United Nations Issues Rare "Early Warning" - Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America

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A United Nations Committee tasked with combating racism on a global scale has issued an ultra rare "early warning" for the United States citing "alarming racism" trends.

As StockBoardAsset.com notes, this rare signal often preludes the potential for civil conflict.

In the past 10-years, the early warning has been issued in Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria.

The United Nations Committee on the Eliminations of Racial Discrimination has called on high-level politicians and public officials of the United States to condemn “racist hate speech and crimes in Charlottesville and through the country”.

Anastasia Crickley, Chairperson of UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said:

We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred

As per UN News Centre:

In a decision issued under its ‘early warning and urgent action’ procedure, the Committee, which monitors implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, stated “there should be no place in the world for racist white supremacist ideas or any similar ideologies that reject the core human rights principles of human dignity and equality.”


In addition to the criminal investigation of the individual who ploughed his car into a crowd of peaceful protestors killing a woman, the UN experts asked the US authorities to undertake concrete measures “to address the root causes of the proliferation of such racist manifestations.”

Let’s take a moment to gain another perspective from Los Angeles Times writer Jesse Walker asks in an Op-EdAre we headed for a second civil war?

Not inconceivable? That’s a low bar. It’s certainly possible to imagine America returning to the violence of the 1960s and ’70s, and beneath the overwrought language, that’s what some - though not all - of these civil war prophets seem to have in mind. But a near-future war with two clear sides and Gettysburg-sized casualty counts is about as likely as a war with the moon.


These “new civil war” stories frequently take a bait-and-switch approach. They invoke the violence at demonstrations like the rally in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, where a man reportedly sympathetic to Nazism drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman. In the same breath, they discuss the broad divisions separating “red” America from “blue” America. If you flip quickly between small violent clashes and big political disagreements, those big disagreements will look bloodier.


It’s clear that the United States is being purposely divided. The United Nations is clearly playing into the hype of issuing an early warning that has only been issued for third world countries in the past 10-years. In our opinion, the continued division in America will only be achieved through more events such as Charlottesville that will polarize the sheep into the streets for slaughtering.

*  *  *

Finally we note that The United Nations dropped this little beauty in their progonstication...

CERD also called on the Government to ensure that the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly are not exercised with the aim of destroying or denying the rights and freedoms of others, and also asked it to provide the necessary guarantees so that such rights are not misused to promote racist hate speech and racist crimes.

In other words - speech should be free... as long as it does not hurt my feelings.

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antifa really means anti-First Ammendment

Kfilly's picture

No, it looks like people will soon be able to collect and trade blue helmets with their friends.  Just an FYI.  The hardest ones to come by will be the ones without holes. 

DosZap's picture

WORSE, they are/have been destroying more property and bashing WAY more heads than ALL the people who are being called KKK,White Supremacists,they weren't rioting or harming anyone, until the ALT LEFT ANTIFA(True anarchists/Fascists showed up on Sat.

charlewar's picture

snowflakes melt in heat.

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and to solve this problem, expect to see masses of blue helmets in your neighborhood soon.

Jim in MN's picture

Civil war between MS-13 and the Crips.....

all-priced-in's picture

Blue helmets make great targets.

JohnnyHenricksen's picture

Bring it.  Millions of gun owners have itchy trigger fingers just waiting for the right target.

jin187's picture

Amen. Time to re-up on ammo for me. Damn police keep giving me back empty mags even if I only used 1-2 rounds to shoot someone. I'd really be nice if the "thugs" would jump me 10+1 at a time, so at least my ammo would stop going to waste.

DosZap's picture

That won't SOLVE anything, if anything it will REALLY kick off the blood letting.

MFL5591's picture

Brought about by them and the communist friends they have the need to be destroyed!

BandGap's picture

This is scripted. Seriously, this has the look and feel of something that was thought through long before the events of the last two weeks.

Kenny Drebson's picture

of course.  charlottesville was a false flag.

rosiescenario's picture

Obviously the UN was listening to Wolf Blitzer and they do not want any more 'copy cat' terrorism to happen in Europe.

techpriest's picture

The UN is more or less a bunch of academics whose purpose is to write papers that rubber stamp globalist policies. And many of the papers nowadays are childish.

Basically 4 year olds given authority of which they are not deserving.

Mr Twitch's picture

'we' d like you to handover your guns'

dogismycopilot's picture

Trump may be a failure as a president, but he cock blocked Hillary who would have gladly given our gun control to the UN - but it could still happen if we are not careful.


Secretary of State John Kerry signed the ATT on behalf of the U.S. on September 25, 2013. NRA continues to work with its Senate allies to prevent ratification or implementation of the treaty in the U.S.

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Only racism I see is directed towards white christians but I guess I'm racist for saying that...

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Soros coming in his panties about now.

Michael Musashi's picture

Everything we see is being carefully orchestrated. The USA is being set up for failure. First it was through economics, now it's by an outright civil war. Trump is a thorn in their side, so no better time to get this done while under his watch.

Jordan Peterson sees what's happening, he sees the destruction about to be unleashed.

Better stock up on guns and ammunition....

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ANTIFAFA: Anti-Fascism Fascists.  That would be "Truth in Advertising".

(((Fascists))) cry out in pain, as they strike you.

lasvegaspersona's picture

The UN???

Same UN as the IPCC?

Same UN full of third world sociopaths and suck ups?

Same UN that has the Saudis in charge of human rights?

THAT UN?...I'll ignore them until I see a mob coming up my street.

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The Left is evil, insane and out of control. The US needs a cleansing civil war.

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The UN needs to be booted out of the United States. Defund them, send them with their tails tucked between their legs back to Brussels.

SelfGov's picture

But please don't look over there in Ukraine.

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UN, the blind leading the blind.

bigdumbnugly's picture

there's FAKE-News and there's UN-News.

Same shyte.

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Dear UN, kindly bugger off. Thanks and good day.

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Exactly UN. Go choke on a dick.

HRClinton's picture

'Thanks'?  'Good day'? Did you drink Kool-aid this early in the day, instead of having a 2nd cup of coffee?

Or did someone slip you some Starbucks?


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You can thank Obama, Soros, Hillary and the MSM for creating this racist narrative that we are stuck in. The UN is nothing more then a mouthpiece for Luciferian bankers who control the previously mentioned.

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Oh right - the KKK doesn't exist cause they where ghost suits, and well you know, ghosts don't really exist.

small axe's picture

the good news is that no one pays any attention to anything the UN says, does, or thinks.

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Will the head of UN Head of their Human Rights Committee, Saudi Arabia, also comment?

HRClinton's picture

I'm waiting for said Saudi to advocate Beheadings, as part of a Corrective Action Plan.

Mr Twitch's picture

Look at that single down-voter... 

A 'Saudomy Arabian' perhaps

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"..any similar ideologies that reject the core human rights principles of human dignity and equality.”

Perhaps they need to take a look at the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, which has been signed up to by all 45 muslim majority nations, directly opposing the UN Declaration of Human Rights on every substantive point. And of course the blatant lying of all those nations, as they have also signed the UNDHR.

Of course they won't. They haven't the slightest problem with all these nations' continual breach of the UN Charter.

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Of course, un blames white men. I bet they will recommend culling the herd.

Those militians arming and hiding in idaho and waiting for UN invasion were right.

skinwalker's picture

Luckily, the blue helmets are easily the least effective military on earth. Even the saudis are better.

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blue helmets are bad news, a lot rapists in the ranks therefore they are affective...just not the way you or I might like.

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That can be a 2-way street. See how they like it, when a baseball bat is used. 

"Is that tight and deep enough for you?  If you like, I can use Google Translate to repeat it in your language, as a courtesy gesture."


Kenny Drebson's picture

the key to decontrusting their narrative is to establish whether jews are considered white or not.  how can antifa/BLM be protecting jews while hating and terrorizing them at the same time?  how can they tell them apart from regular white folk?  no one is more entitled, and has more privelege than american jews, comprising much of the so-called 1%.

bigrooster's picture

“there should be no place in the world for racist white supremacist ideas or any similar ideologies that reject the core human rights principles of human dignity and equality.”


Fuck the UN!  Racist and White Supremacist have ever right to believe what the hell they want and say whatever the fuck they want.

cougar_w's picture

^^^ This is correct. I don't like the hate speech and I think it makes people sound retarded to go on that way -- but it doesn't change the fact they can say what they want. They cannot do what they want to someone else, but we already have laws against murder and mayhem and those laws have enhancements for cases of racism. We're covered. I think the UN has overstepped.

HRClinton's picture

How ironic, given that it was WHITE MALES who created the U.N..

Without them, there would be no UN, you useless mouth breathers! 

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Wow, the libtards are really ramping the retoric up this time. Seems that the sheeple are all falling in behind them too.