Ron Paul Institute Statement On Trump's Afghanistan Speech

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Authored by Daniel McAdams via The Mises Institute,

Like me, many of you watched President Trump's train wreck of a speech on Afghanistan earlier tonight. It's nearly midnight and I am still reeling.

I guess it was too much to ask to hear him admit the obvious and draw the obvious conclusions:  

After 16 years - the longest war in US history - no one even remembers what we are fighting for in Afghanistan.


The war is over.


Not another American (or innocent Afghan) life for one of the most convoluted and idiotic wars in history!

Trump of 2012 and 2013 said just that. Candidate Trump said just that.

Then tonight he told us that once you sit in that chair in the Oval Office you see things differently.

What does that mean?

Once elected you betray your promises so as to please the deep state? Here's the truth that neither President Trump nor his newfound neocon coterie can deny:

1) A gang of radical Saudis attacked the US on 9/11. Their leader, Osama bin Laden, was a CIA favorite when he was fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. He clearly listed his grievances after he fell out with his CIA sponsors: US sanctions in Iraq were killing innocents; US policy grossly favored the Israelis in the conflict with Palestinians; and US troops in his Saudi holy land were unacceptable.


2) Osama's radicals roamed from country to country until they were able to briefly settle in chaotic late 1990s Afghanistan for a time. They plotted the attack on the US from Florida, Germany, and elsewhere. They allegedly had a training camp in Afghanistan. We know from the once-secret 28 pages of the Congressional Intelligence Committee report on 9/11 that they had Saudi state sponsorship.


3) Bin Laden's group of Saudis attacked the US on 9/11. Washington's neocons attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq in retaliation, neither of which had much to do with bin Laden or 9/11. Certainly not when compared to the complicity of the Saudi government at the highest levels.


4) Sixteen years -- and trillions of dollars and thousands of US military lives -- later no one knows what the goals are in Afghanistan. Not even Trump, which is why he said tonight that he would no longer discuss our objectives in Afghanistan but instead would just concentrate on "killing terrorists."

Gen. Mike Flynn had it right in 2015 when he said that the US drone program was creating more terrorists than it was killing. Trump's foolish escalation will do the same. It will fail because it cannot do otherwise. It will only create more terrorists to justify more US intervention. And so on until our financial collapse. The US government cannot kill its way to peace in Afghanistan. Or anywhere else.


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Croesus's picture

War is a racket.

y3maxx's picture

If its not too late i'm wanna change my vote from Trump to Paul, Ron Paul.

Chuck Norris's picture

I wonder if in 13 years I need to worry about my 5 year old daughter getting drafted to fight in this pathetic war.

ne-tiger's picture

Fuck him and all the Trumptards here!

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Any article that parrots the MSM narrative on nine11 is wrong. (((Saudi terrorists))) had nothing to do with that day. Shameful that we're still treading water on this subject two decades later.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

While I really like Ron Paul, this GUY NEEDS TO TAKE A CHILL PILL. This goes for everyone who is all lathered up over this topic.

It took America over 2 decades to get in the mess we are in with AFGHANISTAN and it will not be straightened out overnight.

Let's have some FAITH (SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see.)

By the way, what was "OBOZO" doing while he was in OFFICE? Nothing! In fact, for the last eight years things got worse, NOT BETTER.

Ron ... I have a question for you? Weren't you in office during the last sixteen years of the BUSH, OBAMA REIGNS of TERROR? How come you let the SITUATION IN AFGHANISTAN GET OUT OF CONTROL IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Uchtdorf's picture

The point is that it will never be "straightened out" and therefore all our forces there need to get on a plane and come home today.

WarPony's picture

#BringsMeSomeOpium (Sassoons).

DWD-MOVIE's picture

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HardAssets's picture

Ron Paul was one congressman, not the King of America. He spoke out constantly against the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

Say, why don't we relaunch the 2nd longest U.S. war - that in Vietnam- too ? Maybe if we 'really get serious' the U.S. will 'win' next time !

'Win' what ? These stupid politicians and generals never seem to ask that question.

zerohedgejjxxzz12's picture

He didn't get the name Dr. No for no reason.

Scrutin-eyes's picture

& bin Ladin was CiA , had kidney failure, & died in dec 2011, not in Pakistan when it was convenient for obama to change the headlines from his manufactured fraudulent PDF birth certificate from another dead baby in Hawaii.

Bin Ladin was a boogeyman in us folklore, used to enact the unconstitutional patriot act.

Ron Paul knows this.

FBI special agent in Los Angeles Ted Gunderson said, "a lot of people have to die in order to pass the Patriot act. They tried during the 1st WTC attack, but it wasn't enough..."


MY ONLY CONCLUSION: Trump was threatened with a JFK legacy.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Osama Bin Laden(aka col Tim Osman,on the See Eye  Ayy payroll,see Zbigniew Brzezinski photos with him,see photos of talibans ' leaders at the White House)).

He was suffering from a rare genetic disease,Marfan's syndrome,which affects the collagen system in the whole body and give them a special apppearance=very tall,with lax joints and it results in multiple organs involvement,including big arteries ,like the aorta,causing aneurysms(enlargements) and dysections.This is why he had kidney failure. They also have ,heart diseases,heart failure.He had ESKD(end stage kidney disease) and was on dialysis.People with Marfan's disease ,have a life expectancy of 40-46 ys.

People on dialysis usually live ,more or less,for 10 ys.Having the best conditions,as this leads to heart diseases,and infections.Many,many complications.You CAN NOT have dialysis on the run,in caves in Afghanistan.

You also,do not live too long with Marfan.OBL was 44 ys old when he died ,in Dec. 2001,and this was announced in many arab newspapers.

Ask any doctor if a person with Marfan's disease and ESKF can live in caves on the run for so long.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Obviously you haven't figured out yet that there really are no "rules/laws"...

two hoots's picture

Maybe Trump's intent is to covertly phase in a widthdrawl vs some ridiculous pull out now statement? He is not going to openly announce it.   A little help for the Afghan's to get their stuff together first and final time.  Will need some support there for a time no matter.  Let's give it some room, give him a little also.


chunga's picture

After thinking about for a while he did call out the Pakis and kinda reached out to Modi. That could be a (good) signal that these people better step things up over there .What you're saying could very well be true, but this again prompts the question of why now?  Nobody really cares or knows much about Afghanistan. I'm all done trying to figure out ways he might be playing 3D chess, I am totally against troops over there and would bring them home immediately but it's easier to say that on an internet comment than do it. I don't think troops are gonna help because so far it never has.

HardAssets's picture

Youve been listening to too much Alex Jones.

Today Dr Steve Pieczenik said that theory is 'bullshit'.

serotonindumptruck's picture

You just gotta draw the line in the sand at some point.

This far, and no further.

Cross this line, and you die.

Xredsx's picture

Trump had to make it look like he is still in support for continue of Bush and Obama wars. Other wise the leftwing media would use this against him, calling weak and whatever(they cheered). And going by the latest news report about chemic bombs from Korea. The corrupted deepstate cannot afford to wait for Kim to fire first anymore. Trump cut off the deepstate from Syria, so keep the faith. Lets wait for what the British response is, then we will get to see where Trumps heart is, by his response to that and so on... The world is learning about the poppy fields. So is 3500 extra men truly going to make a difference?

Freddie's picture

War is a genocidal racket.

It is mass murder for profit run by banksters and elites.   A bit like the abortion mills that also sell baby parts. 

Oldwood's picture

I voted for the LESSER evil.....not a savior and not perfection. His Afghan policy seems like a pretty small thing in the larger world of problems, but I do understand being sick of war.

As with out economy, there ARE NO GOOD SOLUTIONS, and simply walking away will have costs as well.

BandGap's picture

Fucking calm down, Ron. Let The Don play the hand. Bet there is more afoot than meets the CNN eye.

Chill. Plenty of time to prepare for a lot of scenarios. Try helping out where you can.

Hard to wade into a gale. Give the fucking guy a break.


Kaiser Sousa's picture

fuck outta here with that bullshit dude...

u must be buying some of that herion the Marines r guarding over there on behalf of the Exchange Stabalization Fund...


Blue Steel 309's picture

I recently met a Chosenite 'elite' who was saying that protecting the sanctioned poppy fields is an important role our troops are playing in A-stan, because drug companies need them, ya know, to 'help' people.

Rent seekers to the bone.

Kaiser Sousa's picture


welcome to hell on earth....

Freddie's picture

I talked to a bright young guy in the licensed and legal MMJ business out west. 

He said he thinks he has a strain of MMJ that could help heroin and opium addicts kick those habits. 

There are so many young people in the uSA and worldwide who are hooked, dying or dead from this Afghanistan CI$$A heroin it is sickening.  Tons of middle class kids too.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

all by design...

i knew since the age of 18...

my most dangerous enemy was the U.S government.

pynky01's picture

...alot of these deaths are due to synthetic heroin ...pain pills ... fentanyl ... they aint got no oxycontin fields over there... big pharma and crooked fukin doctors ... do a little joogling before pie hole opens ...  

pynky01's picture

how about some sources to back up your big mouth mf...or is this just a feeling you been scratching ... 

Kaiser Sousa's picture

not my duty to inform ignorant misinformed clueless mother fuckers...

do ur own fucking homework chump...

veritas semper vinces's picture

Yah. That heroin?The black budget for See Eye Ayy and PPT(plunge protection team)and the money laundering for banks like HSBC . Billions and billions.

HardAssets's picture

Obviously youre not concerned about one of your own kids over there coming back in a body bag.

Blacksheep Shenanigans's picture

And we have the worst heroin epidemic ever. Hmmmm.....

Kaiser Sousa's picture

god damn fucking A!

u mother fuckers still out there supporting this narcissic fraud of a human being r truly despicable...



Kaiser Sousa's picture

ooh look at the down shots...

oh, im sorry i forgot...

Donald Chump go'n make u great again...


Blue Steel 309's picture

Any comment unfavorable to the interest of the Tribe usually gets 2-3 (and not any more for a long time) down votes pretty quick. I assume these are the Hasbrat monitors.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

and the funny thing is it doesnt even matter to me...

let the circus continue...

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

For the downvotes Kaiser, just remember it is the FOOL who cannot admit mistakes.  He is a fool because he can never learn from them.  We will ALL make mistakes, I do it everyday.  The wise acknowledge it, learn from it and attempt not to repeat it.  The fool?  He just digs in ...  And only a fool would not be able to admit we got rooked with this one.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Don't mind them bc they don't know what they are doing. Still in denial.They expect somebody to save US something that   not even God can do now.

The collapse happened in 2008. Remember when ,through a "bi-partisan effort" the big criminal banks that caused the problems got bailed out? Instead of being dismembered and the responsible criminals put in jail? Remember that one? That shed light on who Really owns and runs this country.

After that,there was only some window dressings,some band aids applied in such a way to make the patient look "less dead".

Now we have out in the open,overt a merger of Big Finance ,as represented by the Golden Boys ,with the Big Muscle,as represented by the Pentagram. Because the Golden Boys need the Pentagram to survive. They need to consume at least a few contries /year for this.

That's why we go to Afghanistan to"fight" the terrorist there so"they don;t come here"....(give me a minute to recover from laughter).

And the fact that Afghanistan has a border with Iran and is important for OBOR. And Iran ,ladies and gentlemen ,is the next stop. There is a delegation of high Israeli  political figures coming to dinner at the WH this week(the head of Mo$$ad,The head of Army Intelligence  and the no 2 of  the Defence Department) . Coming to discuss Syria,which is lost for them and  Iran probably.

Maybe we could put two and two together.


Oldwood's picture

Do you have your AntiFa uniform yet? Wearing a black mask is just a physical version of an avatar.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Blah, blah, blah...

let the oligarches send their children to war for a change...

In the meantime, jump you fuckers!!  Pay me with something REAL!

Oldwood's picture

Did they send YOUR children to war?


madmax1965's picture

Orange Jesus apparentley never read Blowback! 

LawsofPhysics's picture

...or Confessions of an Economic Hitman

mpcascio's picture

STFU with all the bullshit. Let loose the dogs of war and kill all the fuckers.

johnnycanuck's picture

And who is going to do this killing and where do you suggest they do it? When necessary the Taliban hop the borders of neighboring 'Stans only to return when conditions change.   I hope you're not expecting the US and some coalition to accomplish what they couldn't do over the last 16 years or betting on the Afghan Army. The latter, some 300,000 strong greatly outnumber the Taliban and the recently appeared ISIS lot, but they're not interested in a fight.  They're there for the money and some for the guns they take with them when they disappear.

There is nothing new in Trump's great plan and even that snappy little  line Mattis used was recycled.

"Mr. President, we haven't fought a 16-year war so much as we have fought a one-year war, 16 times."


" The old cliché about Vietnam – it was not a ten-year war but a one-year war fought ten times – applies to Afghanistan as well. Planning cycles rarely accounted for events more than 12 months into the future, which means the long-term consequences of any given policy were largely ignored."

khnum's picture

When your wounded and left of Afghanistan's plains.And the women come out to cut up what remains jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains. R.Kipling 1895...easier said than done