Justin Trudeau To Refugees: There's "No Advantage" To Entering Canada Illegally

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Eight months.

That’s how long it took for Canadian Prime Minister and liberal hero Justin Trudeau to realize his promise to welcome all immigrants and refugees to Canada may have been a little short-sighted. After the prime minister proudly proclaimed on Twitter back in January that Canada would welcome all those fleeing “persecution and war,” the prime minister changed his tone this week when he warned refugees crossing into Canada from the US that sneaking into the country illegally wouldn't fast-track the process of granting asylum.

In the months that have passed since Trudeau made his famous promise, the number of refugees streaming over the border into the Canadian province of Quebec surged dramatically, straining local resources available to process their claims of asylum and provide necessities like food and shelter. The asylum seekers are primarily Haitians who fear that the Trump administration might revoke a special protected status implemented after the 2010 earthquake.

Here’s Trudeau, who was speaking at - of all places - a news conference before Montreal’s Pride parade:  

"If I could directly speak to people seeking asylum, I'd like to remind them there's no advantage," Trudeau said at a news conference Sunday in Montreal.


"Our rules, our principles and our laws apply to everyone."


Trudeau also stressed that anyone seeking refugee status will have to go through Canada's "rigorous" screening process.

The surge of migrants has overwhelmed both the Canadian legal system and the capabilities of local agencies tasked with aiding refugees. We reported earlier this month that Canada sent soldiers to a popular crossing site in upstate New York to help build a small encampment for newly arriving refugees. But beads have quickly filled up. According to CBC News, more than 3,800 people walked over the border into the province during the first two weeks of August, compared to the 2,996 who crossed throughout all of July.

As CBC notes, Unlike in the United States, Haitians have no special status in Canada, and about half of Haitians seeking refugee status in Canada have already been denied during the past couple of years.

Trudeau critic Michelle Rempel said the Canadian government too willingly ignored the brewing refugee crisis on its doorstep, and continues to play down the need to deal with the problem.  

“Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel said Trudeau is downplaying the urgent need to deal with the surge in people crossing the border.


"They knew it was going to be a problem this summer. And their response has been building tent cities on the U.S./Canada border," she said in an interview with CBC News."

Too help alleviate the problem, Rempel says the federal government should increase funding for the IRB, the board that evaluates all asylum claims. Even before the surge at the border, the IRB was hopelessly backlogged, ensuring that claimants could remain in the country in a legal limbo while they waited for their hearing.

Allowing the department to process claims more quickly would remove this incentive for asylum seekers to cross illegally.

Still, given his professed love for immigration and multiculturalism, we wonder just how far Trudeau will go to stanch the tide of refugees. Will there be more soldiers and more camps? Or will Trudeau hire an army of claims processers to start kicking people out of the country – or at least ensure that those allowed to remain deserve to do so?

One thing's for sure: He's going to need to do something.

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TeamDepends's picture

Oh Canada, we survived 8 years of Barry The Homo Muslim Supremecist.  Can you do it?  We are on your side!

Stuart's picture

Trudeau is 10 years too soon.   What happens come December..... watch Trudeau get blamed for deaths for those who will be found only come spring thaw...   He was just too eager to score what he thought were political points.   Now some people will die as a result.

NoPension's picture

Suck on it.

And thanks....thanks very much.

Go North, oh wayward traveler.

NoPension's picture

.....oh, and if y'all deport these shitskins.....haul their asses back to the starting point. Don't just shove them back our way. We don't want em either.

Stick them in the Yukon. They can be gold miners. If they can survive....that earn the right to stay.

Dormouse's picture

No advantage to entering illegally? So it's the same as entering legally! Oh, Canada.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

That's exactly what I thought :) ... practically one euphemism

afronaut's picture

Oh I know, the guy is a fuckstick

Bumpo's picture

Front run the criticism and post a big billboard: "We're Racists. Go Home"

vato poco's picture

yes, that's  the ticket, justin old sport! reason calmly with the swarming invasive hordes! 

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Laowei Gweilo's picture

I'm happy they're going to Quebec to because it's by far the most racist and nationalist province lol if anyone is going to have the guts to stand up to immigration it's QC


retards here in BC would spend all the real estate taxation windfall on social programs for them and then wonder in 5 years after housing slows/crashes why we're broke.


'WHAT?! you mean poor Haitians and Syrians don't contribute as much in taxes as wealthy Chinese?! social programs don't pay for themselves?!'

[well, except for Burnaby... considering the Burnany is richer than Ontario, Greece, and Italy combined lol]

Crash N. Burn's picture

"I'm happy they're going to Quebec to because it's by far the most racist and nationalist province lol if anyone is going to have the guts to stand up to immigration it's QC"

 There's was a group, La Meute (The Pack), which tried to march in Quebec City on this very subject. You'll never guess which group of fucktards stopped the march. Actualy, you will - masks, violent, you know who.

 Guess which group gets the far-right nazi label - including taking a picture of the leader waving from an angle so it looks like a nazi salute.


What, no pictures of th fucktards who stopped the march?


We used to say to "slow" people - "Do I need to draw you a picture?". Now, even with pictures, the majority can't figure out who the real fascists are.

ACP's picture

Did the Punch Drunk Prime Minister get cucked by one too many black bulls?

Sensei CP3's picture

Trudeau is just saying shit to calm his fucking people down.  Saying one thing and doing another, are what cock sucking politicians do.

Oh Canada 

KekistanisUnite's picture

What do you mean 10 years too soon?

thedespised's picture

Luckily, our antifa wing blew their load all over and got arrested and bad presss.  lol.  They can't even false flag well here. Our false flags were the worst trash.. So off broadway.

wisehiney's picture

I never heard so many crickets at one time.

caconhma's picture

Romans considered immigrants as invaders and just slaughtered of  them including men, women, children. The Roman Empire was strong and prosperous then.

But at some time, Romans became welcome immigration expecting benefits from cheap labors. The Romans were very wrong and flood of immigrants overrun Rome and the Roman nation and its citizens have ceased to exist.

Northern Lights's picture

As a Canadian, I hope this refugee disaster is what finally sinks this country into total chaos.  The Government has no cash, there are no jobs, people have stangnant wages to the point where if you bought a house today in your mid 30's, you'll never pay it off.  It was announced that $274 billion is being spent this year on care for elders. This is set to quadruple by 2050.  Where you gonna get the cash?  You think these rapefugees from 3rd world shit holes are going to make positive contributions to society?  Think again.  The money being spent to hole up this scum will empty the wallets of every single citizen in this country.

NoPension's picture

Yeah...but your healthcare is faree.

So look at all the savings.

Hey...the diversity is great for your country. Too white, anyhow.

The Boy King will get y'all fixed right up. Just like Black Jesus did for us.

afronaut's picture

Ha ha go to any city or suburb within 100 kms and tell me that the country is too white. I'm an hour outside the city and I would say 50\50

Al Gophilia's picture

50/50?! That's still too white. You didn't get the memo then?

Freddie's picture

Sad.  I have known more than a few really good Canandians who are not libtard pyschos.

$274 bilion?   This is a lot of money for Canada.  The Pentagram in the USSA Inc steals that in a year or less.

edotabin's picture

Come on..... we all know that completely open borders and unchecked immigration only makes countries safer. Sheeesh......

rbianco3's picture

Liberals are the epitome of stupidity! 

Just a few recent new laws in the land of Lincoln - for a good laugh.  Remember this is the state where a Federal Judge had to order them to pay Medicare bills.

  • Cook County Pres. Toni Preckwinkle takes heat for new penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax!
  • New law exempts tampons, menstrual pads and menstrual cups from the 6.25 percent statewide sales tax, which applies to nonessential items like soft drinks, candy and grooming products. Grooming is non-essential in Illinois but menstruation is no longer non-essential. Is the 6.25 percent tax before the penny-per-ounce?
  • Illinois needed a state artifact, lawmakers made it the Pirogue a wooden canoe made from a hollowed-out tree.
  • Illinois made sales of Bath Salts a Class III Felony in 2017
  • Illinois Senate Passes Online Gambling Bill Last Minute - May 2017
  • House Approves raising Illinois minimum wage to $15 - May 2017
  • Illinois Senate passes Pension-cutting bill for educators but not politicians - May 2017
Soul Glow's picture

You won't hear about this on the MSM.

Ignatius's picture

Or Trudeau's swearing in ceremony where he swears Royal loyalty and sucks the Queen's cock.

DIgnified's picture

>Be Canada
>Elect substitute drama teacher because "LMAO WEED!!!"
>Get dog fucking and Mexicans

rwmctrofholz's picture

Shit, do we need a wall on the northern border too??

rwmctrofholz's picture

HA.  And in the same month Rolling Stone rolled out their "We Can't He Be Our President" cover.   

Splain yourselves, douche-tards.  

apocalypticbrother's picture

We already have enough goat herders and pedophiles here

Jam's picture

It was less then a year ago the pretty boy Premier was saying open arms to all. A new flipper, in this case probably not a bad thing for Canada.

CurveBall's picture

Neither here nor there, but he's the Prime Minister; is to President, as Premier is to Govenor. Still up arrowed your comment though ;)

Jam's picture

Thanks, I even had to make sure I spelled Premier correctly, if you can believe that.:)

dchang0's picture

So he understands the importance of rule of law. Good for him--we need multiple politicians here in the USA to understand the same, and fast.

Tugg McFancy's picture

OMG he's a rayciss sack of KKK anti-gay now!


Fundies's picture

Come to Austrailia....free housing, medical, education and pension....no questions asked.

Freddie's picture

I thought that Oz had closed the doors?   Nice place but no offense - I find the accent grating.  Someone I know has an Aussie girlfriend.  Arggg.

Dun_Dulind's picture

I absolutely love how this fucking cocksucking Canuckistani realizes his bullshit liberal Weltanschauung is getting knocked the fuck out by reality.

silverer's picture

'There's "No Advantage" To Entering Canada Illegally'

Yes there is! To make a fool of you after you tried to make a fool of Trump for denying unlimited and unregulated border crossings by immigrants into the US. It's OK for the stray dog to crap in the neighbors yard, but don't crap in your yard, eh Trudeau?

Oldwood's picture

Canada and Mexico can have immigration laws but America cannot?

CurveBall's picture

It's hilarious..... apparently Justin has forgotten WHY they're crossing illegally. Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement...... DERP.... If they tried to cross legally they would be turned away at the border. That's why, not because they think it will expedite anything... I am not saying it's good bad or ugly, I am just pointing out the stupidity in JT's statement.

bluskyes's picture


More nonsense from Fidel's bastard son

opport.knocks's picture

Haitians are Island people used to adversity, right? We have lots of space on some our Canadian islands that are in need of settlement to avoid a hostile Russian takeover.

Like this one... https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Resolute,+NU/@74.6933191,-95.1885268,10z/

Freddie's picture

Ha Ha.   Canadian comedians - some of their finest exports with .John Candy and Mike Myers while Jim Carrey not so much anymore.