Bitcoin In An Illusionary Age

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Authored by Antonius Aquinas,

It is altogether fitting that crypto currencies, in particular Bitcoin, have witnessed a meteoric rise in this illusionary age. 

Not only has their monetary value gone to dizzying heights, but they are now being touted as the destroyer of the current, crumbling monetary order and the next paradigm upon which a new money and banking system will emerge.

In an era where sacrifice, hard work, loyalty, ingenuity, tradition, and independent thought are considered anathemas, while affirmative action, sloth, effeminacy, office seeking, and something-for-nothing schemes are endemic in every walk of life, it is not surprising that non-tangible, computer-generated currencies would become a “natural” feature of such a world.

While it has always been a haven for charlatans, traitors, cheats, thieves, liars, and serial adulterers, contemporary political life has become even more of a sham.  The most glaring example of politics’ utter corruption can be seen in the recent departed chief executive officer of the US.  Unless one abandons all critical thinking, Obummer was unqualified to be president because of the obvious fact that he was not born on American soil.  Not only did this disqualify him, but his educational and professional backgrounds have not been verified.  Neither his collegiate records nor his supposed teaching career at the University of Chicago Law School have ever been exposed to public scrutiny.  From the few utterances he has made about his supposed specialty – constitutional law – it appears that he has only a rudimentary knowledge of the subject.

Cultural life has descended to the basest of levels and has abandoned nearly all of Western Civilization’s glorious achievements.  Consider music.  The dominant form of what passes as music today is not the works of the great maestros of the past – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven – but instead, noise in the form of rock, hip hop, rap, grunge, or whatever the latest degenerate trend is in vogue.

Modern democracy is also a fallacy.  Being sold to the masses as a system where the people rule and personal liberties are guaranteed, democratic governance is anything but, and has instead been craftily used by the elites to amass state power to an unprecedented extent not witnessed in human history.  The much maligned monarchial age even during its “absolutist phase” could not come close to the scope and intrusiveness that democratic governments possess today.

Religion, too, is not immune from its share of hypocrisy.  Not only is the supposed head of the Catholic Church a manifest heretic who almost daily blasphemies the Divine Majesty, but he is not qualified to occupy the august chair in which he sits.  Jorge Bergoglio was neither ordained as a priest nor consecrated as a bishop in the traditional, Apostolic rite of Holy Orders.  He is, therefore, an imposter not a priest, nor the bishop of Rome, and scandalously not a true pope.

Now enter crypto currencies.  Not only will they never become money – a general medium of exchange – as gold and silver once were and will become once again, but cryptos lack the necessary requirements to be money.  Yet, their “development” is systematic of the times.  Cryptos are another variant of fiat currencies which digitally can be created by a stroke of a computer key or in cryptos’ case, a code.

Gold and silver – real money – must be mined from the ground, minted and “marketed” before they can be used to facilitate exchange.  This is an arduous, capital-intensive process which takes resources, labor, and time to accomplish.  Something as important as money should require an elaborate procedure not be created out of thin air as are all fiat currencies as well as cryptos.

Money must originate as a tangible, sought-after commodity – the great Misesian insight that crypto enthusiasts do not know or do not understand – then, over time, be recognized as having a “second feature” as a good sought after for “exchange value.”  Once a good is demanded for its use primarily to facilitate exchange, it then becomes a “money.”

In a fundamental sense, crypto currency cultists are rebelling against the natural order of things.  The precious metals were created in their quantity and quality by Divine Wisdom for a purpose – to act as money.  While governments have habitually corrupted the monetary order through coin clipping, fractional-reserve banking, and other nefarious schemes, it does not undo this primordial fact.  It is for the intellectually honest opponents of monetary chicanery to point this out and decry all governments and banksters’ attempts to eradicate gold and silver as money, not attempt to create another unnatural and false monetary order that mirrors the current fiat system.

Money, like all other institutions of society, will reflect its belief system.  Decaying cultures will most likely have debased monetary units.  A turnabout in the status of money will only happen when Western Civilization returns to what money is – gold and silver – and abstains from trying to create illusions of it through computer software schemes.

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This video is in response to Chris Duane's challenge to the crypto community.

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Who the fuck cares what Chris Duane thinks about crypto?


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no, the real question is  :

who the fuck is Chris Duane  ? ? !

"Chris Duane" could walk up right now & smack me in the head with a wiffleball bat and i'd have no idea.

always be wary of men with 2 "first names" like this jamoke.



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Eternal asshurt of the nocoinz, the thread.

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your noarguments are tolerated at my discretion, you can be crushed as you dearly remember, at a moments notice...

Someone having nocrypto as an excuse to not debate, is equal to someone being all-in as an excuse not to debate.

You will no doubt flail and wail for me reminding you of the absolute beating you took the other day, so I leave you to your salt mine.

The key point to remember is...

Crypto cannot and will not, EVER, be a significant portion of the economic activity of a region, country, or the world, without also being simultaneously controlled, owned, and regulated by said region, country, or world.  If you dont understand why, or try to argue such a situation would not arise, you need to educate yourself...

so cry, lie, and deny, but just remember, make logical arguments, save the rhetoric, and I might just allow you to keep some of your pride intact

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Why do they whine so much? It really is the eternal asshurt. Call the wahmbulance.

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Your overly grandiose manner of speech + attempt to get into a pissing contest tells me that you got nothing.

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My boys down at Texas Tech U. say otherwise

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To quote the movie "The Big Short":  It's a bubble. Just sayin:

One Picture Which Proves Bitcoin is a Bubble
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"Obummer was unqualified to be president because of the obvious fact that he was not born on American soil."

Dear Tyler,

If you are going to publish this shit, even second-hand, at least have the integrity to try to PROVE IT.  Not insinuate and speculate with hearsay, but actually prove it, you fucking coward.

Or doesn't that align with your click-bait advertising goals?

Fuck you Tyler.  You are a worthless piece of shit for spreading lies.  Sooner or later, making shit up is going to bite you in the ass.

p.s. Fuck your pizzagate "scandal" bullshit.  You should have been sued along with Alex Jones for that one.




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What we got here is a true believer in a photoshop fraud published as a real birth cert.  


I bet you think PDJT has natural hair too.

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Once again someone comparing dogs and bananas because one is yellow and grows on trees and the other has fur and barks.


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You sir are an idiot. Obama's birth certificate is an obvious fake, you could have fucking downloaded it right off and found out "hey it can take it apart in PDF format and move all the little boxes around, because its a fucking digital forgery" oh yeah its also rife with historical inacuracies. pizzagate bullshit? thousands of pedophiles have been arrested since Trump took office, pedo rings in cali, penn are two i can remember off the top of my head. and and guess what? that james alefantis douce who owns a pizza shop but mysteriously happens to be one of the 50 most influential people in DC?

his full name is James Alefantis Rothchild. dont believe me? go find a pic of him and one of renee rothchild. or whatever keep eating that propaganda bullshit.

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Obama proved he was born in Hawaii with not one but two completely different birth certificates. I like the one signed "U K Lele". It's funnier.

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He also loves to put Wicca symbols on all the silver coins he makes.


VD's picture

& here come the crypto-muppets to shit & piss all over the place....


how can you not see that Tulipcoin is....wel... Tulipcoin.

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Do people really believe we'll all be carrying around satchels full of gold and silver coins in the future?


Sure pm's have way more "real" value or storage of wealth but they're not practical and can't be easily transferred and traded. When humans start colonizing space they won't be paying out of their satchel of coins or toting bars around with them.

BlindMonkey's picture

I love the imagry.  And on eclipse day too.  Nice touch.

"In space, no one can hear you stack."

The central planners's picture

All gold mined since 1400 its around 5 billion ounces and all silver its around 40 billion divided by 8 billions (world population) thats around 3 grams of gold per person and around 5 ounces of silver. So that shit that people will need to carry a bulky load of gold and silver to trade it BULLSHIT.

Sabibaby's picture

Who's taking all the PM's and redistributing them?


Some PM's are needed for industrial uses too!

The central planners's picture

Thats right, industrial use means even more scarcity. And thats the whole point of my argument.

goddammoron's picture

I'll take 3 grams...of coke.  I'll pay in bitcoin.  You can come to my urban castle - also paid for in bitcoin - and dance like monkey for silver eagles.  I got plenty of em "stacked" from before I grew the fuck up. 

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Do people really believe we'll all be carrying around satchels full of gold and silver coins in the future?


This is like saying "do people really believe we'll all be carrying around paper notes in the future?" Just because you can redeem your bank deposits for paper money doesn't mean you have to. And just because you can take delivery of your gold doesn't mean you have to.

It's very easy to send gold to another person electronically. So, while there may be other arguments in favor of cryptos, that is not one of them.

Sabibaby's picture

I can agree with most of that if by electronically you mean using blockchain. I think a pm/commodity backed cryptocurrency is a great idea. I don't think much of not taking delivery on pm's but what pm's I do own I can move around without too much difficulty jsut can't move electronically. 


I don't trust banks and that's why I like distributed ledger currencies. 

nizeoni's picture

the idea of cryptos is to do trustless transactions and decentralization. if this is backed by commodity again this brings centralization , issue of double spending and fractional reserve banking bullshit. so this does not make any sense.

RandianZealot's picture

It's very easy to move gold around electronically, either through a GoldMoney account or through OzcoinGold. GoldMoney uses a traditional centralized network. OzcoinGold uses the Ethereum block chain.

I personally prefer GoldMoney because it has lower transaction fees and IMO more transparency. But if you prefer a distributed ledger, there are options in the marketplace that fulfill that preference.

The point is that gold can be used as an electronic payment system just like anything else.

I honestly don't understand why people keep having this gold vs. cryptos argument. You have to have cryptos to use in smart contracts. But you need gold for physical, real-world transactions.

Take a gambling site, for example. If cryptos are used as payment in gambling transactions, the casino can write a smart contract that forbids itself from defrauding patrons (from lying about the odds, for example). This prevents the need for government regulations. This is so great of a benefit that it outweighs any disadvantage from cryptos bring volatile. So no one is ever going to use gold in a transaction like that.

On the other hand, grocery stores are never going to accept cryptos without them being backed by a commodity...because they are too volatile. So you end up having to use a centralized payment system like Bitpay to buy groceries anyway. So why not just use a centralized system like GoldMoney for those transactions in the first place?

Of course, people like you who disagree should be able to use Bitpay (or some similar system) to buy groceries if you want to. But the whole discussion seems ridiculous...because we've figured out now that cryptos have a 'killer app' in the form of smart contracts.

So I don't see why the two sides are still arguing.

RandianZealot's picture

"Do people really believe we'll all be carrying around satchels full of gold and silver coins in the future?"


This is like saying "do people really believe we'll all be carrying around paper notes in the future?" Just because you can redeem your bank deposits for paper money doesn't mean you have to. And just because you can take delivery of your gold doesn't mean you have to.

It's very easy to send gold to another person electronically. So, while there may be other arguments in favor of cryptos, that is not one of them.

OverTheHedge's picture

It is my understanding that, at its current value, gold is double the weight of cash. Therefore, it is currently twice as inconvenient as bank notes.On that basis, it wouldn't take a huge amount of dollar slip, and gold gain, to be equal in inconvenience.

According to the above site, a million dollars in $100 bills would weigh 10 kilogrammes. Gold is $41,400 per kilo, so 10kg would be $414,000. A little under half the value. Nice to have my thinking confirmed by some random internet page. Let's see if the maths still works next year, shall we?

Grave's picture

currency backed by metals is completely useless and always fails.

the only way metals are useful is if the native coins are circulated in the economy.

it's not actually possible for this to happen unless civilization devolves back to the dark ages because metals have awful granularity and high friction in use.

due to this, they've already failed as a currency in modern society, every time

The central planners's picture

"High friction" are you trying to make fire with your coins?

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Hay scab boy, you forgot to use EMP as well.

Since it's all you haters got. 

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture


Come on... don't abscond with the gay slur against non-believers.

Bitcoin isn't ((ghey)), is it?

Raffie's picture

'gay slur' WTF is wrong with you?

Been huffing gas again? YES you have, but not enough I feel.


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Hater.  You just hate ___.


Acting gay and/or like a five year old.

Raffie's picture

Hater? Yes you and your kind are big time haters. If cryptos was going to fail and you knew it, your kind would not spend so much time spewing the lies you do.

Odd way for you to come out of your closet (aka your mommy's basement) by calling me what you really are. You are the pro on gay 5 year olds, but I know your family accepts you normal. Your secret is safe with us.

RAGE ON and keep your FUD agenda going. Cause it's all you got.




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Crypto currencies are what the manipulated PM's markets can't do. They are and show the repudiation of thefiat of central banks.

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invisible spaghetti coin in the sky, Bwaaaaahahahaha.

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i've got fifteen(15) Bitcoins up for bid on Ebay. PayPal only and free shipping. hurry! these are going fast! positive feedback please...............

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I'll give you $45k in person for your 15 bitcoins.

sgorem's picture

i'm sure you would :)

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Congratulations on the 'pop' today.

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I'll give you real money in exchange for your fake money.  1000 Ounces of .9999 Silver. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

The author clearly has someone who refuses to get off his lawn, and it is quite infuriating.

LadyMarmalade's picture

Well put!  I was picturing some grouchy old guy with suspenders and a scowl. Yawn.

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The poor guy really is showing his age: awful music, useless youth: "Things like this would never have happened in my day! Why, oh ,why can't people just listen to Italian opera and English chamber music?" He gave himself away by having "grunge" as his go-to yoof music. He obviously gave up on life when Nirvana hit the scene in the early 90s. "Appalling racket! Can't see the point of it all!"

Is Clint Eastward still making grumpy old man films? I think we have a plot for him.