Microchips Should Be Used As "Identification Tool", Says Doctor With 6 Implants

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As we’ve reported, at least two companies, one in the US, and one in Sweden, have begun offering their employees optional microchip implants. In theory, the chips make life easier by allowing employees to effortlessly open locked doors and pay for lunch.

In the US, 41 employees at a small Wisconsin technology company voluntarily agreed to be microchipped at a “chip party” thrown at the office. At Epicenter, the Swedish company, employees hold parties for newcomers who take the plunge and become a cyborg.

“The injections have become so popular that workers at Epicenter hold parties for those willing to get implanted.


“The biggest benefit I think is convenience,” said Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and CEO of Epicenter. As a demonstration, he unlocks a door by merely waving near it. “It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.”

Companies and hobbyists are increasingly experimenting with the benefits of biohacking. Aleksandr Volchek, a Siberian doctor and avowed microchipping enthusiast, has implanted six chips in himself that help him easily pay for things, while also unlocking doors at his home and office with a “wave of his hand," according to Russia Today.

The Novosibirsk-based obstetrician-gynecologist, who calls himself a crypto anarchist, said the chips work like “magic,” and described them as a “time-saving convenience.”  

The process of injecting the chip is mostly painless, Volcheck says. Furthermore, he can easily remove the chips whenever he’d like. The chips themselves can be as small as 1.5 x 8mm.

“A syringe with a thick needle is needed to inject a microchip.


The size of a standard chip is 2 × 12mm, and the smallest one is no more than 1.5 × 8mm, the doc says.”

Volcheck believes that someday people will have chips for a range of purposes from payments to medicine. Someday, implanted microchips will encode a person’s medical records, while diabetics might receive chips that function like glucometers to help them monitor their condition, though research suggests this capability is still a few years away, Volcheck said.

“I would like to have a chip for payments.”


“My dream as a crypto anarchist is to have an identification tool for encrypting an electronic signature, and of course for medical application. I also want an implanted glucometer that will resolve a ton of problems many are currently facing, but research is still underway.”

Spurred by the conveniences it offers, microchipping will likely become increasingly popular with hobbyists and companies. Over the next five-to-ten years, we expect that they will be used widely for both work-related and personal reasons.

As more people become comfortable with being microchipped, it makes it easier for governments to adopt mandatory microchipping for identification purposes. What will you do when the day arrives? Will you go along with it, against your better judgment?

Looks like we’ll all know soon enough.

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quadraspleen's picture

I’m quite happy using my hand to push a door open if it’s all the same with you, thanks.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Volcheck believes that someday people will have chips for a range of purposes from payments to medicine.

Clearly this guy is aiming for markets in the US and its vassal territories. Russians are too sensible to buy into such nonsense.

Al Gophilia's picture

May they revert to vacuum tubes and insert the completed circuit board up your ass, doc. 

jeff montanye's picture

i am reminded of the awan brothers and their blackberry data receivers that syphoned the emails, etc. of the house of representatives as they slouched from assignment to assignation and back.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Yesterday's news on RT, and today already on ZH.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here...

East Indian's picture

You mean ZH is trailing behind?






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NidStyles's picture

Can you imagine the quality of employees you'll be able to pull if you're not requiring them to have implants?

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

this cattle conspiracy is EVEN in the BIBLE!

DieselChadron's picture

Very observant. ZH still has better comments, even if the content often is either lagging or feels like propaganda

chubbar's picture

So some wingnut doctor thinks it's a good idea and this is news? First, with regard to the wisconsin company, anytime a group feels the need to encourage others to do something they've done, it's usually because they feel stupid for having done it themselves to begin with and just want company to reassure themselves that they aren't fucking dolts.

Secondly, we are going to see more and more of these types of stories because the deep state is trying to slowly condition us to accept this as normal, which is why a "doctor" was used this time. Next time it'll be some other title that society deems as smart and knowledgeable. It's not like we haven't seen this playbook before, people.

pods's picture

Kind of like handing out those "I Voted" buttons. 


83_vf_1100_c's picture

You start it with the left side of the IQ bell curve folks. The ones who don't know what a bell curve is. Free food used to be go down to a warehouse and pick up some cheese and powdered milk. Then food stamps. Now a .gov debit card. Next, you want that free shit, you take this implant. The FSA may grumble but they willill line up for it. Next, you force it as a condition of employment for .gov and .mil employees. Next up, you eliminate cash, it goes on your implant. No buy/sell unless you have the mark of the Beast. Then you find out how much faith you have.

  I live next to a dairy farm. All the cows have plastic tags in their ears. Think about that.

Liberty2012's picture

A timeline to go with it

Is God real? A 12 part series on the signs in the heavens that are in my timeline.


SilverDoctors's picture

It's coming sooner than you would believe.. 

I have yet another warning for My people this day.
As the time of preparation for My return nears its end, I have a question for all of you.
Are You ready?

This is a question that you must ask yourself because the days that are before you shall be very difficult even for those that are full of My Spirit. For those that are without My Spirit the coming days will be impossible, for hell is coming to earth, but also the latter rain outpouring of My Spirit.
My remnant bride will arise and shine when they are transformed into My likeness and the enemy will not be able to touch you in any way at all. Before this though you will have to walk through a short time of darkness in your mortal bodies by faith. It will be very dark, destruction shall be all around you, you will see many things that you never thought you would have to. Many will fall away because they believe the doctrines of demons and men that said that they would not have to suffer through this time.
The time that I speak of is the time after the "kick off event" but before the transformation of My remnant bride. As I have said to you before during this time you will begin to hear My voice more clearly and many miracles with take place but you will not be fully transformed into an immortal body just yet, but the measure of My Spirit will be increased if you are dwelling in the secret place in holiness and humbleness.

It is during this time that Barack Hussein Obama will rise back to power and as I have told you before he will become the final anti-Christ. If you look closely at some of your media sources who report  at least some truth you can see that he has never really gone away and that he is planning his
return. He is working his evil plan behind the scenes to remove Donald Trump as the president of America and he will succeed after the false flag event that they have planned.
After this takes place life as you know it will not exist and events will happen so fast that you will not be able to believe it, but I am telling you now that it is so. The economy will be the first thing to fall after this "false flag kickoff event" and then war will hit all of the world. Civil war will ensue in America as well as natural disasters and invasions from all sides.
America will be destroyed for she is Babylon the great.

Then the fallen ones shall enter center stage and Obama will be the liaison between them and the people and the mark of the beast shall be implemented. He will lead them because he is one of them.
Barack Obama will come out looking like a hero and he will be even more popular than he is now. The whole world will wonder after the beast and Barack Obama will be worshipped as god, for the god of this world shall possess him. No one who is merely a mortal man would be able to contain Satan's spirit. Barack is the one who he has chosen and he will be obedient to him. No one will be able to buy sell or trade except they have his mark which is a computer chip and tattoo, stamp or mark that can be seen readily on the outside of the body either on the right hand or the forehead, which ever is more readily accepted by the culture in which this is implemented.

I will also mark My own and My manifest children shall trample serpents, scorpions and the most hideous beings that you have ever imagined, by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and by loving this life not unto death.
My own and I shall be victorious!

I AM the King of kings and Lord of lords who was and is and is to come!


Dindu Nuffins's picture

I prefer handing over my wallet in a mugging, rather than my whole dismembered arm up to the elbow.

smacker's picture

That's not as crazy as it might sound.

A few years ago, Mercedes experimented using a fingerprint to unlock car doors and start the engine. Sold by Merc as a chargeable option.

It worked well until some Merc owner had his finger hacked off by car thieves.

I would anticipate similar things happening if we were all chip-implanted.

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

Brings a whole new meaning to the term "hacker."

Creative_Destruct's picture

The phrase "tag-em' and bag em' " also comes to mind.

Got The Wrong No's picture

If they have the technology for the chip, they have the technology to read it. No arm cutting required. 

chubbar's picture

The lower grade thief isn't going to have the technology, he'll just have the hack saw.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

If they have the technology for the chip, they have the technology to read it. No arm cutting required.

yeah right: explain that to a druged, low IQ gang from Eritrea !

they will calmly listen to your explanations...

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Tin foil gloves anyone?

and why would a tin foil glove prevent a drugged, low IQ gang from Eritrea to cut your hand ????

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Clearly this guy is working for 666, Inc.

Truthoutthere's picture

Sheep are much smarter than these idiots.

Creative_Destruct's picture

Coming soon to your totalitarian regime: chips in our heads/brains, government controlling us by remote, hacker-terrorists running us around with by remote joystick control for delivering implanted WMDs.

any_mouse's picture

And if it's locked to me, I don't want to go through it. Some place I'd rather not be.

smacker's picture

You'll still need to push the door open with your hand. The chip will just unlock it to make that possible.

Bernie Madolf's picture

Ironically, once everyone is chipped they still won't require ID to vote

rent slave's picture

Will we still have elections?

PT's picture

... and then comes the endless upgrades ... gotta keep up ... gotta keep paying ...

Got The Wrong No's picture

The only chip I would get at this point in my life is one that could make me piss like a 20 year old again. Ahhhh

rent slave's picture

Get Evolve Prostate surgery.I did.It worked for me.

PT's picture

... while they openly mock the prophecy that they insist on fulfilling ...

Xredsx's picture

You have to be mad to allow a microchip to put inside you in this interconnected world.  Even if we dont give birth to A.I

Byte Me's picture

Only chip I want in my bod will have been deep fried (twice) and will accompany something like chicken, fish or steak archiduc..

...(mmmm.  s.t.e.a.k. a.r.c.h.i.d.u.c...)




Blanco Diablo's picture

Is this chip for gullible goy only, or do they also produce a kosher model w/o BTX??

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Is this chip for gullible goy only, or do they also produce a kosher model w/o BTX??

BTX would come later than the version 3.0

goy sheeple will learn faster if explosives are used in versions 1.0 and 2.0.

any_mouse's picture

A crypto anarchist with microchip implants.

Cog Diss is strong with this one.

Blue Steel 309's picture

"Crypto" = Jew who pretends to be Christian

"Anarchist" = one who rejects God.

Benjamin123's picture

God doesnt care if you reject him and if he does, it doesnt bother him enough to complain.

He is either indifferent or quite happy with the world.

skeelos's picture


God is patient, but don't mistake his patience with apathy.  God is not indifferent and I doubt he is happy with the world, by that I mean with the actions of the people in the world.  He has given us free will and he has given us a path for eternal life.  When the last man who can be saved, is saved, then God will pour out his wrath.  Quite literally, all hell will break loose, and that time is all too near.

I agree we have chips on cards rather than implants, and many people oppose implants because they think it is the mark of the beast.  But to know the mark of the beast, we first need to be able to identify the beast.  The beast is the beast of the pit, and that is not Satan.  It is St John the disciple who has fallen, just as Lucifer fell and became Satan, and his mark will be the sign of the cross which people will accept because they will be so terribly deceived by him.

That is why God will send the Two Witnesses described in Revelation, because by two or three witnesses is the truth known, not one very convincing witness.  Those who reject the Two Witnesses and accept John will accept the sign of the cross on their hands or foreheads.  They will not realize the sign of the cross is merely a man made symbol and that they are in fact turning the sign of the cross into a false idol, just as the Israelites made a golden calf upon leaving Egypt.


Victor von Doom's picture
Microchips Should Be Used As "Identification Tool", Says Doctor With 6 Implants

Not this little black duck.

any_mouse's picture

I hope at least one chip diverts blood flow to his pecker.

His brain ain't using it well.

smacker's picture

"As more people become comfortable with being microchipped, it makes it easier for governments to adopt mandatory microchipping for identification purposes."

I have little doubt this will happen. I'd go further and predict that chip implants will become mandatory at birth, probably in the neck. Anybody who does not have an implanted chip for swiping by a police officer will be subject to arrest.

And given that the vast majority of people are unthinking dorks who love being herded like cattle, they will ignore that these chips will allow total surveillance by .gov ((and)) the corporate sector. They will only see the benefits, just as they only see the benefits of a digital cashless society.

The mantra will not change:

  • "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear"

Barney Fife's picture

When someone utters that idiotic, braindead logical fallacy I immediately say to them: 

Ohh yeah? OK then, give me your email address and the password to your account. 

Shuts them up very quickly. 

Benjamin123's picture

A chip implant is mostly bad because of the symbolism, but if you carry credit cards or some modern forms of I.D cards you are carrying the chips now. It makes little difference if the chips are on a plastic card or under your skin, except for the symbolic aspect (chipped pets, mark of the beast, etc).