephen Foster statue in question


PITTSBURGH - The statue of a musical icon in Oakland is drawing new attention as concerns about the origins and messages of Civil War-era monuments heighten across the U.S.

Built in 1900, the statue of songwriter Stephen Collins Foster shows the Lawrenceville native standing above a slave figure strumming a banjo. The banjo player, “Uncle Ned,” is a character in one of Foster’s songs.



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Tear. It. Down.




ban the W word, NOW -  No mo' Wigga ! 


Gardentoolnumber5's picture

No, put that bent up statue they tore down back up with a plaque explaining, "This is what hate looks like. 2017"

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Like we are all not slaves now.  Food and clothing are doled out by the government  and individual success (freedom) is prevented through taxation inflation and manipulation.  Try withdrawing or depositing anything over $5000 cash and the gov is warned through mandatory bank reporting.  We are rewarded with paycheck to paycheck sustenance for proper ideologic behaviour deamed appropriate by our masters, and punished for keeping more than %65 of our labor (IRS).

The controlling class can commit treason and larsony with impunity while we slave for our existence.

Yes, my friends, we are still slaves.  The whipping will continue for those who speak of freedom.

"It's not Right to hate.... It's LEFT!"

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England's "greatest" Queen Elizabeth 1 turned slavery into an international royal industry. Getting 50% profit from her venture capital. She supplied the ships. She made her chief Slave Captain Hawkins her Secretary of her Navy.

QEI targeted blacks from Africa as slaves. Her royal successors added the vanquished Irish in order to steal their land. QEI probably would have also enslaved the Irish but she died 2 days before England (with an army 10 times greater) was able to defeat Ireland.

With the Treaty of Gilbraltar England gained control over the Spanish slave trade. Thru QEI's East India Company physical slavery was transitioned into Drug slavery with opium as its primary enslavor.

stitch-rock's picture

Whoever is controlling the opium production has the most slaves

StarGate's picture

Easy to figure out.
For legal Opium (from which nearly all pain meds descend) look to the very FEW pharmacy companies controlling the market. Then look at the history of those companies and who controls them now.

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American Thinker is an Israel First publication. Here is how these folks describe themselves:

"There is no limit to the topics appearing on American Thinker. National security in all its dimensions -- strategic, economic, diplomatic, and military -- is emphasized. The right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us."

American Thinker writes:

However, there were other Confederates who cared nothing for slavery, including General Robert E. Lee, the focus of the Charlottesville brouhaha."

So Lee cared nothing for slavery? What a crock of historical rewrite. Guess the author of this article wasn't big on research. He missed this:

"When two of his slaves escaped and were recaptured, Lee either beat them himself or ordered the overseer to "lay it on well." Wesley Norris, one of the slaves who was whipped, recalled that “not satisfied with simply lacerating our naked flesh, Gen. Lee then ordered the overseer to thoroughly wash our backs with brine, which was done.”

During his invasion of Pennsylvania, Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia enslaved free blacks and brought them back to the South as property. Pryor writes that “evidence links virtually every infantry and cavalry unit in Lee’s army” with the abduction of free black Americans, “with the activity under the supervision of senior officers.”

Soldiers under Lee’s command at the Battle of the Crater in 1864 massacred black Union soldiers who tried to surrender. Then, in a spectacle hatched by Lee’s senior corps commander A.P. Hill, the Confederates paraded the Union survivors through the streets of Petersburg to the slurs and jeers of the southern crowd. Lee never discouraged such behavior. As the historian Richard Slotkin wrote in No Quarter: The Battle of the Crater, “his silence was permissive.”

So printing neocon Gatestone Institute articles aren't enough for ZH. Now it has to print Israel firster magazine articles from "American Stinker". Has ZH been taken over by the darkside?

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This whole slavery narrative breaks down when people realize that over 1/2 of the whites who immigrated to the colonies were slaves:


Hoffman goes on to say that white slave ships had worse conditions than the black slave ships.  Also, the seven year debt condition, was often extended to a lifetime, and they were not allowed to have families.  

The Bolshevik cultural communist Frankfurt school, has done ((hypnosis)) on an entire generation.

The next time a black person whines about slavery, tell them to shut the fuck up.  Also, the conditions of slaves in America was often BETTER than living conditions in Africa.   Black people were literally eating each other in Africa and they lived in straw huts, with no medicine.  Their lives were short and violent.

A house nigger in the South, did not have a short and violent life.


StarGate's picture

You lost your narrative
when you used the "N" word abhorrent
to many Blacks.

TxExPat's picture

The "White" side of my family came over in the 1870's (after the war).  The "Non-White" side of the family were in Buttercup Gray.

The Chickasaw/Cherokee threw their lot in with the Confederacy, none knew much about the Gray Riders, but all knew/hated "The Great White Father in Washington".  (The Trail of Tears was still pretty visceral at that point).  Regardless of their relative merit, the elders thought they would be better off with 2 White Neighbors that hated each other than a single Giant Neighbor that could crush them with a flick of a finger...  (They raised several regiments for the South, which was a huge percentage of their male population...).

Doesn't exactly fit the narrative does it? 

And, no, I'm not going to hate myself because my ancestors did what they thought was in the best interest of their people, nor am I going to disparage them because they fought for a cause which is politically incorrect today.  (sometimes it's amazing how ignorant the polically correct crowd are about the things that "offend" them...).


rejected's picture

A Harley?

Like a knucklehead?

Do I win?

Irish Yoga's picture

Looney, I always laugh at your wit.

Creating things for the benefit of humanity is very difficult. Destroying your surroundings is easy... except when there is nothing left to destroy. Just ask any baby in a crib.

Snowflakes, libtards, and the like create nothing other than divisions as they try to rise to the top of a chain they will never sustain if they get to it. Their plans for some Utopia and the right to shit in any toilet will see them eat themsleves as they focus on their vanity.

StarGate's picture

Anger should be the Last weapon -- not the first. Self-righteousness slips very easily into Arrogance. Arrogance is the stance that:
"I know and You don't".

Whoever believes they have all the answers and any who don't agree are stupid, descends into a caged mirrored hall with NO doors. You may have plenty of company (like in Boston), but you are still caged by your own Ignorance.

We self identify with our own opinions which are Our Truth, however Everyone else has their own Truth. In this charged atmosphere, it is the Cool Head with the flexibility to listen that will prevail. The Cool Head has the advantage of both Perspective and Adaptability.

Truth may not change, however our perception of it does,

as we grow in Wisdom.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Would you settle for a Panhead?

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

I'll keep saying this until it sinks in because it's a difficult pill to swallow as truth is sometimes:

When the demographics change so do the statues.

A city composed of non-Whites doesn't give a shit about Lee.

Mr. Universe's picture

The narrative is strong, Far-right is now going to be associated with Fascists and Nazis. Tell the lie often and loud enough and there will be no more discourse. I'm sure glad I won't be here in another 50 years, because I couldn't stand to be that "enlightened".

StarGate's picture

Then the Right need only to rebrand itself.
For example as:

"US of America"

"The Right for the Bill of Rights"

"Every Race, Every Human"

True Blue's picture

And how is it BLM and La Raza don't make their list of 'racist groups'? How about the Congressional Black Caucus? The UNCF? All of which are prima facie racist organizations?

Oh, that's right, because they aren't advocating for whites -who shall never be allowed a group voice without it being labeled 'racist'.

Damn right this whole sewer is going to come to a boil -and it cannot come soon enough.

Justawhoaman's picture

Excuse me... but when WERE the Nazi's far right?  I believe they were SOCIALISTS which by every definition is left.  This whole movement to rebrand the right as Nazi's is pretty amazing.  The irony is that both ANTIFA and neo-nazi's are on the same scale but one hates blacks and one hates whites.  Same group as far as I can see.

SybilDefense's picture

Nazi = White

White = bad

Bad = conservative Right

Therefore. Nazi = Right

It's the new math they now teach that threw you

roadhazard's picture

You got it wrong.

Nazi = evil

White = good as anybody else

White Alt Right associating with Nazi's/KKK = fucking stupid to the max

StarGate's picture

You've got the concept.
Now define it in 3 to 5 words to re-spin.
Repeat it often.

See the AntiFA flag it is the SAME as the NAZI era AntiFA flag in German with the red and black flag switched and the slogan changed to English. Find a pic or make one with both. Pic is worth thousands of words.

roadhazard's picture

Lately when the Alt Right went to bed with them.

Xredsx's picture

Both the extreme far left and extreme far right are both being controlled by the same corrupted group. They are both being played to start a civil war. Trump is trying to prevent it and sve America, save the world. The question is by who and why. Expose all the answers and truths, and we can have peace on earth.

Lumberjack's picture

Leaves a good question, why didn't Isis show up at the protests? This is a sarcastic kick in the nuts to those that promote and finance them.

Xredsx's picture

Lol, they have woken up to the fact that the days when a population depended on its government for information is already over. The people will wake up to this fact after.

Lumberjack's picture

Regarding todays events. The conservatives get a big plus here and some liberals too. No problems with them and a few others seem to demonstrate their headwear once again (both vaginal and penal as I do not discriminate).

In a perfect world I would love to give some folks a multiple choice quiz.

What is fascism?

I bet a million dollars most would have no idea...let alone they are (unwittingly) supporting that very concept.


Remember the bank bailouts?


Of course they want a 'green grid'. Look at what these fascists are doing to the beautiful landscape of Maine (with a negative benefit) let alone the other natural resources without the say of the good folks there. I bet they feel a little bit like the small countries we've raped over the last 70 years or so. Yea, both parties are involved but the leftist fascists are behind this one.

CheapBastard's picture

However, rumor has it that down some alleyways antifa were eating babies and beating puppy dogs.


Crazy, I know. But those are the sources "anonymous sources" CNN gets its info from.

Lumberjack's picture

I bet they tasted like chicken too...

Justawhoaman's picture

That is because both of them are the same far left but they simply have a different definition of who they HATE.

atomic balm's picture

far-left controlled by jews, far-right controlled by kikes

StarGate's picture

True if you go far enuf Left it circles back to the far Right. "Expose" today means images that can be selfies and slogans that can be chanted to tell the story.

Find those.
Create those.

Darth Rayne's picture

We have barely begun.

Very few even understand the problem.




The hate will grow faster and then far faster. It will grow beyond your wildest imagination.

Mr. Universe's picture

People always seem to leave this part out 'For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" It's not the money it self. It's loving money more than others that causes the hate and yes it will continue to grow until the whole world is on fire.

atomic balm's picture

even more accurate


love of UNEARNED money- root of evil


love of other people's money- root of evil [OPiuM]

StarGate's picture

Good quote but probably more like:

"Power corrupts,
and absolute Power
corrupts absolutely."

One-Smart-Olive's picture

Thanks for that link. Looks like it’s been moved to his homepage, here: https://davidwatkinson.blogspot.co.uk

SixIsNinE's picture

you might be right as Rayne - unless we unleash the MDMA & psychedelic medicines in combination with Music events where we experience each other as people, baggage gets eliminated - and we Dance - become friends and have Miracles Beyond Your Imagination.

Simple Really.

which is why I am preparing to lead you and the people to the Root Cause of the problems, the DEA - and put them under receivership so we can deal with these problems and get back on the path of impeccable behavior.


Do I get an Amen, Brother & Sister Zeros ? 



LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

If I were any of you, I would prepare some land for a garden, much like the "Victory Gardens" of and from WWII.  I would stock-up on food-grade barrels for both dry-goods, like grains, beans, and pastas, and drinking-water, as well as at least two rain-water-barrels, for use in the garden, and IF-NEEDED, bathing and cleaning.  I would ensure that I had adequate supplies of defense-equipment, and enough to supply a couple of other human-beings, whom I trusted, like very close family, and TRUE friends.  I would have AT LEAST one generator, preferably one that runs on solar-power, but because-of-cost, a gas/diesel generator would be fine.  I would ABSOLUTELY have AT LEAST 20 gallons of gasoline in appropriately-stored containers, and if my generator was diesel-powered-only, 20 gallons just for that.  I would ensure that whatever supplements I needed, I would have purchased, ASAP, for at least six-months-supply, and the same, IF POSSIBLE, goes for prescription-medication.  I would certainly have several first-aid-kits, a good amount of 90+% isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen-peroxide, as those items are INDISPENSIBLE.  


I coud go on and on, but I am quite sure that I am preaching-to-the-choir...






Oliver Jones's picture

Gasoline is crap for emergency generator use. It turns to French polish in no time, and is ultimately useless when you need it. Yes, I know, you can get additives, but they don't prolong life much - a couple of years, at most, then you've a lot of petrol to get rid of, especially if you couldn't use it in your car (because, say, it's a diesel.)

Propane-powered generator equipment, on the other hand, is fantastic. Propane can be stored for years without degradation, and it's always ready for use. Furthermore, it doesn't stink like petrol does when it's burned, and not having to worry about gummed-up tubes, carburettor and other nonsense is a hidden bonus. Just make sure you have a number of gas regulators, and make sure you keep them sealed in airtight packaging for when you need them. Oh, and pay attention to the gap width: When using propane, you will often need a narrower gap (typically 0.4mm on standard spark plugs) to avoid burning out the commutator.

Karg MGT (near Munich, in Germany) take standard Honda generators and convert them to use propane. The conversion's really neat and tidy - and the generators still carry the 5-year Honda warranty, because it's an approved modification. Here's a link to their site, with a gallery of their production line:

Pete Power (UK-based) also does conversions of a lot of generators - mainly Honda models. He's pretty good at what he does:

Lumberjack's picture

On the garden issue. Fence it and put wire mesh 1 foot into the ground. Get Conibear 110, 220 traps and take a trapping class/license if required. Groundhogs are a real sonofabitch and snares don't quite cut the mustard. Use 220's if they burrow under the fence at that point. If your neighbors have bird feeders, squirrels can be problematic, especially if they use cracked corn as feed (let alone rats showing up). You can use 110's to deal with them.

Racoons can ba an issue too. Use 220 or 330 for the big ones.

Rats... use dry ice in their burrow holes.

SixIsNinE's picture

dry ice?  Lumberjack,  surely you're not suggesting adding to the carbon burden of the atmosplane?  Especially assaulting small animals with carbon!  if PETA hears about it,  watch out.

Algore would not be happy with such suggestions.  

Back to "Green Your Environs 101"  for you !   / S