Images Emerge Of Kim Jong Un Inspecting New Missiles After Mattis Applauds "Restraint"

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Kim Jong Un is once again showing the US exactly how disinterested he is in negotiating any settlement - particularly one that ultimately forces North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons: To wit, Kim ordered more rockets and warheads during a televised visit to a local munitions factory just hours after Secretary of Defense James Mattis praised Kim’s “restraint” for not having launched any new missile strikes since the latest round of UN sanctions took effect on Aug. 5. Mattis also reiterated that the Trump administration would be open to talks.

Here’s Mattis (via the Wall Street Journal):

“I am pleased to see that the regime in Pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint that we have not seen in the past,” Mr. Tillerson said in a news briefing in Washington. “We hope that this is the beginning of this signal that we have been looking for.”

To be sure, if the “Mad Dog” was looking for signs of a détente from North Korea, he’s bound to be disappointed. Though the date of Kim’s visit to the munitions factory wasn’t disclosed, the North Korean leader could clearly be heard ordering the program to press ahead with its quest to develop a nuclear warhead that could reliably target the Continental US. He also showed off two new additions to his arsenal.

“Mr. Kim’s visit, the date of which wasn’t disclosed by Pyongyang in its report Wednesday, underscores North Korea’s continued investment in its ability to threaten the continental U.S. with a nuclear-tipped long-range missile.”

As WSJ notes, while Kim’s temporary discontinuation of the missile tests has been perceived as an encouraging sign by some, the real issue is the North’s nuclear program, and any progress their engineers might be making. US intelligence agencies believe the Kim regime possess the capability to reach the US with an ICBM.

From Mattis, any statement connoting positivity regarding the relationship between the US and North is indeed rare. The general has typically backed his boss’s aggressive tone when speaking about the isolated nation publicly, like he did during an appearance on Fox & Friends earlier this month…  

“Defense Secretary James Mattis warned North Korea in stark terms on Wednesday that it faces devastation if it does not end its pursuit of nuclear weapons: "The DPRK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons," Mattis said in a statement adding "The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people."

Photos published by the KCNA along with Wednesday’s report showed Kim inspecting what looked to be two new missiles.

“Photos published alongside Wednesday’s report by the official Korean Central News Agency showed Mr. Kim and other officials standing in front of diagrams. Missile experts said the diagrams appeared to show at least two never-before-seen missiles, including one that looked to be a variant of a solid-fueled missile that North Korea launched from a submarine last year.


Pyongyang in February launched a land-based version of the solid-fueled missile, known as the Polaris-2. Solid-fuel missiles, unlike traditional liquid-fueled ones, don’t need to be fueled on the launchpad—a laborious process that makes the weapon vulnerable to a pre-emptive strike.”

The photos represent a clear message to the US: North Korea has no intention of halting its nuclear weapons program.

“’Pyongyang’s release of photos indicating yet two more new missiles in development shows it has no intention of halting its continuing quest to threaten the U.S. and its allies with nuclear weapons,’ said Bruce Klingner, senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at the Heritage Foundation.


“A two-week adherence of North Korea to U.N. prohibitions against missile tests hardly counts as a significant indicator of benign intent by the regime,” he added, referring to the United Nations Security Council’s newest round of sanctions earlier this month.”

Another of the WSJ’s “expert” sources said the missile program is probably “untouchable” for now, but that diplomacy could still be worth pursuing.

“’The missile-building program is unstinting,’ said Patrick Cronin, senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security.


“Diplomacy cannot touch that for now.”


But Mr. Cronin argued that the U.S. should continue to pursue diplomacy with Pyongyang, and encourage any signs of progress -- including the recent dearth of missile tests.


North Korea hasn’t launched a missile in 26 days, though the launch of its first ICBM on July 4 came after a 35-day pause.


“North Korea has shown glimmers of restraint for now and the U.S. seeks to encourage more, but is ready to move in the opposite direction as well,” Mr. Cronin said.”

In summary, the Pyongyang report was of a kind with what North Korea has said from the beginning: It will not give up its weapons. End of story.

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Finally some volatility!

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Can a Fat Finger be used as an excuse for starting a nuclear war?

Most people believe in Fat Fingers when trading fuckups occurs.   ;-)


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I belive in fat fingers ! I haven't seen one for a while. I guess times are tough ! 

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I wonder whose fingers are fatter – Little Kim’s or Trump’s   ;-)


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Pfftt- he's wondering which one he can spank it on once he's alone with them......

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And mccain thought he was done...



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He loves him son dong.

Is that the Taepodong III he's scoping out?  

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Kim either lost quite a bit of weight in a short timespan, or the picture was taken quite a while ago.

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Most likely the goat.

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Are these rocket engines from Ukraine, too?

North Korea’s success in testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears able to reach the United States was made possible by black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines probably from a Ukrainian factory with historical ties to Russia’s missile program, according to an expert analysis being published Monday and classified assessments by American intelligence agencies.

Odd they are not on the sanctions list.

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Mad dogs have to stick together.  Mattis made it from a major in charge of finding Army recruits to a sychophant for the insane Kim of Korea.  Promoting incompetents doesn't make the guys any better at their job. 

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I also wonder how much "US sourced" and nicely refined uranium has ended up there.  That plant in the Ukraine was at one time top notch so who the hell knows what NK has except those trading it.  For all we know Kim has a "Satan" or two somewhere.

And we need to consider that we have no idea if the tech used in the US navy (and all the rest up to the minuteman) are completely useless.

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Stay away from the liberal media - NYTIMES!!!

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Is he inspecting his own missile....? ;-]

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That could be a cotton gin and he wouldn't know the difference.

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I disagree. While his dad focused on being the greatest golfer the universe has ever seen. Lil' Kim has focused on being one of the most respected rocket surgeons of our time. 

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Those same machines are in Chicago, pushed into a cobwebbed corner someplace in a shut down factory. Oh, the former glory!

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Does this make cake?

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He is testing Maddog, not smart. Trump will unleash the hound.

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Who has worse hair - Trump or Un

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Trump is hiding his MPB out of vanity. Fat Un is self inflicted.  Maybe he is a fan of the 3 Stooges.

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Worst hair poll

>>> Trump ?

>>> Kimmy ?


(Gittin it to look right on a fone is a pisser...)

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  All I see is a pudgy dude in a Benihana outfit looking at what seems to be a robotic 'teppanyaki table'.

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But it does have a badass conveyor belt ;-)

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Heh.. I don'think dats a conveyer belt .. umbilical connection  ? No matter.. 

But my first thought was ... YELLOW !! 

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Kim....dumb like a fox?  May be.

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How is he showing how disinterested he is in negotiating a settlement? The terms have been quite clear for a long time: the US and South Korea suspend invasion drills during the rice planting and rice harvest seasons, then NK suspends missile and nuke work. North Korea has stated this, the Chinese have stated this, the Russians have stated this. The US went ahead with their drills, thus it is the US that is disinterested in negotiating. 

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Hey, do you remember when Clinton gave North Korea billions in aid and built them two nuke power plants when they agreed to stop building nuclear weapons?

The terms were quite clear.


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Ask American Indian tribes about how reliable the United States is at living up to treaties. Then you'll understand why Kim wants a nuclear deterrent.

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It´s war to bring money for MIC not peace, stupid.......

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Grammar Police here (referring to article's first sentence):

He's not "disinterested" (something desirable in, say, a judge) -- he's uninterested.

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He should start a Twitter account to compete with Trump.

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oh fuck yeah. I might register @theRealKimJongUn myself and troll the shit out of everyone.

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The best laugh I've had all week.

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. . . and increasingly hard to come by, these days!

Sometimes i wish i was as daft, igirint, as back in the day. I envy these demonstrators and anti demonstrators, not realising they have a common enemy who are pulling both their strings.

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They called organe's bluff, he caved.  Never was a Nork solution, but good entertainment. Nothing to see here, move along...

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Hands down, this guy strikes the best poses for photo ops.

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By "reach the US" they really mean Guam.

As much as I want to sympathize with anyone living on Guam, this whole business remains a huge nothingburger.

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I must admit that a nothingburger sounds better than a shit sandwich.  What are their respective prices?  Do either of them come with fries?

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'Maybe with mr. IIC´s  ( Idiot in Chief ) Freedom Fries.

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He's modeling beside the new heavy duty woodchipper.  This way, his people at meal time won't have to injure there teeth or get cheek splinters from larger pieces of tree bark.  He's cool that way.

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Folks keep referring to Kimmy as Insane when the Sociopaths in the US are way way insanererer than him.

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"The photos represent a clear message to the US: North Korea has no intention of halting its nuclear weapons program."

Not necessarily.  It looks more like Kim was in Detroit or China inspecting GM's newest aerodynamic Buick models.

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"He stole our Caterpillar Yellow."