'Traders' Panic-Buy Stocks, Shrug Off Nuclear Armaggedon, Debt Ceiling, & Biblical Flood Fears

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Blink and you missed it...

The message from the plunge/panic protection team is clear...


For a few brief hours overnight - until the bell rang at 0930ET on the NYSE - investors were anxious about North Korea's most provocative yet missile launch, the terrible flooding disaster in Texas, and lest we forget, the looming debt ceiling debacle. But all of that was instantly forgotten as the machines took control and lifted stocks higher practically all day on a sea of USDJPY-ignited momentum.

200 Point ramp in The Dow from overnight lows, but Nasdaq's 90 point explosion is ridonculous!

Spot The Odd One Out...


Trannies were best on the day, followed by Nasdaq...


FANG Stocks soared over 2.1% off the opening lows...


S&P algos were utterly desperate to get it to close back above its 50DMA...but failed


All thanks to a triple-pump-short-squeeze...


Treasury yields ended the day lower but well off the lows of the day...


10Y Yields touched 2.08% intraday - lowest level since the election - before bouncing back to 2.14%., just above June's 2017 low close...


The Dollar Index - like everything else - U-turned today at the US open - magically - elevating off lowest levels since 2014...


JPY and EUR were the weakest as the dollar soared back to life...


Just look at USDJPY!!

And it appears Kuroda's magical hand was at play as JPY-carry pulled stocks all day...


WTI was lower again today (testing $45 handle) and RBOB jumping to another new high, ahead of tonight's API data...


Gold ended the day lower...


Bitcoin surged overnight, but didn't give much back...

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small axe's picture

laughable doesn't begin to describe the "markets"

Kotzbomber747's picture

Oh, and gold also sold off...

Son of Loki's picture

Under Armour down another 3% today. Also down 60% from its high.


Bashing the presdient has consequences.

Mr. Universe's picture

And here I thought that the Vogon Constructor fleet was on it's way...

svayambhu108's picture

This is retarted is like instead of taking a lifevest with you, you invest in drugs...

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

'Traders' Panic-Buy Stocks, Shrug Off Nuclear Armaggedon, Debt Ceiling, & Biblical Flood Fears

My respoinse: Today's market action had the look and feel of a MASSIVE "GLOBAL" CENTRAL BANK INTERVENTION across the board as well as CORPORATE BUYING. Of course in the process, GOLD and SILVER GOT POUNDED ALL DAY LONG.

Let me give you an ecample of SOME of my trades today:

1. SOLD NUGT @ 40.25 right after the OPEN   CLOSING PRICE: 38.60

2. SOLD SGG @ 30.00 early in the day CLOSING PRICE: 29.18

3. SOLD AEM @ 51.50 right after the OPEN CLOSING PRICE: 51.02

4. SOLD USLV @ 13.75 right after the OPEN CLOSING PRICE: 13.19

5. SOLD UGLD @ 12.00 right after the OPEN CLOSING PRICE: 11.62


This is NOT going to END WELL! Volatility was ALL OVER THE PLACE.

As a side note, because I knew they were going to do what they did, I almost (but did not) bought TNA!

Perimetr's picture

"Traders" . . . yeah right, 

what are there, about 25 people at the NYSE?  

It's all computers, all the trading desk at the Fed,

all the Exchange Stabilzation Fund

and Central Banks.  

"Traders" my ass, tell the truth or STFU

ExplodingEntropy's picture

You too can get an equities broker, its easy, just follow the yellow brick road.

And humans are still being used. Machines cant always beat human or cat

Mr 9x19's picture

and you are happy to sell shit void  higher price for others dumbass buying later ?


die fucking parasite.

rocmon's picture

Who exactly is selling Gold?

PrezTrump's picture

They were all over CNBS today pumping it.  Good luck getting reamed on your long. Go shlong vasoline.

PrezTrump's picture

Stocks will fall tommorow morning, followed by a spike into lunch to trap the longs, and back down to kill em. Its not bc of what Tyler wants you to think.  Its because the market is controlled by a select few firms and you boys aren't in the club.

Maybe I will teach some of you some day how to play.  Advertising like shepshit does but its definitely not that stupid retail bullshit.  In fact I KNOW you have never even heard of it.

TradingTroll's picture

I have the indexes weaker over the next few weeks, with a small chance of a GFC style correction in October. We shall see what happens on 9-11-17.

The smallest Fib retrace, .764, takes the US markets down 20%. More than that and the markets may close.

The Euro is going far higher until around 1.25 then may drop and the USD takes off.

Silver is weak.

D.r. Funk's picture

That was "2014"

see my entry below

the index programmers want you to have that reaction

it's pretty clearly on purpose

general pop. laughable


Xredsx's picture

Fantastic headline, going to remember this on a particular event that we will witness. Do you want to know why? Because none of all this chaos that has swept the nations, would of never have happened in the first place if onlyf America didnt leave the faith. And only by returning to the faith, can America  save herself and the rest of the world. Think about it! There is nothing supernatural about this script we are witnessing. Cup of tea anyone?

Kaiser Sousa's picture

and here’s your market wrap for Tuesday, August 30th, 2017 -

another perfectly executed volume less manipulation of the Dow Jones Propaganda Index by the Federal Reserve and Exchange Stabilization Fund coinciding with another perfectly executed take down of the fraudulent phony paper prices of Gold & Silver off their intra-day yearly highs by the same Federal Reserve, Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Bank Of England beginning right at the close of “trading” in Hong Kong and throughout “trading” on Scum Street.

for additional context for the clueless who can’t see thru this bullshit we've including the following analysis from experts.

Disclaimer: this is not "The Onion”….

"Investors now think central bankers will protect us from nuclear war…”



ps: i watched Gold & Silver tick for tick today...the relentless bombardment of bogus contracts dropped against both today is all u needed to see to know “WHO" was in there selling what they don’t fucking have on the CRIMex on into the Globex vapor session…and i still bought another 20oz’s...

why - cause they still will fail…fucking bitch ass bankers...

Clock Crasher's picture

Gold technicals trump Gold fundamentals.

And the technical damage to the Gold bear thesis has been done.

Next stop for Gold is 1400.

Much like the ride from 1200 to 1300 we are going to have to sit through multiple multi-billion dollar raids.

Wild card is silver:gold ratio falling from 75 to 55.

Kublai's picture

I'm just waiting for the global asset reset after the SHTF. Global total debt divided by total gold in metric tons = $9000/oz gold.... Silver $600/oz.
Tick tock...

Mr 9x19's picture

you fucking dreaming man.

PrezTrump's picture

Really funny.  hope you have your vasoline ready.

FreeShitter's picture

Its good to see Gold crack and hold above 1300.00. 

Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah...im gonna stay buyin even at this level...

next month my regular dollar cost average routine...

hope ur well man...stay commited we're on our way...

FreeShitter's picture

Hey bro...H town is in bad bad shape I'm high and dry thankfully. What a storm. God bless.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

man didnt know that was the domicile...

glad u an urs r above the waters...

best of luck to ya...

wisebastard's picture

im tellin ya...Max Keiser is rigging metals with virtual specialist tech.....

FreeShitter's picture

5 oz gold....15 silver since silver is way undervalued.

Kublai's picture

I stay around 40-50/1
Presently 40

PAWNMAN's picture

Here's a throwback....SILVER BITCHEZ!!!! That felt good.

Kaiser Sousa's picture


switched back to it temporarily casue of what my man above me said!

PrezTrump's picture

you mean when they change their order size without losing their position in line? Or when they press the big fat SELL button?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


ps: i watched Gold & Silver tick for tick today...the relentless bombardment of bogus contracts dropped against both today is all u needed to see to know “WHO" was in there selling what they don’t fucking have on the CRIMex on into the Globex vapor session…and i still bought another 20oz’s...

why - cause they still will fail…fucking bitch ass bankers..."


My sentiments exactly. How many more hibernating "Deja Vu" moments are we going to see from the algo driven schizoid investor "faithful" that nary raises it's eyebrows since massive millisecond "sell-off(s)" through circuit breaker technology was introduced 10 years ago?...

Crack open a cold beer or your favourite alcoholic beverage of choice and lets see what happens to U.S. before 9/11/2017...

The way I look at it since that epic/epoch 16 years ago ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!

Hell at this point with their erosion plan in place (that isn't really a plan) other then to fuck with anyone that chooses to chart it's own monetary course and pay with a currency that is sound unlike USD we may miss that date and Anniversary entirely if the Zio-kikes have there way in Washington, London and Tel Aviv given the dire straits they've been in that is only going to get INCREASINGLY MUCH WORSE by the "millisecond"!!!

Ben A Drill's picture

Good for you. congrats. I watched and drank beer. BBQ ribs cooking now.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

High Lifes on deck and ready to down...

same thing just another manipulated day...

dont stop how i roll though...


D.r. Funk's picture

Some days reveal the farce irrefutably

ThirteenthFloor's picture

LOL central banks can't even accurately trade 11b 14 day correctly little alone protect us from nuclear war. Listen carefully.


Clock Crasher's picture

NUGT closed positive

Gold Gap filled

Dow/Bitcon headed to 22,000/5,000

Silver:Gold trapped at 75


FreeShitter's picture

I'd like to see LTC crack 65, BTC is headed to 5 soon

FreeShitter's picture

Nuke u ler armageddon?

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Dumping physical and taking out a 3rd mortgage on my house now.  Jumping into equity markets with both feet!  


The water is warm.... come on in!!!!

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Okay.... but, I did find a Baby Ruth bar floating near by.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

You may be able to pay off all 3 mortgages if you btfd.  Then again, you may become homeless. Be careful.

lester1's picture

Just like August 24, 2015, today proved the market is being manipulated upwards by a powerful entity. That is one of the reasons why the Federal Reserve isn't fully audited. They use their "price stability" mandate to covertly buy stocks!

Honest Sam's picture


Where the christ have you been for 10 years?

D.r. Funk's picture

Not even a powerful entity. But you refer to a master guidance, yes true. They started hooking up the dow30 in 2012, at least noticably. I started saying early 2013 the indexes are programmed. It's fed proxies, part citadel, part primary dealers, most likely. A couple stages of refinement since then, with if-then and for-next subroutines easily identifiable a few years ago, as I said

Storm-Clouds's picture

The dead don't care....

But the PPT today was most likely Asian moola looking for a place to land before the bullets fly!!!!

Russia, Japan, SK, USA, warning! The Chinese holding onto the no one do anything stoopid please meme! AKA please take our money before we start glowing in the dark...

Even the dead are praying for sanity & Texas.....

gunzeon's picture

fucken gold, so lame !

Clock Crasher's picture

technical gap fill.  next we consolidate or violate 1299.99 and run stops before going to 1400.