5 Reasons Franklin D. Roosevelt was the WORST

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Via The Daily Bell

Can you believe that there are at least three statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington DC? There is one in South Dakota too, another in Virginia, and even more in London.

It appears all these places are overrun by racists and fascist sympathizers. How can people put up with revering a man who:

1. Literally Rounded Up 120,000 Japanese Americans, and Put them in Concentration Camps!

That was authorized by executive order 9066, which Roosevelt signed February 19, 1942.

How is this fact so often left out of any discussion about how “great” FDR was? These people were American citizens, and they were arrested for no reason other than their heritage.

He imprisoned an entire race. How is he not widely accepted as the biggest American racist of the last century? He was certainly the most effective racist.

Two reports which Roosevelt commissioned in the years prior found that Japanese Americans posed little to no risk to the government. Since FDR ignored the reports’ recommendations, it seems his violation of the rights of Japanese Americans was motivated by racism.

2. He Actually Outlawed Gold!

FDR had absolutely no respect for the people’s rights. He had no respect for the rule of law. He was a tyrant!

With Executive Order 6102, signed on April 5, 1933, everyone living in America was given 25 days to turn in their gold. Yes, their property was confiscated without due process. The government set the price they paid to about $20 per ounce. Three months later, the price miraculously jumped to $35 per ounce.

The law wasn’t repealed until 1974!

3. FDR was Pen Pals With Mussolini, Whom he Admired.

It was a mutual love between FDR and Mussolini. The book, Three New Deals, shows how similar the movements of the 1930’s were in America, Italy, and Germany. It recounts how Roosevelt said:

“‘I don’t mind telling you in confidence,’ FDR remarked to a White House correspondent, ‘that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman'”

And Mussolini reviewed FDR’s book Looking Forward.

“Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.… Without question, the mood accompanying this sea change resembles that of Fascism.”

4. The Roosevelt Administration was Infested with Russian Spies.

Diana West described in her book, American Betrayal, just how well the Soviet Union infiltrated the White House. Top officials close to the President were supportive of the Soviet Regime to the point of suspicion.

In one sketchy encounter, soldiers were told to stand down when they witnessed American secrets being smuggled out of America on a plane bound for Russia, guarded by Soviet soldiers. This may be how the Soviet Union was able to make nuclear weapons.

And other policies were directly influenced by socialist sympathizers and possibly outright spies in the government during FDR’s tenure. Soviet troops were given precedence for American supplies over American troops during World War Two!

5. FDR Hated the Press and Suppressed Them.

Reason Magazine describes FDR’s War Against the Press:

Roosevelt warned in 1938 that “our newspapers cannot be edited in the interests of the general public, from the counting room. And I wish we could have a national symposium on that question, particularly in relation to the freedom of the press. How many bogies are conjured up by invoking that greatly overworked phrase?”

Roosevelt started the FCC and limited licenses for radio to six months.

It did not take long for broadcasters to get the message. NBC, for example, announced that it was limiting broadcasts “contrary to the policies of the United States government.” CBS Vice President Henry A. Bellows said that “no broadcast would be permitted over the Columbia Broadcasting System that in any way was critical of any policy of the Administration.” He elaborated “that the Columbia system was at the disposal of President Roosevelt and his administration and they would permit no broadcast that did not have his approval.” Local station owners and network executives alike took it for granted, as Editor and Publisherobserved, that each station had “to dance to Government tunes because it is under Government license.”

FDR’s government illegally intercepted telegraphs and used the ill begotten information to subpoena journalists, chilling any decent, and drying up the flow of information to reporters. A law was even proposed to give prison sentences for anyone who knowingly published false information: fake news.

Tear down this racist, fascist’s statues!

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Don't forget the idiotic economic policies that kept us in depression for almost a decade.  The British were out of their slump within a little more than a year.


The antidote for lack of demand and deflation  was to destroy "surplus" agricultural products to support prices?  Insane.  Even Ben Bernanke apologized.


"Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobson Schwartz showed convincingly that the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies were largely to blame for the severity of the Great Depression. In 2002 Ben Bernanke (then a Federal Reserve governor, today the chairman of the Board of Governors) made this startling admission in a speech given in honor of Friedman’s 90th birthday: “I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression, you’re right. We did it. We’re very sorry.”"

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Everyone who doesnt have their head up a red, white and blue arse, who knows history, is fully aware that the USA is the worst hypocrite of a cuntry in the history of humanity.

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Some valid, some questionnable.  But the issue remains that Roosevelt is not defined by his internment of Japanese-Americans.  So while this was a shameful, racist act, it was not the lynchpin of Roosevelt's career or his signature action.

Gold: So what?  Eisenhower and Nixon did not reverse that policy so it was obviously bi-partisan and popular.  It was reversed only after the Gold Window was closed.  So this was a shrewd move to protect the US dollar.

Mussolini: Up until when?  Was it so obvious that Mussolini was a brutal dictator?  Until the late 30's fascism was merely a political system without the stigma of Nazism.  Claiming that Roosevelt was BFF with a "fascist" is stretching it a bit.  How do you square that with Roosevelt's push to enter the war when much of America was isolationist and apathetic at best about Nazi Germany?  There are still theories that suggest he permitted Pearl Harbor in order to create a casus belli.

Press: Roosevelt's measures were taken during a state of war.  In any case, this argument is rather silly coming from a ZH Trumpeteer who would gleefully shut down any press source that he disagrees with.  I don't agree with suppressing the press, but what is your view on Bush's treatment of the press during the Gulf War? 


Infested with Russian Spies:  Russia was our ally.  We fought on the same side during WWII.  The US send hundreds of millions in supplies and arms to the Russians to support them.  It was only after Yalta that things fell apart (despite our knowledge of Stalin's Russia).  Roosevelt died in 1945 before the war ended and before the Cold War began.  A raving right-wing psychotic's unproven tales of conspiracy do not a Soviet president make.

If this is an attempt to defend Confederate war statues, it's fairly sad.  I bet if you searched hard enough you could find statues of truly evil people in the US.  Maybe statues representing organizations which have slaughtered and tortured millions.  Or representing an organization which is well known as a refuge of pedophiles?  Of course, I am referring to crucifixes and any representation of Jesus.  The Christian church has killed more people than Islamic terrorists.  So, tear down the churches and crosses!

Grow up.  Don't you have a MAGA project for 8th grade history class or something?

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"So this was a shrewd move to protect the US dollar."

After 30+ trade deficits and the worst debt to Communist Chinese banks in the world, "shrewd" is not the correct word.

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FDR was a rascists, left, left, asshole and if any statues should be torn down it is his

His only redeeming quality is he believed and would not allow unions in governemnt.


SunRise's picture

"The Christian church has killed more people than Islamic terrorists. "   - Red Herring

Expat's picture

Why is that a red herring?  Are you denying this?  Or simply pointing out that it is as logically valid as the Roosevelt = Stonewall Jackson argument?


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Good arguments, but Rosenfeldt was only the second worst president.

The worst was Lincoln, who unilaterally decreed that membership in the union was no longer voluntary, then caused the deaths of more citizens than all other wars combined fighting against southern independence.

This was the beginning of the consolidated general government Jefferson warned against in his resolutions on the alien and sedition acts.  http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/v1ch8s41.html

It enabled Woodrow Wilson (the third worst president), the (not really) Federal (with no) Reserve and Rosenfeldt's tyranny. 

Their statues are the ones that deserve toppling.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Compare the fascist architecture in the US from the FDR era with the Nazi buildings in Berlin and Munich, and the Italian government buildings from Mussolini's time. Even the smallest towns in the US built government buildings in that style. Look at the Veteran's Administration hospital in San Francisco, and even the county courthouse in tiny Bisbee, Arizona.

It's clear the US elite back then had a hardon for fascism. They still do today.

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FDR was the one who killed freedom in the US.


Look at a long term chart of federal spending. It all started with him. Liberalism became fascism in 1933.

And if you think it's coincidence it happened just 20 years after the establishment of the Central bank you are a credulous fool.

And why did they re-allow ownership of gold in 1974? Because they backed the dollar with oil in 1973.

Freedom requires getting monetary tokens back into individuals hands. E.g. gold, silver. Currency being the gram.

The best way is not coins funnily enough what percentage of people own gold or silver coins? The best way is monetary jewelry. 5, 10, 20, 50 gram 22 carat gold and silver beads.


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Lincoln stopped the outsourcing to zero wage labor, which had been stunting the progress of all who labored in the U.S. It's a shame we don't have a person of his protectionist conviction available to run for president today. Apparently, even this site has its share of treasonous, feudal flunkies, budding millionaires, who feel that trade with Communist China, land of communist, government ownership of the means of production, is "free trade". I''d much rather have Lincoln's small government tariffs over communist collaboration, myself.

Historically, haven't we allowed enough wealthy sociopaths to load cannons pointed right back at the U.S.?

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FDR was horrible, but Lincoln was worse. Lincoln's actions made FDR possible. Without stinkin Lincoln, the US would have likely remained a voluntary association of nation States as many of the original founders envisioned. Even if a turd like FDR has been elected, power would have remained with the States where it belonged and a President like FDR couldn't have done so much damage.  Ditto for the other turds that came after FDR.

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6.  FDR was a product of Wall Street.

From Antony Sutton's FDR and Wall Street:

"Roosevelt was a creation of Wall Street, an integral part of the New York banking fraternity, and had the pecuniary interests of the financial establishment very much at heart.

To be specific, Franklin D. Roosevelt was, at one time or another during the 1920s, a vice president of the Fidelity & Deposit Company (120 Broadway); the president of an industry trade association, the American Construction Council (28 West 44th Street); a partner in Roosevelt & O'Connor (120 Broadway); a partner in Marvin, Hooker & Roosevelt (52 Wall Street); the president of United European Investors, Ltd. (7 Pine Street); a director of International Germanic Trust, Inc. (in the Standard Oil Building at 26 Broadway); a director of Consolidated Automatic Merchandising Corporation, a paper organization; a trustee of Georgia Warm Springs Foundation (120 Broadway); a director of American Investigation Corporation (37-39 Pine Street); a director of Sanitary Postage Service Corporation (285 Madison Avenue); the chairman of the General Trust Company (15 Broad Street); a director of Photomaton (551 Fifth Avenue); a director of Mantacal Oil Corporation (Rock Springs, Wyoming); and an incorporator of the Federal International Investment Trust.

The really notable Delano on Wall Street was FDR's "favorite uncle" (according to Elliott Roosevelt), Frederic Adrian Delano (1863-1953)...  In 1914 Woodrow Wilson appointed Uncle Fred to be a member of the Federal Reserve...

Intimate Delano connections with the international banking fraternity are exemplified by a confidential letter from central banker Benjamin Strong to Fred Delano requesting confidential FRB data:16
December 11, 1916
My Dear Fred: Would it be possible for you to send me in strict confidence
the figures obtained by the Comptroller as to holdings of foreign securities
by national banks? I would be a good deal influenced in my opinion in
regard the present situation if I could get hold of these figures, which would
be treated with such confidence as you suggest.
If the time ever comes when you are able to slip away for a week or so for a
bit of a change and rest, why not take a look at Denver and incidentally pay
me a visit? There are a thousand things I would like to talk over with you.
Faithfully yours,
Benjamin Strong
Hon. F. A. Delano
Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C."

Peterman333's picture

He's also got a Paris Metro Station named after him.

Truthseeker20's picture

Fdr gave most of eastern europe to ussr. Fdr uncle ran the federal reserve. Fdr was also cfr member.

Fdr was told not to put ships at pearl harbor but did anyway. He wanted ww 2.


Wilson was another criminal. Allowed the fed to be established. Gave trotsky american passport to go to russia. His state dept to pull german warnings not to go in those waters. All of those ads got pulled except one. Also, the lusitana had munitions on a passenger ship.

Setarcos's picture

No one "gave most of eastern europe to ussr".  In pushing back the German forces (which included many men who were not German, e.g. from the Baltic states, Poland, even Vichy France and the Ukraine) the Red Army could not do other than over-run a lot of E Europe and probably could have pushed into France, but why would they have?  The USSR had won the war in Europe, the British and US landings in Normandy were only made possible by losses Germany had sustained on the Eastern Front.

After hostilities the Soviet Union retained E European countries for only one reason, to be a buffer against yet another invasion, e.g. Napoleon, Germany in WW1, "allied forces", including US, British, Japanese and even defeated Germans after the Revolution in 1917,  Germany again under Hitler, then threats of invasion, or pre-emptive nuclear strike at the start of the Cold War initiated by Truman.  If that had not happened and if NATO had not been formed, it is very likely that E Europe would have been set loose by the late 1950s.  All of those countries were a drain on the Soviet economy.  Truman and subsequent presidents knew that and gambled that the Arms Race would bankrupt the USSR.  It did, but instead of seeking a new era of peace and cooperation, Washington upped the ante, expanded NATO, invaded numerous countries and is now MORE than broke.

Nothing wrong with what else you wrote, but the historical record needs correcting from Hollywood and MSM myths about WW2 in Europe.  I am under the impression that the record is less distorted for the war against Japan, though it is worth mentioning that, about 1860 I think, a US warship was sent to Tokyo, to force Japan to open up to "trade".  Well that rather backfired.  By the early 20th Century Japan was "too successful", so sanctions got slapped on during the '20s I think.  Nothing much changes does it.

Expat's picture

It is also important to point out that Japan did not start the war with the US.  The US started the war by imposing an oil embargo on Japan.  Under international law, an embargo, especially of vital goods, is an act of war.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was not a sneak attack by the Japanese; it was retaliation.  Pretending that it was a heinous act of deception is simply racist, revisionist history.

I don't recall US forces sending Hitler plans for their attacks prior to committing them.  It's fucking war.  There are no rules!

DemandSider's picture

The USSR stopped the NAZIs, and it's their continent. FDR would have had ZERO support to go after Stalin after WW2. Americans wanted to come home. Many industrialists aided both The NAZIs and the USSR, so you are either ignorant or lying if you try to pin this on FDR.

DemandSider's picture

Thanks to Hoover's protectionism of American manufacturing,  FDR was able to employ Kenynesian spending while the U.S. had a current account surplus. Kenynes was firmly opposed to current account deficit spending, that is, spending beyond what a country can afford WITHOUT external borrowing. What we have had since our last current account surplus in 1986 has been a gradual hand over of value added wealth to the parastic sectors and trade surplus countries, especially Communist China. Germans can also thank Hoover for helping to end The Morgenthau Plan to deindustrialize Germany after WW2.


"There are several illusions in all this "war potential" attitude. There is the illusion that the New Germany left after the annexations can be reduced to a "pastoral state". It cannot be done unless we exterminate or move 25,000,000 people out of it. This would approximately reduce Germany to the density of the population of France.

-Herbert Hoover, 1947    



Tragically for Americans, since the Vietnam War era, The Morgenthau Plan has been in place for The U.S., with predictable results.

AGuy's picture

FWIW: James Madison still tops them all. He nearly lost the nation during the war of 1812 by declaring war on England with no army. Only an idiot declares war against a world superpower with no means to fight against them. It was very likely that the US could been taken back by England revert to a monarchy gov't.

Lincoln is also near the top. At least 670K Americans were killed during the war, which had nothing to do with slavery since Lincoln didn't free the slaves until two years into the war. The Civil war had the highest loss of live and destruction in US history.

Perhaps you can argue that FDR was the worst president of the 20th Century.

DemandSider's picture

Most Americans still don't understand why Lincoln had to fight and win The Civil War, even beyond repelling the self evident treason after the shelling of a federal fort. He knew the country could not improve the lives of most Americans, nor could the country progress, until he stopped the outsourcing to zero wage labor. It was personal with Lincoln, as he was forced to work for free for his abusive dad until he turned 21.

In this quote, Lincoln expresses the core of Republican ideology, which remains a popular belief among our population even today, though the modern red team, and the blues, for that matter, have long dropped this philosophy in favor of neoliberal feudalism, which prioritizes unearned income earners over value added workers:

"And, inasmuch [as] most good things are produced by labour, it follows that [all] such things of right belong to those whose labour has produced them. But it has so happened in all ages of the world, that some have laboured, and others have, without labour, enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong, and should not continue. To [secure] to each labourer the whole product of his labour, or as nearly as possible, is a most worthy object of any good government."

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume I, "Fragments of a Tariff Discussion" (December 1, 1847), p. 412.



Umh's picture

I think destroying food while people were starving in order to keep prices up is a real red flag.

Kagemusho's picture

The Wickard Supreme Court case was about more than food; it was about raising Federal power uber alles. The Supremes had already been cucked by FDR's 1937 threat to pack the SC with his cronies, forcing them to kow-tow to his blatantly illegal socialist plans; Wickard was 'gilding the lily'. It also removed the last barrier for the burgeoning bureaucracy to usurp powers unto itself that have led to myriad violations of Constitutional rights, violations that to this date have never been punished, and indeed now constitute policy.

Wickard is the best friend of those in officialdom whose authoritarian views favor The State over the individual. Even a supposed staunch conservative as Justice Scalia was grateful for Wickard and used it in his ruling on Raich, to deny ordinary citizens a medical defense in court regarding cannabis usage. All to preserve usurped Federal power in the face of legitimate challenges to that usurpation. A usurpation that FDR fomented and is responsible for.

Karl Marxist's picture

What's wrong with hating the press?

Memedada's picture

You should be more specific in your hatred.

I hate the privately owned/corporate controlled press – and the press indirectly controlled by the same entities through fascist governments. In other words I hate 90% of the press (and 100% of the press in US).

I love a free/independent press and journalists who refuse to work for the corporate propaganda machine when not allowed to speak/write his/her mind (Chris Hedges being a prime example).


Is-Be's picture

None have mentioned the Rhineland massacre.

The monotheist was a gem.

exomike's picture

Roosevelt would have stopped it but he was a little late being born.

Is-Be's picture

Oops. How wrong can one man be?

It was Eisenhower's. Rhine meadows massacre of 1.7 million German POWs. 


lesterbegood's picture

FDR also presided over the 1933 bankruptsy of US, Inc. as Fed governor. Mortgaged all US citizens, their land , children and possesions to the Federal Reserve. Declared all US citizens "enemies of the state" via the Amendatory Act 1933. Had foreknowledge of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, concealed this knowledge, allowed atack to occur.

he greatest traitor in American history, me thinks. Harry Truman was almost as bad, but another story....

Karl Marxist's picture

On the worst US president list: Wilson, TRUMAN, CLINTON, Both BUSHES, Reagan, Carter, Eisenhower (who despised Germans and punished and starved German civilians for years following the end of WW, mostly by rape of women and girls) -- factually every US president has been a complete fucking stinking turd. US could have been a serious shining light for all humanity. Now it's all fodder for the banks and people must take their poison pills, live in shit, eat shit masquerading as food, housing and cars (banker's holidays) -- FDR and all his army of Jews who declared war on Germany because the white people of Germany were flourishing and prospering under Hitler without the grip of the Jews.

AGuy's picture

"Eisenhower (who despised Germans and punished and starved German civilians for years following the end of WW, mostly by rape of women and girls) -"

More BS. The story about the US starving Germans in POW camps was made up by Novelist James Bacque. With the exception of SS officers, German POWs were treated fairly with in the means of the resources available. German POWs recieved food & medical Treatment. Usually SS officers were shot on the spot by US forces.

On the flip side There was German genocide in Eastern Europe. Russians, Poles and other Eastern Europe nations round up Ethnic Germans and slaughtered them, even if they had nothing to do with the war:


I seen video of Poles forcing Germans to lay down in a road, that were run over by trucks to kill them.

Babble_On2001's picture

Ever heard of the RHINE DEATH CAMPS, where around one million German POWS were stuck in an open air concentation camp--at the end of WW II--with no shelter, hardly any food or water and no medical care? 

Over 800,000 were starved to death.


Similiar to what Apartheid Israel is doing to the native Palestinians in Gaza.


AGuy's picture

"ver heard of the RHINE DEATH CAMPS, where around one million German POWS"

Its fake. See my above post. German POW were release and put to work cleaning up the mess afte the war.

Miss Expectations's picture

Look what was destroyed.


Several more attacks took place on Augsburg proper before a devastating bomb attack as part of “Operation Clarion” on the night of February 25, 1944 which nearly completely destroyed the historic Augsburg city center. The series of attacks began first with an assault by 199 USAAF bombers followed by a crude, devastating British attack using 594 aircraft. They later stated that it was “marvelously accurate.” Within 80 minutes of the two bomb attacks, 309,450 deadly incendiary bombs were dropped into the heart of Augsburg starting more than 4,600 fires.


It was 20 degrees below zero, and the water in the fire hoses was all frozen. 2,000 civilians were killed and injured, and nearly half of the population left the city afterwards. 90,000 of them had become homeless. The “military” damage was inconsequential. Augsburg was above all a quiet city and many churches were centuries old. Moritzkirche, built in 1019, was the oldest. 27 other Augsburg churches spanned the years between 1051 and 1799. Most went up in smoke. It only took about 80 minutes for the Allies to unnecessarily destroy 2,000 years of history in one of Europe’s oldest, most historic and most benign cities.



veritas semper vinces's picture

For me ,he is number 3.

1) Wodrow Wilson: Federal Reserve,income tax/IRS,WWI

2) Lincoln: destroying the Republic and States Righrs  and war crimes ,genocide.

bornlastnight's picture

What Wilson?  You mean the Wilson who created the FED in 1912, the Wilson who declared war on Germany in 1917, the Wilson who founded the League of Nations in 1920 that caused Japan to be a pariah forcing Japan to attack Pearl Harbor that got America involved in World War 2?  That Wilson?

AGuy's picture

"Wilson who founded the League of Nations"

I have no love for Wilson, and I depised him, but the League of Nations was not a terrible idea. Wilson was also critical of France & England about the draconian war reparations imposed on Germany which of course lead to NAZI Germany. Not sure if the League of nations would have worked, but it was not a bad idea to set up the means for nations to discuss disputes instead of going to wars. LoN was never implemented, since it was never ratified by Congress and Wilson died while on his campaign trail to get support from the public.

Also consider at the time, the RNC wanted Wilson go declare war on Germany too. So if there was an RNC President, the USA would still have entered WW1.

FWIW: The Income tax came about because of Prohibition. At the time about 1/3 of US federal gov't revenue came from alcohol taxes. The Income tax paved the way for Prohibition. Large numbers or Republicans supported Prohibition, is its possible that an income tax would have been passed even if Roosevelt won in 1912. Roosevelt was a progressive (started the progressive party after the RNC refused to give him the nomination). Its likely Roosevelt would have enacted the Income tax too. Taft was in suport of state prohibiton, so he may have also implemented the income tax.

Also there was bipartian support for the income tax:


"1909 An uneasy coalition of Democrats and western Republicans joined to support passage of an individual income tax. The specter of a hostile Supreme Court haunted the debate. Some observers believed the justices would invalidate an income tax, just as they had in 1895. Others, however, thought the Court had changed to reflect growing bipartisan -- and popular -- support for the levy."

"GOP leaders were alarmed by rebellion in their own ranks, with numerous Republican progressives indicating their support for a new income tax. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Nelson Aldrich (R-R.I.) tried to fend off the income tax proposal, but pro-tax forces enjoyed considerable momentum."

ConanTheContrarian1's picture

The League of Nations was a terrible idea. It, like the UN now, was composed of dictators who seized on it as an aid to propaganda.

SummerSausage's picture

6. Roosevelt turned away an entire ship load of Jewish refugees from Hilter's ovens (SS St Louis). 

FDR claimed that Jewish immigrants could threaten national security
iamerican4's picture

Please share this video tour of those "ovens'" 'chimney': https://vimeo.com/72810304

Honest Sam's picture

If a country runs on the most accepted currency in the world, then it could easily be proven that the secular jews of Wall Street are not only a threat to National Security, they betrayed the entire country and the world leading up to armageddon in 2008-9 with their financial 'acumen', brought the world to the brink of collapse, and part of it to actual catastrophe, ruining the savings of conservators for the last 10 years and counting.

And then paid themselve billions in bounuses for those failures when Hank Paulson gave them with no conditions a trillion newly printed and borrowed dollars. 

This is what makes at least these Jews hated wherever concerned and knowledgeable people congregate.  

If they were Italian, Irish, or German, the outcry from the Jews would blow up the speakers at a Metallica Concert. 


Apeon's picture

Care to source all that?

SummerSausage's picture

Was the Congress who voted to rob taxpayers of $1 trillion all Jewish at that time?  Was Obama Jewish then?  Did the money only go to Jewish lobbyists?

Is McCain - who was 100% in favor of the bailout - a Jewish name?  How about Pelosi or Reid?

Common_Law's picture

We're all "Jewish" we just have to follow their rules and play their game to officially be in the club.

Genealogy over 1000's of years means everyone is in the bloodline. This  probably isn't the best video, but it gets the point across.