"He Said That?!"

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Here it is, in cold, hard black-and-white prose, a damning indictment of President John F. Kennedy in his own words...

Satirically authored by Straight Line Logic's Robert Gore...

From a dinner honoring Nobel Prize Winners April 29, 1962:

I want to tell you how welcome you are to the White House. I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.


Someone once said that Thomas Jefferson was a gentleman of 32 who could calculate an eclipse, survey an estate, tie an artery, plan an edifice, try a cause, break a horse, and dance the minuet. 


Whatever he may have lacked, if he could have had his former colleague, Mr. Franklin, here we all would have been impressed.

Irrefutable proof: John F. Kennedy praised Thomas Jefferson, white slave owner and perhaps the paramour of some of his female slaves.

Kennedy may not have known about the paramour part, but he certainly knew Jefferson was a slave owner.

Kennedy Airport, Kennedy Center, thousands of schools and streets: erase the name of this obvious racist who praised a slave owner.

No historical sin is too small that it should not be rectified after the fact by erasing all memorials to -in a better world all memories of - the sinner. To be replaced, of course, by those many historical figures who were perfect.

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Somebody put a bullet in that man's head! Oh Wait!

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I seem to recall a US President back in the 90's named William Jefferson Clinton. He proudly stated that he was named after Thomas Jefferson.

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this article is racist, no sexist, no anti-semitic....no wait..... homophobic

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Jack loved him some poon...

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A real democracy can not exist without freedom of speech.  Like it or not, The first Amendment and freedom of speech both allow and enable honest debate about any and all issues.  This is the critical foundation upon which all else is built.

Take away feedom of speech and you simply can not have a functioning democracy.  

The U.S.A. is supposed to be a constitutional Democratic Republic, made up of a federation of States.  This basically means that the U.S.A is founded via a constitutional congress made up of members of individual States forming a federation (ie; Federal Government) where the combined republic is supposed to function using democratic methods for service to the people and the States collectively.  The States basically only gave the Federal Government limited authority as spelled out within the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The Federal U.S. Governments primary function is supposed to be as a protector of these fundamental rights.  

Each State within the U.S. can be considered it's own sovereign entity (with regard to both standing and law within the state).  If the people in any State within the Federation believe that the Federal Government is infringing or impeding upon the rights of the people as established within the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights then the individual State can overide the federal government in order to protect it's citizens.  And yes this does actually happen.  This is how the U.S. is supposed to 'formally' operate.

However the 'informal' structure of the Federal government (how the organization informally functions, rather than formally functions as above) is really that of a 'Plutocracy.'

As stated on Wikipedia:


Plutocracy (Greek: ploutos, 'wealth' + kratos, 'rule') or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was in 1631.[1] Unlike systems such as democracycapitalismsocialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or surreptitious fashion, though the term itself is almost always used in a pejorative sense.


Examples of plutocracies include the Roman Empire, the United States, some city-states in Ancient Greece, the civilization of Carthage, the Italian city-states/merchant republics of VeniceFlorence and Genoa, and the pre-World War II Empire of Japan(the zaibatsu). According to Noam Chomsky and Jimmy Carter, the modern day United States resembles a plutocracy, though with democratic forms.[7][8]

One modern, formal example of a plutocracy, according to some critics, is the City of London.[9] The City (not the whole of modern London but the area of the ancient city, about 1 sq mile or 2.5 km2, which now mainly comprises the financial district) has a unique electoral system for its local administration. More than two-thirds of voters are not residents, but rather representatives of businesses and other bodies that occupy premises in the City, with votes distributed according to their numbers of employees. The principal justification for this arrangement is that most of the services provided by the City of London Corporation are used by the businesses in the City. In fact about 450,000 non-residents constitute the city's day-time population, far outnumbering the City's 7,000 residents.


My apologies for the civics lesson to those (many on here I'm sure) that already have a clear understanding on all of the above.  


Please feel free to comment if you feel any of the above is either incorrect or innaccurate.


Basically the Constitution and Bill of Rights are supposed to enable a legal framework that is fair for all, which then helps via laws to prevent man from harming man, and creates a system of justice when a man is found to have harmed (via a trial with jury of his peers) another man.



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Replace all Kennedy named venues with “Prophet Mohammed” .

He was a paragon of virtue except for the slave-owning, vicious conquering and beheading, polygamy and pedophilia.

Then all the leftist liberals can join their brethren on their knees with their heads on the floor and butts pointed to the west there.



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That quote was a common one. Kennedy was just saying a well accepted nice thing about Thomas Jefferson, who was a genius polymath.

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This hole goes deep.... some of the earliest recorded history talks about the existence of slavery... and CNN was just denouncing slavery earlier today, so I suppose we need to destroy the world. 

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"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff in which legends are made"- JFK

earleflorida's picture

nice piece of propaganda?

define 'legends'?

in which you baited the illiterate with?

was it not 'Satan Incarnate' he was referring to--- asshole!!!





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nice piece of propaganda?


No, you are just ill-educated and believe everything you were spoon fed in publik skoool.  You also were immersed in Hollywood mythology.


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-1. You've edited the intro to JFKs Prelude to Leadership, notes about his WW2 experiences...

The page starts off more accurately as...

"After visiting these two places you can easily see how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country, which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

I notice with JFK, media and others continue to revise history and what he actually said mostly with subtle edits or omissions. Read the entire page to get full context.

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If your argument has any validity, it is based on knowledge and careful research.

At that point you should be able to honestly state your case and have it stand on its own merits.

If someone discuss, openly and honestly, different views based on different knowledge and research, both sides will benefit and understand each other better.

Personally, I try really hard to avoid having others tell me what to think or believe.


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ANOTHER Quick trip to left-turd logic school:

ANYONE who has EVER said or thought anything positive about ANY founding father who EVER owned slaves is a racist.

"Destroy all history" - Pol Pot

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Yeah, I think we learned all that propaganda in the fifth grade. We learned that. I'm sure all the twits at elite prep schools learned something different.

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Basically the Constitution and Bill of Rights are supposed to enable a legal framework that is fair for all ...

So, who says that people are supposed to respect the constitution? How is fair defined? /s

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Thomas didn't though.

Probably a close relative of his.

(TJ was out of the country when the alleged insemination took place.)

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And apparently didn't mind having his dick sucked by other men.

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....yes, our prez loved poon.

He was a certifiable Poon Dawggie.

If he were still alive today, he would be chasing Thai hotties in Bangkok. who knows where?

Orchard Towers in Singa?

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Clinton also hailed himslef as the first black president.


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He only said that thinking he'd get the more "needy" skirts.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

And as "Commander in Chief" had a photo op of him in a military setting, him in military drab olive, with his Patton war face on, looking through binoculars assessing some military practice...

...unfortunately, the lens caps were on the binoculars.

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Well, Hillary does have a BIG Fat Ass...

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You talking about Bill Blyth?

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probably Jefferson Davis....listening to recordings of Clinton's mother.

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"I did not have sex with that woman".  OK, Bill. Then what do you call it?

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Well, they'll always love Teddy, the biggest piece of shit from that entire family, and that's saying something.

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Chappaquidick was caused by "global warming".

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Good ole Scuba Ted!!! What a f'n piece of shit!

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The Demo-Marxists want to follow Seattle's lead and erect statues of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. They'd probably also have orgasms over statues of Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot.

Kobe Beef's picture

Nah. This is Jewish iconoclasm in action.

Statues of Beauty and Truth will be replaced by abstract representations of poop and metallic abortions.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

The Demo-Marxists want to follow Seattle's lead and erect statues of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. They'd probably also have orgasms over statues of Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot.

Cum cum now Gregga, I know a fellow by the name of V. V. Putin who has a country full of well worn Lenin bronzes who would be more than happy to supply some 'excess to requirements' to the Antifa-ckwits™.

I'm sure Xi-man and Hun-meister too could spare a few leftovers from their stockpiles.

As to where and how to effect the erections I think they occur hourly only in the minds of those who have moist thoughts of acting all butch and 'warrioring up' (if such a word exists) all social and 'justicey' like.

Makes one want to break into multiples at the very thought of it.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Sadly, it is true about JFK.  I hear there is also some videotape of him speaking in German (gasp).  Probably a nazi.

Ignatius's picture

In German, yes, and though only a lad I remember it well,

"Ich bin ein ANTIFA"

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harry truman's elder family were slave owners

the mid west in the ohio valley were all slave owners-- they were actually part of the family

contrary to historians view today

everybody had to work and 'slave' for their keep

earleflorida's picture

joseph kenndey, jfk father wasn't pro-nazi at the wars (not many were when exposure of the holocaust was presented to the eyes of the world) end-- but only in the mid to late 30's.

the ex Prime Minister David Lloyd George was also on speaking terms with Hitler at the beginning--- Lloyd was a realist and knew the warII would bankrupt Britain as it did,.. and the fact that if the USSA hadn't played its '2nd Neutral Card', Nazi Germany would have won the War.

JFK's  father was fabulously wealthy and somewhat of a fatalist regarding Britains ill venture into the War!,... as was Ll. George, both urged the bellicose churchill to stand his ground!!! and WAIT!

Hitler thought of Britain as an easy win,... that's why he attack Russia first--- but, as history has taught us, there's always the unxpected being Stalingrad, and thus Germany and the NAZIs had met their waterloo

JFK ran for election with the liberals and black vote in 1959. His rise to president was selling his soul to Graham (WAPO Publisher) and Feinberg the Zionist agent in America that controlled the Congress with Zionist Capaign Funds and Jewish American Block votes.

JFK thanked Feinberg sarcastically whispering to hinself you helped me win-- and got me over the top(JFK had to put LBJ on the ticket in order to get Zionist Money and votes?) but you'll never own me as a person!!!

check out history and how it was the black vote got LBJ elected as with many other past slave owners!!!

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The goal is not to reward the perfect.

It is to reward deadbeat scumbag loser morons.

nmewn's picture

eh heh...eh heh heh heh...



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I'd be willing to bet there aren't but maybe five people inside the Antifa "movement" who know Joe Pa Kennedy had his daughter lobotomized. 

George Soros being one of them. 

Took a perfectly normal, outgoing, vivacious girl and allowed doctors to take out parts of her brain.

Something to think about when picking a "King of Camelot"...I would have killed him for doing that to my sister, without even a second thought. 

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I gotta admit, I can see how a guy exercising his constitutional right to assembly and getting a jackboot delivered rubber bullet in the nutz for his efforts would be such a scream to a self purported 'anarchy leaning libertardian' hypocrite, but this made me chuckle way more:


Reminds me of this gem:


Don't worry, I think the bloviators are all ok, except for the obviously blown head gaskets, of course- though they might want to consider laying off the cold cuts for a couple of, uh, decades

nmewn's picture

As usual you forgot one important element (purposefully because it goes with what you cite)...

"I can see how a guy exercising his constitutional right to assembly..."

...the peaceful part. 

Because everyone shows up to PEACEFULLY assemble against a Presidents policies (or just the man) wearing a gas mask.

So, you are one of the Antifa are you? This is the second time you've made a comment about me denigrating the motives of the Soros backed communist Antifa.

Care to elaborate? ;-)

GoinFawr's picture

looked pretty peaceful to me, or are gas masks an offensive weapon now? You're reeeeeaching...

Did he put the canister of gas out there, or the jackboots?

Looked to me like he was doing his best to protect those peacefully demonstrating who didn't have any protection from the gas... is there some footage I missed?

Me Antifa? Well, I don't think fascism is cool, if that's what you are asking.

Why do you?


nmewn's picture

What was the gas mask wearing "peaceful assembler demonstrating" against, in the middle of the street? 

And by the way, it wasn't a "rubber bullet"...lol.

GoinFawr's picture

Yes, all good citizens should obey the police, and get the hell outta the way on the roads. The authoritarian libertarians are coming

 What is it that you particularly like about fascism

Describe to me, an elected legislative assembly advocate, the appeal of having your very own Franco...