First Images, Videos Show Extensive Damage To USS John McCain

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Photos and videos have emerged from the early Monday collision involving the guided-missile destroyer USS John McCain and an oil/chemical tanker called the Alnic MC. As reported late on Sunday, five sailors were injured in the collision, which occurred east of the Strait of Malacca, and a search is underway for 10 more who remain missing.

The collision is an unsettling repeat of the June collision between the USS Fitzgerald and container ship the ACX Crystal, the worst naval accident in decades. Ultimately, the crash left seven sailors dead and resulted in career-ending penalties against the ship’s captain and other top officials.

The following YouTube videos show the gaping hole on the side of the ship where the collision occurred.

According to the 7th Fleet Commander, the collision was reported at 6:24 Japan Time. The crash occurred while the USS John McCain was on its way to a routine port call in Singapore. Photographic evidence confirms that the warship sustained damage to its port side aft. Search and rescue efforts are under way in coordination with local authorities, the Navy said, although there is still no word on any casualties. The ship arrived safely in Singapore according to the 7th Fleet, which has released more photos of the USS John McCain on its twitter feed:

While investigations into the collision of the USS Fitzgerald appeared to quickly ascertain that personal error was responsible for the crash. However, before the final decision was released, early reports appeared to suggest that there might’ve been something wrong with the Destroyer’s navigation system. While naval accidents involving US service ships are extremely rare, there have now been two almost identical collisions in the span of a three months. In light of recent events, it is surprising that Russian hackers have not been blamed yet. 

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RealityCheque's picture

It's a shame that someone wont put a big, gaping hole in the actual John McCain.

Handful of Dust's picture

“Things like this are going to happen in a Big Ocean. People are just going to have to get used to it.”

Looney's picture


Speaking of McCain…

His tumor can be easily cured by keeping his head in a tightly sealed jar.  ;-)

Dr. Looney

Croesus's picture

Even a ship named McStain gets people dead; oh, the irony.

I know I'm not the only one who wants to see that bastard die.

BennyBoy's picture


Radar spoofed by China. Thay hated the MacCain for passing close by their "new" island a while ago. 


EuroPox's picture

Correct!  It was only last week:

China is sending a very clear message.

two hoots's picture

Remember the small US boat that Iran took control/fooled the GPS and had it enter Iranian waters then captured the crew?

Must wonder if something similiar is going on  with these larger ships? 

HillaryOdor's picture

Please be an omen of things to come.

peddling-fiction's picture

Will the third "crash" be considered an unlucky accident or coinicidence as well?

Kotzbomber747's picture

I can just imagine the reply from the US navy. It's always someone else's fault, whether it's aircraft intercepts over the Baltic Sea, of (near) navy collisions in the South China Sea.

Reminds me of the following joke:

US Ship: Please divert your course 0.5 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

CND reply: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

US Ship: This is the Captain of a US Navy Ship. I say again, divert your course.

CND reply: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course!


CND reply: This is a lighthouse mate. Your call.

Has Fake News Outlet CNN already blamed "Russian Hackers?"

Kotzbomber747's picture

"Speaking of McCain…

His tumor can be easily cured by keeping his head in a tightly sealed jar.  ;-)

Dr. Looney"

There's a much cheaper option: wrap a roll of duct tape over Johnnie McShitStain's mouth.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

John McCain was damaged in the stern. The investigation is centering on Senator Lindsey Graham.

chunga's picture

It's embarassing enough if Uncle Scam has 500' destroyers with crews of 300 joy-riding not paying attention crashing into things, and this one named after war-mongerer #1. It would be even worse to admit it has to recall all navy vessels because something out there is throwing an electronic kibosh on them. If that's what's happening why would jets and other weapons be any different?

Is there a USS McMasters bobbing around out there? If so maybe they shoudl put on their life jackets.

ElTerco's picture

With ten or so people on duty, I can't believe that at least two of them aren't on deck with a visual lookout. Those millennials need to put down their phones.

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Erek's picture

Ship in distress: Mayday. Mayday. We are sinking. We are sinking.

German Coast Guard: Ziss iss der German Coastgard.

Ship in distress: We are sinking! We are sinking!

German coast Guard: Ziss iss der German Coastgard. Ah W… w… what are you zinking about?

laser's picture

How about pictures of the tanker and its crew?

laser's picture

How will our destroyers fare against an attacker if they cannot detect a much larger tanker colliding with them amidship?

PorscheNoSub's picture

"Will the fourth "crash" be considered an unlucky accident or coinicidence as well?"

FIFY - maybe?

Ran across another collision reference on Breitbart which sounds similar but may just be "accidental". Anyone hear about the USS Lake Champlain collision in May near South Korea?

It's a Ticonderoga-class cruiser instead of a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer but still uses Aegis. Interestingly from the USNI article it was hit on the port side amid ship. 

JohninMK's picture

From my big post on the USS Fitzgerald enquiries near the end of this thread

Whilst there will undoubtedly be career changes in the background, publicaly the sad fact is that the USN seems to regard death and injury to its sailors due, in its own words,  to "poor seamanship", "inadequate leadership" and "flawed teamwork" as being "in the line of duty" and not "misconduct".

I am sure that other Navies would not take the same view. Another nail in the reputation of the USN.



Freddie's picture

And to think the US Navy was just getting over that Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin thing.

F John McCain, his pappy and grandpappy.  They have killed more American sailors than Russia and Iran combined.

Don't let your kids sign up to die for these bankster psychopaths.

Raffie's picture

Still a smaller hole then in the real John McCain's head.

EuroPox's picture

The Navy must know what is going on, yet they continue to put the ships and crew in peril?  Disgraceful.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Automation makes people stupid.  Can't wait for self driving cars now.  /s

BarkingCat's picture

Just go to a store and give them change that does not match exactly what the amount due is. Watch the panic in their eyes. That's what automation does.

Big Brother's picture

Given the correlation with Plans, Trains, and Cars and their own mishaps with auto-pilot controls, I would agree that your proposition is most likely (but not as fun for conspiracy theory).


I'm a quality engineer and our T-MAC (automation stuff) controls allow our operators to make similar costly mistakes (although no one's died... yet).

insanelysane's picture

Put 4 self driving cars from different manufacturers at a 4 way stop sign at the same time.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Anyone else suspect that the quality of our miltary personnel might be declining? After years of battle and mission fatigue and then eight years of liberal PC under Obama, I imagine discipline is not what it used to be, and the NCO and officers are not as impressive as they might have once been. I don't think we should just automatically assume our troops and sailors are up to all they myriad tasks that are being assigned to them.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Must wonder if anyone at the Navy still thinks it was a good idea to move all that chip fab to China.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Why - how - does the Navy name a ship after a serving U.S. Senator? I thought this was reserved for deceased people, or at least retired.

Freddie's picture

His father and grandfather who were evil admirals who sold out or got American sailors killed.

The family is pure evil Jesuits who are lap dogs and lackeys for the zios.

A lot of innocent people and young sailors died beause of this evil family.

PorscheNoSub's picture

It doesn't seem like it is just ships:

2 drones in 1 week. And let's not forget that Iran spoofed the one drone to land in Iran not too long ago. 

What's the handy military acronym for "your electonics are compromised"?

Froman's picture

Wasn't this the plot in the James Bond flick "Tomorrow Never Dies"? 

Freddie's picture

The Iranians aka Persians also supposedly took down a USA Inc drone.  The Persians are pretty smart and I bet between China, Iran and Russia they have some tech to spoof this expensive Raytheon junk. 

US defense companies and the even creepier consultants like Booz Allen, Serco, Brown and Root are great at stealing money from US taxpayers.  Most of their stuff is overpriced shit.

Poor kids in the Navy.  How many sailors did the McCain family kill?  They killed more sailors than the Russians ever did.  They also helped kill scores of innocent people including McCain's ISIS boys.

Cynicles II's picture

No surprise when the US "secretes are regularily sold to China, Russia and the like.

The "truth" we get will be about as legit as the "truth" we received on USS Donald Cook, Bin Laden, USS Liberty etc.

two hoots's picture

.Benny Boy,  if so that is concerning we (our systems/tech)  didn't catch it?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

First Images, Videos Show Extensive Damage To USS John McCain

My response: These sailors need to lay off the sauce. This is the fourth accident within the last couple of years I think.

Offthebeach's picture

UNCLE went all over Europe to Okinawa  in the destroyer "Lucky " Lindy in WWII.   Making and hiding hooch all over shio.  Now? No booze, no sex jokes, definitely no smoking but trannies/muslims the best.


Also, basic sea skills unknown now.  Might as well outsource ship "driving " to low bid contractor in India..or China.

PorscheNoSub's picture

Good dot connecting to you both. Any ideas about the USS Fitzgerald and previous freedom of naviation or areas of operation that would imply a similar connection?

EuroPox's picture

Only previous FONOPs in 2017 were:

May 25 USS Dewey

July 3 USS Stethem

PorscheNoSub's picture

I also thought I read somewhere that the USS John S McCain was the replacement for the USS Fitzgerald.  There definitely are a a lot of coincidences/connections. 

EuroPox's picture

The odd thing about this one is that the pictures do not reveal any shear damage - with the Fitzgerald it was easy to see where the ship had been ripped... this one looks like the McCain was not moving, the damage does not show any shear at all.

PorscheNoSub's picture

I hear what you are saying, but take a look at the damage again. The "puncture" isn't symmetrical to me and looks like a glancing/angled blow/collision (shallow then to deepest depth from AFT moving FWD). I think differences in tanker/freighter design may account for the difference in damage between the two incidents (I think this tanker was riding higher in the water than the Japan incident). Or, it just might be the relative speed between the two ships wasn't as great as with the USS Fitzgerald incident. The video isn't bad but also isn't the greatest. 

EuroPox's picture

Here is a better picture:

Here is another: - if you enlarge the small image you get a pretty good view.

To me it looks like a clean hit, I don't see anything that looks like sheer - it went straight in.  Compare with the Fitzgerald and you can see where the Crystal's anchor lodged in the superstructure and tore it apart ... nothing like that here.