Gold, VIX, Bitcoin Surge; Stocks, USDJPY Tumble After North Korean Missile Launch

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Dow futures down over 120 points (and Nikkei 225 down over 200 points) at the reopen following North Korea's 'successful' firing of a ballistic missile across Japan.

Gold futures spiked to $1325 as USDJPY plunged...

The USDJPY is tumbling on the news... Breaking below 108.50, a break of April's 108.12 may require more than a little help from Kuroda and friends.

Japanese equity market futures plunged to 4-month lows...


And VIX futures are snapping higher...

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Took Red Pill's picture

and tomorrow it reverses

zzzz88's picture


this time it will not reverse.

some big guys prepared this for many days.

i mentioned couple of days ago--many are in anxiety and denial. at least the 1st top already arrived

El Oregonian's picture

Doesn't matter... Keep on stacking, keep on stacking, keep on stacking...

max2205's picture

Trump better fire back....

BaBaBouy's picture

Either GOLD goes up to 3/4 of Bitcoin Price or Bitcoinz falls back to  the equivalent.

Somehow I don't think Bitcoinz will fall back.

Paper GOLD shorts day of reconning...



mc888's picture

OpEx was extremely bullish today. NFP on Friday.

zzzz88's picture

it reversed.

i was wrong, at least for today.

the manipulator has much stronger power than i can imagine

Kaiser Sousa's picture

and it wont even matter...

the reckoning is upon the entire debt based gloabal currency ponzi...

big picture dude...

big picture.

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I don't think it reverses this time- too many factors in play- Texas has only begun.

It only takes a few days before one dies of deyhdration- the shit storm is brewing. Who will pay for the flooding losses? What happens when h'cane strengthens and re-emerges in NO or other city. The collapse is on us and Trump cannot stop it- or someone won't let him.

Hope I'm wrong.

harrybrown's picture

the fallout from Harvy will emerge over the next 2 weeks.... it will slowley squeeze the life out of the $$ & the Insurance Co's

watch this space

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FX funny that. Japan about to be glassified and the yen goes up. WTF

Conax's picture

Has the


been pulled?

lester1's picture

Comstock Mining, ticker LODE. :)


Hidden gem!

AR15AU's picture

AXU - best microcap silver co

AG - over 10% of float short

CDE - best pure play silver co

HL - silver + lead play, american company

IAG - best gold play

SSRI, AUY - contenders

Fundies's picture

This is it.....Black Swan baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stormtrooper's picture

Huh!  S&P 500 and Nasdaq up.  Black Swan???  Markets have to be functional for a Black Swan to happen.

harrybrown's picture

while the markets are "rigged maximus", all these numbers don't really mean sh*t,
but the day will come when they run out of rig for the markets,,, till then


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MASSIVE Stock Market Crash IMMINENT As Investors Pull $30 Billion In Ten Weeks!

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aimed at Alaska?

the cork's picture

Time to toast that fat marshmallow once and for all.

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I'm puzzled as to how the fuck Japan let a backwards country like NK fire a missile across its airspace. That's an act of war point blank. There is no diplomacy to talk about when you cross that line.

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But the MSM will tell you that if Trump does something, Stupid war-monger Trump...if Trump does nothing, whimpy feckless Trump.

medium giraffe's picture

I think you're right, sadly. 

Was this the Norks or did they just get framed?  Would they be stupid enough to 'suicide by cop'? 

Cui bono?

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Yep its an act of war. But please, you go first!

ET's picture

Physical Gold and Silver are coming out of retirement.

A bar of Gold in the hand is worth a ton of paper gold derivatives or cryptos in the bush.

Seasmoke's picture

Learn to swim. It's almost time.

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I read an awesome comment here about a year ago (apologies to the author, I can't remember who) in which the guy was telling how burned out he's getting on all the Black Swan-Doom-Since Lehman-This is it! porn. He mused that nothing phases him anymore and when shtf for realz, he'll probably look around at his neighborhood in flames and bullet holes in his walls and yawn.

I'm getting there.

Dumpster Elite's picture much Gartman/Stockman can a person read before getting glassy-eyed.

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"Markets can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay solvent".

There are really only two choices;- financial markets crashes , or strong dose of inflation globally.

History is riddled with the latter outcome (inflation), as more plausible.

USDJPY can and will be back to 80 yen per used . Now there is a trade for you.

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This is FFFing crazy. Just saw futures how does SHEPWAVE always know when to expect a move in markets 

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My speculations and insurance, both paying out, fire off another one you tubby little nut!

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Watch.....Tomorrow, someone at CNBC will have a story on Dennis Gartman declaring he's long Gold on margin, long VIX on margin and short the markets and dollar, sending all the markets into interday reversals.