Trump Is Slow Playing His Cards In This Game Of Deep State Poker

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Content originally published on 8/19/17 at

It's time for a pep talk.

I know that morale amongst my fellow Deplorables is at an all-time low, right alongside President Trump's approval ratings in the rigged polls.

We've witnessed a week in which the mainstream media has gone into a full-court press of hysteria over Charlottesville; Nolan Richardson would be impressed by the Deep State's Forty Minutes of Hell.

We've seen the President's Council on Manufacturing fold tent amidst much hypocritical corporate virtue-signaling.

We've seen Steve Bannon, the driving force behind Trump's populist uprising, resign his position in the White House.

Between these events, the constant leaks, and the revolving door in the Administration, I don't blame you one bit for feeling discouraged. If you took everything at face value, you'd think President Trump was perhaps the most incompetent man to ever hold the office.

But what if I were to tell you that the Donald is, in actuality, the most capable man to lead this country since at least Eisenhower?

What if I were to tell you that the left is in its death throes?

What if I were to tell you that I believe we are on the verge of witnessing the unfurling of the greatest sting operation in the history of our country?

To understand, first we need to ask the following questions:

  • Why is the left going absolutely insane about one unfortunate woman in Charlottesville?
  • Why is Nancy Pelosi pushing to formally censure the president for his simple, commonsensical, and decidedly uncontroversial rebuke of all the bad actors involved?
  • Why is the media pushing this story 24/7 while Russia got dropped like a hot potato?
  • Why are the MSM and most of the Democratic Party egging on Antifa?
  • Why did a Missouri State Senator openly state on Facebook that she wishes for an assassination of Trump?
  • Why are web hosting services kicking alt-right websites off their servers? Why are conservatives on Patreon and YouTube getting both demonized and demonitized? Why is the First Amendment about to be burned under the fiery breath of the leftist dragon because of one idiot in a muscle car?

But the even more important question is:

Why now?

Because the Deep State are scared absolutely senseless and they are firing out the last chambers of their political revolver in panic.

They know what awaits them in the future. They need to bring about 1984 soon or lose power forevermore.

Or worse. They fear the awakening populace.

They are attempting to rile up the useful idiots of both ideological extremes with paranoia and disinformation in one massive play of identity politics to help undermine the duly-elected leader of the United States - the man who kept them from a total victory.

And that leader has all the dirt on them now.

The Swamp knows it too:

  • They know Imran Awan is the loose thread that unravels everything and he may have already turned state's evidence to the Trump DOJ.
  • They know what was in that report that Devin Nunes gave to Trump.
  • They know Hillary Clinton may be indicted soon, with all the corruption of the Foundation implicating half the Deep State.
  • They know Julian Assange didn't meet with Dana Rohrabacher to discuss Vegemite recipes.
  • They know why Donald Trump has surrounded himself with military generals.
  • They know Bannon is more useful at Breitbart being the scourge of globalists now that he's purged the bad seeds in the intel agencies.
  • They know Antifa is now under surveillance and will likely soon be declared a domestic terrorist organization.

But they have learned it too late.

For President Trump and Steve Bannon play a mean game of Sun Tzu.

The saying from the great Chinese military strategist that is most apropos to Trump today is this: "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."

So, fellow Deplorables, knowing what you now know, what is the more likely in this ultimate game of high-stakes poker?

That Donald Trump is the most incompetent man ever elected?

Or that a devotee of General Patton and Sun Tzu, surrounded by a phalanx of military generals, has limped in to the hand while holding better cards than his opponents?

He has checked through the flop and the turn but has still called every bet.

Today, we watch at the rails.

We will see the river turned over next.

Trump will soon call all-in holding a royal straight flush.

The Deep State is drawing dead and has only one out left: conjuring the necessary card by cheating with a false flag.

Watch the dealer closely in the coming weeks.

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The Gun Is Good's picture

It appears Trump isn't even playing anymore; now he's just being played.

(I keep hoping campaign promises will be followed through, or that just a *corner* of the swamp will be drained, but DJT keeps missing opportunities... and now he is acting like a MIC stooge with senseless warmongering.)

Belerophon's picture

Here is the tragic truth:  The US Government is unreformable.  It will blow itself up, Soviet-style.  It will not be fixed.

Knave Dave's picture

And what if I were to tell you that you are living in a fantasy bubble that is as big as the stock-market bubble?

You are the one who is showing desperation in writing this article, not the left. Is the left afraid? Sure. Is the establishment afraid? Sure. Trump's campaign openly threatened both the left and the establishment. However, your notion that they are proven desperate and proven to be about to lose in a clever fourth-quarter reversal of the game by Trump this year is ludicrous. That they continue to push the game hard only demonstrates they are leaving nothing to chance. They will do a full-court press to the finish. They are determined to annhiliate Trump -- to take him out of the game so completely that neither he nor anything like him ever raises its squirrel-topped head again. They are using him to demonstrate to all who support him that their cause is hopeless. They intend, if they possiblly can, to grind him into dust by every means possible in order to quell all future and similar attempts at rebellion, and they will use him as a scapegoat to show how badly things go when YOU don't go the establishment way. Thus they want to destroy him into the dust in order to take his supporters down with him.

You are a fool to continue to think he is winning your cause, though your cause be just. He is losing at almost every turn. Where he does win, the wins are all entirely small or entirely temporary because they happen by decrees that can be instantly overturned by the next person, making Trump's changes a mere hiccup in the road for the longterm oriented establishment. The very fact that Trump CHOSE to put the establishment almost entirely in charge of his government from the outset PROVED beyond all doubt that the establishment rules. Trump was either a monstrous fool to put the alligators in charge of the swamp, or he was just a Trojan horse from the outset, raised like a lightning rod by the establishment so they could draw all anti-establishment rebels to him and destroy them all in one great flash.

Seriously? You continue to think that a cabinet overrun by Goldman Sachs has YOUR best interest at heart? Dream on! Trump's bumbling management of his own government, his inability to control his own staff and keep them from leaking for half a year, the fact that he has CHOSEN to keep so many Obama holdovers, his need to FIRE the people HE hired, all prove beyond doubt that he has no leadership ability. Great leaders don't install people who are worthless or who are liabilities against their own cuase into positions of high power. Great leaders don't have to constantly correct their own hiring mistakes because they hire the right people to supervise departments, for doing so is the first and most important job of any leader (<I>building the team</I>).

Trump built a team so flawed that the team is already reduced to wreckage. I don't think any president has fired so many of his own people so fast and ridiculed so many others that he appointed. His shattered team is glaring proof of his inability to truly lead.  He leads like a baby, not like a man in charge, by constantly and publicly attacking his own appointed team members in order to try to cajole them into doing what he wants, as if he is too dumb to realize that attacking them publicaly only reduces their own potency and ability to work in a highly public forum. He annoints powerful people into high places and then tweets them to death in order to diminish their power, as if he feels any prestige they gain threaten him.

A good leader empowers his team. What kind of great leader has to use public shame AT EVERY TURN in order to keep his team to do what he wants. His team is supposed to be a team of great leaders who lead all the departments of government. What great leaders would never work for someone like Trump who chooses to publicly shame them as his approach to leading? NO capable person would put up with that kind of crap that damages their own public reputation, much less any great people. So, Trump did not create a great team. Great leaders are confident, so they don't worry about who gets the credit. What they care about is getting the job done. They are proud of seeing their own team members get recognition. They don't try to diminish them for getting all the press coverage.

Can you imagine a football coach or team owner who gets upset because some of his team members are becoming stars in their own right and getting all kinds of press for leading the team?

The idea that firing Bannon has somehow made him more powerful is ludicrous. If Trump wanted to make Bannon more powerful, he would obviously have put him in General Kelly's position. He did the opposite. Instead, he chose to hire Kelly and obey Kelly by firing Bannon. If Trump had placed Bannon in the Chief of Staff position, Bannon could have torn through the embedded establishment like a white tornado, ripping it apart all over the White House, tossing out all the Obama holdovers that Trump should have tossed. Instead, Trump put the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENT in charge by putting a general in charge of his staff.

Way to keep the denial alive! It is denial that got us into this economic mess and that keeps us in it. It is denial that keeps the two-party system in power as the voters on each side keep denying the failure of their own side and blaming all failure on the other side. It is denial that keeps trickle-down economics to the smallest trickle imaginable as people keep fantasizing that someday the flood gates will open and wealth will pour down upon them, too; and, in that case, they wouldn't want the government taxing away their capital gains. Based on that fantasy, they hand the wealthy the lowest tax rates by putting a special reduced rate (capital gains tax) on the one form of income that the wealthy most rely on and that least often benefits anyone else.

So, dream on! Keep the denial alive! The establishment is counting on your ability to do so! It is what keeps them in power at every turn -- your gullibility, your willingness to believe this time is different, your willingness to believe that wealth someday will trickle down to you if you give the wealthy all the breaks, and especially your willingness to believe in a false messiah or maybe just their own Trojan Trump.

It is not Trump who has THEM fooled. It is they who have YOU fooled.

Pollygotacracker's picture

Hey, Dave.

I read your blog and I learn a great bit from you. I also agree with many of your comments here. But, I believe that President Trump will 'rope a dope' his opposition. They will NOT wear him out. If he is re-elected in 2020, as I believe he will be, we have a good shot at clearing out the dead wood in D.C. Then eight years of Pence and there could be some big changes. It all takes time. The most urgent, pressing need is to end the Fed. Corrupt regimes have a corrupt money system. Sound money will help to get our government and our economy and jobs back on track. Never give up. No one thought Trump could win the White House. Give the man a chance.


Dr_Snooz's picture

As I've watched over the last year and a half or so, the Deep State and MSM have 4 plays they run on Donald Trump:

1. Call him a racist

2. Call him a Russian

3. Take something he said out of context and attack him because it sounded mean.

4. He's mentally ill

None is effective, but it's all they have. When one narrative falls apart, they put it on the shelf for awhile and bring out the next. Hence why the Russia narrative has been dropped and the "he said something mean" narrative resurrected again. The plays keep failing, but they keep doubling down, escalating the intensity each time. Right now Trump's being attacked for not condemning one side exclusively, when a riot broke out among two groups of human garbage. Most voters are watching the MSM hissy fit and thinking "WTH?"

The MSM used to do better than this, but we have a genuine reformer in the White House now who can't be bought. Their crimes are so great that there will be no hope for them if they lose power. The crimes are already coming to light, and there are many more to come. There will be no compromise once the full extent of evil is known, so they keep running the same failed plays, hoping to buy enough time to finish their armored compounds and flee the country. Meanwhile, Trump keeps winning.

So sit back, relax and watch the Lord work. He is using one man to tear down the strongholds of Evil.

Praise be to God!

biker_trash's picture

Trump the lord? No /sarc? I surely hope you jest. I agree with your observations, but I can't give Trump the credit you do.  

Trump is an accidental reformer with unusual will power. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. His political antics are a reflection of his principles which are shallow at best. By virtue of his extreme narcissism and unfiltered garbage mouth he's been exposing the hidden motives of the deep state and its proxies. Their standard playbook requires that everyone stick to the same narratives with the Red and Blue team faking opposition to distract us. His real contribution, by virtue if his natural divisiness, is to make the entire nation aware of how we've all been played for the last 50 years. By just being bombastic D.Trump he seems to polarize every issue. He gleefully triggers the MSM into unconrollable spasms as they desperately try to maintain control of the narrative. The MSM's ongoing public meltdown combined with facts exposed on the internet have created a new level of awareness that something is askew. The momentum appears to be building and perhaps we've reached critical mass. I point to the latest Antifa reversal by Bloomberg as evidence. The part of the population that actually can affect change is having to gut check their principles and that's a good thing IMO. We've become too complacent in our comfort. It always takes an external force to change a broken institution. The accidental orange jesus is that force. 

Dr_Snooz's picture

Yikes! Good catch. No Trump is not the Lord, obviously, but he is clearly being used by Him. Fault poor proofreading on my part. Thanks for catching that.

BendGuyhere's picture

"Dim drums throbbing, in the hills half heard,

Where only on a nameless throne a crownless prince has stirred,

Where, risen from a doubtful seat and half-attainted stall,

The last knight of Europe takes weapons from the wall,

The last and lingering troubadour to whom the bird has sung,

That once went singing southward when all the world was young."

G.K. Chesterton

Sebastianbelle's picture

Trump is like a cat with 9 lives! Every time you think he is completely washed up finished 'something happens' and he is back in the drivers seat! This movement does not hinge upon one man. It is all of us. Look how the Luther Strange/Roy Moore Kentucky primary is shaping up and the Kelly Ward/Jeff Flake Arizona primary is going...Ward is ahead by double digits! Of course, turkey neck McConnel just threw a Super PAC of bad ads but what this tells me is the Establishment has lost its GRIP to tell us what to think and who to vote for! 2018 is just around the corner and there are 10 Dem seats up for grabs in right leaning constituencies and only 1 Repub seat up! Mark my words that we are on our way to a Super Super Majority. Then we completely clean house. Watch and learn young Jedii!

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Yep and you STILL won't repeal Obamacare.

Aristofani's picture

Ironically, tRump likes to portray himself as an “alpha-male” who is his own boss. It is abundantly clear now that tRump is a mere manikin who sits in the White House taking orders from his generals. Yep, bush the III....

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Never thought of orange as an alpha, just a loud mouthed trust funder.  You know the type, born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.  Generals know how to handle all types.

Belerophon's picture

Peacetime generals are nothing but brown-nosing politicians.  Put not your trust in chariots....

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

It's settled then, I'll put my faith in  Gvt Sachs!

null's picture

He is just being smart to show people like you, what you want to see. Because you don't really look and simply extrapolate the ridiculous gossip ... so why bother.

Atlas Crapped's picture

MOST amusing Feverstone.

But more relevant is who backs him, and who got him elected ... and most astonishingly, why.


- Lord Roacheforque

herbivore's picture

Nice theory. I wouldn't bet on it.

wacky47's picture

Left and Democrat Party is in total meltdown and MSM knows it! "Getting Trump" is their desperation Hail Mary pass. MSNBC and CNN have gone Smear Trump 24/7.....sheer desperation.

Sky flyer's picture

I sit, waiting, for when Trump gives the order for the second amendment activation day. It's coming soon, just before they try and take him down. I'm ready with a few million of my brethren.

otschelnik's picture

Meanwhile back at MSM central planning, the evil doctor Zuker, and the cabal float two new propoganda compaigns:

- he's nuts narrative

- he's a nazi narrative

What diabolical slander will gain traction?  Tune in tomorrow....

napper's picture


Delusional, wishful thinking, if it can be called "thinking"


Lord Feverstone (author of the article) must have been under a big fever. High temperature can disrupt brain functions.


ichan's picture

Poker is a good analogy. Poker players and warriors are superior to politicians. They use what they got. They don't just make shit up, and they have a keen nose for bullshit. 

This is getting good. Hoping for some creative destruction soon and also hoping that we all remember who the enemies are. If there must be violence I hope it's the masses vs. "those in control that create nothing", and not the masses fighting each other or hurting those that are successful because they produce/contribute to the well being of others.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Wish it could be thus but, the controllers are masters at controlling neanderthals.  They will use "race" or some such paritioning tool and have those animals killing each other en masse while they eat caviar.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Dream on, orange ain't playing 20 dimensional chess, we've just been rooked.

JailBanksters's picture

Playing cards against the Jew World Order, you can't win, they cheat.

They just conjour up any cards they need to win, the only time you win

is when they let you win to keep you in the Game.



Trisy's picture

I agree, and hope for the better!

The best show President was the worst (Ronald "where am I" Reagan) may be the worst (Trump@) will be the best, inchAllah!

We, as people into this world, should only be patient and give trust!

shadow54's picture

The Democrats and media are holding the lid on a big boiling pot which would have exploded already had the media been real news.

East Indian's picture

Where are the Russians gone? 

shadow54's picture

CNN has a new Russia story today about an obscure email sent by someone unknown who wanted to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin during the campaign.

I can figure out how this would be illegal. Any meeting with Putin would be in all the media. Probably no candidate would go for such a meeting because it wouldn't be a vote booster.

Betrayed's picture

Lotsa Hopium being smoked around here. Let's see how many are still partaking a year from now. Well, the Zionists will still love him. There's that and of course the obligatory he's not HRC. Course little matters like the Wall, draining the Swamp, Lock Her Up, Oh wait their good people now, Affordable Health Care and countless others sit on the ashes of campaign rhetoric. Down the Memory Hole.

medium giraffe's picture

As if anyone could acheive anything in a political office subservient to the international banking cartel. 

Fucking dream on.

QIG's picture

The dream is being realized.

Gold and Silver are returning. Russia is the strongest nation now in that respect. New payment ssystems (strengthened by the correct is=use of cryptocurrency theory) which avoid SWIFT are being used, the dollar is going out, at an acellerating pace, and cannot be replaced by FIAT, only sound money which is evolving.


The Cartel is dying, and will be dead.

medium giraffe's picture

Hey, don't get me wrong, I would wish it with all my heart, but the day the president filled his cabinet with bankers was the day that any sliver of hope was lost. 

To me, believing that the banksters can be overcome by peaceful means and with our current way of life largely intact is to grossly underestimate the problem.  I'm glad these revolutionary and patriotic fantasies give you hope and joy, which will at least provide you with a pleasant distraction from the crushing reality of more frustration, more helplessness, more inequality, more of the same.

aeneas01's picture

Trump appointed GS to the economic positions because he needs people who understand the banking system. In the absence of "good" bankers those bankers that are least "bad" will just have to do. GS may be poachers turned into gamekeepers. What's the alternative? GS relies on a functioning ecomony and middle-class to make a profit. JP Morgan etc can make profits merely continuing their parasitical blood-sucking via retail banking. GS isn't a retail operation.

medium giraffe's picture

Reductio ad absurdum.  This is not the second coming of Andrew Jackson.

Is-Be's picture

I am just going outside. I might be a while.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Russian hacking is gone because we are levying sanctions against them, and probably will go back to Syria to finish the job.

Mueller appears to be willing to just go after Flynn and Manafort in exchange for the Illuminati getting their way (lol@ dudes calling the Illuminati the 'deep state' now; motherfucker, they're the Illuminati).

It's especially funny that guys think the Illuminati will pull a false flag as a way to fuck with Trump, as if Donald is innocent.  That premise might be believable if he wasn't so tight with Jew bankers.

Jew bankers are the watermark of the continuing conspiracy.

QIG's picture

Sanctions are meaningless against Russia. They are largely simply ignored.

Meuller is wrapping it up, nothing going on there, no sport left, and the Dems have changed the subject from Russia to Charlottesville. And they will lose that calumny and false witness as well.

Trump is a class act in our history for the simple reason he is no muderer. No matter who or what he is, he is American, his agenda is for the people, and he is not shitting the people about anything.

Singelguy's picture

Sanctions are more than meaningless for Russia. Putin welcomed them and dished out a few of his own. Sanctions have forced the Russian economy to diversify instead of being solely focused on energy. As such Russia has become more independent and self-supporting. Any further sanctions on Russia will be useless at best and counterproductive at worst.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

"He is no muderer"  Wrong.  Have we forgotten the cruise missile attack on Syria Trump ordered in April already???

"Seven or nine Syrian soldiers were killed, including a general; Russian military personnel were also present at the airbase at the time it was attacked. According to Syrian state news SANA, nine civilians were also killed in the attack, including four children"

The US Congress has not declared war on Syria.  So this was a direct violation of the War Powers Act.  Worse, as an act of agressive war against a nation which has not harmed the US in any fashion, this is the exact crime that Germans were hanged for at Nuremberg and the worst possible war crime under international law.  The exact same act of infamy as Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, only on a smaller scale and more cowardly as no US combatants were at risk.

Wikipedia omitted an small fact.  The nine civilians (including 4 children) Trump's airstrike killed were Christians.  Call it x-D chess or whatever your delusion of choice is.  Trump is a war criminal, as were the 5 presidents before him.

SKY85hawk's picture

Da DoLess still slam The Donald!

T.D. is still POTUS!
He controls a lot of the public powers of America.
Did he not defuse a 'p**ss*g' contest with North Korea?
Was he not the First POTUS to make nice with a Russian Prime Minister, since Reagan?

Go Donald! Make America Great Again!
Drain that swamp TO THE MUDDY, MURKY BOTTOM! ! ! ! !


Btw, Nice job up to now! Ya' got them running in circles!

It's actually funny to see the apprentices whining in public!


Sgt Soros's picture

Show me who controls the purse strings and I will tell you who is in charge. The only thing the President controls is the ability to send troops to war. However funding for a war that a POTUS initiates must come from Congress. I suspect it's finally begining to dawn on Trump that his current job ain't worth sqwat, which is why I think he will resign soon. Maybe his enemies in the Congress might grow some balls and impeach his ass.

Sgt Soros's picture

I'm not sure what this author is smoking. The kook, Bannon has been kicked out, Trump is now surrounded by three Deep State Generals and the big icing on the cake is Mueller, who will strike at some point to make sure Trump is taken out. Meanwhile enjoy the wild ride!

shadow54's picture

Sign on Mueller's office door. Gone Fishing, back next year.

Sgt Soros's picture

But hey lookie here, Mueller's fishing hook is embeded in Trump's ass, this has sent the Donald stark raving mad and is lashing out at everyone but 

Jungle Jim's picture

I really hope I'm wrong, and I hope this article is right (though the poker terms go right over my head). But it sure looks to me like Trump has been taken over, co-opted, assimilated, whatever you'd call it, by the Deep State. It looks like *somebody* pulls his strings and he does the marionette dance. When he was campaigning he talked like he was going to put the brakes on all this endless, perpetual war and overseas interventionism. But look what's happening.

Anteater's picture

DJTrump is playing 12-dementedional crypto-Go!

The peanut gallery doesn't understand the moves

or end-game, but they are sure DJT is WINNING!!

$112 BILLION in arms for al-Saud-ISIS-al-Nusra!!

DPRK does what Deep State tells it to do, as cover!!

Kushner magically avoids $1B default on 666 5th!!

Trump surges 6,000 moar kids to Great Sandbox!!

Kushner avoids being deposed to testify by Mueller!!

Trumps prevaricates for 77 long minutes to his base!!

Bannon out, vows 'war for Trump' ...very quiet one!!

Despite lying, Kushner has a Top Secret clearance!!

It's 100% Goldman and Pentagon, all the time now!!



QIG's picture

It would be well to read "The Art of War".

Dr. Acula's picture

What voters think: Republicans vs. Democrats

What zerohedgers think: Deep State vs. Trump

What Bannon wants you to think: Globalists vs. Nationalists

What George Soros wants you to think: Antifa vs. Alt-Right

What Rothschilds want you to think: Soros vs. Mercer

What's actually happening: all of the above vs. you


shadow54's picture

What's actually happening: the boring daily grind.

all of the above is a delusion bubble created by media.