Morning Joe Panel Melts Down After July Fundraiser Data Shows the RNC is Crushing the DNC

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The Morning Joe staff have been energetically suggesting the Trump presidency would mark an end to the Republican Party as we know it.

Just before the recent elections, which demonstrated widespread support for the GOP, former republican, Joe Scarborough predicted widespread losses for the party of Lincoln.

After the exact opposite occurred, Joe took to the teevee in shock -- hemming and hawing about how America could still vote for the party of Lincoln, in spite of Trump.

Today, July fundraising data showed the RNC absolutely crushed the beleaguered DNC, prompting Joe to find religion as to why this is happening. He concluded that 'identity politics' was hurting the DNC, which drew the ire of Share Blue, the DNC backed propaganda arm responsible for spamming conservative websites with pro DNC messages.

Watch the Morning Joe panel lament over the utter and complete failure of the DNC to capitalize on Trump's White House discord -- pointing to the fact that recent polling shows republican candidates pulling ahead of democrats, out-raising them by 3 to 1.

Joe just doesn't understand how the DNC keeps losing.


"Maybe they (DNC) can retake the house in 2018 with a completely inept message."

And here was Joe's twitter screed, lecturing the democrats on how to beat his former party.

Explain how this is happening, democrats?

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DemandSider's picture

Neither party of the neoliberal duopoly will be your salvation.

Anunnaki's picture

Downvote me all you want, but the only way Dims get the Obama coalition to get off the couch to vote is by going all in on Single Payer.

Anunnaki's picture

Sounds like the Snowflake Oligarchs are putting away their checkbook and will be all in for Kamala Harris-Mnuchin




The Identity Politics trifecta

VideoEng_NC's picture

Seems simple enough to me, go ask Hillary for all that money to be returned.  There apparently is still a mountain of cash from all of those massive donations last year.  Oh, oh, get that money back from the Awan family the DNC so graciously gave to them.  Let's not forget those palettes of cash that went to Iran, I'm sure they'll be sympatheic to the DNC cause...

Aireannpure's picture

The Democratic party is over and now the "party" of DUMB. LOL

gilhgvc's picture

all you have to do is look at the two of them, reminds me of the people who lived in the capital city in Hunger Games. So isolated from real life they are like howdy doody come to life

3.7.77's picture

And these groups have no money, isn't this obvious?

3.7.77's picture

Embracing Antifa, BLM, etc is the dems downfall.

Ron_Mexico's picture

The Democratic Party has gone from being the "party of the working class" to being the party of the "non-working class."  I don't think it's a lot more complicated than that.  They'll be well positioned, however, when robots/androids finish taking all the erstwhile human jobs and everybody is non-working.

Anunnaki's picture

Democrats HATE working class people aka the Deplorables. Why? Too poor to give to their campaigns

lakecity55's picture

'Muricans don't like Bolsheviks, Comrades. You fucksticks suck donkey dicks.


Dan'l's picture

Scarborough is an echo-chamber of failed leftist, globalist and elites in the DC hell hole. He's a nitwit.

ogretown's picture

The mewling left doing what the mewling left does best...mewl.

venturen's picture

now only if Trump could defeat the RINOs and Wall Street

Peter41's picture

It is hard to find words to describe the benighted Joe Scarborough.  Pussy whipped is one phrase that has a certain ring to it.

Tonkin _Gulf_Yacht_Club's picture

He'd need 3 promotions just to get to the rank of pussy.

Solio's picture

On the 3rd vid the woman reporter is speaking (who is she?) states at 7'40" that "Americqa has never been this place that's been a melting pot."


Now there is an uneducated woman!

Dormouse's picture

Who murdered the intern at your Florida congressional office Joe? Were you banging that chick too?

Dr_Snooz's picture

Nobody likes you, you creepazoid weirdos.

venturen's picture

No Joe is Pussy whipped. Isn't the first guy to change his tune to get some

PGR88's picture

Democrats hate white people.  Its as simple as that.

If you are white, you are welcome in the Party, only if you accept your inherent guilt.

passerby's picture

I guess when you look thru the eyes of corporation everyone is viewed as a human resource.

gregga777's picture

The Democratic Party was/is the party:

* of slavery-Northern and Southern Democrats uniformly protected slavery prior to the Civil War;
* that started the Civil War;
* of John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Republican President Abraham Lincoln;
* that created the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) (not to be confused with the Klinton Krime Klan);
* of the Southern Jim Crow laws;
* the Southern poll taxes to keep Blacks from voting;
* that segregated the Federal civil service—effectively firing any Blacks—and the US Armed Forces prior to WW1 and that also nearly single-handedly revived the dying Klu Klux Klan (thanks to the Demo-Marxist hero and vile white supremacist Woodrow Wilson);
* Republicans freed the slaves yet about 95% of black Americans incomprehensibly give Democrats their total devotion and allegiance;
* promised to keep the United States out of WW1 and then promptly reneged on that promise after the inauguration (thanks again to Woodrow Wilson);
* of the more than 500,000 man American commitment to the Vietnam War that they later demonized;
* of Northern racial segregation by zoning law fiat;
* that decided to blame the Vietnam War on the men and women who served there, demonizing them for having served;
* that created the Federal government's organs of state propaganda by allowing six Crony Capitalist CONporations to acquire ownership of at least 90% of all news Media and entertainment companies (thanks to William Jefferson "Bill the Rapist" Clinton);
* that created the notorious KKK (Klinton Krime Klan);
* of the violent, anti-free speech Antifa Fascist blackshirts;

I've never voted for a Demo-Marxist Party political parasites and I never will. Not that I have any respect for the Repussican Party, but I absolutely loathe the Demo-Marxists.

tyriondinklage's picture

Joe/Mika are early morning drive political comedy team.  Joe is f*cking RINO.  Should stick to guitar playing.  Mika is old lady hanging out at bars.  Irony is Joe's bar fans all voted for Trump!  

Politics is constitutionally limited to asset protection.  Dems have crossed that line over and over again.  It is a war of ideology of America who wants respite from chaos against Hollywood pedophiles who want to groom next generation beginning at 12 years old, Silicon Valley, financial, military and media globalists with paid protesters.  In many cases, the same people or investor pool.

Last Man Standing's picture

The Democraps and their propaganda wing the "mainstream" media, including Joe and his ho, still don't get it; then again neither do the Establishment Republicans, the American people see through them and the American people back PRESIDENT Trump. Trump is not a crook like they are, he doesn't want to steal our money to pad his retirement. He could retire and live a life of peace and luxury. He doesn't need this crap but he is fed up with the country being screwed over by these phonies in the government and their media enablers. President Trump loves America as do all real Americans. We and he believe that America is a sovereign nation and that the world is not. If these losers don't like it they should move to their one world fantasy called the E.U., which is failing by the way. The American people know that President Trump was right when he said both sides in Virginia were involved in the violence and we also know that the left, as the were during the election and leading up to it were responsible for the vast majority of the violence. Black lies matter, the occupy movement, Antifa, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other leftist hate groups, the vast majority of whom are supported and paid for by George Soros and his fellow communist agitators, are violent hate groups, who following Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", engage in wholesale violence trying to cow their opponents into submission. The people are on to them and can see this, the people know that those groups are no better than and more dangerous than the Neo-Nazis, Nazis and White Supremists. The White Supremists, Nazis and Neo-Nazi represent and extremly small percentage of the population. They are an even smaller percentage of the population than the communist left with their bought and paid for groups like Black Lies Matter, Occupy, Antifa, SPLC and others. The real violence, looting and burning of property and assaulting of innocent Americans has been done by the leftist groups like Black Lies Matter, Occupy, Antifa, many of whom are actually paid to attend these rallies and cause trouble, just as they were in the 1960s, 70s and 80s when paid for and controlled by the failed Soviet Union. The American people will not abandon President Trump, they know that it is the Democraps, Establishment Republicans and the lying sack of crap media who are responsible for most of this nations problems. They know that the massive corruption that takes place in Washington D.C. is done by and for these insiders and that the American people are being screwed by them. The people will re-elect President Trump, even if they were to impeach him. Their time is coming to an end, they just don't realize it yet. The RINOs will be purged, many will lose primaries and the more conservative representative will be elected and that will continue until the likes of Corker, McConnell, McCain, Flake and Ryan are gone, thrown out of office or arrested for their criminal activities, for their ignoring of the U.S. Constitution. The Democrat party will continue to shrink, being consolidated into cities which will become more violent and which will fail financially like Detriot did and Chicago and the rest of Illinois. They will become a regional party as they shrink, break up, go bankrupt and turn into two or three small local parties. Joe and Mika are just too stupid to understand that. Thank God they are too self centered to have children because with Joe and Mika as parents it would be hard for them to have an IQ out of the negative numbers.

DjangoCat's picture

"The people will re-elect President Trump, even if they were to impeach him. Their time is coming to an end, they just don't realize it yet. The RINOs will be purged, many will lose primaries ..."

Better make sure they use paper ballots and you are there to watch the count.

GunnyG's picture

Hey Joe/Mika, keep on melting down along with your Occupy, BLM, ANTIFA morons. It makes the DNC look more and more criminal and anti-American.

mike_king's picture

ALL Democrats are anti-white traitors.

CRM114's picture

Dear DNC

Man who gets man fired from his job and calls him stupid cannot expect to sit down to dinner with that man without subject coming up.


I'm suggesting the Democratic Party needs a unifying message for ALL working class voters. 


Well, there isn't one they'll believe, now is there?, because they no longer believe you. Period.

And working class would tend to imply "working", which they now can't. They can slave or beg, but not work.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Scarborough IS a flaming asshole, but he is right on what he is saying here.
I just hope and pray that the DNC runs next year on their "Civil rights are under attack by Trump.
And those non-white, non-male, non-straight "identity" folks?
They WORK too." campaign messaging. It will be yet another great election night next year. Just continue to dismiss white, working class males as what is wrong with America. And continue to lose elections.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

@Dumpster Elite

"And those non-white, non-male, non-straight "identity" folks?
They WORK too." campaign messaging."


Nobody ever said they didn't. But let's not consider it special.

Boubou's picture

I don't get it. With rallying cries like immigrant criminal rights, perverts, toilet designations, safe places for snowflakes, cosiness with wall street and perpeutual war,  how could the DNC have lost so bad?

TrustbutVerify's picture

The dissatisfaction with Trump and the new national rebuilding and America first policies, as advertised (yes, advertised) by the majority of news outlets (Leftist) is astoundingly overblown. Members and sympathizers (Democrats) of the fascist anarcho-communist group of jackboots, known as Antifa, live in a bubble. The bubble is their sources of news. The perfect illustration of this broader story is the firing of the young man that expressed a politically incorrect (though likely accurate) within the confines of Google (aka, Goolag)

libertyanyday's picture

the LEFT MUST have a leader, a master , a dictator..........they have displayed their inablility to funciton without a head on the snake.  Conservatives get along just fine with no master..  You throw tantrums and run around wildly or you can handle your responsibilities without supervision

Honest Sam's picture

This reminds me of a recent movie I saw about, "McDonald's".

The restaurants, umpteen billion of them, around the world, make a few pennies on each of their foods.  IT wasn't until the jewish kid, Sonneborn, told him, Ray Kroc, that he didn't know what business he was in, but it certainly wasn't the hamburger business.

It was Real Estate. McDonald's owns more real estate than any other corporation on earth.

Just so with Scarborough, who doesn't seem to realize that he doesn't know what's really happenind, or pretends not to, to create more controversy.  The democrats don't need more money, they already have control of Congress!  IF nominal republicans get more seats and democrats less, in 2018, what will change?  Will we get the Wall, the end of Bamstercare, and triage, rationing down the road, a fairer share of taxes being paid by the Interest carry thieves, or anything else that 63,000,000 democrats and republicans, real ones, voted for?




Never One Roach's picture

"Change you can beleive in!"

hooligan2009's picture

the bridge the demcrats need to get over needs to be way smaller - the party has been taken over by low iq couch city dwellers that have about as much interest in the future as an addict looking for the next fix (of other people's money).

just to bring a smile - suck it up, pussies

what iq do you think these people have that makes them think they know what leader to pick?


Seth Rich - not resolved

Russiagate - reolved - democrats lied

Pizzagate - ongoing and unpunished


Uranium to russia

collusion within the DNC so that the moster raving lunatic, Bernie, could not even get a fair run

Lorettagate - unresolved and unpunished

IRSgate - resurfacing and maybe about to get prosecuted

as far as Trump is concerned -

no wall,

no publicizing of success or failure of deportations or arrests of the "bad guys"

no healthcare reform

taxes and debt ceiling and repatiation of overseas tax evasion by US corporates?

trump standing up to racism BY BLACKS!!!

overhaul of H1B visa so young black and hispanic women can replace asian males in silicon valley? silicon valley is stock full of racist, sexist bigots

bring back all trrops? compeltely reversee - the opposite is happening - tensions in NK, Iran poking fun, Russia helping Syria to defeat ISIS despite american support for ISIS?

plan to run fiscal supluses by tackling the welfare democracy sponsored by the swamp for generations?

actual legislation to end rip-off drug pricing?

reform of the university system to end subsidies to tenured libtard demonrat teaching faculties that brainwash students into being fit for only operating social media ?

on and on and on..




urhotdogs's picture

Take down the status and try to erase the Dems racist history.  Still have Woodrow, Franklin and KKK master (and Hillary mentor) Bryd to purge along with several others.  I support forcing them to change the name of the Demorats racist party to something else.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Joe you Scum Fuck. It's a complete repudiation of YOU & your Criminal, Pure Evil Fascist party. And, Republicans are no different.

The Criminal Deep State & its Blackmailed / Compromised Criminal False Right / Left Paradigm Bipartisan CONgress & Presstitute's will continue the Blue Pill Gas Lighted Scripted False Narrative.

All of the anger and violence that we have seen lately has greatly tainted the Democratic Party.

The Democrats have become the party of Kathy Griffin.

The Democrats have become the party of Antifa and mock Trump assassinations.
And the Democrats have become the party of James Hodgkinson.

U.S. Representative Tim Ryan was right on the ball when he admitted that his party’s brand has now become “toxic” in much of the nation…

Honest Sam's picture

Overarching them all is The Democrats' patron saint, Saul Alinsky.  

Let's not leave him out of the equation, because he wrote the Koran that these radicals follow, verbatim. 

The republicans, what's left of them, should take an immersion course in his tactics.

I don't know why the democrats need to raise another dime since they enough RINOs to create a de facto majority without even one advertisement.

This piece is blurring the fact that the democrats already have a majority!!!  Fer krissakes, is any one paying attention to what is happening right before our eyes?  

Trump  would do better to join the Green Party for all the damage the RINOs have done to him.



QIG's picture

new QIG Aug 22, 2017 9:14 AM

(comment at ZeroHedge)


The American people seem to be so poorly educated, to judge by commenting here.


We do not grasp history, current affairs, or almost anything really. The reason is probably that for generations, since the 50's, we have been conditioned to see the beginning-middle-end of every thing in a thirty minute time frame, punctuated by commercials.


They way out of this is to "turn off" the machine, and get back into "life". Grow something, make something, be something, do something, something others would like or benefit from, anything that "contributes".


Trump is much too "flexible" at the moment, fear of job loss I guess, and that also is "lack of education". If he really knew the Constitution, and had a solid grounding in American values his job would be simple, "just be Trump" until the people threw him out.  Instead he is caving into the hawks now, and trying to "negotiate "acceptance". and that is a mistake, since he is negotiating with totally  ignorant souls, albeit in power,.  People. Ignorant people, are that way because they do not "accept" truth.


Not his fault though since he, like the rest of us, all grew up in this "sea of lies"


Trump will stay, and he will be re-elected. For him the issue is not "survival", mainly because there is no "competition".  But rather, the issue is "opportunity loss" if he does not remain true to himself.


What the hawks and the special interests are "selling" is fundamentally what is "wrong".  If Trump caves to that as a habit, he is destined to become just another political creep operating at a level of power higher than he deserves.  I like Trump, but I am fed up with caving in on our American values. But just because he is "better than Hillary" doesn't say very much. Even a dead stone in the pathway is better than Hillary.


The key to this, I think for those who are interested, is "getting back to basics" in America, and to withdraw completely from "groups" who are all now in combat with one another to have it their way.  We need to get re-established in our basic values, education, and decency.  And to work on re-establishing decency, things like having a valid voting system,  gaining just taxation, a the elimination of being manipulated by force (ie: Obamacare) to give up what we earn, having a decent  asset-based "money" system to use, and the protection of the family.


You are never going to "persuade" a person who has gone off the deep end on any subject, so why try?  Instead, do what you can with yourself, and if possible, and they have not yet been lost, your family. Here are the rules:












+  Good Luck.  Rick Harvey


edit reply

DjangoCat's picture

Couldn't agree more.

It is obvious from the total war being waged on Trump in the press, in the courts, on social media, at Google, on the streets and in congress, that something went terribly wrong with the electoral machine in November 2016.  The wheels of corruption fell off.  What a shock.

"Votescam:  The Stealing of America"  Ken and Jim Collier.  Removed from the Library of Congress but still available on Amazon.  Published by Victoria Press in New York, latest edition in 2000. Victoria Press was incorporated by the brothers because no other publisher will touch the story.

Buy it, distribute it.

Honest Sam's picture

God doesn't love me, she hates me.  And most of the other human beans ever born under her skies. 

The only way to get ahead is to do something immoral, unethically wrong, criminal, and Machiavellian.

Nice guys not only finish last, they eat shit.

Poster Boys: bill clinton and the Bamster.

QIG's picture

Thay is a good riposte, but if you were really like that you would not have even reacted by positing it.

You probably would not be reading and participating at this web site.

In any case, you need to do some repair work now, since you did say these things, and in case you are not already aware of it we do  get "hung by our tongues". The simple truth is that as a human you have great pwoer to create when you find it, and the way you do that (finding your power) has a lot to do with what you "say" is true.


As the expression goes: "If you say you can, or you say you can't you'll probably be right".


Hope I did not disapoint you by answering. :^) Rick

LawsofPhysics's picture

"America isn't a melting pot"...


LMFAO!!!  moron.

Is-Be's picture

How about we put up a  (small)  statue of Soros at the end of the garden, behind the bush for our ablutions?

That will work.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

Joe is awakening to the reality of pocketbook issues.

Americans can be, and are, very benevolent. But between the cost of healthcare and downward pressure on wages/salaries, there isn't enough to fund all the grandiose plans, ie., giveaways, of the Democratic Party. Government has indeed run out of other people's money to spend. That's the message the Dems haven't received.

When all you do is surround yourself with like-minded people and opinions, shutting out those disparate to yours, you come to believe that yours is the only opinion, and therefore it must be the correct opinion. Despite the growing outcries of America's working class that there are too few decent paying jobs, that health insurance is too expensive, that public education is in the toilet, that housing is too expensive, NONE of it seems to make any impression on our so-called leaders once they win that magic lottery to DC. Why? Because THEY have good salaries and subsidized healthcare. It is pathetic to ask Americans making $8-10 an hour to pay income taxes to subsidize a congressman's/senator's health insurance. Pathetic.

Even with Trump winning the election, that wakeup call went unheeded by the Dems. Instead, they are doubling down with this violence shit. Truly, USA is an embarrassment. Fighting over nearly 150 year-old statues. How ridiculous.

When the congressional representatives were shot at and Scalise severely wounded in DC, both parties promised a more civil discourse and toned down rhetoric. Liars.on

I no longer believe a civil war can be avoided. But if this gets away from "them," I'm not sure how they'll easily restore any semblance of order.



truthalwayswinsout's picture

Kill the White People is the only message the DNC has.