China Warns North Korea Tensions At "Tipping Point", Russia Says "Sanctions Exhausted"

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Following North Korea's firing a ballistic missile across Japan overnight, China has warned that tensions on the Korean peninsula have reacha "tipping point" and urged all sides to avoid provocations.

Seems pretty provocative to us...

As ChannelNewsAsia reports, Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying urged all sides to avoid provocations and repeated Beijing's call for the North to suspend missile tests in return for a halt to US-South Korean military exercises.

The situation is "now at a tipping point approaching a crisis. At the same time there is an opportunity to reopen peace talks," Hua told a regular news briefing.


"We hope relevant parties can consider how we can de-escalate the situation on the peninsula and realise peace and stability on the peninsula," she added.


Hua said the United States and South Korea "held one round after another of joint military exercises and they exerted military pressure on the DPRK (North Korea)".


"After so many rounds and vicious cycles, do they feel they are nearer to peaceful settlement of the issue?


"The facts have proven that pressure and sanctions cannot fundamentally solve the issue," she said, referring to UN sanctions imposed against North Korea.

China has backed the sanctions but also called for peace talks, but as Russia explains, sanctions pressure appears exhausted.

As if this was not clear enough, Russia has also stepped up its rhetoric, with Reuters noting that a senior Russian lawmaker said on Tuesday that North Korea’s latest missile test shows its threat to fire four missiles into the waters near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam was not a bluff.

“Alas, Pyongyang has demonstrated that its threats to the U.S. base on Guam are not a bluff,” Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the upper house of parliament’s international affairs committee, said on social media.


Kosachev also said that a United Nations Security Council resolution regarding North Korea’s missile program which passed this month had failed to achieve its objective, “because the situation has turned into a bilateral standoff between North Korea and the United States”.

Additionally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who is visiting the UAE, insisted North Korea back down...

"Regarding North Korea and the missile tests it is conducting, we stick to the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and we insist on the fact that our North Korean neighbours should fully respect those resolutions," Lavrov said.


"We base our position on these statements during discussions in the Security Council and will do the same in the session, which as far as we understand is being planned now and which will be dedicated to discussing the last missile launches from North Korea."

Finally, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told reporters that while we can expect new sanctions pressure on the DPRK after the last launch, such pressure is exhausted..

"Judging by how colleges from the US and other countries acted in similar situations, the US allies - of course, we can expect new steps towards strengthening the sanctions regime," he said.

"But it will not solve the problems, it is already obvious that the resource of sanctions pressure on the DPRK has been exhausted."


"It is no longer possible to adopt resolutions in the UN Security Council that do not contain a clear indication that there can not be a military solution to the problem, but only a political one. A provision that would rule out additional unilateral sanctions beyond those that are collectively taken by the UN Security Council, "the Russian diplomat continued.

Either way, it appears Russia and China are pushing back to Trump to 'do something'.

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Omen IV's picture

The only thing exempted by Congress from Russian Sanctions to be sold in USA were ....rocket engines?

"China and Russia are set to sign a milestone agreement in October on joint space exploration from 2018 to 2022, sending manned missions to the Moon for the first time. The bilateral agreement will cover five areas including lunar and deep space exploration, developing special materials, collaboration in the area of satellite systems, Earth remote sensing, and space debris research.

This is the first bilateral agreement to cover a partnership spanning five years. It is to be signed against the background of space exploration race the US is trying to win, so the two partners decided to join the efforts."


44_shooter's picture

Your comment doesn't meet the appropriate guidlines for ZH.


1) it contained no reference to "Russia", "Collusion", or "Russian Hacking"

2) you failed to mention anything about race, white supremecy or Trump is a racist.


Please post ONLY appropriate content in the future.

VIS MAIOR's picture

smart from russia and china.  trumpass will fall to trap callled  NK .)))  thats why all leave it on usa.. what to do with NK 

and guam will just another black hole for army contractors- its just will accelerate more spendind for usa...end 

.  dont forget merkel say they will not stay with usa if death kill from usa start again in asia. and damage on enviroment arround NK - that will ace in hand for chinese and other 


Honest John's picture

Stock markets recovering.  Move on, nothing here to see.

lester1's picture

Bring on the global financial reset!


All debt, both public and private erased !!

Miss Informed's picture

Wouldn't that benefit only the irresponsible?

Genby's picture

So, American THAAD successfully FAILED its mission?

sheikurbootie's picture

It's never failed.  The facts are the facts.

Genby's picture

It never worked well. Tha facts are the facts.

Himself's picture

Maybe the US should step back and let China annex both...

sister tika's picture

Is that a B61-12 gravity thermonuclear bomb in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Boubou's picture

" Everything is on the table " . For fucks sake, can no president ever come up with a fresh cliche?  This affront to intelligent communications is  worse than nuclear Armageddon. Aren't they embarrassed to utter this abysmal crap? No president since JFK has had an iota of taste in metaphors. 

44_shooter's picture

Its your precious media that comes up with this shit.

Boubou's picture

He is trying to cringe the world to death with banality.

Buddha 71's picture

trump should have shut the fuck up from the beginning - china is not our friend, china will never stop nk from going full nuke - it is china's best interests. n.k. has a big gun to s.k. 's head, so trump will be gradually "negotiated" off the korean peninsula, our troops will be forced out permanently.

on another very painful note, consider the fact the s.korea, japan, and the usa did not see the launch, did not know exactly where is came from, and did not / could not shoot it down, so remember to correlate that fact, the fact that we did not and could not shoot the missile down while it was heading for japan, with the inordinately high number of us military getting killed in peace time collisions and aircraft crashes, just this year alone. we lose more military lives in peace time than at war ! wow !

so all in all how would one expect us to do in an actual war with our surface fleet being sunk in a very short time if a war did spark out. wtf ?

Miss Informed's picture

Heck, the US Navy is out there now being sunk by container ships and tankers. It's practically sinking itself.

dsty's picture

It's gonna be ok.

Just go ahead and do it.

QIG's picture

Was the missilethat overflew Japan launched by an Israeli sub? Agent provocateur

Dirtnapper's picture

This needs to handled in a peaceful manner, war will only be beneficial to TPTB.  Real sanctions should be applied to the owner of the junkyard dog, China.  Trump and company should be adding 10% import fee to all CN products each and every time their dimwitted dog wakes up the neighborhood.  Get it up to 50% and People's Army will be rolling south into NK "upon request of their good friends to bring peace, security, and emergency food to the people of NK."

Joe A's picture

Everybody's playing Russian roulette with the lives of thousands, if not millions. Geopolitical games.

44_shooter's picture

You just show up to the party or what?

OCnStiggs's picture

That is what happens when to diplomats intercede and stop a war that should have been fought to a decisive finish. The diplomats in the State Department have on made thing far worse over time. To what end? If we are now talking about a nuclear exchange vs conventional weapons decades past?

This same scenario will play out with Iran in two years. Only, their primary opponent has boatloads of nukes and their plan, as leaked by a US agent is, once the Genie is out of the bottle, that Israel will strike every one of its enemies in one attack.

Diplomats are worthless. The caused this conflict on purpose.


IronForge's picture

CHN and RUS stepping back to see if PRK and TEAM_USA start dancing with each other.

IronForge's picture

Provided that USA-KOR Duo attack PRK first, 

2-3 Nukes, an Artillery Barrage of Seoul, and an Onslaught of Several Million PRK Troops should get KOR to Surrender.  Quickly.

2-3 Nukes over USA Cities with promises of more to follow should get the USA to the Negotiating Table.  PRK are dug in deep.

There is no Victorious Outcome for the USA or KOR here.  This is a Meat Grinder/Death Trap with a Nuke Bonus Option.

Posa's picture

If the US attacks NKOR first, China is committed to retaliate

Stormtrooper's picture

'lil Kim didn't mean to hurt anyones feelings.  He just likes to play with his model rockets.

me or you's picture

Nodobdy cares US is a country ruled by traitors and dual-citizens and American people don't give a damn about that. We The People would rather die on their knees than fighting for the country.

Let America burns. Amen

wisebastard's picture

 United States and South Korea "held one round after another of joint military exercises and they exerted military pressure on the DPRK (North Korea)".


The US is trying to turn NK into the next Libya

wisebastard's picture

so basically if DPRK does not have nukes the US will invade them and if they protect themselves the US will use that as an excuse to attack as Libya the US funded troops to attack and then when Gaddafi defended himself the US used that as a reason to destroy the country......

Posa's picture

Correct... except if the US attacks prremptively China will intervene and we're facing WW III.. Plus SKOR won't permit any attacks

Money_for_Nothing's picture

US military should start dropping food in areas of North Korea far from the capital and north of the DMZ. That way soldiers might start deserting and moving North. I think Hawaii has boatloads of Spam. It would be hilarious to spam North Korea. What could they say? Quit dropping spiced ham on us US?

North Korea would have to turn muslim to stop the flood of pork.

I bet you could buy 300,000 cans of spam for the cost of one tomahawk missile. Drop ten C-130 loads of spam on their one road that runs down the middle of the country. 35 tons of spam in each C-130 if you could get it all in there. How much volume does 35 tons of spam take up?

Ben A Drill's picture

Did North Korea just get away with another missle launch? I leave the toilet seat up and I get holy hell from my wife. What gives?

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Time to discipline and inform the woman. 

Ask her why she would even consider putting her ass down on something she hasn't even looked at.  Leave the seat down and pee on it.  Get creative and have some fun.  Heck, her pee sprays onto the underside of thre front of the seat and she leaves it there for when you have to pick the seat up to pee, right? 

deja's picture

You'd be sleeping in the bathtub for months.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Dear China,

time to put your rabid Rottweiler down. 


Everybody Else

Posa's picture

China says: TS... Yankee go home. Try doing something and we're at war.

copernicuson's picture

I think they should put lithium in the food supplies for North Korea.  It should limit their desire for suicide.

deja's picture

Polonium.  Shouldn't be too hard to single out fatso's luxury foods.

Village-idiot's picture

Just put a little in the Swiss cheese.

Mike Masr's picture

The US did a regime change coup and Civil War in Ukraine on Russia's south western border. Now there may possibly be a nuke going off near Russia's eastern border on the Pacific.

When is the Russian bear going to say enough is fucking enough and bite back?  

Posa's picture

"biting back" would mean taking another step towards WW III... Russia is hanging on and hope for a major fissure with Western Europe... so things will drift until there is a major mistake by someone.

kbohip's picture

Help us Obi-Rodman Kenobi!  You're our only hope!

Ben A Drill's picture

Maybe Noth Korea was trying to fix Fukushima.

Herdee's picture

Sanctions don't work, never have. Truth is, it helps warn and steer others away from the U.S. dollar system. Chipping away at the percentage of dollars used in global trade and trading in alternate currencies. Military hegemony reliance doesn't pick up on that but it too will be destroyed by economic decisions that it helped create by destroying other peoples and their societies. There is no plan in any of these bombing campaigns to rebuild or establish trust around the globe. Others are tired of a country half way around the globe trying to order them around. Sorry, we can see it in the run down ghettos and shit-ass infrastructure where there's no money to fix anything. NeoCons will eat everyone and lower their standard of living to third world conditions eventually. Oh, I almost forgot, the assholes in the Senate approved billions to rebuild Baghdads sewage system that it destroyed but now I see they want to put up a fight to stop Trump from helping Texas. Aren't they a nice gang of goddamn assholes, McCain and his ilk?

Village-idiot's picture

If the US uses Neutron bombs, ironically, the safest place in N. Korea will most likely be in the forced labour camps, in the NE part of the country, near the Russian border.

desertboy's picture

If the US uses Neutron bombs, only idiots will be entertained by irony.

OKUSA's picture

Why do we always have to be the ones to handle the problem? Let Japan and SK handle it.

aliens is here's picture

We are broke. We don't need to play the big brother. Let the Japs and SK handle it. They are rich so they can handle it.