Visualizing The Countries Most And Least Accepting Of Migrants

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According to new research from Gallup, many countries on the frontlines of Europe's migration crisis are among the least-accepting countries worldwide for migrants.

Statista's Nial McCarthy notes that the research found that Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Croatia which are all along the Balkan route for asylum seekers recorded the lowest scores for accepting migrants.

Infographic: The Countries Most And Least Accepting Of Migrants  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Iceland was at the opposite end of the scale, scoring 8.26 out of 9.0. It was followed by New Zealand and Rwanda.

Germany which has taken in huge numbers of refugees in recent years came 23rd overall with 7.09. The United States came 18th with 7.27. The United Kingdom came a distant 38th for migrant acceptance, scoring only 6.61 out of 9.0.

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It's like an inverse IQ test.

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We are way too high on that list.

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At the top of the list you choose between cold, dangerous and stupid. Here you get coldly dangerously stupid. I hope this goes viral.

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Japan isn't listed here, but they'd rank zero.  

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Saudi Arabia would be propping the Japs up.....

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Anybody here feel like moving to Rwanda, Nigeria or Sierra Leone or see any migrants heading there?

Yeah, me neither.

So including third world countries in a poll about attitudes to immigration is fucking retarded. 

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Smartest thing I've read all day

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Well. At least they'd be welcoming to the dindus the US could ship back to those shitholes.

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good places to be if you want to make money. Especially nigeria and sierra leone.


most african countries will charge you an amount below $1000 annually and then you can do whatever the hell you want, business wise.

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Clearly Rwanda has come a long way since complete genocide of different ethnic groups just a decade or so ago.  Maybe the returm of slavery and massive human trafficing networks that popped up under Obama are helping them change their minds.

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So Isreal is 133rd.  But it's still first on Schindler's List.

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Remember the Seinfeld, Schindlers List episode?

Funny as hell.

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Israel should to take their fair shair.  I suggest six million Africans.  That's the number they keep coming up with since at least early 1900s, when they were whining that six million Jews were starving in Russia. 

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Time to expatriate to Montenegro.

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No they won't let you in, they don't like migrants

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Latvia and Estonia take in refugees who don't stay because the renumeration is lso low. The refugees suddenly disappear (headed for Sweden). You can work your butt off in those two Baltic countries and make less than sitting on your ass (and selling drugs) in Sweden.

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Lithuania is basically the same, they will let any refugee in, no limit but no welfare.  They will help you find a job and help you get started.  I think they got like 7 refugees last year. 

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More to THE POINT...

Visualizing The Countries MOST CULPABLE in CREATING Migrants:

1) ISISrael*


3) UKKK & ZATO Vassals

*The supreme irony being that not only has Jewsish-Supremacist ISISrael has NOT accepted even ONE migrant - but is INTENT on CREATING more!

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Syria seems to be the source of quite a lot of them.   You don't understand maps well.  

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He wasn't talking about the country of origin but rather how they were created.  When the US and Israel funded and aided ISIS in countless countries, including Syria, it created refugees.  If the US, Israel and SA wouldn't have funded terrorism and regime change none of this would have happened.


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Most refugees in Europe are NOT from Syria.
Many of them claim to be Syrian in order to gain sympathy, but are in fact from Eritrea, Somalia, Morocco etc. - countries which have nothing to do with the US or Israel.

SoDamnMad's picture

And Morocco seems to be the birthplace of an awful lot of the terrorists in Europe. The Eritreans and Somalis in Minnesota are super, Islamic free-loaders putting hard working, black Americans with jobs on the hook for their demands.

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in calais, france, migrants from different ethnicities fight each others, it just tells you that it is not about where to go, it is about who have the right to be there.


war is salvation of all sins

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You don't understand English well, second language I guess.

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peckerhead! uncircumcized of course

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The tiny state of Israel, with it's 8 million or so ihabitants, can hardly control the movement of people all the way from Pakistan to Erithrea, and to claim otherwise is simply insane. Even if you believe that Israel is somehow responsible for the situation in Syria (which it isn't, but nevermind), this doesn't explain the mass exodus from Sub Saharan countries to Europe.
So why don't Europeans grow a pair and start taking responsibility over their immigration policies, instead of scapegoating Israel?
If I were British, French, German or Swedish I would be out on the streets day in day out protesting this madness, but for some reason they are not...


Eat shit and die you flthy fucking joooo pos.

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The tiny state of Israel is constantly meddling and aggressively promoting policies that bring only destruction that other nations have to clean up.

They have enough to do managing their own Palestinian issues.


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I prefer those to the bottom of the list rather than top. Hungary for example - and it was welcoming place. So #fakelistforglobalists.

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Saudi Arabia is not on that list but is totally walled off from immigrants other than temporary indentured servants.

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Not sure if people heard it yet, but the Balkan route is pretty much dead. They were the frontline of the migrant crisis in 2015. Not today.

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Not true - they re-opend it as NGO ships have been banned from the coast of Lybia,

oncemore's picture

Why should anybody accept anyone?

I would shoot them, like Israel does.

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As of August 23, 2017 The US have imported 1,204 refugess above the limit for FY17 onto the back of taxpayers

So far the total number of refugees admitted to the US in FY17 is 51,024.

YTD Hawaii is 3 (since they have been begging for more diversity this isn’t going to cut it!)

For the first time in the history of the over 3-decades-old program, we have surpassed the CEILING.

(Thank the Supreme Court for that—for writing law!)

And, since inauguration day we have admitted 21,007 refugees according to data stored by the US State Department at Wrapsnet.

83% of the 51,024 come from 8 countries

Top five ‘welcoming’ states are California, Texas, New York, Washington and Ohio.

Here are the eight countries which dominate the refugee flow to America this fiscal year (from October 1, 2016 to today):

DR Congo (8,927)

Iraq (6,701)

Syria (6,463)

Somalia (5,905)

Burma (4787)

Ukraine (4,030)

Bhutan (3,030)

Iran (2,423)

Total for those eight is 42,266

In the 51,024 there were 22,156 refugees of various Muslim sects making the total Muslim percentage in this year’s flow 43% as of this writing.

Here is a map showing where the 51,024 have been placed:

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and Poland?  exactly

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Where is the Vatican?

Panic Mode's picture

If you want to stop immigrants, bring in national service and mandatory community service, and earn before getting your healthcare.

hooligan2009's picture

S/N Korea, Israel, Saudi, South Africa, Ukraine and other US allies?

SmittyinLA's picture

By treaty we take 70% of what the EU accepts, for every 3 they take we take 7, we don't even get zh credit wtf?

hooligan2009's picture

te poll has nothing to do with rules, regulations, quotas, cash required and is instead an opinion poll - yanno like those that are used to sample presidential voting intentions, with unknown biases and sample characteristics.

to whit, the questions are

Immigrants living in this country A good thing An immigrant becoming your neighbor A bad thing An immigrant marrying one of your close relatives (It depends)*

and the responses added up like this:

"The response "a good thing" is worth three points, a volunteered response of "it depends" or "don't know" is worth one point, and "a bad thing" is worth zero points. The index is a sum of the points across the three questions, with a maximum possible score of 9.0 (all three are good things) and a minimum possible score of zero (all three are bad things)."


hardly scientific, accurate or an accurate depiction of the title of the article!


Hyjinx's picture

Where is Asia? Less than 0?

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Maybe the country of Asia wasn't surveyed.  (facepalm)

Bai Suzhen's picture

Understandable mistake.  After all, they all do look alike.  Or is that the country of Africa? 

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What a BS poll...where are the world's Islamic countries on that chart? Where is Saudi Arabia?

roddy6667's picture

I'm a retired white guy in China. Even though I live in a modern city, I can go weeks without seeing another white person sometimes. We are only permittied to be visitors. Immigrants, at the very least, dilute the national culture. At worst, they work hard to destroy it. China fiercely protects its culture. 

Jessica6's picture

They preserve their ethnicity (Han). Not their culture. They spent a couple of decades actively destroying it. Guess you're not familiar with the 'Great Leap Forward'.

roddy6667's picture

I guess you missed the part where Mao died in 1976 and almost all of his policies were cancelled or reversed. Land ownership went back to the farmers. capitalism was brought in from other countries and promoted inside China, everybody has freedom to travel, thousands of Buddhist and Taoist temples and sites were restored or rebuilt, etc. Why are you stuck in 1956? A lot has changed since then.

If you spend any time in China you see millions and milions of signs promoting the traditional values of China. Of course, you have never been to China. Where do you get this "information" you believe?