Globalist Strategy Exposed: Use Crazy Leftists And Provocateurs To Enrage/Demonize Conservatives

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

The false left/right paradigm is an often misunderstood concept. Many people who are aware of it sometimes wrongly assume that it asserts the claim that there is "no left or right political spectrum;" that it is all a farce. This is incorrect.

In regular society there is indeed a political spectrum among the general populace from socialism/communism/big government (left) to conservatism/free markets/individualism/small government (right).

Each citizen sits somewhere on the scale between these two dynamics. The left/right spectrum is in fact real for the average person.

We do not find a " false" paradigm until we examine the beliefs and behaviors of the elitist and political classes. For many banking oligarchs and high level politicians, there is no loyalty to a particular political party or an identifiable "left" or "right" ideology. Many of these people are happy to exploit both sides of the spectrum, if they can, to achieve the goals of globalism; a separate ideology that doesn't really serve the interests of groups on the left or the right. That is to say, globalists pretend as if they care about one side or the other on occasion, but in truth they could not care less about the success of either. They only care about the success of their own exclusive elitist club.

This reality also tends to apply to national loyalty as well. Globalists do not carry any ideological love for any particular nation or culture. They are more than happy to sacrifice and sabotage a country if the action will gain them greater power or centralization in return. A globalist is only "Democrat" or "Republican," or American or Russian or Chinese or European, etc., insofar as the label gets them something that they want.

The reason globalists and the people that work for them adopt certain labels is because through this they can act as gatekeepers and better manipulate the masses. The hot button issue of the week provides us with a case in point...

The organizer of the "Unite The Right" group during the Charlottesville circus, which ended in one death and numerous injured, happened to be an ideological playmate of the extreme left only a year ago. Jason Kessler seemed to come out of nowhere as a leading figure in the white identity or "white nationalist" movement in 2017, but in 2016, he was an avid supporter of Barack Obama, and before that, an active champion of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I suppose anyone can change their ideological worldview over time, but I'm certainly not stupid enough to believe that Jason Kessler went from hardcore leftist to white nationalist in less than a year. Though it cannot be proven conclusively that Kessler is a provocateur, he certainly idolized the position. Kessler is quoted in his own blog on December 12, 2015, (now shut down but archived) as stating:

"I can't think of any occupation I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage and self-determination to court controversy despite all the slings and arrows of the world."

This is not the first time white nationalists have been exploited by agent provocateurs to make the "political right" in general look bad. And, it is certainly not the first time white nationalists have been discovered to be working directly for the federal government. Klu Klux Klan leader Bill Wilkinson openly admitted to being a FBI informant and cooperator in 1981. Hal Turner, a white supremacist radio personality notorious for calling for the deaths of judges and lawmakers, turned out to be a provocateur paid by the FBI to drum up extremism. He was exposed in 2009 after his arrest led to his admission that almost everything he did was "at the behest of the Federal Bureau of Investigations..."

Why would the government seek to instigate white nationalist groups into violence? Well, you have to examine the larger narrative here.

Anti-conservative propaganda has been overwhelmingly one-track over the past several years. If you are well educated on the activities of deceit machines like the Southern Poverty Law Center, you understand that the thrust of all of their operations has been to tie white nationalism directly to conservative organizations even if there is no connection. I call this "guilt by false association." Keep in mind that the SPLC cooperates closely with government agencies like the DHS and their "Working Group To Counter Violent Extremism" to create profiling techniques to identify "right wing extremists." Meaning, their skewed propaganda is often what the media and government agencies use as a reference when writing articles or implementing policy.

The SPLC is inseparable from the mainstream media and government agendas dealing with conservatives.

In order to justify the madness and violence of the left in recent months, it is more important than ever for the establishment to maintain the lie that conservatives are also all violent racists and "fascists" that need to be destroyed. Propaganda alone is rarely enough to make such notions stick in the public consciousness. Sometimes, provocateurs are needed to "stir the pot."

However, this is only half the equation of the American civil war being engineered before our eyes.

In my article 'The Social Justice Cult Should Blame Itself For The Rise Of Trump' published in August of 2016, I warned that Trump would indeed win the presidential election and that this would actually serve the interests of establishment elites. In the article, I outline the classic division that globalists have used for decades to divide and conquer societies as well as conjure instability and even geopolitical conflicts — namely the communist versus fascist division.

The political left in the U.S. has gone "full retard" as they say, and it is my belief that this is by design. George Soros, an avid globalist and Nazi-collaborator that now pretends to be a "Democrat" (remember, in reality these people have no loyalty to either side), is a prominent figure behind the funding and strategy initiatives of far-left groups like Black Lives Matter and others related to Antifa activities.

The current behavior of SJW groups like Antifa is similar in numerous ways to the actions of Maoists in China during the Cultural Revolution. Maoists sought to erase all vestiges of China's "imperialist history" in a wave of violence that resulted in the destruction of priceless pieces of Chinese historical significance, and the prosecution of political opponents. This unchecked fervor eventually culminated in mass killings of anyone found to be a heretic of the new social justice religion. The only group to truly benefit from the rabid outburst was Mao and the elites of China's political establishment.

The left's uncomfortably similar war against confederate statues in America is not about slavery, and it's certainly not about a respect for life (if that were the case, they would have admonished the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter as much as they wailed about the killing of Heather Heyer by a white nationalist).  Where was all the outrage from the left over Scalise?  And, where was the outrage over Confederate statues during Barack Obama's presidency?  Why isn't the left blaming him for the continued existence of these "racist" landmarks?

Clearly, none of these statues glorify slavery in any way, they merely represent a piece of America's past which was far more complex than poorly educated SJW lunatics are able to comprehend. Of course, they don't care about real history, they only care that the issue of confederate statues as a means by which they can implement deconstruction of American cultural heritage, which is predominantly conservative in ideals.

What the left wants is to START with confederate statues because this is easiest to for them to rationalize to the public, then move on to the founding fathers, then to the Constitution and round out their assault with the erasure of conservative thought altogether.

What globalists like George Soros want is to encourage leftists to pursue this goal, but not necessarily with the expectation that they will succeed. In fact, the globalists are about to throw the leftists to the wolves.

My readers are well aware of my position on the Trump presidency. I said it before his election and I continue to hold to my prediction to this day; Trump is either a patsy and a scapegoat for the inevitable economic and social crisis that has been brewing within America for years, or, he is a pied piper and willing participant in the scheme. Either way, conservatives are being lashed to the hull of Trump's Titanic, and when it sinks, we are all supposed to go down with it.

The social justice cultism of leftists, growing ever more heinous and illogical, is MEANT to push conservatives not just into the arms of the Trump White House, but it is also meant to push us towards a more totalitarian mindset. The more aggressive the left becomes, the more inclined the right will be to use government as a weapon to pulverize them with an iron fist. This is exactly what globalists want, for once conservatives abandon our Constitutional principles in the name of defeating the left we will have become the monster we have always sought to defend against. We will have lost the long game, and the globalists will have us exactly where they want us.

Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin. Both ideologies were originally developed and funded by international banks and conglomerates in the early 20th century. For undeniable evidence of this I recommend reading works of Antony Sutton, including Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, as well as Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler.

Communism is a totalitarian/collectivist model based on the fraudulent premise that the strongest and most successful in a society must be diminished or erased in order to elevate the weak and unsuccessful. All based on the assumption that the strong must have risen to their position through oppression and exploitation. Through this erasure they hope to create "equality."


Fascism is a totalitarian/collectivist model based on the fraudulent premise that the weak and unsuccessful in a society must be diminished or erased because they are a parasitic drain on the strong.

Both rely heavily on the power of government, the blind servitude of the majority and the use of terror to achieve their goals.

Neither of these systems is compatible with conservative philosophy and both of them act as a catalyst for greater centralization and less freedom, which the globalists benefit greatly from. In fact, if you believe in the force of big government and the collectivist mindset then you CANNOT call yourself a conservative. The two worldviews are mutually exclusive.

Conservatives can, though, be corrupted, just like anyone else. In the case of the present day, conservatives are being stabbed with a thousand needles by the left, luring us into a mindset of vengeance and rage. We are also being falsely associated with white nationalist movements (many of them operated by agent provocateurs) that do often promote fascism as if it is some kind of "misunderstood" elixir of stability and utopia. I think it is clear that regardless of who wins — fascists or communists, conservatives are the primary target.

It is my view that the left is cannon fodder in this agenda. They are being wielded like a blunt instrument; a battering ram composed of useful idiots, a buzzing of flies and mosquitoes. Conservatives will be encouraged to act against constitutional values in order to stop this threat in the most brutal way. The time is coming when we will have to make a choice – stand by our values and fight the left the hard way, or abandon our values and serve the globalists by adopting their methods of government totalitarianism. It is my hope that enough of us will stand by the constitution and conscience in this schizophrenic era and disrupt the tides of madness before they erode our nation completely.

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Victor999's picture

We need to be cleaning the world of people like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and Soros.  These are the true enemies of society, and until they are wiped out, the bloodshed and chaos will continue all over the world.

anonymike's picture

Tyranicide worked quite well in dealing with them historically. Surprised there hasn't been a revival of this time honored practice.

mrviolin22's picture

The ovens and the shower stories are all fake....READ YOUR HISTORY...and don't use wikipedia....try Rense.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

How about commandeering the Crown's muskets and powder and then opening fire on the Redcoats?


What should be the punishment for that?

anonymike's picture

More incarceration for pre-crime is a wet dream of globalist. The only such offense that deserves some action is a threat with intent against physical person or property. This does not include hurt feelings.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Things are going to get worse before they get better.


There is nothing new under the Sun.


The South was right!

RMiller's picture

Perhaps the south will indeed rise again.

LOL123's picture

Kudos to the writer of the article.

"What the left wants is to START with confederate statues because this is easiest to for them to rationalize to the public, then move on to the founding fathers, then to the Constitution and round out their assault with the erasure of conservative thought altogether." - exactly!

Once the public and government officals get behind erasing the nasty historical statues, they also have to earse the use of the money with their famous rascist faces, which leaves us with universal digital cash controlled completly by a centralized government in the cloud.

Where once  "in God we trust " was written on physical  but fiat money there will be an account number in the cyber web which will be subject to closures if compliance is not adhered to ( google/ facebook already censoring, punishing clients too individualistic for the pc crowd to handle without vanishing them to the either world) . The algorithems already exit to filter out dissenting voices. Each step has been layed out probaby 50 years ago. That Zuckerberg is talking about running for president is no accident, that pc police are censoring accounts is no accident, that facebook co founder Dustin Moskovitz commited $20 m to help beat Trump no accident, that google Eric Schmidt helped Hillary Clintons campaign no accident, that the awans collected above average wages and had exclusive clearance to classified materal no accident.

"This decision was not easy, particularly because we have reservations about anyone using large amonts of money TO INFLUENCE ELECTIONS." Moskovitz and his wife, Cari Tuna, wrote in a post on Medium. Sept. 9,2016

Yep, something fishy alright Mrs. Tuna....

anonymike's picture

The two dimensional Nolan Chart would have been a better starting point for this article.

People are hard to model in a single dimension. The conclusion of the article would be the same for the vast majority. But there would be a quadrant that people could strive for.

shimmy's picture

Yeah, I am of the opinion the dumbocrats and libtards are being used to push things and they are too far into their hysteria to see they are being used as pawns. I think president pumpkin is also being used as pawn. That or as stated, he is a fully willing player in it. 

It seems clear to me that this is all being done by design.

dlfield's picture

So this Jason Kessler is an attention-whore who is on somebody else's payroll now?  Or maybe (probably) the same somebody's payroll.  I did think footage of Charlottesville looked surreally like LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) meets PCP ("angel dust").  How much you want to bet Kessler is also a LARPer??  LMAO

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Divide & Rule? Never heard of it. Move along children.... It's just more fake news. Seriously, who would fall for such a simple trick? Not even the Alt-Right Trumptards and ANTIFA useful idiots, are that fucking stupid to fall for the old ruse of Divide & Rule. It's more fake news and I don't believe it.

surf@jm's picture

Ideology doesn't`t hold a candle to economic problems.......

Ask the average person in Venezuela right now, whether socialism or capitalism is their main concern right now.....

The democrats hoping for a return to elected power through, ideology, instead of bread and butter issues, are still ignorant.....

Jessica6's picture

Never mind demonizing conservatives - you're now a neo-nazi or a fascist if you support free speech. Apparently it's a code sort of like how talk of 'globalists' is antisemitic.

We've reached genuinely Orwellian levels of cognitive dissonance.


I am sorry to report that things in America are much worse than anyone of us can imagine.  White America has been permenanetly relegated to a class of serfs.  Everyone here is famliar with the recently emerging refrain from international political realist, mostly of the Rusoo-Sino strain who appeal to the U.S. (Anlgo-Zio-American) Imperial power that it must face reality and climb down from its perch as a unipolar power. That its 50 years of empire is gone.  This isn't just due to the rise of the rest (Russia, China, India, Turkey, Iran, North Korea...even go ahead and try to invade Venezeula and see what happens) but for thei interest of American's this is due to what effect multipolarism has had on the American motherland.  

Globalization has raped America of its industrial underbelly (its economic muscles) and even its intelelctual property (itsi intellectual muslce).  This has lead to a silent economic depression that the media will not highlight.  Forget the heartland/flyover nation, even go to the suburbs of Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cihicago, Seattle, Portland, etc., and you find unemployed older white men, depression, suicide and of course the worst opioid epidemic that the world has seen since the first interation of the Anglo-Zio-Ameican Banking/Finaical International Drug Trade Empire came into birith through its East Indian Company/HSBC forced drugging of the Chinese people in the infamous Opium Wars - how sad and ironic.

But we are not coming to the end of the 2nd stage of this empire and transitioning into the 34d phase reglobalization of the Anglo-Zio Empiree, where it will leave America like it left China, in ruins, as it more aggressively purses its global agenda, against the resistance of emerging multi-polar powers.   Why will it leave America in ruins?  Well its because America is runied!  The only way to "make American great again"  would of been to scale down the empire, bring the troops home, cut payments to Israel, to Egypt, force Europe to pay for its protect and those trillions of dollars would of been used to reform health care (some sort of market based or universal based health care...real conversativism or real progressasiviom), rebuild US infrastructure, things that would of brought work, rroductivity, jobs, money, and thus  hope and love back to American hearts and minds and thus ended the violent crime in the inner citiies amongst young frustated black men, the overdoses in the suburbs amognst barely mature and innocent young woman girls and ended the rising in suicide amongst humiliated older white men.

This is why we all beleived in Trump, whites, blacks, mexicans and asians.  Real Americans who yearned for a renewal of an America they heard about from their fathers and grandfathers, even black Americans who heard about how cities like Pittsburgh and Philly were thriving communities, with no violence, 2 parent households where the father worked at the factory and that was enough to take care of the family, to go on vacation every summer and to send the kids to Howard university or Spelman, where a regular Englishman living in London working at a factory could take care of his entire family. That dream lost my friends is directly tied to a current emperial rule in which the rich in Anglo-America are richer than they have ever been, even though the economies of Anglo-America are the less productive they have been in the last 100 years.  The financial eocnomy of the small elites who use to  concentrate in inner London and Manhanntan and came to birth in the East Indian company, which the founding fathers of America fought against, are today the masters of the universe and yes they are in the majority International Jewish with a mixture of old Anglo-American elite and royalty.

So today they are on top of the world, but they got there first by using the labor of their American workers and than kickstarted their greatest weath by gutting U.S. labor and acquiring global slave labor and they are not going to give this up.  What this group now had to get ride of was any semblance of traditional American political thought on both sides of the aisle, they had to get ride of traditional conversative thought of limited government and tradiitional liberal thought of socalism.  The former would threaten their rule, while the latter would mean they would be have to account for their tremendous welath and repatirate it back to America and in a sense of corporate responsbility be used to benefit Americans.

But as Ameircan society descended into a worsing of economic hopes for the average American, at the level of national discourse and local education, they have introduced a tautology which would destroy real conversative and progressive thinking so that Americans could never arm themselves intellectually for the war that would evidentable come against the elite.  And they have done this by introducing cultural marxism/identity poliitics at a whole to both left wing and right wing.  They have introduced Antifa and BLM as the shock troops who undermine basic American rights such as freedom of speech and finally, yes!  They have sent in agent provacatuers to fuel white identity politics in the form of Nazi and White supremaist and then put them all out into the arena to battle it out. 

Race war?  Race war is going to be the new sport of the Jewish elite.  Because honestly the majority of the people on the left side of the race war are not traditional black people. but are made up in large part by young white kids, lesbians transgender and other completelty brandwahsed goyim who believe the only thing that matters is ones identity.  Whereas on the right, are young white and lost goyim who believe the problem is that "liberals" are trying to take away their white heritage and white identity thorough immigration, race mixing and taking down historic images of white history.  Yes, all these things are happening but they are not the cause of white American's problems, they are simply the result.  Because neither of these two white and white-black-gay etc. groups are agitiating against the real power politics of America, the one that is again in the White house through Goldman-Sacs rule over Trump.

So now that the Anglo-Zionist has accomplished their coup of Trump whitehouse forget all those plans folks.  Be prepared for two things, race war in America to distract the people from the fact that more suicides, more drug overdose and no jobs will be coming back to America, while they will continue to resist agaisnt their unipolar rule globally, that means, while American's will descend into a drug induced niliist (antifa and nazis are both anti-universal god of redepemtion), they the elites will purse a more aggressive international war to attempt to push back against the rising attempt for multi-polar power in the world. 

And lastly, for those who say, well where will they get their man power for this ramping up of a fighting force if they run out of U.S. citizens willing to fight.  Now entires, the Lord Prince himself, Erik Prince and his blueprint for East Indian Empire 3.0, or in other worlds a global Anglo-Zio-Ameircan army made up of mercenaries from the third world.  This force is already doing the fighting in Somalia and Yemen.  Its funny how history always repeats itself, just like the first iteration of the Anglo-Zio empire in the Opium wars was made up mostly of mercenaries from all around Asia, this 3rd Anglo-Zio-American empire rebooted and removed from American producivity, soilders, workers etc. (2.0) will mostly consist of soilders from militaristic tributary dicatator states of Anglo-Zionist Empire, mostly from Africa (Rwanda, Uganda , South Sudan, Angola...and to a lessor extend South Africa and Columbia).

So there you have it folks.  I don't know the answers to all this but the problems are as clear as day!



HominyTwin's picture

Violence is a part of life folks. It just should not be a part of everyday life in most circumstances. In any case, if you think you can beat the deep state and the globalists without some you are sadly mistaken.

downwiththebanks's picture

No provocateurs on the right, though.  

Fascitarians are pure as snow.

mrviolin22's picture

Craiglist Ad:  Used white robes and headgear for sale $50.  Pick it up at downtown FBI headquarters. 

Also: Looking for Turbans and other "Arabic looking" clothing.