Eclipse Warning: "1000s Of People Will Damage or Entirely Lose Their Eyesight Tomorrow"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

With a rare solar eclipse approaching and millions of people flocking to locations around the United States that are in or near the path of totality, some may not realize that the celestial event poses an extreme danger.

As noted by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker, while the August 21st solar eclipse may be a once in a lifetime sight to see, the actual act of seeing it may cause serious damage to your eyesight:

You’ve probably seen various sites talking about safety issues.  The issues are real, and what I’m sharing with you on this post is important.  


Read it, understand it, do not believe for one second that any of this can be trifled with and if you have young people around you make damn sure they understand all of this as well.


There will be thousands of people who will either damage or entirely lose their eyesight tomorrow and there is exactly zero that a doc in the ER or anywhere else will be able to do for you if you wind up screwing yourself by being ignorant, stupid or both.


Please do not be one of the people that have that happen.


Denninger’s full warning can be found here.

Because the eyes do not have pain receptors, if you are looking at the eclipse you will not know that your eyes are literally burning.

There will be no forewarning that you are about to lose your eyesight. And there will be nothing a doctor can do to restore your vision once the damage has been done.

Sun glasses will not help.

Only a commercial grade visual-rated solar filter will safely protect the eyes and as reported earlier this week, even those have been counterfeited and sold at places like

We urge our readers to speak with friends and family about this very serious threat to your vision, especially if you have young children.



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masons's picture

Deninger has to put his nose where it doesnt belong, always

tmosley's picture

What the fuck is wrong with you? This is a very important safty warning. What they FUCK do you care who gives it?

Or do you WANT people going blind?

silverer's picture

Correct. More wards of the state. More taxes. Not good.

HillaryOdor's picture

This is a great opportunity for all the transabled people out there who don't feel at home in their own bodies, bodies which sadly work too well for them collect SSDI and fulfill their dreams of sitting on their fat asses all day reading facebook.  Pouring bleach in your eyes can be such a hassle.  Now there's an easier way!

I don't believe that the eye doesn't have pain receptors though.  What the hell is he talking about?

remain calm's picture

I've got eyes on the back of my head, I am not worried

NoDebt's picture

Welding mask.  That's what I'm using.  If it can prevent my eyes from burning to a crisp from staring directly at an electrical welding arc, it'll work for the eclipse.

(Note:  Do as I say, not as I do.  Mmmmmm.... scratch that.  Don't do anything I say OR do.  You'll probably die.)


Fish Gone Bad's picture

If let alone, stupid fixes itself. 

yrat's picture

what is this, a map for ANTS?

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

great, now millions of stupid will be blind, too

let the nature do their work of selection

Son of Thor's picture

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mtl4's picture

What's the big deal, just put on your welding mask and go have a look if you are dying to see what all the fuss is about.

Mr 9x19's picture

If let alone, stupid fixes itself


exactly, it is called darwinism.


let mongoloids look at sun for minutes, they will end suicid, less tax redistribution.


i can't support anymore the system making all babies and unresponsible of themselve, for fuck sake, let the morrons fucking DIE.

what is mort INSANE that the one looking at the sun ?  those defending the advisers to protect your eyes and not look at it


you won't be able to keep 9 billion fucktards on a dying planet without ressources.



OverTheHedge's picture

I am the proud survivor of one total eclipse, and a couple of partial eclipses, and I can assure you that the endless panic and fear-mongering are just background noise to the event. Don't forget that as you are looking up at the sun, someone will be robbing your house, picking your pocket, and quite possibly raping your wife / daughter. You should treat the eclipse as an opportunity to be even more scared than you would normally be.

I would say that welding glass is probably the best way to view the sun. If you look at the sun without protection, you are going to get welder's eye, and it hurts. We have all watched an overly bright sunset - your body knows the light is too bright, and you squint, and your eyes water, and it is uncomfortable. If you ignore all the symptoms, then you are not very bright. Think of it as a Darwin award opportunity.

sailor164's picture

Got nothing to do with welders eyes. The focus point of your eye burns out!

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

Dead on Sailor! Staring up at the midday sun and focusing it with the lens of your eye onto your retina is akin to focusing the sun on an ant with a magnifying glass. It's not like a baseball player losing a ball in the sun, where he is trying to focus on the ball, or looking at a sunset through thick filtering layers of the atmosphere. Damage is quick and permanent, and you will spend the rest of your darkened life regreting your skepticism of this advice.

Lore's picture

Better idea: JUST DON'T LOOK AT IT. 

This is so stupid.  Every news- and weather-related channel has been spamming this thing all day long.  Shit, I turned on late night radio and there were some assholes pointing to it as a portent of End Times. 

If the media doesn't hype it, stupid sheeple won't try to look at it.  END OF PROBLEM. 

Okay?  Now, let's get back to important things, like prosecuting the Clintons.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I'm going to sail out on the Chesapeake Bay with my Lady and screw. I've done it under the Moon Light and the Sun, but never both at the same time. Opportunity to make a Memory. It will be recorded in the ships log. 

Grab your significant other or a friend and make a Memory. A tall tale to tell. 

spieslikeus's picture

Who the fuck can downvote that? Greenie for many reasons.

Eyes Opened's picture

I'm gonna watch it on the radio.... :-)

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Anyone who doesn't look up at it for a few seconds with their own eyes is a dumbass who doesn't understand the significance of a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

The auto darkening welding helmets don't work. Use one with #14 welder's glass. I tried one with #11 and it wasn't so good, I would not rely on it. And those goggles only have #10 glass in them, definately not safe.

Any welding supply house should have #14 glass inserts available, unless they're suddenly out of stock today.

Ben Tornilloed's picture

better use a shade 14.  The lighter glass isn't good enough.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

I've got eyes on the back of my head, I am not worried.

Well that's worth looking into!


Your situation is much like an old lady friend of mine who had prodigious breasts on her back.

Not much to look at but a hell of a lot of fun to dance with!!

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

nmewn's picture

CNN should go wall-to-wall coverage right now! telling their viewers not to look directly into the sun while waiting for the eclipse as a public service message! 

(Cuz, ya know, they are CNN viewers) ;-)

J S Bach's picture

Tomorrow I'll be revved up like a Deuce, you know a runner in the night.

Jim in MN's picture

NEVER look directly at CNN, the brain cells don't grow back.

JSBach1's picture

Viewing CNN is akin to viewing a solar eclipse in the path of totality, the sun -- being the truth -- is being eclipsed at all but the outer most edges.

Here is some further reading on the dangers of solar eclipses -- but not the dangers of reading CNN:

TheEndIsNear's picture

I think he means that the retina of the eyes do not have pain receptors.

JRobby's picture

And there will be thousands that go blind tomorrow from the eclipse.

StackShinyStuff's picture

I will be furiously jacking off, but that hasn't made me go blind yet.

SokPOTUS's picture

First time for everything....

Mr 9x19's picture

you should tell BLM and all nigers to look at eclipse, as they 'll go blind,  then you can let the statues on spot, if they ask, " yea yea, it been removed "

problem solved.


Zero-Hegemon's picture

Celestial porn, heavenly bodies...

Eyes Opened's picture

Woo Hoo !!

Long white sticks !!

LittleGreenMan's picture

The Retina, which is getting fried when you look directly at the sun, does not have pain receptors.

junction's picture

Bad enough that so many people have lost their minds already over the election of Donald Trump, what will these people do if they also lose their sight and are unable to find Confederate monuments to tear down.  I know, get on a line to collect SSI benefits now that they cannot battle SS supporters.  Oh well, it will probably be cloudy and rain tomorrow anyway.

Sub MOA's picture

the warning is intended for the current wards they are already paying for and don't want to add to the cost

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I can name a bunch of people who I'd be fine with going blind. I'm sure most ZHers would agree with my list.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Can I do it until I need glasses?

algol_dog's picture

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

On this website are really surprised by that guy's comment?

Iconoclast421's picture

If only there was a way to get every shitlib in the country to stare into the sun tomorrow

boattrash's picture

I seems that lots, if not most Americans, have lost their sight (as well as their common sense, ability to reason, and critical thinking). Fwd! Over the Cliff!

Billy the Poet's picture

If I'm blinded by the eclipse how will I know whose lives matter?

HRClinton's picture

If you have a Total Eclipse of the Heart, it won't matter.

Hulk's picture

Bonnie Tyler is Welsh

Tom Jones is Welsh

 I am Welsh

I cant sing

WTF ???