India And China Agree To "Disengage Troops" Along Disputed Border Area

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On Monday morning, the world had one less geopolitical hotspot to worry about, when following months of escalating verbal jawboning and explicit threats on both sides, India agreed with China to disengage at the contested territorial dispute face-off site in Doklam. India’s foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar tweeted on Monday that disengagement of border personnel at the “face-off site at Doklam” has been agreed to and is on-going, with China confirming that India had pulled its troops from the Chinese side of a disputed Himalayan border area on Monday afternoon, after a months-long stand-off which started in June.

The de-escalation started earlier on Monday when India’s foreign ministry said it had agreed with China to an "expeditious disengagement" of troops from the Doklam plateau, an area close to the borders of China, India and Bhutan, SCMP reports.

“In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam,” India’s Ministry of External Affairs said. “On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is ongoing.”

The announcements come ahead of a meeting in China this weekend of BRICS countries, a bloc comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Not surprisingly, each side differed on the details of the “disengagement”: Beijing said Indian troops had pulled back by early afternoon, but did not say whether Chinese personnel had done the same. Indian media reports said the “disengagement” would not be completed on Monday. The Chinese foreign ministry said Indian military personnel had pulled out of the Chinese side by 2.30pm on Monday.

“I am pleased to confirm that trespassing Indian personnel have all pulled back to the Indian side of the boundary,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. “Chinese troops continue to patrol on the Chinese side of the boundary.” The ministry also said China would continue to “exercise its sovereign rights and defend territorial sovereignty in accordance with the historical demarcation agreement”.

Meanwhile, Indian media reports said both Indian and Chinese troops were slowly being withdrawn from the disputed zone. India’s NDTV reported that soldiers from both sides had started pulling out, but the process of removing them would not be completed on Monday.

The move comes a week ahead of a BRICS summit in Xiamen, Fujian province, where Chinese President Xi Jinping will play host to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of three other major emerging economies. The Chinese foreign ministry said that at the peak of the crisis, up to 400 Indian soldiers and two bulldozers were engaged in the confrontation.

Dr Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy, a research associate at the Institute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, told SCMP that officials from both sides had worked hard to defuse the tensions.

“The diplomatic channels were open throughout,” Chaturvedy said. “Withdrawing troops will ease some tension and will provide room for both leaders at the BRICS [summit].”

As a reminder, the border row started in June when India sent troops to stop China building a road in the Doklam area, a remote, uninhabited territory claimed by both China and Bhutan. India said it sent in troops because Chinese military activity there was a threat to the security of its own northeast region. But China said India had no role to play in the area and insisted it withdraw unilaterally or face the prospect of an escalation. Chinese state media had warned India of a fate worse than its crushing defeat in the war in 1962.

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DEMIZEN's picture

anything else  would be a very stupid indian move.

thunderchief's picture

They should just open the border up and let them have at it.  My guess, a billion Chindians in nine months.

DEMIZEN's picture

kinda, indians could toll the chinese passage to bengal bay and trade it for chinese goods and turn the fucking singapur to singapoor. china could finally develop its west bring more water to the region and have some positive externalities spilled over the border to indian north.


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ACP's picture

If India would just stop with their stupid dance numbers in their Bollywood movies, they could win over the Chinese.

ne-tiger's picture

Shit, wimps, let us, the big US of A  show them how to start bombing for no fucking reasons!

Crazy Or Not's picture

Corbett Report has covereed this. 

China hosted the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, forum aimed to boost the connectivity of policies, infrastructure, trade, finance.... Objective:
 built a new platform of cooperation to tap into new sources of growth. The commitment of the Belt and Road Forum is highly compatible with the goal of the G20. Those who work alone, add; those who work together, multiply.” In this spirit, let us work together to promote interconnected growth for shared prosperity and build toward a global community with a shared future...

I believe the "those who" is a quiet dig at India (more overtly at the US - as China is by necessity n collaboration with Russia, Iran...etc)
India it feels must open its mind (and borders) to infrastructure projects by those who can assume onwership of such projects. Not to do so (in China's view) is to maintain National Sovereignty over borders and also the regional status quo - of 2nd place to Occidental reach. Infrastructure parity is push back to this. 

YourAverageJoe's picture

Wonderful news!

Need more....

BandGap's picture

What!!!??? No more slap fights at the beach front?

PS - you always disengage to plan for the next engagement. Stay tuned.

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China has disputes with all it's neighbors .... on land and sea .... oh, the harmony .... of a peaceful socialist cesspool .... show some balls and take back Siberia for your Eskimos .... in the 1300's "Vladivostok" was a Chinese city ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

Did Czarist Russia ever pay back the Siberian Railroad Bonds .... to it's Capitalist creditors ?

psyph3r's picture

The paper dragon has its hands full currently with NK, their economic problems, internal CCP strife, potential trade war with the US, wise diplomatic end to the standoff for now from both sides but untrustworthy core leader Winnie the Pooh will be back to rebuild the road if he makes it out unscathed after the chopstick kung-fu backstabbing festival aka the 19th National Congress of the CCP in November.

CRM114's picture

Suddenly....nothing happened!

Now, can all the fear porn merchants kindly remember this the next time, say, a Russian nuclear-capable (shock! horror!) bomber does what Russian nuclear-capable bombers have been doing for 60 years?

There is a whole load of dodgy, risky sh!t going on, but it's not easy to find out about it. I would like to see some so-called journalists getting off their @sses and researching it, instead of falling for, and repeating in technicolor, the 'Oh look, a squirrel!' news. For example, what exactly is going on in Barcelona about islamist bombings? This is the first time an imam has been caught making explosives, to my knowledge. Research that.

Crazy Or Not's picture

New Eastern Outlook is often worth a read.
So often we're too far from the territory to get useful perspective here, just getting the jingoistic "we're winning" stuff ... which serves only sheep.

(One also has to read ACROSS THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM...or just receive Red/Blue bias confirmation)

CRM114's picture

Thank you.

Always looking for media sources which might know what they are talking about.

TheSilentMajority's picture

According to China state media, India retreated.

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are your dispruted prateau are berong to us!

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Agreed to disengage? That wouldn't be the US, that's for sure.

BritBob's picture

China – Argentina – the Falklands

In tune with Macri's words, Xi Jinping thanked Argentina "the support they have given us for our claim of a single China as we support theirs for the Falkland Islands."  (Telam 17 May 2017)

How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina (1 page):



CRM114's picture

Tell me Bob, have you been to the Falklands? Maybe served there?

webmatex's picture

I for one wish he would go there - forever, without internet and just piella to eat.

Dank fur Kopf's picture

No surprise. Ancient Empires managed to become ancient because they mastered diplomacy. Empires built on war always crumble.

JoeTurner's picture

when did India go full homo ?

oak's picture

winter is coming in that area and it will be extremely cold. both sides have no desire to fight in that climate.

onmail1's picture

Great economies coming to brink of war

a set up by the west

'psst... let the 2 giants burn themselves, problem solved'

Cyclops story again

foolish leaders on both sides

(But now wiser)


but btw both r dictatorships now

China hah u know what

India heh u have Jetley the unelected one

running the govt by proxy & with eyes closed to corruption everywhere


How corruption occurs in lndia

When govt officials especially public sector

1. Sells some govt property/assets , they sell it cheap (rest 50:50)

2. Buys some goods / service from suppliers/contrators , they

raise amounts astonomically (rest 50:50)


When u want to do huge expenditure

call any public sector ....

Its called official corruption with the blessings of govt

and it fueled by nepotism