Israel Threatens To Bomb Assad's Presidential Palace

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More information has emerged from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting with President Putin last week. The two met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi on August 23rd to discuss recent developments in Syria. According to new shocking reports in both Arab and Israeli media, a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the US-Russia brokered de-escalation deal reached in Astana, Kazakhstan earlier this summer.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

A senior Israeli official warned the Russian government that if Iran continues to extend its reach in Syria, Israel will bomb Syrian President Bashar Assad's palace in Damascus, according to reports in Arab media.


Israel also warned that if serious changes do not happen in the region, Israel will make sure the ceasefire deal, reached by the United States and Russia in Astana, Kazakhstan, will be nullified.


A senior Israeli source told the Al-Jadida newspaper that no understanding was reached between the Israelis and the Russians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did, however, make it clear to Putin that its concerns must be met or Israel will be forced to act.


The warnings occurred in a meeting between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

As we noted at the time, Netanyahu's brazen words to Putin that 'preventative' escalation in Syria to destroy what Israeli defense officials commonly call the "Iranian land bridge" (or the so-called 'Shia crescent') reveals increased desperation as even the West is now seeming to ignore Netanyahu's repeatedly declared "red lines". While Netanyahu's public statements in Sochi were provocative enough - openly threatening direct military escalation in Syria should his demand for Iranian forces withdrawal not be met - the newly revealed threat of assassinating the sitting head of a sovereign U.N. member state takes the war of words to a whole new level.

The Israeli Prime Minister also shared intelligence with Putin which purports to reveal Iranian plans for long-term presence in Syria. It appears Netanyahu is now making his case before world media, with new BBC and other international headlines reading, "Iran building missile factories in Syria and Lebanon: Netanyahu".

The Jerusalem Post details exactly which officials accompanied Netanyahu in Russia:

The prime minister, accompanied by Mossad head Yossi Cohen, the newly appointed head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben-Shabbat, and Likud minister Ze'ev Elkin who served as his translator, flew to Sochi on the Black Sea for the meeting, returning to Israel shortly after it ended.

We further explained that Israel has long been at open war with Syria, in spite of the fact that both Israeli officials and international media rarely acknowledge it. In 2013 Israel launched a massive missile attack against a Syrian defense technology facility in Jamraya outside of Damascus. And yet more brazen was the 2016 attack targeting Damascus International Airport, which killed a well-known Hezbollah commander. In a significant admission earlier this month, the head of Israel's air force acknowledged nearly one hundred IDF attacks on convoys inside Syria over the course of the past 5 years.

Netanyahu himself was recently caught on a hot mic bragging that Israel had struck Syrian targets at least "a dozen times". And this is to say nothing of Israel's covert support to al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria's south, which has reportedly involved weapons transfers and treatment of wounded jihadists in Israeli hospitals, the latter which was widely promoted in photo ops involving Netanyahu himself. As even former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell once directly told the Israeli public, Israel's "dangerous game" in Syria consists in getting in bed with al-Qaeda in order to fight Shia Iran.

Assad's presidential office building - New Shaab Palace - sits above central Damascus. Image source: Flickr/Nawar-2012

While Israel has for years played more of a quiet 'long game' in Syria outside the media spotlight: providing tacit support to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria along its Golan border (in Netanyahu's words to Putin: Israel prefers the "Sunni sphere" over "bringing in Shi'ites" which reflects a disturbing widely held view among Israeli officials that ISIS is the 'lesser evil') as well semi-regularly bombing select targets, its increased willingness to loudly and unreservedly voice its intentions to the world is the result new realities it appears unprepared to accept.

What new realities in the region are now pushing Israeli officials to incautiously leak threats of Assad's assassination to the Arab press?

First, the Syrian government and its allies Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are winning the war. In Israel's thinking the Astana agreement potentially means Iranian presence will now be backed by Russian air power. It also appears that in the United States' backing of 'de-escalation zones' which necessarily involves Iranian enforcement, the US is giving tacit approval to Iranian troop presence in Syria. This is Israel's worst nightmare: it invested so heavily in toppling Assad in the first place in order to roll back what it claims is 'Iranian and pro-Shia expansion' in the region.

Secondly, the US has essentially signaled to Israel: you are on your own when it comes to Syria policy. Trump shut down the CIA program to topple Assad - a program which had the assistance of Israeli intelligence. Other world leaders like France's Macron have further stated that Assad is here to say for the near future.

Third, Hezbollah has just finished wiping up ISIS on the Lebanese-Syrian border and now appears more confident than ever. Israel went all in with the Sunni insurgency fighting Assad as that insurgency also threatened the existence of Hezbollah, which Israeli defense officials understand to be the most formidable foe right across Israel's border. On Monday Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah declared August 28 as Lebanon's "Second Day of Liberation" in a televised address celebrating Lebanon's military victory over ISIS in the country's northeast. As we reported recently, it's an 'open secret' that US special forces advisers are indirectly coordinating with Hezbollah through the Lebanese Army, though politically sensitive as Lebanon depends heavily on US military aid.

And finally, Israel senses that international opinion is shifting quickly now that ISIS is rapidly folding. It knows that world opinion will not stomach another Iraq style invasion for regime change in the Middle East. And yet such a prospect of regime change in Syria is now all the more difficult as Russian air defenses are so deeply entrenched. Israel now finds itself isolated and Netanyahu's brazenness stems from this realization. His screams grow louder from a position of weakness.

Now, the only question that remains is: on the remote chance that Israel does escalate militarily in Syria, what will Russia let it get away with?

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Shalom, shalom, you filthy joo parasite.

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Nobody keeps track of
their own brilliance to
toot their own horns.

But when it comes to
the not so wonderful,
They're more interested
in forgeting and attacking
those who dare to bring
the messy truth up.

I'd prefer less academic
accomplishment for less
murderous revolutionary
academics who dispatch
XX millions, as in Russia,
to stomp their socialist
vision down other peoples

Who do you think Hilter
took lessons from and was
also financed by? You won't
see that in the Wikipedia
entries of greatness.
I also guarentee you that
the ranks of Antifa are over
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Sounds like time for another Israel false flag.

Will they fly some more planes into US buildings, saying it was Syria?

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Israel also supports ISIS, the most brutal terrorist group in recent history. But as long as they know the Zionists are in control of American politics, coughTrumpGoldmanSachscough, they will continue to destabilize the region.

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The real war is a class war, not a race war.

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The biggest war above all wars is darwinism: Survival of species and survival of individual genes within species.

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Do we really want the liar genes to prevail?

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Who cares what anyone wants? Natural selection is not guided, it happens on its own, you either survive or not.

Is that a controversial statement? That A=A? That those who survive, survive, and those who dont survive, dont?

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Darwin never endorsed "social Darwinism" -- a collection of racist, crackpot theories

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You got it MG

Not color, Not left or righ,  its up and down

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The real war is the "have nots" (now known as Antifa) vs. the "haves" (everyone else).

bsdetector's picture

The real war is the "have nots" (now known as Antifa) vs. the "haves" (everyone else).

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Even in the Bible Israel was always a pain in the arse for god, and in the end god forsook them all. So don't know why they still cling to the Old testament....Talmud.

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       Babylonian Talmud is not Old Testament

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Of course.

Thats convenient.

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So Israel is going to declare war on Syria, Iran and Russia?  If Israel sends bomb one from its territory or one of its planes into Syria, things will get very ugly very quickly.  The Israeli government is insane enough to use its (alleged) nukes and take the whole world down.  People in the US have ben operating on the assumption that Bush or Obama or Trump was the anti-Christ.  It looks to me like it's Netanyahu.

Kina's picture

Russia to Israel

If you bomb Syria Assad, we will arm Iran with nukes.

Your choice.

A nuclear missile capable Iran with S300/400 missile defense....or

you leave Assad and Syria the fuck alone.

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I am afraid that Iran is going to swallow these S-400s, and not through their mouths.

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Then,Israel will not need any bombing. The F-35 collapsing and hitting the tiny,shitty country ,will do enough damage to it. Since the f-35 can't fly.Problem solved. Sell more F-35  to Israel!

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You are very eager Sayani. i hope you'll get some shekels and blood of a little goyim child as a bonus.

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Israel will do nothing now their airfields are swept by Russian radar. The US will be too busy in Houston to risk losing Atlanta or Denver or LA or Chicago

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As long as the US is controlled by Israel and neoconservatives, we are all screwed:



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Would there even be any Islamic terrorism, in Western nations, if in 1947 the United States had NOT led the United Nations to create the Crusader state of Apartheid Israel right in the middle of the Islamic world? Would there even be any refugees from Islamic nations? Hmmm?

* Would there have been the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli wars?
* Would there have been any Arab oil embargoes?
* Would there have been any wars in Lebanon?
* Would the USS Liberty have been deliberately attacked by Israel on June 8, 1967 with 34 US sailors KIA and 171 wounded;
* Would there even be such organizations as the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Black September, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, ISIS and many, many others?
* Would Iran allegedly even be motivated to develop nuclear weapons if it were not for the 100-400 nuclear weapons developed by Israel from fissile materials provided from the US Savannah River nuclear facility?
* Would the US be bogged down in unwinnable wars, for the glory of Greater Apartheid Israel, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., with tens of thousands of killed and wounded, millions of dead civilians, $ trillions wasted because the Israeli people don't want their own people killed?
* Would Europe be overrun with millions of Muslims seeking asylum outside their war ravaged countries?

To date, Israel has been the beneficiary of approximately $125 billion (not adjusted for inflation) in U.S. foreign aid, an unimaginable sum, more than any other country since WW II, and which is slated to further increase to some $165 billion (also unadjusted for inflation) by the end of the new ten-year aid package in 2029.

U.S. aid constitutes some 3 percent of Israel's total state budget and about 1 percent of its GDP. U.S. aid constitutes some 20 percent of the total defense budget, 40 percent of the IDF budget, and almost the entire procurement budget.

When the American People as a whole turn against Apartheid Israel it isn't going to be pretty.

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Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Too late now. Europeans committed mass genocide when they took over North America from the natives. They left a 'few' but not enough to cause any actual problems, unlike Israel's problems with the Palestinians which are constant and unending. And so no one even talks about American natives anymore.

The lesson the world seems to be saying is that if you take over a place and commit atrocities, make sure commit big atrocities and wipe it clean. You'll be a labeled a 'monster' either way, but with a big atrocity, everyone will forget and your 'tribe' can live in peace without fear of reprisals.

If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the world to forget and forgive the large atrocities, as long as they are 'large enough'. It's the small atrocities that haunt a country forever and ever.

Genby's picture

Putin should nuke Israel: all problems solved at once.

Kina's picture

A lot aslo depends on who is the President of the USA.

Anybody know?

Is it Kushner?

Is it Ivanka?

Is it Kelly?

Is it McMasters?

Is it Trump?

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Trump, ... as puppet only.

It shows that it doesn't mean much who is president... when an administration can decide what they want to do.

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Rothschild club.
And you sir , will never be in it.

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If the crazed NeoCons didn't have the balls to get it on with Russia over Syria, I doubt the zionists will.

Anyway, isn't Bibi going to prison? These cunts always try to start a war when busted.

Joiningupthedots's picture

Israel is going to bomb the Syrian Givernment buildings?

Russia has declarec that there is a totally integrated air defence system in place in Syria?


A classic case of delusion if ever there was one. Israel has not a hope in hell with a military confrontation against Russia. NONE.



BritBob's picture

A cruise missile at the beginning of the war would have worked a treat. Now there are so many crazy idiologies at work that it is difficult to separate the good from the evil. 

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Pretty simple really Good = the World. Evil = Israel.

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Obama was to busy with playing golf to lead the USA,

Trump could have show leadership by steering USA ... OUT OF CONFLICTS and tell Israel that conflicts with Russia is not the way forward...

Instead ... Trump is too busy creating conflicts with Russia, China and North Korea to lead the USA,

So, what is improved on these critical subjects??? Answer: NOTHING.

It became even worse. That was considered impossible but happened anyhow....

4D chess .... Yeah, for pigeons.



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Satan flexing his muscles

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Senior official = bad cop.

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Fking JOOs is at it again. Who the hell give them the right to bomb anyone they say is a threat? Fkers.

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Israel = ISIS Air Force

Israel = ISIS Medical Support

Israel = Artillery Corps for ISIS and related terrorists in the Golan

Israel = ISIS Intelligence Corps

Israel = International Assassinations

Israel = Aparthied Regime

Israel = Sells US Military Tech to China

Israel = International Rogue Terrorist Nation



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...the microphone and
camera of your smartphone
were just turned on remotely
for that comment.

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If you guys haven't figured it out yet... is evil personified.

The Mastermind-of-911.

If you haven't seen his 350-ton TNT bomb statement ON VIDEO HERE:

HE KNEW!!!!!


*Netanyahu, perhaps realizing he’d disclosed too much, elaborated: 

Now it wasn’t a nuclear bomb, it was a 350-ton conventional bomb.

Here is the clip. The remarks begin at the 1:21 mark:

Benjamin Netanyahu interview, NBC, 9/13, 16:29


James Perloff, with a 'jewish' father & 1-hell-of a wonderful Man is sourced for my fellow ZH-readers here:

Read it & Spread the TRUTH!


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And Putin says, "Calm down, Nutty - you're just a toothless pit bull with sore gums...." LOL

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Both the Juden and the pro-nuclear war hawks in America have to face facts.  The Coalition of Courage has saved Syria and defeated the American sponsored domestic anti-Syrian terrorists. This kind of desperation chatter by the Yahu only adds to the tension in the region.  It is high time that the Terdogan bounce the west out of Turkey, join the Coalition and make his presence felt. Either that or the gutless United Nations has to step up and start investigating charges of war crimes against pro-nuclear war factions in America and take seriously Yahu's threat of outlaw action against a soveriegn country.    

Genby's picture

That's the level of US diplomacy:

Americans are 100% untrustworthy.

Farqued Up's picture

Every time I get really pissed at Trump he pops out another shocker such as CIA hands off Syria and appears to work for the common good. I don't give two shakes for any ME country nor any of its leaders. Kushner has to go as does his giant lip suction on Soros.


geno-econ's picture

Netanyahu is not well liked in Israel and facing charges of corruption.  His days are numbered although he maintains popularity with hardliners and Jewish community in U.S. {AIPAC}.  Probably explains his recent moves, such as Wesr bank settlement expansion, to maintain dwindling support.  Russia remembers Jackson-Vanik Jewish Immigration Amendment and will contnue opposing Israel  policy on Syria and must be gleeful watching migrants flood EU.   Demographically Israel is doomed and Judism relegated to being a religion, like most religions. not a State surrounded by faction riddled Muslims and Arabs reproducing faster than Israel . For that matter, EU has the same problem unless globalism trumps the nation state ----that competition is playing out here in the good ol U.S. with unleashed Trumpism.  Meanwhile China is growing like gangbusters  picking and chosing what beneficial elements of capitalism to adopt for themselves.  Brilliant Realpolitik Mr Kissinger, just brilliant stupidity for short term gains by bankers, retailers. capital equipment exporters and out-sourcers at the expense of jobs, manufacturing and a massive debt bomb.

Posa's picture

Good comments... though it's not exactly true that Bibi will be replaced by some peace factions in Israel (there really aren't any worth mentioning)... Cina? China was created by Western capitalists eager for short-term gains at the expense of their working populations... now their future is in doubt

geno-econ's picture

Wherever you look, it seems the political, financial, military situation has been primed for challenge or change.  Perhaps the question is who is in the best position to survive or prosper should there be a stalemate or hostility. It may be global future is in doubt.

cherry picker's picture

Time to bomb Bibi's palace.

Tired of Israel.  It should never have been conceived.

africoman's picture

6 Years regime change is about to be concluded with Assad still standing, thanks to true friends.

The momentum is in decline, the remaining move will be killing of Assad, not that they haven't tried though.

Their anti-Christ must have  teleprompting them that they must continue the blood shed that it wasn't enough for him/shim/it to come.

It's really Russians and Iranians now that decide the fate of Syrians for few years to come, evil is rampant, sleepless.There must be increased packet between these resistant nations that prohibits this filth from attacking and getting away with.

Bryan's picture

I'm just here to read the entertaining anti-joo comments.  Hilarious!