25 Oil Tankers Stuck In Gulf, Unable To Offload Due To Harvey Port Closures

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According to ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg, coupled with MarineTraffic real-time tracking, at least 25 tankers carrying almost 17 million barrels of imported crude oil are drifting near Texas and Louisiana ports, unable to offload because of closures from Tropical Storm Harvey.

Source: MarineTraffic

A Bloomberg further details, 20 Aframaxes, 3 VLCCs, 2 Suezmaxes are currently waiting off Texas ports of Corpus Christi, Freeport, Texas City, Houston and Galveston, as well as off Sabine Pass and Lake Charles, Louisiana. This is three more than the 22 ships that were "drifting" on August 28.

Follows a description of the stuck tankers' cargo:

  • 6m bbl Mexican crude, including Maya
  • 4m bbl Saudi oil
  • 3.3m bbl Venezuela crude
  • 2m bbl from Iraq
  • 500k bbl Castilla from Colombia
  • 500k bbl Ostra from Brazil
  • 500k bbl Bonga from Nigeria

Additionally, here is a current status update of the various ports:

Corpus Christi:

  • Port shut since Aug. 24, sees return to normal operations by Sept. 4
  • Refineries planning restarts for this week:
    • Flint Hills may restart as soon as Tuesday
    • Valero, Citgo preparing for restart
  • Oil imports via Corpus Christi in 2016 were 225.8k b/d
    • Top suppliers, according to EIA data compiled by Bloomberg:
    • Venezuela 31%
    • Saudi Arabia 18%
    • Iraq 13%


  • Port shut
  • Phillips 66 Sweeny (247k b/d) shut
  • Oil imports via Freeport in 2016 were 128.6k b/d, of which 98% came from Venezuela and the rest from Saudi Arabia: EIA data


  • Port of Houston still shut, no timeline for reopening
  • Shell Deer Park (316.6k b/d capacity) shut; LyondellBasell (263.8k b/d) cuts rates; Exxon Baytown complex (560.5k b/d), Exxon Beaumont (344.6k b/d), Marathon Galveston Bay (451k b/d) in process of shutting down
  • Oil imports via Houston, largest U.S. port for imported oil, 574.7k b/d in 2016, according to EIA; top suppliers:
    • Mexico 51%
    • Saudi Arabia 15%
    • Colombia 13%

Sabine Pass:

  • Sabine pilots say pass closed since 1pm local time Friday
  • Valero Port Arthur (330k b/d) has reformer, sulfur plant down; Motiva Port Arthur (605k b/d), U.S.’s largest refinery, and Total Port Arthur (225.5k b/d) cut rates
  • Oil imports via Port Arthur in 2016 were 553.1k b/d; top suppliers:
    • Saudi Arabia 37%
    • Venezuela 24%
    • Mexico 20%

Lake Charles:

  • Port shut since Aug. 28
  • Oil imports via Lake Charles in 2016 were 267.3k b/d; top suppliers:
    • Venezuela 46%
    • Saudi Arabia 19%
    • Mexico 12%

Source: Bloomberg

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HuffPo: Donald Trump's Response To Hurricane Harvey Is Abominable: Dividing Rather Than Uniting





Is HuffPo a domestic terrorist organization?

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That's why those ships are equipped with anchors.


Captain Chlamydia's picture

Shame that the economy does not have anchors. This Harvey could be the Black Swan that could cripple the USA and tank the economy. 

NoDebt's picture

This economy is nothing BUT anchors.  All of them have "Made By The United States Federal Government" cast into the side of them.


Captain Chlamydia's picture

Yeah, those anchors are crap! 


Wang Dang SP's picture

Dump the oil and create more Krugman jobs.

DeadFred's picture

I'm not sure why they need access to the ports, just float those babies up the freeways.

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Not stuck in the gulf. They can go anywhere. Their waiting in the gulf.

sushi's picture

But the USA is totally self-suffcient in oil to the point that it is exportign the stuff.


The claim that 17 million barrels of imported crude oil are sitting at anchor in the Gulf must therefore be false news.



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25 Oil Tankers Stuck In Gulf, Unable To Offload Due To Harvey Port Closures

My response: This situation looks like it is getting very real and serious at light speed.

No wonder the CENTRAL BANKS entered the markets today to PUSH UP PRICES GLOBALLY.

Now all the world needs is a couple of additional disasters and it will all come down like a HOUSE OF CARDS.

We are living in interesting times. The MONEY PRINTING is about to goto WARP SPEED.

DeadFred's picture

I'm betting on an earthquake because I don't like nukes.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Now we're seeing the implications....

Cynicles II's picture

Too bad the US doesn't produce any oil.

youngman's picture

they are not stuck...actually they are floating a little higher today with all that rain

FoggyWorld's picture

Didn't get the name of the Port, but Fox News just had the Harbor master on of the area where most of those refineries are and they are aiming to be back in business by Labor Day.   The Coast Guard, The Army Corps of Engineers have to check things out and the companies themselves will have to test out all of the equipment they use but the guy sounded very hopeful.

The hard part of this story is inland and where the people and companies have been wiped out.

DeadFred's picture

Really, what could go wrong? /s

Slippery Slope's picture

Don't worry, Venezuela will just divert them to China.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Did you guys see that sticksave?  Impressive!!  Now is there a way we can arbitrage these stuck ships ...

Son of Loki's picture

Glad the Democrat Mayor of Houston called this disaster a "nothing burger" and told the Houston people not to evacuate.


Another Democrat dope destroys a city.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

C'mon Loki, this is bigger than politics.  Hurricanes happen.  If he had ordered an evacuation and people got stuck on the freeways and died in their cars due to floods we'd be bitching about that too.  Look at how these nameless, colorless, faceless Americans have come to each others aid.  Been through more than my share of natural disasters, on this scale.  There are no absolute right and wrongs, just trying to do your best.  In the aftermath, we get to see our character and pray we are worthy.

Never One Roach's picture

The low lying areas should have been evacuated for sure. It's the same thing over and over there and even the med centers don't learn since they have 6 inches of water in their lobbies.

Mayor Turner thought he was smart to oppose the governor and the presdient by telling Houstonians the exact opposite of what they recommended which was evacuate the low lying areas that historically always flood. It's common sense and not as hard as you say. There are hundreds of school buses the HISD could have lent the city and re-locate these folks to a safe place temporarlity.

Even the NOAA experts warned there will be disastrous flooding. Luckily, despite the devisive last presiednt we had, Texans always come together to help in these situations despite DC politics.

847328_3527's picture

Austin built hundreds of hotels to house the NASCAR tourists. Hosuton could have moved them there temp until the strom passed or the danger stopped. I read over 250,000 people came to Austin, Texas for their formula F1 so they could easily have housed these people.



YourAverageJoe's picture

"I read over 250,000 people came to Austin, Texas for their formula F1 so they could easily have housed these people."


This event is not past tense yet. You can't just hop in your convertable and go much of anywhere right now.



YourAverageJoe's picture

Dewatering pumps can only remove the amount of water in the amount of time they were designed to do.

C'mon man, you surely realize this was an unprecedented event.

I didn't evacuate, but I understand topography and was here to see the horrors of an un-necessary evacuation during Rita.

Do you really need or want a government official to tell you what to do?

Don't be the armchair judge after the fact. You're better than that.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

"Don't be the armchair judge after the fact. You're better than that." --- he is, I've seen him post before.  I think this is emotion, heart hurts looking at fellow Americans suffer like this.  I hurt with him too, but we will help Houston pull through this.  They are tough people.  Even though we fight like cats and dawgs amongst ourselves, when this kinda of stuff happens, we become invincible 'Muricans, kick all obstacles and get 'er done. Just you watch!

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Ok Roach, I'll play. Maybe you are right.  Now how about this point, why did they build in low lying areas in a hurrican zone in the first place?  See how this shit goes on and on.  Hurricanes happen and this one was a doozie, bro.  I just hope they come through this stronger Americans and better people.

shovelhead's picture

Well, the dummies stayed and gave the smart people plenty of room to leave so we can thank him for that.

Then again, I always open the storm cellar for Wifey and the lil doggie but I never go in during tornado warnings. I'll ride my couch to Valhalla rather than sit in a storm cellar.

YourAverageJoe's picture

We do have "free will" down here you know. Some people have critical thinking skills, where others do not.

I guess it could be looked at as Darwinism.

And tho I did not vote for the guy, I can assure you he didn't destroy the city, but since you're paying attention, please keep an eye out for reports of rioting, arson, and looting, because in spite of the disaster, I can't find a report on Houstonians doing these things.

Could it be the water?

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Hear hear!  A Homosapien in the bunch.  Character counts.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

No worries. If they can't get them out due to the weather they can just dump it in the Gulf on top of millions of gallons that Deepwater Horizon lost and was sunk with millions of gallons of corexit!...

I'm sure Obama left careful instructions on behalf of BP for Trump to dump more of it if need be on top of what's already at the bottom.

My understanding is the fish and plant life "just love it" as do the fishermen!!!

YourAverageJoe's picture

That's ok, Texas isn't that important to the rest of the country.

Just divert them to New York or Boston's refineries. 

Mike Masr's picture

They need Captain Joseph J. Hazelwood to bring all these ships in! 

wisehiney's picture
When I get off of this mountain
You know where I want to go
Straight down the Mississippi River
To the Gulf of Mexico . To Lake Charles, Louisiana
Little Bessie, girl that I once knew
And she told me just to come on by
If there's anything she could do . Up on Cripple Creek she sends me
If I spring a leak she mends me
I don't have to speak she defends me
A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one
Proofreder's picture

and the captain said;

boys, it's been good to know ya ...

NoWayJose's picture

How much longer until someone uses their brain and realizes that the oil infrastructure in east Texas is NOT coming back anytime soon?

There are no houses for workers, no roads to move things, no ports for oil tankers, no refineries capable of running without major repair, no oil support companies making parts or doing services, no electricity and no clean water.

Don't look for 'normal' in next week's numbers!

David Wooten's picture

The National Guard has been called in but it's the Navy they need.

HowdyDoody's picture

The USN and loads of tankers? What could possibly go wrong?