In Furious Attack, Poland Slams "Arrogant" Macron, Says "You Won't Rule Europe"

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Even as recent European outcast Poland is demanding World War II reparations from Germany, causing a rift between Warsaw and Berlin, it has engaged in another diplomatic feud, this time with French president Macron, who as we learned overnight spends $10,000 each month on make up.

The latest spat started on Friday when French President Emmanuel Macron said that Poland was isolating itself within the European Union and Polish citizens “deserve better” than a government at odds with "the bloc’s democratic values and economic reform plans." Macron said Warsaw, where a eurosceptic government took office in 2015, was moving in the opposite direction to Europe on numerous issues and "would not be able to dictate the path of Europe’s future."

“Europe is a region created on the basis of values, a relationship with democracy and public freedoms which Poland is today in conflict with,” Macron said in Bulgaria on the third leg of a trip to central and eastern Europe to generate support for his vision of a Europe that better protects its citizens, according to Reuters.

In a vicious attack that is certain to drag relations between western EU powers and the European Commission in Brussels on one side and Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) government on the other to a new low, he said the Polish people deserved better: "Poland is not defining Europe’s future today and nor will it define the Europe of tomorrow,” Macron slammed at a joint press conference with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in the Black Sea resort city of Varna.

Poland, which is at loggerheads with the European Commission over issues ranging from its refusal to accept EU migrant relocation quotas to the ruling conservatives’ tightening grip on the judiciary and media, promptly responded: shortly after Macron's statement, in a scathing interview Polish Prime Minister Beata Syzdlo lashed out at the French president with the plunging approval rating, saying Macron "would not be deciding the future of Europe."

Syzdlo attacked Macron’s lack of experience and told him to focus on his own country rather than meddling in Polish affairs: "I advise the president that he should be more conciliatory... Perhaps his arrogant comments are a result of a lack of (political) experience."

"I advise the president that he should focus on the affairs of his own country, perhaps he may be able to achieve the same economic results and the same level of security for (French) citizens as those guaranteed by Poland” she added.

Her comments were an indirect reference to her government’s insistence that it will not accept migrants from the Middle East, despite pressure from Brussels, because it believes they pose a threat to national security, as confirmed by "ultra liberal" France which has been hit hard by deadly Islamist militant attacks in recent years.

Following the president's statement, the Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement it had urgently summoned the French chargé d’affaires to express “the Polish government’s indignation about the arrogant words” of Macron.

French president Macron and Poland PM Syzdlo

Poland's foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski also chimed in saying his country “is not being isolated” and urged Macron to follow developments in central Europe more closely. 

“We are hosting an important meeting today so President Macron is not following carefully the news, doesn't know what is happening in this part of Europe. But this happens sometimes. The French economy is not at the moment able to compete with the vibrant economies of many European countries, including Poland" he said. "This is because French workers have enormous social benefits. The working week for many French workers is four, five working days."

Bulgaria also waded into the row, urging France to end its controversial calls for labour regulations across the bloc to be overhauled.  Prime minister Boyko Borissov today said “open confrontation” between EU member states is “damaging." Borissov added that rather than threaten Poland, France should “listen to all sides and find a solution”.

As The Express adds, Macron risks falling out with his European allies after sensationally claiming the EU risks collapse unless the bloc’s cheap labour rule is overhauled. Under current legislation, firms are able to send temporary workers from low-wage countries to richer nations without having to pay their local social charges. But the French president is calling for changes and is using fears about the possible collapse of the Brussels bloc to scare EU members into backing his proposals.

Poland and the EU have clashed repeatedly in recent months after the Brussels bloc took issue with Polish government plans to overhaul the Surpeme court. Last month Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), declared the reforms will go ahead despite the president’s veto on local television.

President Andrzej Duda’s surprise announcement to veto the plans saw him bow down to EU pressure amid huge protests across Poland's major cities. Last month Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), declared the reforms will go ahead despite the president’s veto on local television. The previously reported surprise announcement by President Andrzej Duda to veto the plans saw him bow down to EU pressure amid huge protests across Poland's major cities.

* * *

Separately, expanding the recent Polish demands that Germany pay for World War II reparations, Szydlo asked that Germany "take responsibility" for World War Two, as Poland is still recovering from the damage done by Nazi occupation, which left millions dead and biuildings damaged on their soil.

She said: “In fact, it could be said that Poland is demanding justice. We are a victim of World War Two and the damage was not reimbursed in any way – just the opposite.” Syzdlo added that "talking about reparations today is a claim for justice and for what belongs to Poland. Whoever has a different view … should first look at history and thoroughly learn what was happening on Polish soil during the war.”

The leader of the Conservative Law and Justice Party joined a chorus of Polish politicians who are demanding reparations from Germany for the massive losses inflicted on Poland during World War Two. Back in July, Szydlo said Poland needed a payout from Germany for the widespread damage done. She told Polish radio: “We are talking here about huge sums, and also about the fact that Germany for many years refused to take responsibility for World War II.”

As we reported earlier this month, Arakadiusz Mularczyk, an MP from with the ruling Law and Justice party said the Polish parliament began researching whether it could make a claim against Germany earlier this year. The move came after Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland's most powerful politician, said in a recent interview the "Polish government is preparing itself for a historical counteroffensive." Kaczynski also called for reparations from Germany when he was prime minister more than a decade ago, creating some tensions between Poland and Germany, which are important trade partners and allies in NATO and the European Union.

The massive suffering inflicted on Poland by Germany has been a topic of public discussion recently as Poland marked the anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 on August 1. Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said Germans need to "pay back the terrible debt they owe to the Polish people", according to Reuters.

Germany has dismissed these claims saying it has dealt with reparations in the past and will not pay out any more. Ulrike Demmer, a German deputy government spokeswoman said Berlin will not make any changes to its stance on the matter. Demmer added this was Germany’s “fundamental position.”

Germany has paid billions of euros over the years in compensation for Nazi crimes, primarily to Jewish survivors, and acknowledges the country's responsibility for keeping alive the memory of Nazi atrocities and atoning for them. However, while the calls grow louder for compensation, Poland's former communist government said it would not make claims on Germany. Macierewicz said the communist-era Poland was a "Soviet puppet state" whose decision is not legally valid today.

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Did he blush or did they have to apply some?

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Macron’s obsessive compulsive Handshaking always reminds me of my high school math teacher. He used to say to us, “A firm manly handshake is great, but never overdo it – you don’t want to look like Overcompensating Faggots, do you?”  ;-)


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He is a paper puppet without much resolve.

It will rain and the wind will blow. He will wither like a tissue full of bloody snot in the rain.

I mean just look at his domestic situation with Mom.

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Frenchy McFrench Face is a globalist piece of shit that his own people already regret voting in.   The arrogant parisians deserve him.

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"I'm so pissed. Fuck Trump, I'll tell my grandmother not to shake his hand. And fuck Germany & the Poles too. Where's my damned makeup case?! There's a plot underfoot to make me look bad!!!" - Mommy Macron Dearest ;-)

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Surely, after all the corruption, the duplicity and the tyranny of the Globalists, no one could suggest that any of these characters were really elected by the people. Macron only pretends to be elected.

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Macron is an artificially contrived marionette of the Deep State, just like the magic negro we had here.

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He's the white face to fool the indigenous Europeans while they are being bred out . The Illuminati (top of Masonic order) project seems to be a breed a universal brownish unexceptional non descript human 'soul container' .
Maybe The Matrix movie was more real than most suspect .

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"I call him Le wanker."

FIFY... :-)

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Poland got fucked nine ways to Sunday in WW2. Invaded by Germany, occupied and turned into slave labor for the krauts got leveled by the retreating German army running from Stalins army while the Soviet army stood on the border under orders not to intercede and then got fucked by the invading Soviet army on their way through to Berlin. I'd have a sore pussy too and want some cash back

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Poland was the fall guy in WW2 , Belgium in WW1 and Ukraine in WW3

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Poland didn't even exist until 1919 when the vicious French and British tore it out from Germany as a form of punishment for World War I.

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"Poland didn't even exist until 1919"

Not very brigh, are you? Let me remind you that christianization of Poland took place in the year 966, a big battle with the Teutonian Knights Order took place in 1410 and Warsaw has been the capital of Poland since 1596. Just a few quick facts for the intellectually challenged.

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Macron is a napkin full of cheap back alley hand job ejaculate of Euro banking filth the corrupt lineage of which goes back centuries.

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She will kick your ass.

Poland is 98% Catholic, and they take it seriously.

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Poland and Hungary were both former Iron Curtain countries. They understand the threat posed by fucking communists and by the muzzies. At least part of Europe may survive this insanity. Western Europe has been trashed by the gimmigrant hordes. Not good for business or travel.

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Assume tourist trade down this summer in Europe.

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Hitler and Stalin came to an agreement to cutup Poland. And it was FDR and allies of Russia that built the Iron Curtain.

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French President Emmanuel Macron said that Poland was isolating itself within the European Union and Polish citizens.

Poland was all gung-ho when EU was forming until Brussel's told them that their courts were not allowed to change their constitution. OH they said? We no likey EU skurvi syn. They aren't accepting rapeugies either. In-fighting begins like in merican Gov't.

EU experiment is over and everyone is broke.

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Yes the world envies Germany's "Democratic" freedoms ....
The are free to hate themselves , they are free to commit suicide . Thats something to look forward to .

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Maybe they can just build his statue lying in pieces on the ground, to save time.

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Does he know how many starving refugees he could feed with his makeup budget?

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My oncle cat died in 1944, could someone send me the form needed to demand germany reparations or can I just go there myself, bernard henry levy style

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They'll get the same a North Korea and Greece, nada. Only Juice get free money.

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Of all the countries that deserve war reparations from Germany, Poland should be first on the list.  The destruction of Poland was not solely a by-product of Nazi aggression, the Nazis deliberately destroyed as much of Poland as they could.

This plan of destruction was so evil, that the German army could have used the munitions to fight the Russians, but the Nazis preferred the slaughter of the Poles.

Retired Guy's picture

True, Poland was treated very badly way back when but today's Germans aren't the ones that did the destruction. Something seems very wrong to take from them to give to people who weren't alive when the wrong was committed. Why aren't the Hungarians paying for what Atilla the Hun did to the other people of Europe? How about Napoleon? Why don't the French pay now for the mess he made back then? Isn't the Soviet Union largely responsible for the state of Poland? Shouldn't Communists the world over pay? Why is affirmative action such a hot deal in the USA? Today's people never owned any slaves or picked any cotton. You can't punish dead people so just get over it. It is history.

Irene's picture

It wasn't "way back when" Retired Guy. In fact, there are still people alive today who directly experienced the consequences of Molotov-Ribbentrov and never received a penny's worth of compensation. And the next generation had to start their lives not only under communism but with a totally destroyed economy and infrastructure nationwide thanks to the Germans. And I'm  not even mentioning the trauma of the millions dead.

One partial solution might be for Poland to demand that German companies who profited during the war relocate some production facilities out of Germany to Poland, and reinvest profits in Poland for a while.

land_of_the_few's picture

How about Poland stops leeching off the EU (German taxpayer money primarily) and stops sending its working population abroad to make its unemployment figures look normal.

TheReplacement's picture

If you are going down that tract then you must admit that Russia is just as responsible and that since Stalin was actually a Georgian so is Georgia and since Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.... And the US, France, England, Canada, India, Australia, China, etc were allies of Stalin.... then pretty much the entire world owes the Poles.  I'm betting you live in one of those countries so that means you are free to put your money where your mouth is and pay up or shut up.

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So it is enough to refuse compensate for the crimes commited in the past and wait for 70 years to escape justice, right? Poland and other Easteuropean countries had to suffer another 40 years under Soviet taotalitarian rule thanks mainly to Germen. They could have lived free lives without German stupidity and immorality. Soviet bolsheviks would have never dared to attack and occupy Poland, CSR, Latvia, Estonia, ... on their own.

And now Germany wants tu dictate to these states to accept many thousands of unvetted migrants (potential terrorists) from that millon of refugees that idiot Merkel inivited to Germany. Really nice "compensation" for all the suffering they have caused.

DelusionsCrowded's picture

A sad self hating propaganda machine .
Poland was a tool of WW2 just as the Ukraine is today (though unsuccessful as yet).
The last of a German functioning Army was thrown at the Soviet-American army who's objective was to destroy Germany once and for all . The evil Bolsheviks couldn't have destroyed National Socialist Germany without the Illuminati Controlled American Industrial machine .
Now the Illuminati are taking down the USA . Wakeup sheeple and smell the truth.

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When will the US start to pay reparations to all the countries that where "freed and democracized" against their own will?
There must be a reason why the Poles ask for German reparations again right now. Why don't they ask the Russians to get refunded for 40 years of occupation? They are instructed by the same people who organized the WW's to built a counterpart to Germany within the EU or to leave the EU next. Macron is Merkel's puppy and criticizing him is always a message to the evil "Queen" of Europe.
It's not that simple as it's seems and as it is been told in history books but simple minded people always let them go with their narratives.

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Sure thing please send it to any descendant of a German with a Mom or Aunt who was alive in 1945, that human was not raped enough and should pay for the pleasure for ever and ever and ever and ever:

The Rape of German Girls & Women – A Brutal Plan for Genocide

A woman interviewed in Schwerin reported that she had “already been raped by ten men today.” A German officer in East Prussia claims to have saved a few dozen women from a villa where “on average they had been raped 60 to 70 times a day.”

(warning gets graphic)

centipede's picture

But those were consequencies of German aggresion. They started the war, and commited horrific crimes in the first place. What did they expect? Tat they will be treated in better way?

Poland and other Easteuropean countries had to suffer another 40 years under Russians on the top of the war crimes commited by Germany and it was again Germany's fault. Soviets would have never been able to occupy East Europe on their own.

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Sadly young man , you need to examine history more closely . WW1&2 where an Illuminti project .Their is loads of intensively researched information pointing to the obvious .
Turn of the MSM 'documentaries' and get some truth.

Irene's picture

If the Germans had never started WWII, German women wouldn't have been subject to rape by foreign (Russian) soldiers.

See how that works?

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Are you really so simple?

The Germans just started WW2 and everything you are told is true and correct? You believe it all? Why? Are you getting shekels?

No intelligent person believes anything the mainstream narrative shoves down our throats.

Thank you for visiting Irene, we all feel a little stupider for it.


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Oh BTW Irene Bot

Women do not ever find the rape of another woman acceptable. Especially with the barbarity the young German girls suffered, you need to read this to learn (fiction is not history nasty person).

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10k per month?   Oh yea.   Europe is in great shape.

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Trump and Putin keep winning so much.

I am getting tired of winning.

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Poland, tko in the 12th

EuroPox's picture

Poland is one of the few EU countries that will find itself on the right side of history.  

The French were idiots to elect Macron - now they pay the price for their folly. 

Georgiabelle's picture

Poland gets it. And these two lines indicate that even Macron gets it, but that his undying allegience to socialism forces him to mask his newfound understanding of market forces and the downside of a "benefits culture": "Macron risks falling out with his European allies after sensationally claiming the EU risks collapse unless the bloc’s cheap labour rule is overhauled. Under current legislation, firms are able to send temporary workers from low-wage countries to richer nations without having to pay their local social charges."....Hmmm.... "firms are able to send temporary workers from low-wage countries to richer nations without having to pay their local social charges." You mean like Mexican workers in the US, or H-1B visa workers hired by tech companies the US?


EuroPox's picture

Amongst the many problems of 'Macron type' socialism are the facts that:

1) it only exists while there remains other people's money to spend; and

2) the inherent contradictions ensure that socialists end up fighting socialists, before it collapses under its own weight.