Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights

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A months-long investigation which tracked and exposed a massive covert weapons shipment network to terror groups in Syria via diplomatic flights originating in the Caucuses and Eastern Europe under the watch of the CIA and other intelligence agencies has resulted in the interrogation and firing of the Bulgarian journalist who first broke the story. This comes as the original report is finally breaking into mainstream international coverage.

Investigative reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva authored a bombshell report for Trud Newspaper, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, which found that an Azerbaijan state airline company was regularly transporting tons of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Turkey under diplomatic cover as part of the CIA covert program to supply anti-Assad fighters in Syria. Those weapons, Gaytandzhieva found, ended up in the hands of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

While it's long been understood that the US-Gulf-NATO coalition arming rebels inside Syria facilitated the rapid rise of the Islamic State as the group had steady access to a "jihadi Wal-Mart" of weapons (in the words of one former spy and British diplomat), the Trud Newspaper report is the first to provide exhaustive documentation detailing the precise logistical chain of the weapons as they flowed from their country of origin to the battlefield in Syria and Iraq. Gaytandzhieva even traveled to Aleppo where she filmed and examined labeled weapons shipping containers held in underground jihadist storehouses.

The Bulgaria-based journalist obtained and published dozens of secret internal memos which were leaked to her by an anonymous source as part of the report. The leaked documents appear to be internal communications between the Bulgarian government and Azerbaijan's Embassy in Sofia detailing flight plans for Silk Way Airlines, which was essentially operating an "off the books" weapons transport service (not subject to inspections or tax under diplomatic cover) for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Silk Way Airlines has been the subject of other recent investigations involving weapons supplies for the Saudi war on Yemen. In addition, the military monitoring site Balkan Insight has exposed similar weapons cargo flights in and out of neighboring Serbia.

Silk Way Airlines flight over Birmingham (UK). Image source: Flickr

But perhaps the more explosive finding involves private American companies contracting with the US government to help train and equip militants in Syria. An investigative series by Buzzfeed - the first of which was published in 2015 - named military contractor Purple Shovel LLC as the recipient of two no-bid contracts totaling more $50 million as part of the US train and equip program for Syria. Gaytandzhieva's report definitively links Purple Shovel and other private American military contractors to the Azerbaijan Silk Way Airlines shipments. One leaked memo includes a cargo manifest for multiple tons of anti-tank grenades purchased in Bulgaria by Purple Shovel which were ostensibly designated for the official consignee - the Ministry of Defense of Ajerbaijan - but which never made it to Ajerbaijan. The documents, however, reveal that the military cargo was offloaded at Turkey's Incirlik air base, which is one of the US and NATO's main command centers for covert operations in Syria.

Though Gaytandzhieva's report is months old and began through a series of smaller investigations, it gained little traction in Western or international press, even though it was promoted on social media and discussed among some of the world's foremost experts on Syria and the Middle East. However, on Sunday Qatar-based Al Jazeera featured the story while reporting the shocking news that Gaytandzhieva had been interrogated by Bulgarian authorities before being fired from her newspaper:

Gaytandzhieva said on Thursday in a tweet that she was fired from her job at Trud after she was interrogated by the Bulgarian national security which tried to find out her sources.


She said she first got suspicious of the weapons transferred to Syria when she found Bulgarian-made weapons at the hands "terrorists" in Aleppo while reporting on the Syrian war there.


She said that she then traced those weapons to its Bulgarian manufacturer only to find out that those weapons were legally exported to Saudi Arabia, which in turn supplied it to "terrorists" in Syria.

Al Jazeera is now belatedly highlighting the story in the midst of the current Qatari-Saudi diplomatic war which has resulted in a general airing of dirty laundry as each side continues to accuse the other of supporting terrorism. Regardless, Al Jazeera's coverage constitutes the first time this story has entered the mainstream. While we've reported the recent Trump decision to end the CIA covert program of regime change in Syria, it appears the apparatus for external weapons shipments to jihadists in Syria remains in place through the continuing Silk Way Airlines weapons pipeline. As Al Jazeera reports:

Speaking to Al Jazeera by phone on Sunday from Bulgaria, Gaytandzhieva said: "Saudi Arabia, UAE and the US must stop using the cover of Silk Way Airlines diplomatic flights to supply Eastern European weapons which end up in the hands of terrorists around the world. Diplomatic flights are exempt from checks and inspection."

Tracking weapons from Eastern Europe to Syrian al-Qaeda: December 2016 Bulgarian news broadcast by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. Brief English commentary begins at 1:00 mark. The report investigates Bulgarian origin rockets and weaponry said to have been in possession of Nusra Front (AQ in Syria). Leaked documents would later confirm Bulgarian weapons shipped to Saudi Arabia as part of the covert Syria program.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) also carried out their own lengthy investigations which are consistent with Trud News journalist Gaytandzhieva's findings. Infographic source: Balkan Insight

The CIA program relied heavily on US ally Saudi Arabia to arm anti-Assad jihadists, and while it appears that the White House recently ended the CIA side of things, there's no evidence to suggest that Saudi Arabia or other participating allied countries ever ceased or even slowed their part of the operations. Also, given that both the CIA and Pentagon contract with private firms acting as middle men to get weapons to the Syrian battlefield, it is uncertain if all aspects of the CIA program have really been shut down. Historically, the CIA has sometimes farmed out legally questionable activities to private contractors for the sake of 'plausible deniability'. Furthermore, the Pentagon side of the program, which supplies Kurdish and Arab groups in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) appears to be ramping up of late.

Given the latest development of Trud Newspaper firing its own journalist and Bulgarian authorities attempting to locate her sources, it is entirely possible and likely that pressure is building for Trud to remove the story from its website. The new Al Jazeera story has brought fresh international attention to Gaytandzhieva's findings, which is sure to increase the controversy.


Below are excerpts from the original Trud report with images of select leaked documents. The original report contains dozens of downloadable leaked memos which were translated with contents summarized by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

Government docs leaked by hackers ("Anonymous Bulgaria") reveal weapons pipeline to terrorists in Syria:

According to these documents, Silk Way Airlines offered diplomatic flights to private companies and arms manufacturers from the US, Balkans, and Israel, as well as to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and the military forces of Germany and Denmark in Afghanistan and of Sweden in Iraq. Diplomatic flights are exempt of checks, air bills, and taxes, meaning that Silk Way airplanes freely transported hundreds of tons of weapons to different locations around the world without regulation. They made technical landings with stays varying from a few hours to up to a day in intermediary locations without any logical reasons such as needing to refuel the planes.

U.S. sends $1 billion worth of weapons

Among the main customers of the “diplomatic flights for weapons” service provided by Silk Way Airlines are American companies, which supply weapons to the US army and US Special Operations Command. The common element in these cases is that they all supply non-US standard weapons; hence, the weapons are not used by the US forces.

According to the register of federal contracts, over the last 3 years American companies were awarded $1billion contracts it total under a special US government program for non-US standard weapon supplies. All of them used Silk Way Airlines for the transport of weapons. In some cases when Silk Way was short of aircrafts due to a busy schedule, Azerbaijan Air Force aircrafts transported the military cargo, although weapons never reached Azerbaijan.

The documents leaked from the Embassy include shocking examples of weapon transport. A case in point: on 12th May 2015 an aircraft of Azerbaijan Air Forces carried 7.9 tons of PG-7V and 10 tons of PG-9V the supposed destination via the route Burgas (Bulgaria)-Incirlik (Turkey)-Burgas-Nasosny (Azerbaijan). The consignor was the American company Purple Shovel, and the consignee – the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. According to the documents, however, the military cargo was offloaded at Incirlik military base and never reached the consignee. The weapons were sold to Purple Shovel by Alguns, Bulgaria, and manufactured by Bulgaria’s VMZ military plant.

According to the federal contracts registry, in December of 2014 USSOCOM signed a $26.7 million contract with Purple Shovel. Bulgaria was indicated as the country of origin of the weapons.

US covert program sent Bulgarian weapons to Al Qaeda via private military contractor 

On 6 June 2015, a 41-year old American national Francis Norvello, an employee of Purple Shovel, was killed in a blast when a rocket-propelled grenade malfunctioned at a military range near the village of Anevo in Bulgaria. Two other Americans and two Bulgarians were also injured. The US Embassy to Bulgaria then released a statement announcing that the U.S. government contractors were working on a U.S. military program to train and equip moderate rebels in Syria. Which resulted in the U.S. Ambassador to Sofia to be immediately withdrawn from her post. They very same weapons as those supplied by Purple Shovel were not used by moderate rebels in Syria. In December of last year while reporting on the battle of Aleppo as a correspondent for Bulgarian media I found and filmed 9 underground warehoused full of heavy weapons with Bulgaria as their country of origin. They were used by Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria designated as a terrorist organization by the UN).

Saudi Arabia – sponsor and arms distributor

Besides the USA, another country that has purchased huge quantities of Eastern-European weapons and exported them on Silk Way Airlines diplomatic flights is Saudi Arabia. In 2016 and 2017, there were 23 diplomatic flights carrying weapons from Bulgaria, Serbia and Azerbaijan to Jeddah and Riyadh. The consignees were VMZ military plant and Transmobile from Bulgaria, Yugoimport from Serbia, and CHIHAZ from Azerbaijan.

The Kingdom does not buy those weapons for itself, as the Saudi army used only western weapons and those weapons are not compatible with its military standard. Therefore, the weapons transported on diplomatic flights end up in the hands of the terrorist militants in Syria and Yemen that Saudi Arabia officially admits supporting.

Report links internationally transported weapons to ISIS

On 5 March 2016, an Azerbaijan Air Force aircraft carried 1700 pcs. RPG-7 (consignor: Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan) and 2500 pcs. PG-7VM (consignor: Transmobile Ltd., Bulgaria) for the Defense Ministry of Saudi Arabia. Diplomatic flights from Burgas Airport to Prince Sultan Airport on 18 and 28 February 2017 each carried a further 5080 psc. 40 mm PG-7V for RPG-7 and 24 978 psc. RGD-5. The weapons were exported by Transmobile, Bulgaria to the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia. Such munitions and RPG-7 originating in Bulgaria can often be seen in videos filmed and posted by the Islamic State on their propaganda channels.

Weapons on Silk Way flight manifests appear on the Syrian battlefield months after arrival in Turkey and Saudi Arabia

The 41.2-ton cargo from Baku and Belgrade included: 7.62 mm cartridges, 12 pcs. sniper rifles, 25 pcs. M12 “Black Spear” caliber 12.7x108mm, 25 psc. RBG 40x46 mm/6M11, and 25 pcs. Coyote machine gun 12.7x108 mm with tripods. The same heavy machine gun appeared in videos and photos posted online by militant groups in Idlib and the province of Hama in Syria a few months later. The aircraft also carried: 1999 psc. M70B1 7.62x39 mm and 25 psc. M69A 82 mm. On 26 February 2016, a video featuring same M69A 82 mm weapons was posted on YouTube by a militant group calling itself Division 13 and fighting north of Aleppo.

Interestingly, the aircraft that carried the same type of weapons landed in Diyarbakir (Turkey), 235 km away from the border with Syria. Another type of weapon, RBG 40 mm/6M11, which was from the same flight and supposedly destined for Congo too, appeared in a video of the Islamic Brigade of Al Safwa in Northern Aleppo.

After Turkey, the aircraft landed in Saudi Arabia and remained there for a day. Afterwards it landed in Congo and Burkina Faso. A week later, there was an attempted military coup in Burkina Faso.

Full report and downloadable copies of leaked documents are also available here.

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Crazy Or Not's picture

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. ... 
Question: Who is the great Satan?

Chupacabra-322's picture

To state the obvious; the CIA has deeply humiliated the American people in their attempt to tie the American people to be responsible for the CIA's crimes against humanity across the world.

The CIA appears to be the world's greatest threat to peace and prosperity. It is the penultimate terrorist organization, being the direct or indirect creator of all other terrorist organizations. It also appears to be the world's penultimate illegal drug smuggler and pusher making all other illegal drug trading possible and instigating the horrors of addiction and suffering around the world.

If I believed that the CIA was working in any way on behalf of the US government and the American people then it would be sad and shameful indeed. However, it is my belief that the CIA instead was captured long ago, as was the secret military operations and now works for a hidden power that wants to dominate or failing that, destroy humanity.

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

The Agency is Cancer. There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

And yet, there is something positive in this. By experiencing and knowing evil, we can choose the path of light or choose to ignore both dark amd light. It is a choice we all must make if we intend to evolve from being animals ruled by this world and its illusions.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

The story confirms what most of us already knew. The really chilling part is the denoument of the story. The journalist who broke the story is "interrogated and fired." She should be given a medal, a raise and more assignments.

It's also quite revealing that this story, which was reported months ago, never made it into the world's mainstream press reports. One more time (for what it's worth): The mainstream media is not in the truth revelation business. They are in the truth concealment business.

P.S. Anyone think the NYT or WaPo will hire her to do similar investigative pieces? Any msm pundits or reporters going to highlight this story and stand up for this lady? Anyone with influence going to expose this two-fold travesty of justice (the CIA is arming terrorists and the person who exposes this is fired for reporting the truth)?



Dugald's picture


            Brave lass, who will likely pay the ultimate price.....


Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Brave lass

Once up a time, I think journalists and editors at prominent American news organizations would have been pissed off that some jounalist from Bulgaria (!) scooped them. And, once she did, they would have been in "catch-up" mode on this story. Think any assignment editors in the MSM are telling their employees to "get on this story NOW"? I don't.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Brave lass

I can only hope her efforts are a foundation, a starting place, that other journalists or investigative bodies (like, say in our govenment or even House or Senate Committees) run with. She has only touched the tip of the ice berg. Lots more that could be revealed ... if anyone wants to go there. 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I am afraid she is the proverbial "Mouse that tried that tried to bell the cat" and was then eaten. That kind of money can protect itself.

lew1024's picture

But it illustrates that the Streisand effect works well. Her future career will be much better, having been interrogated and fired.

If she lives, of course.

Crazy Or Not's picture

In this essence (as presented) the CIA as an agency of Govt. no longer exists. It's more a deep resourceful labyrinth in the hands of those who believe they understand it though rarely do. Yet those with the access codes are diverse so it's operation appears outwardly spasmodic and chaotic. Mossad is it's default go-to agency by reason of it's continued silence (on the above) and their affiliation beyond Statehood to parties and players close to the source of motivational action... It's part of the malignancy, as an active participant. The true Cancer is the heart where absolute power is the objective. In that sense it is another tool that outwardly vanquishes enemies by all means. Beyond that and in parallel  is to seize power and close down an open society into something rather dark that our collective naivety would rather not acknowledge.

In short we're complicit scum and cunts of equal measure, until we collectively rise up and end this enslavement.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

It will take one whistleblower coming forward. And then another. And then another and so forth, on such a scale that the scandalous and scary truth can no longer be denied. Someone will have to display some true grit in the MSM and publish their revelations (we should all support this organization as they will come under intense attack).

I no longer think it's hyperbole to say the future of the world is at stake. Would-be whistleblowers, plenty of good people WILL support you. The bad people - those who conspire to defeat freedom and the rule of law and fear transparency - stay in power and increase their power only because people with conscience remain silent. They are not as "unbeatable" or "unchallengeable" as people think. They could fall in days if a trickle of whistleblowers became a flood.

Chupacabra-322's picture

The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. (1)

CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: "We'll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us." The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator. The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be "communists," but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.

This scenario has been repeated so many times that the CIA actually teaches it in a special school, the notorious "School of the Americas." (It opened in Panama but later moved to Fort Benning, Georgia.) Critics have nicknamed it the "School of the Dictators" and "School of the Assassins." Here, the CIA trains Latin American military officers how to conduct coups, including the use of interrogation, torture and murder.

Crazy Or Not's picture

"The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. (1) "

To those ZHer's who've not read heard or seen anything of John Perkin's work I'd (any any up clickers?) recommend: ( Inc. Sample Chapter )

lew1024's picture

It is already happening, among other examples George Webb and CrowdSourceTheTruth.  Both have many researchers behind them and more than a few intelligence-police contacts providing leads, people, companies and events to be linked into stories.

I think that is the reason the hysteria in the news wrt faux events like Charlottesville is even more insane than it has been.

FixItAgainTony's picture

The Awan bust and the labyrinth it leads to is the biggest story of the decade, but 95% of America is obsessed with a dozen bird stained statues. WE LOSE.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Economics is a system of power, manipulation and control. Human dignity often comes a poor 2nd, 3rd or worse. Essentially it tests one's corruptability. It's easy to make money, it's just a question of what you're prepared to do to make money.

The system is and will use every tool at its disposal to greater and greater effect to stem any effort to capsize or overthrow it.
It will, eventually collapse inwardly though its own corruption, instability, and effects of some of its vast errors in judgement. 
It may be documented in this by Whistleblowers, who do help shed light on the "Dark" but the biggest contribution of citizens is their minute by choices in their levels of participation and support.
In that we are much like the villagers living next to the concentration camp. If we know its there, and are doing nothing, we may as well be the killers of children. 

JRobby's picture

Guns, Weapons, Drugs

Silk Way Airlines

Silk Road (cutting in in CIA and corrections industry $$$)

This is our global "leadership" at work. Thousands involved. "THEY" LOVE $$$$$$$$POWER$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$POWER

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ JR,

What's at Stake is the Deep State Global network of MultiNational Central Banking, Espionage, Murder, War, Torture, Destabilization Campaigns, BlackMail, Extortion, Child / Human Trafficking, Drug / Gun Running, Money Laundering, Corruption, NSA spying, Media control & control of the 17 Intelligence Agencies.

Most importantly, The Deep State controls all the distribution lines of the aforementioned. Especially the Coaxial Cable Communication lines of Espionage spying & Surveillance State Apparatus / Infrastructure.

Agencies all built on the British Model of Intelligence. Purely Evil & Highly Compartmentalized Levels which function as a Step Pyramid Model of Authority / Monarch Reign Pyramid Model of Authority.

That's what's at Stake. How this plays out is anyone's guess. The Pure Evil Criminal Psychopath Rogue elements of the Deep State will not go quietly. If not dealt with now, they'll disappear only to resurface at a later date with one objective:

Total Complete Full Spectrum World Domination they seek through Power & Control.

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

It's The Black Hats Versus The White Hats. Pure Evil War / Economic Oligarch Criminal Dynasties which must fall but refuse.
Interesting Times.

JRobby's picture

It's a big club! The club of Satan.

Nobody For President's picture

And we ain't in it - thank God.

shovelhead's picture

I always wondered what happened to Air America after Mena...

Future Jim's picture

I'd like to see what this journalist has to say about WTC 7.

VinceFostersGhost's picture




Probably that they demo-ed save lives.


Which is why they started working on the building a month before.


You have to cut the load bearing members before you blow it up.....or it won't come straight down.

Akzed's picture

Not to mention Bldgs 3, 4, 5, & 6.

Cheyenne's picture

Cue the new MSM yarn about Russians hacking our national security apparatus in 3, 2, 1...

Max Cynical's picture

She was only fired...thank God she wasn't driving a Mercedes through the streets of Los Angeles.

Killtruck's picture

Hillary tells me this article is the result of a Youtube video? 
Hard to know what to believe anymore. 

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Hard to know what to believe anymore.'re sure as hell right about that.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Hard to know what to believe anymore?

That's true. However, it is easy to know WHO to believe, or WHAT NOT TO BELIEVE. If our government says it, it's a lie. 

If they ever do tell the truth, it will be a "Boy who Cried Wolf" event.

God Emperor's picture

The Swamp has all zio-NATO in it.

SandiaMan's picture

This is McCain and Graham's demise. They were selling weapons through Arsenal Weapons to the syrian rebels backed by the U.S.

Village-idiot's picture

I was wondering if McCain's name was going to come up in all this.

Giant Meteor's picture

The boat or the guy?

If it's the guy, You can be sure he approves, along with his sister Lindseed, and all fellow neocons, past and present, whom are apparently serving some higher purpose in life, in the greater cause. The 100 year wars, to eradicate, ummmm. "people!"


XlibertyX's picture

Sinseed is his butt-buddy.

JoeTurner's picture

oye vey! the goyim know....shut it down...

General Titus's picture

If one remembers Benghazi, that was about Hillary & Obozo coordinating the looting of the Libyan armories and shipping the weapons to the Saudi/CIA/Mossad Al-CIA-Duh terrorist puppets maiming and murdering Syrian & Iraqi Christians and all the various other groups of innocent people living there

Google "Glen Beck Libya the Real Story"

Crazy Or Not's picture
Seymour M. Hersh is a good go-to name on the "what really happened" in Benghazi story. 
Libya - Turkey - Syria arms rat lines.... presided over by the Clinton crimelords.

SteveNYC's picture

Karma is going to be a bitch.

Badsamm's picture

"Nobody is above the law" John Jihad McCain.

MonsterSchmuck's picture

Time for the CIA to be
labelled a terrorist organization.

Offthebeach's picture

So, everyone knows the US, is in on this, big.  Weapons, cash, money, trainers........but it is ...."secret ".     

What?  If these McCain buttboys are such fun loving, Federalist Papers quoting "Moderates "....why not out in the open?


East Europe.   Lose

Korea.    Lose

Iran.   Lose

Cuba.   Lose

Nicaragua I.  Lose.

Angola.  Lose

Somalia.    Lose

Lebanon.   Lost

Iraq. Lose

Gulf War I. Lose ( Saddam in Power )

Gulf War I Saddam management.   Lose

Gulf War II. Lose the occupation

Afganistan I. Taliban/Al Queada  Victory

Afganistan II ( Still underway 16 years.)


Don't  Kill The Job...


FixItAgainTony's picture

Subjugation and control of the American people. DECISIVE VICTORY

HRClinton's picture

"Bulgarian investigative journalist", you say? 

Quick, hire Tyler's cousin!


veritas semper vinces's picture

well,I think she needs to be thankful she's still alive.For now.

OT,but in context:

_the "force for good"(aka the US army ,in case you could not identify it) just had multiple Heliborne Operations in Deir Ezzor,airlifting ISIS fighters,leaders and transporting them who knows where. This is the last installment in a long list of "fighting"ISIS.There were multiple similar ones in the past.

-they did air rides,bombing the Syrian army fighting ISIS in Deir Ezzor,with not too much succes.The Syrians have learned to fool them(2 vehicles lost and three martyrs)

_the Hezbollah has captured an important ISIS leader(commanding 200 rats),one of the most vicious branch of ISIS,and the surprise was that he confessed to be a MO$$AD operative. OOPS! OY VEY!

-the Syrian army,flanked by the Russians just had one of the most amazing victories:800 rats killed ,39 armed vehicles destroyed,many tanks ,ets.,near Raqqa.

-the Russians destroyed two chosenites drones

-the Syrian army aand Hezbollah restored security to Lebanese /Syrian border.

_the Syrian army is in the final stages for the Deir ezzor battle,which will be the last important battle to destroy the terrorist.They will be done after this.(they are already done) .See their moving by US army.

Now I'm waiting for the commends regarding Trump" fighting " ISIS from those who are still asleep(the peanutz)

veritas semper vinces's picture

Purple shovel? Very funny!

We will use a plain shovel up their a$$holes.

I'm sure that the recent >100 Bil $ weapons deal for saudi barbaria done by the Don was part of the "program to finish the terrorist arming".

The rats are fighting each other and in the process the truth comes to light(Apocalypse now)

veritas semper vinces's picture

The German journalist,Udo Ulfkotte,who wrote the book"Journalists for hire" where he exposes that ALL journalists of any importance in the Western press are on See Eye Ayy payroll

was found dead,this year.

The Dutch banker, ronald Bernard,who exposed the Illuminati child sacrifice and Satanist practices of the banking cartel,was found dead in a swamp in Florida( he was living with his American  wife in Florida,poor sucker)


I'm sure it's just a coinky dink.

ZeroPoint's picture

"Those weapons, Gaytandzhiev found, ended up in the hands of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq and Syria."

So, they ended up at their intended destination? Does anyone still believe that ISIS is not a U.S. creation?

c2nnib2l's picture

that's what I call journalism 

HowdyDoody's picture

There are other cases - Eva Bartlett has done good work on exposing the chemical weapon false flags, Vanessa Beeley on the White Helmets and Lizzie Phelan on the liberation of Aleppo.


buzzsaw99's picture

now we know that there was at least one real journalist in the world.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Now we know there's at least one journalist in the world ...

... And she was fired and, I assume, is now an out-of-work journalist.

Assange, Snowden and Chelsey Manning are and were whistle blowers and/or people trying to report the truth. All are or were "Public Enemey No. 1" for the Deep State and most governments in the world.

Telling the truth requires immense personal sacrifice and real courage. People who do it or try to do it will be made an example of. Is there no public figure with any stature who is willing to stand up and scream, "Enough already!"