CNN Gets Steamrolled By Their Own Charlottesville Panel: "The Media Is Not Being Honest"

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CNN's Alisyn Camerota got steamrolled by a panel of 6 people brought on to discuss Trump's reaction to the Charlottesville tragedy.  You could tell the panel segment wasn't going to play out the way Camerota envisioned it from the very start when she asked who was "troubled" by the President's response to the violence in Charlottesville and precisely no one raised their hand. Meanwhile one panelist gave this response regarding Trump's controversial "blame on both sides" comment:

“I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I mean he addressed the problem. Let’s face reality, there are problems on both sides."


“I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider both groups are."


"The Antifa group to me is totally a very Stalin-ish kind of group.  If you’re willing to set fires and burn places to the ground, that doesn’t seem like a very peaceful group to me.”

Asked to comment on whether there were "very fine people" protesting in Charlottesville, Camerota once again got a surprising response from panelist Daphne Goggins:

"It hasn't been investigated so we don't really know who was out there.  But I'm telling you, I've seen videos of other people who were out there who were not neo-Nazis."

Finally, panelist Robert McCarthy commented on the media's blatant unwillingness to cover the Antifa counter-protests in which people showed up with "helmets, body armor and clubs...ready to do battle."

"That's the night before the clash happened.  The Antifa people didn't show up Friday night, they showed up Saturday.  They came there to do battle.  They showed up with helmets, body armor, clubs... They showed up with ballons filled with urine."


"The media is not covering it.  They're only focused on making neo-Nazis and white supremacists out to be Trump supporters."


"He said there was trouble on both sides.  Was there not trouble on both sides?  I saw bats on both sides."

Here is a video of the segment courtesy of the Daily Caller:

Why do we suspect that whoever screens the panelists at CNN is about to find himself unemployed?  How is CNN supposed to advance the "Trump's base is turning on him" narrative if panels are being filled with people like this?

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Criminal Presstitute's.

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Charlottesville, brought to you by the same folks as Sandy Hook, Boston, 9/11, and countless other false-flags down through the ages.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Team,

It was Criminal Deep State Psychological Operation from before the start.
Spencer & Kessler are both Deep State Agents carrying out the Operation.
What we're currently witnessing is a Coup attempt via an Engineered, Manufactured Color Revolution funded by George Sorros.

The discourse in this Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC., & even amongst the Presstitute's would change practically overnight if an APB, "All Points Bullitin" along with InterPol was issued for the immediate Arrest & Apprehension of George Sorros.

It's still irrefutably, absolute, complete, open in your face

Tyrannical Lawlessness

The Coup is taking place right before our very eyes.

All based on a Psychological Operation gone bad.

Everyone sees it.

The Criminal Deep State & its Blackmailed / Compromised Criminal False Right / Left Paradigm Bipartisan CONgress & Presstitute's will continue the Blue Pill Gas Lighted Scripted False Narrative.

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Pure Bolshevism. It doesn't appear as though the LOSERS of this election fully appreciate how unstable their positions in DC could become.

There remains a two party system in the USA.....US and THEM.

THEM is at most about 5000 people inside the DC Beltway-and about another 3000-5000K mostly in LA/Boston/NY.

THEM has no idea of the whoop-ass waiting for them if they
continue to ignore and impede the will of the American People -temporarily and at the MOMENT expressed through Donald Trump.

THEM clearly hasn't yet figured out that Trump is the symptom
of their problems with US.

He is not their problem

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Hell yeah the people are waking up!

This isn't going to get fixed overnight folks the enemy has been running this scam for ages, it's going to take decades of spreading information to snap people out of it.

EDIT: CNN would normally cut this out, why did they air it? are they trying to reel level headed people back in only to go batshit left crazy when they least expext it?

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Now I am worried. A glimmer of logic. How bizarre.

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There are a lot of Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds who are reasonable and fair. Low life knuckledraggers - Nazis or Marxists - arent representative of America.
The CNN presstitute did all she could to stir the division.

We The People see through their playbook, and more are coming to that same realization every day.

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Alisyn is going to have to make sure they screen those panels better next time. She looked like she was about to throw a rod.

Alisyn Camerota: "There's a right side and a wrong side"

Panelist "I don't trust anything the media sa"...cut off.

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Ppl here on 0hedge should realize that there, in the studio it was a black lady who stood up for evidence based rational analyse of the situation and the large context so, next time when you feel the knee jerk reaction need to insult black people based on their skin color instead of their demonstrated ethical and rational capacities do yourself and others a favor, go in front of a mirror and punch thyself in the teeth with a brick as hard as you can - thank you.

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That lady was great. They're all great. This clip is just great. The media is dead: the people have won. Cheers.

Yes, NAZIS and COMMUNISTS are MORALLY EQUIVALENT. - #HiddenHistory #CultOfSaturn
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Today on CNN, James Clapper was introduced as "a very respected and informed" former DNI. He proceeded to slam Trump as unfit, whatever that means. This is the same guy who perjured himself in congressional testimony regarding the surveillance of American citizens.

CNN. A prarsitical force for evil. The irony is CNN only registers ratings when it is shitting all over its golden goose. It is undeniably an owned propaganda bullhorn.
I tune in when I am trimming weed. It's good for a few laughs until it hits me that they are going to beat me over the head until I turn them off. Which I do after about 30 minutes.
I don't watch TV at all except for that brief reminder once a month.

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Sorry folks.. This panel was a setup. If you watch the whole segment, the panel starts out sounding very reasonable. Then they cut to other questions where the host, whatever that bitch's name is, asks them about sources and videos and they start talking about the very articles that even ZH posted about the craigs list article and the panelist make the mistake of substituting Charlotte for Charlottesville and then talk about conspiracy theories about busses etc.. this is appears to be a CNN setup-- controlled opposition---for the purpose of, at the end of the segment, the CNN bitch, whatever her name is, conveniently debunks the assertions made by the panel. All way to convenient. Whether they chopped the whole segment up to bits to get this effect or it was fabricated entirely to make themselves look credible.. I'm calling BULLSHIT!

creeko's picture

very interesting point.  even this little media charade should not be taken at face value.  question everything!

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I have not watched shit beyond the clip above and I agree with your CNN setup conspiracy theories debunking analyses. This CNN prostitute did something similar I remember in regards to Hillary's emails. Fuck this treasonous cunt and her kind.

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Wow, I had pretty much written off the US as a lost cause, but seeing and hearing that panel gives a faint glimmer of hope. Now many can chalk up the comments of the white guys to latent racism, but how are they going to explain the black lady's reasonable comments without slipping into racism themselves.

BTW, Alisyn (who spells it that way anyway?) is a Jersey girl, so she's got to be a closeted racist.

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Divide and rule

And when the Grand Solar Minimum approaches, the cockroaches will be in their underground tunnels, leaving us to fight it out.

See any John Casey for information on the GSM

RumpleShitzkin's picture

This video gave me hope that there may be a way forward in this without a complete shitshow.

Call me a dreamer, I guess, but more people can sense the bullshit than we've been lead to believe.

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What!?!?! Anyone have a link of this with images? Guys in BLM tshirts and guys in KKK tshirts getting out of 6 charter buses parked back to back????

lew1024's picture

'Rock Hudson', an informant to George Webb and CrowdSourceTheTruth referred one of the people he knows to Jason Goodman in yesterday's discussion, saying that it was a young black man who had the pictures.

I haven't seen more, but Jason was in Phoenix.  That is the only place I have heard that, I posted a comment yesterday here on ZH, have seen nothing else until your comment.

creeko's picture

the minute I saw those images, I knew it was staged.

beaker's picture

Best ZH article yet!  Short, but speaks volumes.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

The leftist faggots at CNN are running scared. Their original bullshit narrative-- that "ebil neo-NAAAATZIS" invaded Charlottesville unexpectedly out of nowhere and attacked poor innocent civilians-- has completely fallen apart. Now they are retreating to their fallback position--"Ok, well, both sides are dangerous lunatics who came to start a fight"--which is just more bullshit. Because that's the thing about pathological liars-- they will NEVER tell the truth.

And the truth is, only ONE SIDE was legally permitted to be there. Only ONE SIDE was there to show support for historical monuments and stand for our American heritage. Only ONE SIDE came to gather peacefully and enjoy an afternoon of speeches and solidarity. Only ONE SIDE was there to welcome a variety of political viewpoints--after all the event was named "Unite the Right" for a reason. Only ONE SIDE came prepared strictlly for defensive purposes (helmets and shields) because they knew what kind of degenerate filth they might be up against. And only ONE SIDE was betrayed by a Governor, (((Mayor))), and Chief of Police, with whom they had made an honest, good faith effort to work with to ensure a peaceful and safe event for EVERYBODY.

The other side, of course, was the worst kind of Antifa and BLM scum. These disgusting degenerates came armed with an incredible array of offensive weapons, ranging from bags of shit and urine, to dangerous chemicals like bear mace, chlorine bleach, and acid, to heavy objects like rocks, bricks, and water bottles filled with cement, as well as sticks, bats, and iron bars. Some stupid asshole even came equipped with an aerosol-can flamethrower (yes the pictures are on the internet). These "people" (and I use the term loosely) laid in wait while the State Police riot cops materialized out of nowhere and cunningly penned the Unite the Right men into Lee Park. Then, at noon, when the event was scheduled to start, and the Unite the Right crowd had gathered, the shitbird McAuliffe and his toady (((Signer))) sprang their trap. The police gave the order that it was an "unlawful assembly" (despite the fact that the city had issued a legal permit, and a federal judge had upheld that permit after the city cravenly tried to rescind it just the day before) and then proceeded to drive the Unite the Right crowd through a narrow funnel past a gauntlet of screaming antifa/BLM lunatics, who started to pelt the UTR men with filth, bleach, acid, rocks, bats, and rods.

There definitely were bad guys that day, and their names are McAuliffe and (((Signer))). The Antifa/BLM useful idiots played their part, they are obviously culpable, but ultimately they are just a dumb crowd of violent orcs. The police should be ashamed of themselves, but most police are just order-following drones so it's hard to really hold them responsible, as they generally aren't capable of independent moral action. No, the real enemies on display were that human sack of shit Terry McAuliffe, the Jew Signer, and of course, the corrupt Deep State operatives who cunningly used the manufactured backdrop of violence and confusion to stage Operation Can't Dodge The Challenger. Until we eliminate the rotten scum who hold positions of power in this country (which is all the Democrats in Congress, most of the Republicans, shitbirds like Terry McAuliffe, and all their Deep State cronies who are only interested in running ratlines for drugs, child sex slaves, human organs, and other criminal commodities), nothing in this country will change.


GUS100CORRINA's picture


CNN is beyond repair because the people in charge are DESPOIS with REPROBATE MINDS!!!

GOD HAS GIVEN THEM OVER!!!! Yes, GOD does give up and send people who deserve it to HELL!!!

UselessEater's picture

Never going to happen; folks would be screaming antisemitism... 'racism'... 'nazism' ... suddenly the tribe card will be pulled out by the majority at CNN

SilverRhino's picture

The tribe card is pretty much played out.   People are waking the fuck up in a HURRY.


In the last year I have heard more conversations about how Jews have fucked shit up than I have in the last 40.  

MEFOBILLS's picture

how Jews have fucked shit up than I have in the last 40.  


The old WASP elite pretty much was eclipsed by Jewish elites around 1965.  The Jew, David Brooks almost goes there in acknowledging this fact:

The old American wasp elite at least had some feeling for their people.  An alien tribe, steeped in usury methods, acts more as a predator.

BeansMcGreens's picture


All True.

The US Justice Dept should investigate, because the people at the rally that had the permit did have their civil rights violated.

creeko's picture

calm yourself... the whole event was staged with actors.  They want to piss everyone off, divide, and divert attention from the greatest theft in history.

Socratic Dog's picture

Now that's the sort of rant I come to the Hedge for. Awesome, Buckaroo.

WileyCoyote's picture

Good summary of what happened. I for the life of me cannot figure out what the problem with saying both sides had issues. My daddy and mommy always said, two wrongs don't make a right. In the eyes of the media, I guess they never got that message. 

Mr Hankey's picture

Do you really still think it matters who loses elections?Do you really think the true winners in this world care about elections? What are the deplorable copsuckers gonna do,  put rape checkpoints in EVERY neighborhood?

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

I was going to guess closer to ten thousand with a couple hundred thousand armed government workers of all types and contractors willing to fire on the people.


Not a cakewalk,  but doable if the people get riled up enough

gregga777's picture

The assassination of Donald Trump, or the coup d'etat deposing him, will spark open all-out warfare in the streets in the United States. Got ammo?

Nothing's picture

How much does the deep state pay you for a post like this?  Who signs the check?

Mr Hankey's picture

It absolutely will not . There is nothing you cant do toYT cuckfag copsuckers with total impunity & everyone except YT cuckfags ,knows this,especially the pigs .Your race is finished, YT.

lew1024's picture

Yes, and no it won't.  This is not a black-white issue, not a religious issue, not a left-right issue, not a D vs R issue.

It is an issue of the Deep State vs the rest of us.

It only comes to violence if there are food shortages, or if we patriots decide force is needed to overcome DC. We are a long way from that.

The worst thing we could do is start shooting Antifa or BLM thugs. The Deep State needs that to declare martial law, trigger the Continuity of Government provisions, likely their next step. It has to look legit, to divide the country enough to allow it to begin to work.

There is plenty of time to resort to shooting people, no need to hurry the process, it is always a last resort.  We aren't even close to needing violence on our side.

Don't let them divide us, don't let them frame the issues. George Webb's series has far more likelihood of taking down the Deep State than shooting any 1000 people.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Cabra, I watched this "live", and it was fucking AWESOME!!!  I have very serious probems with some of what President Trump has done, PARTICULARALY WITH AFGHANISTAN, but what is happening against him is LITERAL sedition, and I believe goes very much into the depth-of-treason, and is wholly-unacceptable.  Those President Trump supporters on that panel were ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVING OF ANY CNN'S HORSE-SHIT, AND ALL THAT MISS CAMEROTA DID WAS TRY TO EITHER PUT-WORDS-IN-THEIR-MOUTHS, OR TO KEEP HARANGUING THEM INTO CHANGING-THEIR-POSITIONS!!!  THAT was as-low-as-low-can-get, and it makes one wonder what-the-Hell was left-on-the-cutting-room-floor, as all of those panel-segments are HEAVILY-EDITED--they last for about one hour, and sometimes longer, to 2+ hours.


Finally, I agree with literally everything that you have written, which is pretty much always-the-case.  I like you, and please NEVER stop telling it as it truly is.



LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was ANOTHER ass-whipping for CNN, and THIS TIME, it was for the shameful race-baiter, and OPENLY-RACIST, Don Lemon, VERY early this morning, after President Trump's speech in Phoenix, by one of his own guests, the ONLY Republican on the panel, Mr. Michael Shields:


Listen to what Mr. Shields says at the very end, which pretty much means that he will not be allowed back on CNN, because TELLING THE PITIFUL TRUTH, ON-THAT-LEVEL, CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED BY (((FAKE-NEWS))) OF CNN.


Share that with all of your friends, because it was pretty fucking awesome.



LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

This was the full segment from CNN, as that clip from The Daily Caller was NOT the full segment:



UselessEater's picture

OK watched it a couple of times. This is a set up CNN knew exactly what it was doing. It is very odd.

Stoking two sides for a fight. There never was TWO sides that is a voting mentality....

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

The idea that Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler are "Deep State Agents" is fucking absurd and retarded. Spencer has been in the Alt-Right for over ten years (he was the one who invented the term, "alt-right" for fucks sake), so if he is a "Deep State Agent" then I guess the Deep State has been planning this for a long, long time. I suppose if you really fine-tuned your tinfoil hat you could make a better case that Kessler is some kind of agent provocateur, but even that doesn't hold much water if you examine it closely.

A much more likely explanation is, Terry McAuliffe got tipped off by (((Mayor Signer))) that the Alt-Right was planning a rally and decided it would make a wonderful backdrop for a false-flag operation. It certainly explains why (((Signer))) and the Chief of Police lied to the event organizers about almost every organizational detail that everyone had agreed to during the weeks before the event-- they deliberately penned in the UTR members and then herded them past the Antifa/BLM armed lunatic scum in order to create as much chaos, mayhem, and violence as possible, in order to discredit the alt-right and create a violent backdrop against which to run Operation Can't Dodge The Challenger. Of course, they had planned for the violence to go on all afternoon, but the UTR crowd didn't play along-- once they realized that the event was a set-up and that the Police and Mayor had misled and betrayed them, they got out of town fast. By the time the Deep State operatives got their shit together, the only people left on the streets were Antifa/BLM scum running wild. When the Challenger of Peace was unleashed much later that afternoon, there was literally nobody from UTR in town, except of course for the patsy James Fields.


Chupacabra-322's picture

Disagree completely. Get your facts straight. The "Alt-right" was really termed the Alt- Media not that long ago. A term made mainstream by Alex Jones not Spencer. Not a Jones fan, just stating that Fact.

Just a coincidence both those Scum Fucks graduated from Virginia State University too right?

University of Virginia has its own ties to the Ku Klux Klan from the 1920s. There was a chapter there of the Klan at the university. The Virginia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan pledged $1,000 to the University of Virginia for their centennial fund in 1929. This went unmentioned in President Sullivan’s letter. Also, the two main organizers of the rally, the so-called Unite the Right rally, are graduates of the University of Virginia. Both Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler are UVA alums.

The Gas Lighting propagandists had to change the name Alt-Media to Alt-Right to distract the masses from listening to alternative forms of media while simultaneously associating the now Alt-Right to extremist groups via the ADL & Southern Poverty Law Center.
Ultimate Fail.

Now, go get your Shine Box Punk.

MissCellany's picture

Do you mean that Spencer and Kessler both graduated from the University of Virginia, which is in Charlottesville?

Huh. Interesting. So did Brennan Gilmore, the guy who just so happened to be right near the Dodge Charger and ready to roll his cellphone video, then went all media-hound...

yeah, the guy who also worked for Obama's State Department (though the NYT later scrubbed that bit about him and State deleted info on him from their site)...and might have been up to some shady deep state-style shit there...

the one who then worked as chief of staff for the Tom Perriello governor campaign in Virginia last year -- the same Perriello who got a sweet $385,000 chunk of cash from George Soros and family...

But hey, it's probably all just a series of coincidences.

Oh, and I saw somewhere how that Kessler dude was an Occupy Wall Street and Bernie/Obama disciple until just November of 2016... interesting timing, don't ya think?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Miss,

Very interesting.

It's was a Deep State Psychological Operation from before the start.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Ha ha, you fucking tool. Wrong.

First-- what the fuck does "Virginia State University" have to do with anything, you assclown?

Second-- "In March 2010, Spencer founded, a website he edited until 2012. He has stated that he created the term alt-right.[9]"

You remember what happened to the last guy who said, "get your fucking shine box", right? Fucking moron.