Machete-Wielding Brussels Attacker Dead; Officials Confirm "Act Of Terror"

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In what appears to be the latest weekly terrorist attack in Europe, 7 days after the deadly events in Barcelona, Sky News and Reuters report that a man was shot in the center of Brussels on Friday evening after attacking two soldiers with a knife, according to state broadcaster RTBF reported.

The incident took place about 20:15 local time. The man was taken into custody in critical condition, according to Belgian prosecutors. But local media outlet Le Soir is now reporting that the attacker has died. Prosecutors are also reportedly treating it as a terrorist incident. "We think this is an act of terror," a federal prosecutor told Le Soir.

Police confirmed to the Belgian media that the suspect - who brought a knife to a gun fight - was shot, the VRT broadcaster reports. According to RTBF, the attacker was a Somali man about 30 years old, who shouted "Allahu Akbar" during his assault. The soldiers suffered slight injuries to the hand and face.

The attacker was not known to have links to terrorism, according to Belgian prosecutors cited by Reuters. He was known to police for his earlier involvement in “minor offenses,” according to the VRT.

"With the identity that we currently have it is a 30-year-old man who is not known for terrorist activities," a spokeswoman for the prosecution service said.

A large numbers of police officers were deployed to the scene. The mayor of Brussels and the federal prosecutor also arrived at the scene according to Sky News. The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, expressed "all our support to our soldiers" in a Twitter post. "Our security services stay vigilant and we monitor the situation closely," he said.

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Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

Ahhh I was wondering where the alla akbar bullshit psyops went...haven't seen them in the cycle for a couple of weeks now

sickavme's picture

^ Sometimes the script gets boring... but would seem that langley got them whipped back into shape.

sincerely_yours's picture

Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is an Israeli Mossad-trained operative whose real name is Elliot Shimon, a JEW who took courses in Islamic theology and Arabic Speech: Allahu Akbar, baby!

Honey-Badger's picture

Obama's Snackbar seems pretty popular these days...

moimeme's picture

THIS is another one of those "hate-Muslim," "weekend is here," "FAKE Terrorist" act.

Thought Processor's picture




Holy shit, a terrorist found Brussels.



(wait ..... terrorist..........  freedom fighter........... what's the difference?  I get confused every now and again)

MagicHandPuppet's picture

"Allahu Akbar" is moozie for "I kill you now, infadels!"

If you invited these derka derkas to your country, then you wholeheartedly deserve the wrath that they will inevitably unleash.  But, you are an absolute piece of shite for subjecting your neighbors to the misery that you've created.

Gorgeous's picture

It is a cold blooded reptile that can import this machete-chopping virus, knowing the people it will kill are family, friends, and neighbors.  Got to love POLAND!

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Yeah, one "- who brought a knife to a gun fight -".

I can't think of an easier target.

Maybe the guy knew too much...

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

If a firefighter fights fires, what does a freedom fighter fight? (Carlin)

Brussels is full of terrorists. They wear suits and work for the EUSSR.

The difference is understood when you know who they work for. A freedom fighter works for the western establishment (like the "moderate" rebels in Syria and the anti-Ghaddafi forces in Libya), whereas a terrorist only sometimes works for the establishment (but they don't want you to know that).

DWD-MOVIE's picture

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Implied Violins's picture

"In what appears to be the latest weekly terrorist attack in Europe..."

Careful. This is like saying "...and now the world's oldest person is..."

The shelf-life on these statements is far, far less than that of a Twinkie.

The Cooler King's picture

Why doesn't the Allah Snackbar crowd ever attack THE FED, or the ECB?

FatTony7915726's picture

Send them all back in a pine box!  I am tired of Al's snack bar.

sincerely_yours's picture

Because they're working for them.

Omen IV's picture

The question always remains

Was he a good guy with a Machete or a bad guy with a Machete?

The Cooler King's picture

I have 2 "KUKRI's"


I'd say that, normally, I'm a 'good guy', but if you decide to be an asshole and get into my grill, I'd become a 'bad guy'


especially you SWAT TEAM military second handers with your paramilitary body armor, but forgot about your arms & legs.

Gorgeous's picture

No.  The question is, did he have any "known ties to terrorist links".  As if "ties" to "links" is the problem.

JRobby's picture

But none of the "17 intelligence services" can locate this guy. What a fucking joke.

The Cooler King's picture

But, but...


It's really hard to locate a guy that tosses his passport out of an airplane window just milliseconds before it hits steel framed building (& whereby only 3 'steel framed buildings, IN HISTORY, have ever collapsed, nevermind PANCAKED into their own foorprints).


Those dudes that, while steering the plane because they went to a Florida flight school for CESSNAS, are always trained to only have their right hand on the wheel, while leaving the left hand free to toss their passports out the windows milliseconds before impact so that they can be discoverer by enteprising 'agencies'...


So this is all NATURAL, & needless to say, why you should TRUST your government workers who, are...



Implied Violins's picture

I thought the left hand was the shit hand? I am so confused...

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

That's what they tell us. I bet they know where to deposit his pay check, though.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

If this keeps up they'll run out of virgins.

<Unless, of course, they some kind of central bank of unlimited virgins.>

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Just trying to understand the mechanics while contemplating conversion.

I'm a details kind of guy.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

They issue goats once the virgins run out.

Best to stay with the Lord.

Malleus Maleficarum's picture

Guess you missed this; it dropped at around 4AM: 

Zero Tolerance - Venice Mayor Orders Cops to Shoot Anyone Who Shouts "Allahu Akbar!"

I immediately thought of this when I read this headline. What a coincidence!

WorkingClassMan's picture

The dagos and Spaniards don't play with this crap.  They're more like Eastern Europeans and Russians in this regard, Gods bless them.

Abaco's picture

That's Dagos and Spics to you! Yeah, they have a lot more balls than the limey's, frogs, and krauts.

shovelhead's picture

Allah took a back seat to another dead guy in Charlottesville.

He was shown up by a bronze statue.

MEFOBILLS's picture

alla akbar bullshit psyops went


Yes, the ((masters of the universe)) are probably running their chaos game, to then keep sheeple running around in circles and afraid. 

Two wrongs do not make a right.  Somali immigration is an over-all bad thing.  Islam has serious problems, especially with Abrogation.  

Abrogation means that verse of the Sword, abrogates everything that came before.  In other words, the pacific part of Islam has been made defunct. The violent conquering part of Islam is the true face, whether Islamics hide it or not.  No amount of hand waving by Islamic apologists can overcome the abrogation problem.

Pyschopaths to the left and Psychopaths to the right.   


MPJones's picture

Guaranteed suicide-by-cop is now an established policy in Europe - just shout allahuakbar, and BOOM.

researchfix's picture

Only in Venice, never in Brussels.

NoVa's picture

What an idjit (like in Yosemite Sam idjit) - brings a knife to a gun-fight




pound the vix's picture

Refugee performing the traditional greeting to their friendly host country

fuckstar's picture

Rape the women, kill the men and children. How bolshevik.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Assuming that the soldiers were armed, it takes a special kind of stupid to run at them with a knife while shouting that he's going to kill them.  Hope his virgins are worth itl

just the tip's picture

it's always worked before.  it will work again as well.  well, maybe not as well as this well, but it will.  work again.  as well.

Swamp Yankee's picture

Effing Amish @ it again. 


sarc /off.

Cynicles II's picture

The Euro army goons cary excellent terroist elimination devices with them.

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

Unfortunately, most of the goons are on deployment in other people's countries, helping to spread "freedom" and "democracy" using those terrorist elimination devices.

williambanzai7's picture

Well speaking of the devil...

jamesmmu's picture
The Anti-Cop Agenda that de Blasio Hopes Will Win Him a Shot at Government

taketheredpill's picture

THIS is a's a GUN!