"I Believe In The American Ideal...And That's Why I Don't Live There"

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Authored by Jeff Thomas via InternationalMan.com,

Back in the late 18th century, the American colonies were made up largely of self-reliant people who had a strong work ethic. Most had either been born in the UK, or their parents or grandparents were born there. What set them apart from their fellow Britons was that they didn’t simply accept their lot in life back in the UK. They chose the more uncertain outcome of life in the colonies. They therefore had the courage, imagination, and desire to create their own destiny, traits that their fellow Britons did not possess.

Not surprising, then, that they carved out thirteen very productive and prosperous colonies, without the burden of a top-heavy, overreaching government. When the UK government sought to increase taxation and control (i.e., enslave) the colonists, there was rebellion. The tax being exacted by King George was miniscule by today’s standards, but that wasn’t the point. They fought against enslavement, and, in their talks of independence, they emphasized this point.

The American ideal, first and foremost, was freedom.

They weren’t seeking entitlements, or promises of government-generated jobs, or protection from the natives. They had already learned how to protect themselves, create their own jobs, and provide for themselves. They were prepared to be self-reliant as one of the prices of freedom.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, it was with the intention of creating a document upon which all the other delegates to the Constitutional Convention could agree as a basic set of understandings. In doing so, he not only unified the colonies; he also defined freedom for every generation of people that came after him, whether they were American or from any other country in the world.

After creating the US, there were, understandably, many upsets along the way. From the time of the very first cabinet, Jefferson, as Secretary of State, was at odds with Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who couldn’t wait to create a national currency, direct taxation, and a central bank. Over the ensuing decades, the tide of freedom ebbed and flowed as forces from within the US sought to diminish freedom, just as they do today. In my estimation, the US began its steady decline in earnest roughly one hundred years ago. Since that time, Americans have, increasingly, traded freedom for the promise of a safety that was never fulfilled, and for ever-increasing largesse from the government—largesse that they already paid for through taxation.

I’m British and, two generations ago, my grandparents set out for “the colonies.” Like the first Americans, they had an ideal in mind. They moved around a bit, but finally found that ideal during my generation. Today, I’m able to live a life that’s far freer than I would have if I were to move to the US and, truth be told, I’d be just as unwilling to move to the UK. I like it there, but it couldn’t be my home. At present, I possess the documentation to live in a total of thirty countries, but choose to live in only two of them.

If either country were to fall below the ideal I’ve set, I’d pack up my bags and not return. My philosophy is simple: When the apple is thoroughly rotten, it’s time to find a new apple, not live in the vain hope that somehow the apple will grow less rotten with time.

For many years, I’ve been advising people on internationalisation and, in recent years, the numbers of people I’ve seen have been dramatically on the increase. Many of them come from the US and, frequently, they confess that, although they’re considering leaving the US because it’s become unlivable for them, they feel somewhat guilty. They feel as though they’re turning their backs on America and the American ideal.

The American ideal is in fact a universal ideal. This is an important distinction to understand, because it serves as a reminder that loyalty and patriotism should not be applied to any particular piece of geography. Just as people left for America to find freedom in times gone by, it makes equal sense to move away for the very same reason. Americans, or anyone else who seeks freedom from oppressive governance, should recognize that the world is made up of some 200 countries, each offering a different combination of advantages and disadvantages. No one country is ideal for everyone, but the choices are many.

The good news is that, today, the American ideal is very much alive - it just doesn’t happen to live in the US. (Although there are those who retain this ideal and choose to “fight from within” to return the US to its founding ideal.) But the odds of achieving this are very poor indeed. The US, like many other countries in the former “free” world, is currently plunging headlong in a downward trend. A reversal is unlikely in the extreme.

In my own country, I receive no entitlements. I have to create my own wealth. But, I live under a minimum of laws, including no direct taxation of any kind. I make my own choices, I can speak freely, without fear of reprisal from political correctness. I’ve never been taken to court and I’ve never needed to take out a loan.

The universal ideal of freedom is very much alive and is yours to find, should you feel that your country has lost it and you want to live the rest of your life as a free individual.

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LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

I have been all-over-the-world, and for those of you foolish-enough to think that the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence, know that The United States of America, despite all of the flaws, problems, and a literal insurrection/coup-d'etat taking-place, is STILL THE GREATEST NATION ON PLANET EARTH, OVER-ALL.


I know--I have lived in many other nations, and there is no where else I CHOOSE to be/live.


I am convinced of "something else", too:  When things get BAD-ENOUGH, in our nation, the good men, and the good women, WILL rally-together to save our nation from what can only be described as "total-degradation and total-failure", which has NOT, YET, happened, but is inevitable, given EVERYTHING, IN-TOTALITY, THAT WE, HERE, AT MR. DURDEN'S SITE, KNOW.  We, all, have made our decisions where we stand, and the only thing, now, to do, is to see how far the literal traitors go with their insidious and literally treasonous agenda, and then they WILL be thwarted from carrying-out their ultimate goal--I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE THAT.



TBT or not TBT's picture

Over all, but not all over.  California for example doesn't respect the Constitution and is run RICO style.  

jcaz's picture

If I can find another country that will let me rip my Hemi AND my .45 when I want, I'm in- otherwise, I'll deal with the shit here- priorities, man.....

TBT or not TBT's picture

In CA your .45 CAP must be a) registered to you and b) only from a limited list of makes and models they approve.  

any_mouse's picture

ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol

as opposed to the .45 for the Colt 45 Peacemaker revolver.

No idea if the malt liquor is rimless or rimmed.

Anyway, there are other states less fascist than CA & NJ.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Rimming and such are pretty common out here, based on what passes for culture out here.  

sickavme's picture

The author "currently" lives in the carribbean...


That explains it all...

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Best way is to be perpetual traveller, where you have 2 or 3 passports and have no permanent residency declaration or change residency on the fly as needed.

Foreigners in many countries are welcomed for their incoming funds and are priviliged in a silent way. 

stampman's picture

I have more or less done that, and found I like to be with my stuff and have it all in one place here with me.

I'm a materialistic pig.

The cats don't travel too well.

And I'm usually broke, so the 'incoming funds' part doesn't apply.

It would cost me many thousands in VAT just to bring my stamps in to some other country.  Then repeat?

Son of Thor's picture

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Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

One can find cold Colt 45 in Cali.  Works.  Every. Time.

Mr Hankey's picture

Just don't get shot by the pigs.

UselessEater's picture

White people had to flee the commie hero that was smashed onto Rhodesia, the wonderful Mugabe. Whites fled decades ago into the diaspora (white flight),  and got on with life...fast forward, now there is no where for white flight to go. So what are you going to do?

The predators that be, are always playing with whites, we should destroy ourselves again and again...and we do!

Also…“…the minimum estimate of 9.3 million Germans who died needlessly after the war. This is far more Germans than died during the Second World War. Millions of these Germans slowly starved to death while the Allies withheld available food. The majority of these postwar dead Germans were women, children and very old men. Their deaths have never been honestly reported…”

UselessEater's picture

You trust a nation that a few decades ago slaughtered millions of it own? Behold Merkel and the rapfugees....

Blue Steel 309's picture

That happened under Jew control. Now it's our turn to suffer.

PT's picture

He trusts they have long memories.

Mr Hankey's picture

I had read that before .Truly fucked up shit. Looking like YT is into its final insane autocanniballistic death throes.YT loves rules& authority too damn much. 

UselessEater's picture

A little OT but why would Martin Luther King Jr's records be sealed until 2017?


What was this idol doing and for who?

BobbyRay's picture

California will be the first to go. I live here and it is accelerating faster everyday into a complete shitshow. People are oblivious, especially those in Sillycon Valley.  

rent slave's picture

Obviously,you don't want to bet sports.

any_mouse's picture

You could just donate your excess money.

Paul Kersey's picture

Notice how the author of this article brags about the country he lives in, but purposely doesn't mention it by name. He wants us to ask him, or he wants us to wait for, and then read, his next article. Well, I don't care where he lives, because, in America, if you have capital, or the access to capital, and have half a brain, you can make all the money you need to buy all the shit you don't need. Additionally, if you get tired of living where you live, you have almost unlimited options, in this country, to move to a place you might like better.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Kersey, that is precisely what I discovered, as I got older, and WISER.  The ONLY people, TRULY, happy, away from their home-nation, were people who actually had REAL MONEY, or a perpetual pension to fund their lives, AND NEVER WOULD HAVE WORKED IN THE NATION IN WHICH THEY WERE LIVING.


Anyone and "almost" everyone else, like myself, were NOT, NOT, NOT, happy, after realizing the REALITY OF THE SITUATION, away from The United States of America, especially.



deKevelioc's picture

The same can be said of Singapore.  Not many actually want to live there, but many want to work there and live their lives elswhere.  If the US is only one big industrial park, what's your point?   And your comment about the US being the best country of the world made me cringe.  

The people ofthe US screwed themselves over by actually participating in the political process following the Kennedy assassination.  

Mr Hankey's picture

Somebody has more bread than shit for their sandwich. 

NukeChinaNow's picture

Is it Christmas already? THought you weren't around for several more months, speaking of shit.

Mr Hankey's picture

Nuke China now? Why? Id be happy if we didn't want their money  and slave labor over here.Oh, and we dont nuke countries that can nuke us back. 

attila404's picture

Yeah, sure. Maybe this generation, but take a look at millenials. These cucks don't have a spine, they're very easy to be bent over and drilled in the ass. And if nothing else, they are next in line as our leaders. This country will never recover. Dream on.

stampman's picture

Maybe Gen X will paper it over.

Gen X - the generation that did it all without jack shit.

No respect. No publicity.  No pensions.  No jobs.  No job programs.

And they quietly survive.

Meantime, the snowflake millenials get all of the attention from (((you know who))).

All fo' the chillun'!

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Nice summation. Bunch-a-upvotes.

sickavme's picture

The author "currently" lives in the carribbean...


That explains it all...

Dr. Bonzo's picture

I have been all-over-the-world...

Having been all over the world and having lived all over the world aren't the same thing. You must not have lived all over the world, because I have, and I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that there are fantastic places all over the world.

Blue Steel 309's picture

So do I need a Visa to visit the "all over the world" place?

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Living and or working overseas is a lot less complicated than people think. It's easy to get extended stay visas, work sponsorship that translates into a resident card or if you have a bit of money, even get residency via investment. Some of us have parents with dual nationalities, so we got lucky, some of us have transferable skills that are highly sought in a shit ton of countries. Hundreds of options. It's easier than it sounds, just need to do a bit of research and see what options work for you and what your particular needs are. At the risk of being facetious... at some point I'll crave rest and peace and quiet and unspoiled nature... I'd pick somewhere remote near a small town or a rural community in a country with an exceptionally low population density. Chile or Bolivia or rural Japan.... But at the moment I'm enjoying life in large modern metropilitan cities, so I need to prepare for different types of contingencies and my interests are simply what every healthy fully-functioning male enjoys... you can't much of that in the countryside. But I'm prepared nevertheless. Shit happens. Shit happens all the time. Matter of fact, there's another typhoon barreling down on us as we speak. Ready for that as well.

stampman's picture

"my interests are simply what every healthy fully-functioning male enjoys... you can't find much of that in the countryside."

My experience as a college tech nerd working summers for USFS and for Getty Oil in Mississippi showed me that plenty of rednecks get more ass than a toilet seat and that it is just as easy to get laid in the country as in the city.  The woods are full of women.

I suppose the difference is that the woman has to like you (or your beer) instead of your money, which the rednecks do not have.

In Chile, prostitution is legal and many of the hosteria road hotels have a small staff of working girls on hand upstairs in case their services are desired. This is in every backwater of that nation.  So Bonzo you can have your rural peace and quiet then drive into town and get some.  Just like Nevada, at a fraction of the cost.

I was looking at Coyhaique in Chile but 500 photos later I noticed that everyone had been wearing a heavy coat.  Everyone.  I am cold when it gets below 80.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

The woods are full of women.

Noted. Lol.

Eyes Opened's picture

"The woods are full of women.

Noted. Lol."


Just avoid the weirdo in the pantsuit....

& bears ....

avoid bears too .......

almost as dangerous.. 


Dr. Bonzo's picture

Just avoid the weirdo in the pantsuit....


For some reason your comment evokes a memory of this cadence we had foisted on us by one of the drlll sergeants... if I'm not mistaken it went like this...

Born in the backwoods, raised by a queer,

wears black panties with a hole in the rear....

It gets better, but that is the chorus that we kept repeating and repeating over and over and over.

Thanks for the memories. Lol....

Déjà view's picture

Latin/S. America...Uruguay safest...
Chile/Argentina higher crime...remainder very high crime...
Asia...K-L...very modern...many english speakers...safer than many western nations...reasonable cost of living...or Highlands...springtime weather all year long...
10 year resident visa when purchasing housing...

Citymouse16's picture

I too have been in much of the rest of the world.  The difference is that five years ago I made the choice to live out in that world rather than stay in my native United States.  Every place has problems, so the choice is only which problems are you most comfortable living with, and, for myself, I'm not comfortable with a war-making empire in decline--a country where personal liberties have shrunk greatly and the idea of personal privacy is a forgotten luxury.  I feel sorry for the young U.S. people of today who will never enjoy the freedoms and opportunities I had at their age.

leftcoastfool's picture

I am in the same situation and couldn't have said it better.  It saddens me what's happening in the US, but there was no way I was going to stay there and be swept up in the coming shit storm...

Stungray's picture

The problem with people from the US and other isolated cultures is that they generally have no clear perspective when viewing the outside world, even when they venture out into it.

I have been a US citizen since birth but have never lived there - I have been travelling my entire life. In places like Europe, people grow up familiar with different cultures as they are literally surrounded by them. Anyone who grows up in the outside world has some kind of awareness of American culture, even if a distorted one, while the opposite is far from true. People from larger countries (the US, Russia, etc.) have the narrowest view because their formative years are spent without much diversity of opinion or perspective.

Don't get me wrong, the whole world is a mess including Europe, but if you spent your formative years in the States, you are a walking bag of deeply rooted one sided opinions without the capacity for integration into other cultures (and therefore incapable of objectively viewing the world).

Put simply, when you travel the world as an American, and the world knows you are American, the world treats you like an American. Obviously we're not too popular, so integration anywhere else is extremely difficult. And if you don't integrate wherever you are, you're a just a tourist looking from the outside in.

I couldn't agree more with the author - I may never have lived in the US but I have chosen not to because I love the ideals America was founded upon. The US no longer represents those ideals and hasn't for some time. Name any great thing about America and the fact is there are other countries that value that thing more and probably do it better. (And don't say guns. They're fun but they clearly haven't helped any of us protect our rights.)

Citymouse16's picture

"but if you spent your formative years in the States, you are a walking bag of deeply rooted one sided opinions without the capacity for integration into other cultures (and therefore incapable of objectively viewing the world)."

Well said!

800409523's picture

The USA has killed innocent 1.5m people in the past decade. I suppose if you are on the right side of a genocide life isn't too bad. 

Eyes Opened's picture


 WTF are u smokin ?? What state do u live in ?? DENIAL !! Such hubris..... 


"When things get BAD-ENOUGH, in our nation, the good men, and the good women, WILL rally-together to save our nation from what can only be described as "total-degradation and total-failure"


Are u waiting for the chip or the lift to Fema Camp#547  before "doing'' anything ??

Heres an idea ... how 'bout gittin off yer arses & MARCHING BY THE MILLIONS on DC !!

Your president needs YOUR support... or do u expect him to deal with your (((nemesis))) alone....

No wonder Trump is being swallowed whole by the DeepState ....apathetic sheep...