Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

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One year ago, when he was still president, Francois Hollande scandalized the establishment when it emerged that amid record unemployment, painful labor reforms, a sliding economy and the most serious social unrest in decades, the French president's personal hairdressed was getting paid a gross salary by the state of ~$11,000 per month (more than a European parliament member). As the media reported at the time, "the hairdresser, who the leaked contract names only as Oliver B, is set to earn half a million pounds over the course of Hollande’s current premiership, in exchange for being available at every waking moment and signing a contract promising not to speak about his position."

The fact that this was probably not the best way to spend French taxpayers' money was confirmed this past summer, when Hollande's approval rating was so low, the socialist president did not even run for re-election: a first in French history. Sadly, this was lost on Hollande's former Minister of Economy - and current president - Emmanuel Macron who failed to learn from the mistakes of his former boss.

According to French magazine Le Point, French President Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 - over $30,000 - on makeup in his first three months as leader of the country.

As Politico adds, "Macron’s personal makeup artist put in two claims for payment, one for €10,000 and another for €16,000, for doing his makeup during his travels and ahead of press conferences."

When asked about this abuse of taxpayer funds, The Elysee Palace said in response: “We called in a contractor as a matter of urgency.” Still, aides said that spending on makeup would be “significantly reduced” in future, Le Point reported.

It gets better: according to the report, the amount spent was less than under Macron’s predecessors. Francois Hollande, for example, was said to spend €30,000 per quarter on makeup, including the salary of a makeup artist.  Which means that in addition to his hairdresser who ran just under €10,000, the former French president spent over quarter million dollars in taxpayer funds every year to look good. One almost wonders why he left the French political scene with an approval rating in the single digits. As for Hollande's arguably even more vain predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy spent slightly less on his makeup then Macron: €8,000 a month.

The news comes as Macron’s popularity is plunging according to a new Harris Poll. Only 37% of voters approve of the job Macron is doing, down from a high of 57% after his election in May. Today's incident will not help his popularity.

Macron's popularity collapse means that his fall from grace was even faster than that of Trump, although oddly enough, one will not read much, if anything, about that particular collapse in the objective and unbiased western press. It could be a problem for France, however, during the next election when that one third of eligible voters who did not vote for either Macron or le Pen, finally decide to vote against the establishment cadidate.

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Wasn’t it Hollande that was spending something like $2,000 per haircut on his thinning pate?

It must be something in that French spring water.


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Good for him. I hope he fully absorbes all the toxic shit they fill cosmetics up with. Including nanoparticles now! It make them smoother and more easily absorbed... 

Just search for any type of cosmetic or hygiene category and see how much faster they'll kill you. Even fucking shampoo!

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(Overheard at Macrons office door)

"Does this G-String make my ass look fat? How about the rouge, it really doesn't match my purth, don't you think?"

The poor man, decisions decisions, the crown does seem a tad heavy for him.

Perhaps a tiara ;-)

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It wasn't for him. It was all for his very doable "grandma"

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7K$ a month?
That means you can't even afford a personal makeup artist, you poor thing...

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Museau dans la goulotte
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Yet not a penny for deodorant.

Another french asshole that smells like onion.

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Marrying his mother didn't help his cuck image. 

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"promising not to speak about his position"

Would that be on top.., or on the bottom?

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Define "doable"?

Standard Disclaimer: Trees have knotholes. It doesn't make them doable... But it's not like people won't try to have sex with inanimate objects...


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Jewel encrusted cod pieces will be the "new" thing.

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Abhorrent behavior.  Wears expensive makeup and married to a child rapist grandmother.
Jesus, folks.
We're talking about manifest character defects.

But on to bigger and more important things.  So I find that my old beloved King's Head, a historical structure on High Road in Chigwell has been turned into a Turkish kabob house. 
What has happened to humanity?
The past has been redacted.

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And Le Cucks thought s/he was better than Le Pen?

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Dump this peacock. Should have voted LePen you French folks. Does he wax too? Balls & Asshole? 

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blame the stupid peon proletariat who read the world into an image

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He waxes lyrical about how he wants to be the next Napoléon Bonaparte... if thats what u meant....

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What do you expect from a guy who married his rapist!

Macron has some severe psychological problems as does his wife.

Unfortunately that is the very true reality for Emmanuel Macron: He famously met his wife when she was his high school drama teacher and he was 15. Macron played the lead role in the play Jacques and His Master.

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Any teenager @ 15 would love to have sex with an (good looking) adult woman... it's embedded in our genes...

That you post "it's rape" ... just proves you are either female of have no gender.

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Dude, she was a married 40 year old woman and mother with 3 kids already. Not my idea of a good time, but hey, if that floats your boat....

Edit: she was 40 years old with a husband and 3 kids already when she molested Macron!

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Perhaps the money is spent on plastering her face before every political event she shows up at.

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There won´t be sufficiant money to do this job

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I was told that her thosedays husband was glad to get rid of her.

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Americans used to have higher moral standards than that. Modesty, chastity and responsibility were considered to be virtues. Now we're more like the French.

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Dude you are dumb! Have you seen a photo of her?

There's something very fucked up in his head


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Marries his childhood rapist? 
The whole of humanity's lost it.

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Teenager. Then maybe you grow up and notice women your own age, or stay in fantasy land.

Or you don't grow up, get the bank job and run for president.

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"Parce que vous le valez bien"

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"C'est peut-etre Maybelline" ???? Et oui la misere des riches !!

tuetenueggel's picture

since 1914 they were used to lose.

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Alas, another phony politician. Just curious, how much does his old hag of a wife spend?

shutterbug's picture

French always were pussies and this is just a confirmation ...

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Frogs need makeup to help them croak. De Gaulle started the trend. We are Brexiting only just in time.

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  WTF is up with these metrosexual faggots?

  I have a full head of hair, and my haircuts cost $20.00 MAX.  My hair isn't grey, or frog green either.

Vageling's picture

That's what I wonder too. Make-up? You got to be kidding me. Another thing that jumps out are those slim fit suits and shirts with the buttons ready to shoot off anytime now. These asshats spend too much time on their looks and hardly any on their job. Unless their job is to look pretty or something. Look at his hair and explain to me how that is suppose to be so damn expensive?

Still, aides said that spending on makeup would be “significantly reduced” in future, Le Point reported

Wut... No more mascara and lipstick? What a joke. 30K for some priming coat and some paint... 

I simply can't take these type of guys serious. 

Eyes Opened's picture

I think the make-up is a hold-over from the old days of Louis the 14th when they all wore wigs , carried a "nosegay"  on their person & a hankerchief in a limp-wristed hand...   lol 

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Right? Why can't they just bring in some homo from Le Supercuts to do his hair once a month? Better yet, shave his head and say he did it to save taxpayers money.....or just pay for it himself. 

cheech_wizard's picture

After my initial investment into one of those Wahl's haircutting kits, my haircuts are free. 

Standard Disclaimer: After a while, one gets quite good at cutting one's own hair. I like to keep it short due to the climate where I live. Side note: I have yet to be mistaken for a white supremacist...


Eyes Opened's picture

Same here cheech... DIY hair-do for me too..  :-)

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give it time, there seems to be no end to the white supremacist hunting season.  

medium giraffe's picture

Married to a grandma, front cover of 'boy' magazine, makeup on, shirt off, airbrushed pecs, freshly waxed, caption over his crotch reads 'coming out'.... yeah, no shit.

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Probably needs a 1/2 gallon of Castrol multi-grade to get the old girl primed.

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They switched to Royal Purple after the presidential win.