What Would A U.S. Civil War Look Like?

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Authored by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs' Gregory Copley via OilPrice.com,

Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States.

But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.

It will appear as an evolving chaos.

And the next US civil war, though it yet may be arrested to a degree by the formal hand of centralized gov-ernment, will destabilize many other nation-states, including the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

It may, in other words, be short-lived simply because the uprising will probably not be based upon the decisions of constituent states (which, in the US Civil War, created a break-away confederacy), acting within their own perception of a legal process. It is more probable that the 21st Century event would contage as a gradual breakdown of law and order.

The outcome, to a degree dependent on how rapidly order is restored, would likely be the end, or constraint, of the present view of democracy in the US. It would see a massive dislocation of the economy and currency. It would, then, become a global-level issue.

Humans mock what they see as an impulse toward species suicide among the beautiful lemming clan of Lemmus lemmus. In fact, these tiny creatures have a societal survival pattern which seems more consistent than that of their human detractors. The pattern of human history shows that civilizations usually end through internal illness rather than at the hand of external powers.

It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.

In both instances, the election of Mr Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.

The last-ditch reactions by those who voted in the US for Donald Trump and those who voted in the UK for Brexit were against an urban-based globalism which has been building for some seven decades, with the deliberate or accidental intent of destroying nations and nationalism. It is now crystallizing into this: urban globalism sees nations and nationalism as the enemy, and vice-versa.

The battle lines have been drawn.

The urban globalists — the conscious and unconscious — have thrown their resources behind efforts to avert a return to nationalism, particularly in the US and UK, but also in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the like.

Urban globalists control most of the means of communications [is this new “means of production”; the 21st Century marxian dialectic?] and therefore control “information” and the perception of events.

“Nationalists”, then, are operating instinctively, and in darkness.

There is little doubt that the US, despite the evidence that economic recovery is at hand, could spiral into a self-destructive descent of dysfunction, dystopia, and anomie. The path toward a “second civil war” has significant parallels with the causes of the first US Civil War (1861-65). Both events — the 19th Century event and a possible 21st Century one — saw the polarization of a fundamentally urban, abstract society against a fundamentally regional, traditional society.

In some respects, it is a conflict between people with long memories (even if those memories are flawed and selective) and people to whom memories and history are irrelevant. Equally, it is a conflict between identity and materialism, with the abstract social groups (the urban populations) the most preoccupied with short-term material gain.

I have covered the US for 50 years, and my earliest view of it was, a half century ago, that its populations would inevitably polarize into protective islands of self-interest, surrounded by seas of unthinking locusts. What is ironic is that the present islands of wealth and power — the cities — have come to represent short-term materialism, as cities have throughout history.

But what is interesting is that, despite the global attention on the political/geographic polarizations occurring in the US and other parts of the Western world, there has been a reversion in other parts of the world to a sense of Westphalian or pre-Westphalian nationalism. The fact that “the West” may have ring-fenced Iran, Russia, and so on, with sanctions and other forms of isolation may well be what ensures their endur-ing status.

They have avoided the contagion of globalism.

Russia, indeed, recovered from the Soviet form of globalism in 1991.

An urban globalist “victory” over Trump and Brexit would trigger that meltdown toward a form of civil societal collapse - civil war in some form or other - as the regions disavow the diktats of the cities. That would, in turn, bring about the global economic uncertainty which could impact the PRC and then the en-tire world.

But such a conflict - physical or political - could, equally, lead to a victory for nationalism over globalism, and to the protection of currencies and values. We have seen this cycle repeated for millennia.

It is the eternal battle.

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Mr. Universe's picture

No there is not. It's all a construct. They are building the idea of a civil war. Who would participate? Not me, fuck those assholes. Unless it's a removal of those who are the treasonous, I want no part of it.

hobopants's picture

US civil war would be a game over for the Globalist and the left, their power lies in the fragile Global economy and the even more fragile mega cities that are fed by it. Tell me again what happens to the those mega cities like New York and LA when the food stops rolling in?

Even if most of the food weren't grown in Red states which would most likely deny it to the cities, distribution lines would go to hell as soon as the party started since nobody is going to want to drive truck through hundreds of miles of hostile country, I would love to see FEMA keep up lol. 



Mr. Universe's picture

It's not that it won't happen, but those who have the final say are not going to fall for that bullshit. Sure let the BLM and the Antifa's tear things down, oh when did they last march and tear things up in Santa Clara? No? Baltimore, Oakland, Charlottsville? Nothingburger.  The real damage will be done by the State, using false flags in a never ending goal for conflagration. Too many now see. We are miles away from the real war that will come upon us. Yes, we are ready and prepared.


hobopants's picture

I don't think "they" are in charge anymore Trump, Brexit, C-ville... not buying this omniscient elite BS anymore. They overplayed their hand and now Chaos is running the show and everyone is just along for the ride. 



BlackChicken's picture

Look out the window, we are in it right now.

The Cooler King's picture

I'll gladly pay you next Wednesday for a NOTHINGBURGER today

BlackChicken's picture

It's not a nothing-burger when people die, when the media is having orgasmic-overload going after Trump as a racist (nothing else works), plus a dozen other things.

Nothing burger = intellectual time out.

Paul Kersey's picture

What Would A U.S. Civil War Look Like? The south side of Chicago.

Son of Thor's picture

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J Jason Djfmam's picture

It would look like stupid people with clubs attacking smarter people with guns. Oops!

TheVillageIdiot's picture

Yet Soros, the CLintons, McCains are all still alive.

Until they are dead, its a nothingburger

new game's picture

moaan aabe.

yea, come and get it.

i strongly advise these fruits not leave their sancuary communes.

history suggests to not wander off the reservation...



Memedada's picture

The ”left” (the real left and not the fictitious psy-ob-version that passes as “left-wing” in USA) have been against neo-liberalistic globalization long before you even learned the term “globalization”. I’ve personally participated in “the battle of Seattle” against the WTO in 1999 (didn’t meet any “right-wingers”). The “anti-globalization”-movement was ridiculed in the MSM and by the right-wing in general.

It is only US-indoctrinated corporate tools that believe fascist US have a “left-wing” represented in the CORPORATE (privately owned/capitalist medias) controlled medias. US is totally controlled by the ownership class. The ownership class is made up of old money. The gains from the first round of Monopoly/capitalism in the 1800’s (Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Morgan etc.). They own everything – including the monetary system. And the minds of the US plebs. They waged – and won – a war against the minds of the US population. Since the time of McCarthyism there has been no “left-wing” of importance in US. Only two corporate controlled political parties – the one mouthing old-school conservative banalities (the REPs) and the other “neo-liberal” falsities. None of them have a “left-wing”-agenda (=expropriating the ill-gotten gains of the FIRE-sector, nationalizing the banks/monetary system, ending private property over the means of production (not ending personal/utility property), creating democratic institutions (and not “pay and play”/legal corruption), ending private monopolies over the medias/creating independent public medias (and yes, it is easy to create medias with no political involvement and no private ownership), cutting the MIC-budget/Pentagon etc. etc. etc.).

The only policy I’ve seen been promoted as genuinely “left-wing” is Obama-care. Stupid. Obama-care should be called Romney-care (he invented it and implemented it first). It is a policy that forces everyone to participate in the privately owned Ponzi-insurance-scheme passing as the US health-care-system.

In short: US is a hyper-capitalist country (a country owned by capitalists/owners of capital) and the plebs have been fooled to see it as “communism/socialism”. If you’re not able to diagnose the disease correctly your chances of curing it are small.

swmnguy's picture

Correct on all points, but you're going to encounter tough sledding on ZH explaining that.  Too many of us get our definitions of political terminology from partisan media entertainers, who have drained words of meaning so as to be able to say whatever they like without accountability.  The effort was kicked off by William Safire and Frank Luntz, but most of the heavy lifting of late has been done by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

As a result, most people on ZH don't have any idea what "Left" politics is.  They equate the American form of Liberalism, which isn't even that, with "Left."  And, as a direct and intended result, they don't have any way to articulate what they see happening.

As you point out, no Leftist ever has advocated diverting the wealth of the nation through the Finance sector, nor of forcing all citizens to purchase the product of crony-capitalist market-riggers in lieu of healthcare.

There is an explanation, about 150 years old, that does a very good job of illustrating what we see and why it developed, but Americans won't look at it because it was developed by Karl Marx.  Marx, as we've all found out, was a horse-shit political philosopher, because he had the common failing of idealistic intellectuals in having a rosy view of human nature.  But he was an economist without parallel.  He's the only economist who has accurately predicted the behavior of capital and capitalists, and how governments and societies would develop and change in response to the behavior of capital.

The very idea that what we have in America is "Communism/Socialism" is so absurd I'm perpetually astonished when I hear anyone with an IQ above room temperature repeat the nonsense.

In America we have the Corporate Right and what the Europeans call the "Dirty Right."  They're in some level of conflict at them moment.  George F. Will once fatuously observed that American politics is a football game played between the 40-yard lines, but now it's played between the 20 and the 40 on the right side of the field.  The Democratic Party today wouldn't nominate Ronald Reagan as a candidate, as his positions were too far to the left for today's Democrats.  And today's Republicans are far to the right of the John Birchers of the 1960s, whom William F. Buckley called "The Crazies."

We're not going to see a political solution to America's problems.  It's no coincidence that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America, and the entire Establishment unites to undercut and sabotage him.  Not that he's the answer, but the entire political conversation right now is whether we should have more integration of corporate and State power, or a lot lot lot more.

NiggaPleeze's picture

"The ”left” (the real left and not the fictitious psy-ob-version that passes as “left-wing” in USA) have been against neo-liberalistic globalization long before you even learned the term “globalization”."

It is true that the mainstream "conservatives" have supported globalization in trade terms, but not in "open borders" or "global government" (spearheaded by the anthropomorphic global warming scam) terms.  These latter forms of globalization are owned by the "left".

The globalists work both sides, getting gains where they can; and once a "gain" is made, it's for keeps.

Whatever happened in Seattle in 1999, if you look around now, it is the "right" that opposes NAFTA, open borders and global government, and the "left' that enthusiastically supports it (to the point of denouncing as "racist", "Nazi" and "despicable" - and, in the case of the radical Left, employing violence against - anyone who opposes it).

The "true left", in your vernacular, are the Bolsheviks.  That they were globalists is beyond any sort of refutation, with slogans like "international revolution" and "workers of the world unite".  That Lenin advocated an international vanguard, headed by the very Wall Street globalists that financed the October Revolution, is also beyond dispute (in his view it was the mythical "Russian proletariat" who would lead the international revolution, but we all know the "Russian proletariat" had exactly zero say in Bolshevism, so in the end, it was to be the (Jewish Bolshevik) "vanguard" that was to rule the globe).

By the way, whether the media or the modes of production are "privately owned" or "vanguard owned" makes no difference.  The issue is always one of centralized control.  "Communism" has shown itself to be even more centrally controlled than "capitalism".  Marx's analysis of free market capitalism was/is compelling, but we are not dealing with "free market capitalism" - we are dealing with global oligarch/crony capitalism.  Whether the global oligarchs control the world directly, through a "vanguard", or indirectly, through ownership of capital and the media and the firm control of other social institutions, is entirely irrelevant to the rest of the world.

The problem is the concentration of power and the Leftists want only to concentrate it further, in a global dictatorship.  Whether it is ruled by a corporation or a committee is irrelevant, in any case the people will have no say over their lives.

canisdirus's picture

It isn't even states, it's counties. Most of those big states with huge urban populations have counties where food is grown. Those counties do not agree with their cities.

When this happens (it will, it's just a question of when), it's the wealthy and/or city dwellers that will be killed first. They will be stripped of their wealth just like we saw in revolutions throughout Europe in recent centuries.

I'm not sure the history books would call it a "civil war", either, as that's what those supporting the status quo call it when a revolution fails to unseat a status quo. It's highly improbable that the snowflakes in the cities, even if they won decisive victories against the rural areas, could turn those areas into a reliable food supply due to a lack of farming skills, so even a victory would ultimately be a loss.

conditional love's picture

No, it will usher in the Police State.

Fascism will be welcomed.

They need an excuse to disarm us. This is it.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

They need no "excuse" to disarm us. They have already chopped the Second Amendment into unrecognizeable pieces with their gun "laws." You are first on their final list of things to do. They alredy have you pegged and red-listed within their data-mining matrix, and are only waiting for the "GO" signal.

Bigern's picture

This is assuming globalists have not been planning a mass die-off for a very long time. It is the ultimate opportunity for them to remove as many undesirables as possible during the maelstrom, with little to answer for in the aftermath. They can then construct their "perfect" society from the ashes of the removed. Technology has now reduced the demand for labor. This cabal wants to run lean and mean.

Secret Weapon's picture

I could see a truck driver strike shutting down things pretty fast. 

Putrid_Scum's picture

The Families fear the market will unravel. Time is running out, it's The Reset that will open the gates of hell. Reader, you need to make a decision


GUS100CORRINA's picture

What Would A U.S. Civil War Look Like?

My response: Just like what we are seeing today in American cities like Washington DC, Chicago, Baltimore, Charlette, Boston and on US college campuses like Berkeley. I feel like we have been at CIVIL WAR with the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL LEFT since the POTUS was sworn into office on Jan 20th!!

The LATEST victims of the current CIVIL WAR were the original 'CIVIL WAR' statues.

ANTIFA and BLM are terrorist groups as well as SPLC. These organizations have declared war on the REPUBLIC.

Memedada's picture

So much nonsense in one comment. If there’s a war against the US Empire (as you call a Republic) I’ll enlist anytime. And no, not on the side of the US Empire. The killing grounds in the ME does not qualify (both sides are controlled by the Empire).

All the corporate propaganda crap about “cultural Marxism” (define that term and show me one person who identifies with or promotes “cultural Marxism”/whatever it is) and the "Marxist progressive liberal left" (US don't have a left-wing, see my comment above) is a litmus test of an US-indoctrinated mind.


hobopants's picture

When the left wing liberals abandoned class politics and adopted identity politics they became cultural Marxist, nobody publicly identifies with the term Marxist because of the negative connotations it has developed over the years but cultural Marxist they are none the less, their actions and speech make that plain as day.

You seem to be arguing a combination of a no true Scotsman fallacy and semantics here. Liberals are in bed with corporate America now because their goals have changed. It's about culture and race now not class and economics. You can be in bed with a huge corporation now like Google or apple as long as it isn't a racist one. Get it? 

Now if you want to sit here and whine about how this isn't economic, or classical liberalism I don't have time for you. These are the same leftist collectivist a holes as always Their methods and goals have just been rendered harmless to the people in power(class) and weaponized to target the white middle class instead(culture), just as intended. They are as they have always been, useful idiots.

Secret Weapon's picture

Gave you a green arrow.  I liked your books a lot.  Cheers.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

When rats invade your pantry, just stand back and watch? In all wars/civil wars, fence sitters are the first ones whose bodies line the bloody gutters and mass graves. Your wife and kids will be enslaved, raped, and murdered. You will be tortured, then shot or hacked to death. There will be no "safe spaces" for non-participants. Read some history.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

There it is. Eat it, but have a little hot sauce with it to improve its taste. The Marxist scum, Free Shit Army, rapefugees amd wetbacks will be waiting at your door to share their love of shit with you. You fucking idiots astound me...the enemy is in your face and steamrolling over you and the country, so you will patiently wait until you get a crack at their leaders? You are rat food waiting to be consumed.

Mr. Universe's picture

Rats in the pantry? What are you a fucking Ultramaroon? We have giant vampire squids decimating our financial system and what do the "people" do? NOTHING

Endless wars of aggression and young men sent to die for what? All wars are BANKERS wars. The people's response? Bomb, bomb, bomb.

Streams of millions of foreigners illegally entering our country that are then welcomed with open arms by the State while decimating local government treasuries. The people's response? MOAR please, after all they just want a better life, 

Half of the country not working and receiving a monthly check from Uncle Sam to survive? But then you never really read the post, you just reacted. Go back to jacking off into your Gun's N Ammo mag...I'll be keeping watch, and waiting, for the right time to fight, not when they tell me I should, for their purposes.


UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Fuck you, moron. So, your solution is to keep on bloviating, watching niggerball, drinking your beer, and being a good little slave until the "right time" for you comes in order to react. You know all of shit and have seen it all, yet still have done nothing... because it is not the "right time" yet? I guess when the motherfuckers have you in chains and are beating your ass with clubs it will then be the right time. So, fuck you...just sit there until your "right time" comes upon you like a ton of shit! Then eat it.

Mr. Universe's picture

Same to you buddy. You know nothing about me, in fact from what you have posted, you know nothing.

Gunga's picture

We are not going to have a civil war. We the People know that the source of our problems is in Washington DC. When we have had enough the days will more closely resemble the French Revolution. The peasants will pour from the countryside into the capitol city and deal with the source of our problems directly.

conditional love's picture

The peasants are sheep awaiting slaughter. 

hoos bin pharteen's picture

And, like the French Revolution, it will be followed by the Great Terror that decimated the peasants (e.g. the slaughter of the Vendee).  

mike_king's picture

Burn the cities with fire! They have become nothing but centers of evil and insanity. And hatred for white men and all we have accomplished and given to the world.

adanata's picture


Absolutely correct... the Glbalist Central Banks are paying, priming, pumbing, inciting, inflaming and progagandizing for the civil war they are desperately seeking. 

They must break America or there will be no Global Governance by the Central Banks fronted by the UN.

The Globalists have made every effort to spark off real riots/chaos et al but I believe they will fail in this endeavor.  I believe what these merciless psycho scumbags are going to get is a revolution against them and their political class minions. It's gonna be their worst nightmare. It always is. 

Dindu Nuffins's picture

A whorehouse divided against itself shall not stand.

Yippie21's picture

Pfffft.  Ain't gonna happen.

hobopants's picture

Its happening now:


"Altona Bloody Sunday (GermanAltonaer Blutsonntag) was the name given to a violent confrontation between the Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS), the police, and Communist Party (KPD) supporters on 17 July 1932 in Altona, now in Hamburg but then part of Schleswig-Holstein, which was part of Prussia. The riots left 18 people dead."


Commies and Fascist fighting in the street...Hmmm sounds like another story that's been told. But you're right probably nothing....lol

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Lol will not happen. We dont have the balls our ancestors had.

Mr 9x19's picture

 most realistic comment ever


HockeyFool's picture

Some people are ready. Many are yet too comfortable, and like the clown that posted first, just want someone else to fight for them. But remove that comfort zone, say the grid goes down, and things get ugly. Very ugly, very fast, and EVERYBODY gets to play. No one sits out a grid down scenario.

Mr. Universe's picture

The guy in the Jester hat calls me a clown. I guess reading comprehension is in short supply around ZH lately. I don't want anyone to fight for me, we are quite capable and ready when necessary. The press is fear mongering trying to push us into a battle where we have none. Only idiots would rush out to start fighting in the streets, only to be mowed down by the state, those will be the first bodies in the street.

If the grid goes down, there will be no Civil war, it will be total chaos. Again a whole different kettle of fish.

jughead's picture

see how "realistic" it is when people can't get their fix of whatever they are addicted to or cannot provide for themselves or their kids.

There is a whole big world out there full of actual history that you should learn from...saving yourself from looking like a clueless sheeple serf in public. 

just the tip's picture

and considering the paid actors that are bussed in, who will  know who to attack?  and who is organizing who?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Anyone with a gun or knife in your face is your enemy.

Dormouse's picture

More like: guys who look like girls and vice versa or simply andorgenous, most likes unnatural hair colors, face tattoos, armed with clubs bats bike locks or bottles of piss, screaming incoherent Marxist psychobabble while burning an American flag or wiping their ass with it—these are the enemy. Oh and most urban blacks without belts but fancy shoes, Ivy-League-educated pompous asses with microphones in there hands speaking into cameras, bankers, any politician with a (D) after their name and many with an (R). Foreign assholes wearing Blue Helmets...shit, it's a long list, but it will be obvious, they look like losers.

new game's picture

i think i've seen some of these types...

all-priced-in's picture

"and considering the paid actors that are bussed in, who will  know who to attack?  and who is organizing who?"


Shoot the people that are waving professionally produced signs and are wearing matching outfits.







jughead's picture

speak for yourself, cupcake.