Pentagon Denounces American Nazis While Arming Ukrainian Nazis

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Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In the wake of violent protests involving white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in the US, the Pentagon’s top military brass issued unprecedented condemnations of «racists and extremists». One veterans spokesman said: «Anyone waving a Nazi flag must be rooted out of our society».

What makes the Pentagon’s response to Swastika-flag-waving American Nazis rather bizarre is that this week the US Defense Secretary, General James Mattis, is reportedly traveling to Ukraine where he is to sign over shipments of lethal weapons to the armed forces of the Kiev regime. That regime openly glorifies Ukrainian regiments that collaborated with the Nazi Third Reich during the World War Two.

Mattis, the top Pentagon official, is due to authorize the transfer of $50 million-worth of military gear to the Kiev regime. This will mark the first official delivery of lethal equipment from the US. Previous military aid to Ukraine was reportedly «non-lethal». Among the inventory Mattis is signing over are Javelin anti-tank missiles.

Modern-day regiments under the control of the Kiev regime, such as the Azov Battalion, publicly self-identify with Nazi-collaborating descendants and former pro-Nazi Ukrainian leaders like Stefan Bandera. This Neo-Nazi ideology of the Kiev-run military is a central impetus in why these forces have waged a three-year war on the ethnic Russian population of the breakaway Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine. The latter refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the Kiev regime which seized power in February 2014 in a coup d’état against an elected government. The American CIA backed that violent coup.

Political and financial support from Washington and the European Union has underpinned the Kiev regime led by the dubiously elected President Petro Poroshenko. This is in spite of the fact that the Kiev regime continues to wage a war on the people of Donbas in violation of a peace deal – the Minsk Accord – brokered by Russia and the EU in 2015. Western governments and media accuse Russia of sponsoring the breakaway Donbas republics and their militia, and of infiltrating its troops into the region. Russia denies direct military involvement, but is believed to be supporting the self-declared Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The Pentagon’s supply of weaponry to Kiev forces will no doubt embolden their regiments to step up violations of the truce which was supposed to be implemented under the Minsk Accord. Hundreds of breaches are reported on a weekly basis in which towns and villages in Donestk and Lugansk come under fire from heavy artillery. Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, has recently remarked that his defense forces «are not fighting Ukrainians, but rather Banderites» – that is, Neo-Nazi militia who adulate their Third Reich hero Stefan Bandera for assisting the German SS exterminate thousands of fellow Ukrainians deemed to be «sub-human».

The American military support for the Kiev regime and its Neo-Nazi death squads attacking the people of Donbas is a monumental contradiction to what the US Joint Chiefs of Staff were declaring last week about extremists on American soil.

All five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard – issued public condemnations of the violence perpetrated by assorted white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in the state of Virginia. The latter groups were protesting the proposed removal of American Civil War statues commemorating Confederate military leaders like Robert E Lee. Counter-demonstrators claim the statues are icons of racial prejudice and white supremacy. Many of the pro-Confederate protesters were carrying Nazi flags and other fascist icons. In a deadly incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, a suspected Neo-Nazi man rammed his car into a crowd killing a woman.

US President Donald Trump came under intense public criticism for being slow to condemn the violence and for appearing to lay blame on both sides, thereby equating Neo-Nazis with anti-fascist protesters.

Prominent news media organizations, like the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN, ran editorial comments lambasting Trump for his equivocal position, which allegedly afforded the Neo-Nazi groups a degree of legitimacy. CNN ran the headline: «Trump is who we feared he was».

A New York Times oped piece declared: «The Test of Nazism That Trump Failed». Adding: «There can be no ‘two sides’. If the president is not against Hitlerism, he is for it».

The Washington Post editorial board said that Trump had «brought the international image of the US into disrepute».

Then there were numerous resignations by business CEOs from White House consultative panels, again in protest over Trump’s alleged association with racists and bigots. Even though to be fair to the president he did explicitly condemn such groups.

The national controversy appeared to be catharsis for politicians, media, business leaders and public alike in which it was proclaimed that «America is not like that» – meaning, not a supporter of Nazis and fascsim. In almost ritualistic fashion, the evils of racism, fascism, white supremacy and Nazism were exorcised from the body politic – or at least supposedly exorcised.

Joining in the catharsis were the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The New York Times reported: «In an unusually public move, the nation’s top military leaders, who typically try to steer clear of social controversy, have come out strongly against racism and extremism in the wake of violent protests over the weekend. Five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, representing the Navy, the Marines, the Army, the Air Force and the National Guard, posted messages on social media condemning hatred and Neo-Nazis, saying that the extremist violence in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday went against the military’s core values».

As the NY Times noted, the public condemnations by the Pentagon top brass were an extraordinary rebuke to President Trump who, as titular Commander-in-Chief, is their superior.

Its report also quoted Charles E Schmidt, the national commander of the American Legion, who said: «Americans fought fascism and crushed the Nazis in World War Two, and anyone who waves a Nazi flag on our soil is, by very definition, anti-American. The disgusting displays of hatred and bigotry on display in Charlottesville dishonor all veterans who fought and died to stamp out fascism».

The public outpouring is classic American cognitive dissonance. Condemning Nazis at home while at the same time arming Nazis abroad. How does Nazism at home offend «our core values» when «our core values» involve politically, financially and militarily supporting Nazis in Ukraine?

To be sure, there is a long history of such American support for Nazis in Ukraine going back to the end of World War Two, when the Pentagon and CIA covertly backed the Gehlen Organization of former Third Reich General Reinhard Gehlen and his Ukrainian Nazi partisans in their sabotage operations against the Soviet Union.

In explaining American cognitive dissonance there are at least two factors.

One is the lack of US media reporting on what is actually going on in Ukraine. How can so many ordinary Americans be alarmed by Neo-Nazis at home while seemingly insouciant about the same kind of fascists in Ukraine? That disconnect is due to ignorance, owing to the lack of US media coverage about what is really happening in Ukraine. US media seem more concerned to report claims that Russia is the culprit for destabilizing Ukraine. Which is all part of the ongoing Russophobia in the US media distorting the reality of international relations.

A second factor for American cognitive dissonance is that the outpouring of condemnation of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in the US by many public figures is simply a cynical PR exercise. Of course, the hate-filled mobs with Nazi regalia in Virginia and other US states are damaging the «American brand» of supposed liberal democracy in the eyes of the world. Therefore the imagery must be swiftly expunged from public view with vigorous condemnations. But the cynical disingenuousness is betrayed by the fact that the US is arming and bankrolling the same hate-filled Nazis in Ukraine.

The arms dealing trip by Pentagon boss James Mattis to the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine this week is the reality check on what the Washington establishment and the American military-industrial complex really think about Nazism and extremists.

We could also add to the list the American arms dealing to fundamentalist regimes like Saudi Arabia and the covert arming of head-chopping Wahhabi terrorists. All of them are welcome clients for American militarism, in the service of US hegemonic world dominance.

Official US condemnation of Nazis, fascists and extremists is just American public relations rhetoric. Evidently, the condemnation has no credibility in terms of objective reality.

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In Paul Craig Roberts book The Neoconservative threat to world order, 


We are seeing a replay of the Washington Ukrainian model replayed in America!


February 6,2014 PCR writes


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February 28,  2014


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March 6, 2014


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Also ZH readers, excellent expose by Global Research on NATO, Pentagon, CIA Vietnam War heroin operation in Laos, Burma, and Thailand,  forcing 30,000 Hmong tribesmen to grow poppies  for food drops by airplane and a CIA heroin factory in Laos, in addition to CIA heroin expansion in Afghanistan :

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From the lead article in Brietbart:

"President Donald (Wolfowitz) Trump will hold a huge campaign rally in scorching Phoenix, Arizona, this evening, a day after he flip-flopped on one of his major campaign promises by sounding like a “classic neocon” during his Monday speech on Afghanistan."

Looks like the gloves are off at Breitbart, as The Donald gets down on his kneepads for the Deep State War Machine Party. How ironic that it turned out that Bannon was the conscience of the Trump Administration. With Bannon banned, the Military=Industrial-Complex and the Goldmanites are now in complete control.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The US has distilled hypocricy to a purity hitherto unseen. We're the shining city of glossy packaging on the midden heap, the citadel of cynicism, the beacon of bullshit.

Nazis in Europe - good, Nazis in USA - bad

bigkahuna's picture

Just like the US tolerates the middle easterners and their anal sex with little boys and livestock there - but it is pedophilia and beastiality/ cruelty to animals here (right?)

It is just fine if they are national socialists (nazis) -actually I belive they meant to say supremists- there, because it is their "culture" -what a load of crap!!! -no pun intended for the pedophile trolls

btw - for those who cannot respect your fellows in your "culture" then piss off and fucking die already...this includes by default all sociopaths and psychopaths.

Guy1955's picture

They are busy for year now and during all that time, I never saw an european saying somewhat on the facts. So Europe is organizing thinks with the americans (from the putch in the begining) without any condemnation of such nazi's. Only Poland can made the exception. I think it is too late now to change the facts. Kiev has the full gratitude of europe to continue their deadly practices on Donbass people. Some remarks I have to do :

- Most ukrainian are normal people but to understand the case, there are other people in Kiev busy with a lot of anti-russian laws and for the military, people outside of the conflict must do a difference between the regular army and other gunmen under control of defense ministry (under control of Turchinov).

- For Kiev's terrorists, there is no civil war, but a war with Russia.

With this two points, you can understand what's going on there.

jamesmmu's picture

$160 Million of US Taxpayer Money to Fight Corruption in Afghan Customs!?!?!

SoDamnMad's picture

They are going to use the $160 million to find the pallet loads of $100's that came up missing.  When donkeys fly.

BritBob's picture
Russia/Ukraine – Crimea (If it ever went to court Russia would lose).

As successor states to the Soviet Union, both Ukraine and Russia are signatories to the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Adopted in Helsinki in 1975, the document sought to promote détente during an era of Cold War geopolitical tensions in Europe.

For relevant facts (1 page)

Gibraltar – Helsinki Accord 1975 (1 page)

In the same respect, Spain's claim to Gibraltar has also been signed away.


lurker since 2012's picture

So fucka, the 111 people (in the Falklands ) who voted to remain in the UK is legitimate, however, this is small beer compared to the  5 million votes  to fuck off the Ukraine (and who could blame them)

giovanni_f's picture

Crimea was/is/will always be Russian. The Crimeans are Russians in majority. Discussion over.


For those interested what, a.o., sparked the Crimean break off after the coup d'etat, check for "Korsun Massacre" here

Volkodav's picture

     yes that was one of main

     but much other abuse and atrocities alerted Crimea

fleur de lis's picture

@Brit Bob,

Since the days of Catherine the Great the populaion of Crimea has been almost completely Russian.

It was a part of Russia since the day she annexed it.

It remained so until Ukrainian born Nikita Khruchchev/Solomon Perlmutter decided to use his authority to change the map and affix it to the SSR Ukraine.

It was never Khrushchev's/Perlmutter's to sever and give but it was the 50's and he got away with it and here we are.

The CSCE has no concept of history, they are in it for the money.

When US State Dept. rabblerouser Victoria Nuland/Neudelmann started her meddling in Ukraine, her aim had nothing to do with feedom.

It had everything to do with Crimea's navy base on Stavropol which she and her fellow Swampites intended to refit for NATO after annexing Ukraine.

But Stavropol is to Russia what San Diego is to America, so it was the height of stupidity to think the Ruskies would hand it over without a fight.

Not that it matters to the DC Swamp -- they have never been known for historical wisdom nor accurate planning.

After all, it's not like the spawn of the Swampites ever see combat, nor is there a shortage of taxpayers to fund their antics.

What the .gov vermin stupidly did instead was to awaken the spectre of Ukrainian ethinic hostilities that were always under the surface.

Nuland's/Neurdelmann's family were originally from Russia way back in the day, and got booted, so she had a vengeful chip on the shoulder.

It was personal for her.

This is what happens when victims are allowed to run the show.

Having been given the car keys by US .gov idiots, the Ukrainians started off by tartgeting all ethinc Russians within their influence.

During one riot they blocked a government building and burned many ethinc Russians alive, and murdered others, including a heavily pregnant Russian woman who  was finished off on her desk with telephone wire.

The pictures are still available on the internet should you feel inclined to educate yourself.

The Crimeans took note and quickly filed for divorce.

Irreconcilable differences.

That is how Russia took back Crimea without firing a shot.

The US State Dept. and its ignorant guttersnipe Victoria Nuland/Neudelmann gave it to them.






malek's picture

Wow, so it took you only 16 days to reply to my question at

Now tell us for laughs and giggles:
- Which court are you referring to?
- How would said court decide on the "Montenegrin independence referendum 2006"?

2banana's picture

Please remember:

Nazi is slang for someone who is a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Massive government, massive government controls, gun control, nationalization of certain parts of the economy and a "government directed" rest of the economy.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

And the reason the movement is making a comeback at the moment is the Left's attempt to destroy western culture, destroy western world-dominance and destroy European genetics and identity. Thus, many individuals seek groups that defend these ideals, as the Left, the "moderate right" and the entire establishment refuses to do so.  

Then there are the "right" intellectuals who acknowledge that as appealing as "Liberty" is, it only works with a righteous and self-sufficient population.  Both are traits the West currently lacks.  Although liberty is more appealing than fascism and authoritarianism and it would serve western civilization much better than authoritarianism would, the idea that our current materialistic "I want it now and I want it for free" culture are going to vote away their "free shit forever" gravy train to better their civilzation in the long-term, was naive ten years ago. Today its egregiously stupid and likely intentionally naive.

Do you not see the *literal* Bolsheviks marching through Western streets? In Hamburg, Cville or Phoenix?  Do you not know your 20th Century history? Do you not know what happened to the bourgeoisie in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution? They either got the bullet or were sent to death camps.  20 million middle and upper-middle class Russians, their wives, their kids were executed in a five year time frame.  Do you not see the rhetoric from the Bolsheviks today?  Sure, they go by another name, "Antifa" and "BLM" but they are still Bolsheviks. Their bourgeoisie is not a class of people -- but a color of people -- white people.  Are you so naive to think this ends any differently if they assume power?  

No, I'm sorry -- I jumped on the "only future is authoritarianism" bandwagon some twelve months ago.  The solution is either going to be either extreme right-wing or extreme left-wing authoritarianism.  Of the two choices, while neither are appealing, I believe one side is objectively better than the other. 

We, as white people in the West are in an existential situation at the moment. The next decade will determine whether white people, white nations and white cultures exist in 100 years as they do now.

This, coming from a guy with black, asian and jewish family members. 

Teja's picture

Interesting thinking, seems you read your Spengler. The failure of the Spenglerists, though, is that they mix up a prediction (authoritarism replacing democracy) with political action towards the expected authoritarism, like what the Nazis did and what Poland and Hungary are pushing today. In history, the latter has failed in the long run in most cases. Exceptions could maybe found in Asia, eg Singapore, but there the authoritarism is built on a solid law fundament. Failure reason of most authoritarians (left & right) was insufficient supply of consumer goods in most cases where they did not simply get crushed in a war they started.

What I do severely miss is any regards of ecologist green politics. They are lumped into the leftist "I want it now" crowd, probably because there are leftists in that movement for who the social issue is more important than any future survival of culture, mankind, planet. Real ecologists are as far from "I want it now I want it free" as can be.

Please notice that the greatest enemy of those ecologists are the globalists, or rightist proponents of unfettered economic liberty, and their minions, those small minded anti science people whose only goal in life is to own a huge petrol guzzling car.

Ecologists have a long standing alliance running with leftists mostly because of the enemy-of-my-enemy principle in regards to the globalists. Also, they share their values in regards to justice and fairness, whereas the globalists believe in the law of the strongest. But the ecologists goals are quite different from the leftists. I do not have an idea how to make the anti-consumerist stance of ecologists palatable to the general public, though.

Enjoy the downvoting, but think about this.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I don't dispute that authoritarianism* is not a sustainable solution; long-term. *Let us not forget that authoritarianism is a long-term sustainable solution, but with many various and changing authoritarians.  Look at Europe from the fall of Rome until the 18th Century.  Almost 18 centuries of nothing but authoritarianism. Many different rulers, but it was the constant swapping of one authoritarian regime for another. 

Authoritarianism in its contemporary context is simply a means to fill the vacuum that "capitalism" and "democracy" will leave in its wake.  When these systems fail to function correctly, a vacuum opens as varying groups of people seek to take power in the vacuum created.  This is where we are at now.  The question of whether authoritarianism follows the current system seems a bit ridiculous.  When a complex system fails, one needs control to reestablish order.  Democracy will not suffice, as the people have voted the to enrich themselves at the expense of the society at large.  No, authoritarianism is already baked into the cake, the only question is what form will it take and who will be the winners and losers, and how will these winners and losers be determined? This is what ANTIFA, BLM and the Alt-Right are currently attempting to "negotiate" with one another.  Currently negotiating tools are baseball bats, cars and fists, but rest assured, this will escalate into exchanges with weapons and SEMTEX. 

Lastly, you are mistaken in thinking the "Left" and the "Greens" oppose globalism.  The ecological movements that are prevalent in Western Society are not "enemy of my enemy" but simply Marxists masquerading as eco-hippies.  In many nations such as Germany and the Netherlands, the "Green" party is farther left than the "Left" party is. No, the globalists ARE the Marxists and Bolsheviks; they are the financial establishment, the corporate establishment, Hollywood and the media.  They have approximately 80% of the western population's mind completely captured and at their disposal.  The other 20% are split between classic liberals and the far-right.  

If you oppose globalists, you have two choices: 1) classic liberalism and 2) the Alt-Right.  There are no "moderate" anti-globalists. 

Teja's picture

The ecological movements that are prevalent in Western Society are not "enemy of my enemy" but simply Marxists masquerading as eco-hippies.  In many nations such as Germany and the Netherlands, the "Green" party is farther left than the "Left" party is.

This is demonstrably wrong. One example: The ones who started the breakup of the Soviet block (and if you don't call that block Marxist, I would not know what Marxism then would be) were ecologists protesting against the pollution by heavy industry and the planned economy.

Also, many ecologists and Greens come from conservative parties, there is also a ecologist party "ÖDP" in Germany which has a clearly conservative stance. Much smaller than the Green party, but at least 20% of the "green" market. And even the Green party - if you look to Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany, laughable to claim that the greens, who lead their government, are in any way Marxist. There is also a large component of regionalism and "small is beautiful" Kohrist thinking in Green parties everywhere, which is the opposite of Globalism and the "Marxism and Bolshevism" you are referring to.

Of course, if you define "Marxist" as anybody who is not of your opinion (or in the classic liberalism vs Alt-Right boxes), then you are correct. But then I also can claim that the earth is a disc, by defining "disc" as everything which is not a cube.

The world is not dualistic, but has multiple facets and dimensions. Please keep that in mind.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Greenies are co-opted by Globalists.

Exhibit A: Al Gore

It's Left Authoritarian. As far left as it gets. Absolute control of all resources.

Don't be daft.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Explain the German Green party's stance on:

1) Refugees

2) Open Borders

3) Free trade zones

4) The EU 

5) The UN 

6) The ECJ

7) The ECHR 

No, my friend -- they are most definitely a pro-globalist party.  While the "Greens" in BaWu are conservative, more conservative than the Union oftentimes, they are also the same group of people the Greens everywhere else in Germany keep trying to kick out of the party.  Why?  Because they don't tote the globalist message. 

Once again, you are just flat wrong. 

Teja's picture

1) and 2) are humanist stances where the Greens follow their heart. That is probably an intrinsic problem of morally steered people, and ecologists are by definition steered by values other than greed. Maybe not such a good idea, especially as many young male immigrants have a dream, which is to get a fast car and speed with it through the city in the night.

3) you should be able to read German to see they are against CETA / TTIP:

Surprised? Against your dualist world view?

4) Yes, the Greens and most other Environmentalists I know are pro-EU. The EU has done quite a lot for Environmental politics, precisely because it is not influenced so much by local lobbies eg for dirty diesel cars.

5) The UN is not really relevant in this discussion, it is a framework of discussion between nations. Anyone rejecting that should better look for their own planet.

6) 7) International legal systems to protect human rights are not pro-Globalism. Globalism is about destroying rights, following the right of the stronger economic party. What is your stance regarding NATIONAL legal systems? Good because they protect people? Bad because they hinder large corporations?

The Greens and the ecologists do try to navigate in a difficult area. They know that some code word "EU" is not simply good or bad, it is a framework for discussions and negotiations which can end in good or bad things.

Some important politicians in the U.S. do not understand this, though...  and are "huuugely successful" with their non-thinking, except some having been fired by now, and some others, slowly backtracking because they start to understand reality is something different than buzzwords.

DoctorFix's picture

Much like the US of today

Youri Carma's picture

Remember: National (Yep!) Socialist (Nop!) German (Yep!) Workers (Nop!)

7thGenMO's picture

NSDAP - full initials in German - similar to NAZI?

The NSDAP adopted corporatism for the Krupps and other German oligarchs, as well as Prescott Bush's Union Bank, Standard Oil, IBM, and other Western corporations that did business with Germany throughout the war, perhaps because Western oligarchs were petrified of the Soviet Union.

This corporatist element is important because it certainly explains the Pentagon as the armed enforcement branch of the USA Corporation - the 1800's Pinkerton union breakers, but as globalist nation breakers. The Corporation knows no allegiance to any humans except its oligarch owners, so, if it can increase its global control by arming Ukrainian neo-Nazis to eliminate the competition (Mother Russia), it will do so. Eventually, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis will find themselves alienated in their own land, much as traditional, white Americans do today, being fired from their jobs to be replaced by foreigners, having their statues of Stefan Bandera destroyed, etc.

This is what should make Americans, and indeed all peoples of the world terrified - the US military no longer even serves the interests of American citizens. So, if it will suck the life out if its own people, it will obliterate any race, culture, or creed in order to serve its globalist masters.

Amendment X's picture

Does anyone bother asking... Why did the the Ukrainians support the Nazis? What happened to those collaborators (real or suspected) when the Nazis were driven out by the benevolent Soviets? The history of the Nazis has been quite distorted since 1945. 

7thGenMO's picture

I've some roots from that that area, and, it is my understanding that the Bolsheviks brutally persecuted Ukrainian nationalists such as Bandera who wanted to form their own country after WWI from that area of Ukraine formerly in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Germans may have indeed defeated Stalin if they had armed more Ukrainians earlier, but the Ost Plan did not recognize most Ukrainians as Ubermenschen.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

The memorial to the murder victims of Bandera isn't in Russia, it's in Poland.

7thGenMO's picture

Yes, I believe there probably were misguided attacks on the Poles, much as today's Ukrainian neo-Nazi's are misguided in attacking Russia.

Interestingly though, most Poles I talk with are in favor of Ukrainian attacks on Russia. I think this is partly motivated by Polish nationalism and the idea of recreating the grand Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that encompassed Ukraine and Belarussia, as well as resentment of Russians due to the Soviet dominance of Central Europe. They are unable to separate Russians and the Christian Russia of today from the atheist Soviet Union.

Teja's picture

Yes, an interesting case of where "good" anti-Immigrant nationalists are not necessarily best friends with "good" protectors of the Christian faith.

Similar to the Venezuelan-Russian friendship, the Polish-Russian enmity does not conform to the dualist ZH world view.

I think the Polish stance on Russia is motivated by the fact that they do understand ideology (communist vs. "christian nationalist") is only a thin veneer over much deeper cultural values (or lack of values) and over geopolitical interests dictated by geography.

If Poland and Russia would both convert to Islam, even to the same Islamic denomination, they still would not become friends. Poland is Russia's Achilles heel, a potential invasion lane from the west, and Russia is Polands potential conqueror and overlord from the east.

Historic memories might play a role, too, but less the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and more the Division of Poland in the 1700s and the Russian occupation of Poland after 1945.

Not one-sided, by the way - memories from these eras also turn Poland against Germany, time and again. A good country for populists to play the people, although in the long run I believe in the Poles - they were the first to get rid of the Soviets and Communists, and they will get rid of their pseudo-authoritarian PiS government when the time comes.

7thGenMO's picture

Interesting points, and I agree Poland has some legitimate grievances, but so does every nation in that part of the world.  Poland did lose some territory (Lwow) after WWII, but they gained some territory from Germany (Wroclaw and Gdansk regions).  However, if you ask Poles if Poland should give back the territory gained from Germany in exchange for the territory lost to Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, I think we all know what the answer would be.  Europeans, for all their charm, remain fundamentally tribal, and perhaps this is a hidden strength.

BTW - The great Polish nationalist, Roman Dmowski, believed Poland's closest natural ally was Russia.  Having lived there, I have to agree.  Except for religion, I think Polish culture and language is more strongly Slavic/Russian than Western European.



Shemp 4 Victory's picture


What happened to those collaborators (real or suspected) when the Nazis were driven out by the benevolent Soviets?

Many of them emigrated to the US and Canada.

Thoresen's picture

Had this message for about an hour:
Page Could Not Be Loaded

We're very sorry, but the page could not be loaded properly. This should be fixed very soon, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Debug Info:

Status: 503
Response: Service Unavailable
XID: 1645430614

Just something routine, or more sinisterr?
And just to clear, that was trying to access ZeroHedge, not this article.

stilletto2's picture

I find the whole internet becoming more unstable. Lots of other sites now are slow to load or get hung up. i assume its because so much shit is being pumped down the pipes that its causing blockages and failures. Yes I have adblocker enabled and it helped speed sites up initially. If they keep overloading the system (netflix etc) then it will clog up.  Also noticed that sites (microsoft in particular) are deliberatly running slow if you run an adblocker, sending messages that if you disable adblocker, or buy premium service things will go faster. They deliberately mess things up. Hence I dont put anything of value on the cloud. 

dogismycopilot's picture

Giving the Ukies more weapons is like giving a drunk driver who just ran over some kids more vodka.

The Ukies are going to go ape shit.

Already they are breaking the cease fire at least 20-30 times a day:

Ukrainian army fired 300 shells the Donetsk People’s Republic in the past day


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The Ukrops hit a new low a few days ago. Their shelling set a house on fire, and a little while later they shelled the firefighters who were trying to put out the fire, killing one and injuring two.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

This is what you get when the joos are running the show. Hang the oligarchs.

7thGenMO's picture

No down vote from me, but, throughout Europe and America, it is difficult for nationalists to understand the betrayal of their own wealthy countrymen who will jump in bed (literally) with globalist oligarchs for their own self-interest. For every Rothschild a Rockefeller, a Clinton for an Epstein, a Morgan for a Morgenthau, a Trump for a Kushner, etc.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Not difficult to understand at all.

He said hang the oligarchs, didn't he? Anyone in bed with them come hanging time gets to swing too.

Easy peasy.

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DPR: Ukrainian army using rocket artillery in the south of the Republic

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Profit with Donbass blockade: US makes first coal shipment to Ukraine

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"Profit with Donbass blockade: US makes first coal shipment to Ukraine"

Question is, who pays. Well, there are some candidates. Ukies are not one of them.

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The title of this article was nonsense.  No Ukrainian regiment exists that had a predecessor fighting for the third reich, the idea that the USSR took control back but did not purge any traces of Nazi colaberation is ridiculous, they would send people to the gulag for just the faintest suspicion of disloyalty.

As for what is going on in Ukraine, Crimea aside, which probably would get a plebicite vote in favour of rejoining Russia if an open one had been allowed, what is going on in Eastern Ukraine follows the Nazi textbook perfectly, except Russia here is playing the national socialist Germany.  

First a problem is manufactured, here the Russian population, which eastern Ukraine is overwhelmingly ethnic Russian due to Stalin moving Poland westwards and adding part of Poland to Ukraine.  The idea that they are being oppressed as a majority itself is frankly absurd.  Then armed agitation is started, and then the conflict is allowed to escalate, somehow we are supposed to believe here that the Russian seperatists got hold of artillery, tanks and sam missiles, if that was possible then Russia and Ukraine would have to be non-countries unable to police even the basics of their own.

This whole mess is a festering boil, thanks to it there is little hope of US-Russia cooperation even if Trump did somehow get power over the neo-cons that saturate the establishment.  In short the winner here is China, and the loser is everyone else from a Russia suffering a depressed economic region in the east to Europe that points at the nationalist bogeyman in Russia while allowing itself to be Islamified.

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Any cursory search will show you that numerous Waffen SS Divisions were comprised of Ukrainian Nationalists.

The current crop of Ukie Nazis is a well known group.

Note that in the news article and the wiki page that the divisional insignia is the same. 

After World War II and realizing that Eisenhower was in fact repatriating captured NAZI soldiers to their HOME COUNTRIES such as Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, most of the Ukrainian Nationalist leadership fled to Canada and the US after World War II. They have carried the torch for the Ukie Nazis and have since passed it back to Kiev. This is also why you have such a strong lobby for the Ukies in Canada and the US.

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The reason many on ZH, including myself, have firmly taken the "Russian" side on the issue is quite simple: 

The same oligarchs that are destroying our way of life in the West are also seeking to destroy the Russian way of life in Ukraine.  Why? Do they care about the Ukranian majority in Ukraine?  No, obviously not.  They couldn't give two shits. 

Like Adolf, who started as a (((banker puppet))) and went off the reservation as soon as he had a choice, Putin has done the same.  He is seen as a threat to our current oligarchs and will do anything in their power to stop him.  

The hatred we all share for the powers that be is well justified.  I do agree with an assumption your argument is based on, in that assuming its better under the Russians is naive, which I agree.  Its likely the same shit with different oligarchs. 

That being said, the Russian Federation is at the moment, the single best tool in keeping our oligarchs in check and at bay, to some extent.  Its why we often cheer-lead for Putin and the nation he purports to serve.  

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The Russian Federation is at the moment, the single best tool in keeping our oligarchs in check and at bay

Wow. If that isn't Marxist and Bolshevist thinking, then I don't know. Even better than the theory of Brasilian communists that it is no good to gradually improve things because that will block the people from raising up.

To compare Wladimir with Adolf is something I would not have dared.

For me, the reason why many on ZH pine for Putin is that they are closet authoritarians.

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I'm an open and notorious authoritarian. 

Also, its simple minded to make the logical jump from Russia to Marxist, simply because they once were. 

Time, its important. 

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I am not referring to the historical link of Russia to Marxism - although they have a controlled "opposition" consisting mainly of the Communist Party - but to the thinking concept of "the end justifies the means" very popular amongst Lenin, Stalin and their siblings during the Russian Civil War and the Stalin terror years.

At least you are open about your authoritarism. Anyway, I am of the opinion that a democracy should be able to use authoritarian methods when defending against authoritarian politics. Damus petimusqe vicissim.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.