If Korean War Breaks Out, Seoul Will Send Special Forces To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un

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Confirming reports that first floated several months ago, the Telegraph reports that South Korea is preparing to send special forces units into Pyongyang to conduct a "clinical strike" - searching for, and taking out Kim Jong-un and his closest advisers, in the event that North Korea should start a conventional war. The plan is among the revisions being made to South Korea's latest strategy for dealing with an attack from the North.

Senior officials briefed South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, about revisions to the present defence of the nation on Monday, one day before North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan. Moon told the ministry to implement reforms to the military to meet the challenges that are increasingly being posed by North Korea. He added that the military should be ready to "quickly switch to an offensive posture in case North Korea stages a provocation that crosses the line or attacks the capital region", the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported. The prime minister also requested that the military "increase its mobility as well as its ability to carry out airborne and sea landings" and upgrade air defences.

South Korean army soldiers during the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise

Meanwhile, this is what a "hot" war attack by Pyongyang could look like from the South Korean perspective:

  • In the event of a conventional conflict breaking out on the Korean Peninsula, North Korean artillery is expected to bombard the South's defences along the Demilitarised Zone as well as shelling Seoul, which is less than 50 miles south of the border.
  • Massed tanks and infantry units, assisted by saboteurs and agents already in the South, would attempt to swiftly seize Seoul and other key cities and facilities in South Korea before the United States and, potentially, other allied nations could land reinforcements.

In retaliation, under the existing US-South Korean plan for the defence of the South, known as OPLAN 5015, the two nations would aim to bring their overwhelming air and naval superiority to bear from bases in South Korea and Japan, as well as aircraft carriers in the western Pacific, although it would take weeks before large-scale reinforcements, including heavy tanks and other equipment, could be landed.

Furthermore,as the following naval map as of August 24 shows, in practical terms there is no carrier support around the Korea penninsula, so at least one aspect of the theoretical plan is currently impossible.

The new South Korean plan will identify more than 1,000 primary targets in North Korea to be eliminated by missiles and laser-guided munitions - including nuclear weapons and missile launch facilities - at the same time as the conventional attack is halted.

South Korea's F-15K jets drop bombs during training at Taebaek Pilsung Range

Additionally, the military has been tasked with training special forces units that could be infiltrated into Pyongyang in order to target key members of the regime, including Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, in order to bring about a more rapid conclusion to the fighting. While on paper such a "decapitation" move appears enticing, in reality the retaliation by the crippled NKorean regime against its southern neighbor, especially once it has lost its leader, would likely result in countless casualties and serve as the start of a gruesome regional, if not world, war.

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subversion's picture

SK had this plan is place for their former leader, trained a team and then aborted it all.

Déjà view's picture


Umbrellas are banned from his inner circle...

IntercoursetheEU's picture

Great. Well that settles that. Game over!

Actually if War breaks out it will last for about 6 minutes and we will wake up to find a new North Face parking lot

philipat's picture

Hope your wrong as all the fallout will drift across the Pacifiic.

This "brilliant" plan by Seoul is easier said than done. I have visited Pyong Yang and there is hardly anything on the roads and a curfew every night People can't move freely without being very obvious. Anything "foreign" sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb and, given the secrecy of the State, nobody in NK knows where Kim actually lives. Such is the paranoia of the Kim regimen, I would imagine that he probably stays in a different place, randomly rotated, each night. For special forces to operate in such an environment really isn't as simple as it sounds.

totenkopf88's picture

If he was smart he would be holed up in NoKo's mountains and he would have an interlocked defensive system like Switzerland does. The Germans were going to have a go at Switzerland with Operation Tannenbaum but concluded it would be a bloodbath due to the mountainous terrain.

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FixItAgainTony's picture

$7K is nothing when compared to the happiness of the typical North Korean who strives in unity with perfect leadership.

Itinerant's picture

Hmm. More mobile. Air and sea landings. Decapitate leadership. Take out military facilities with missile strikes. Switch to offensive stance if there is a provocation.

Does this sound like they're playing defense or offense?

bluez's picture

Oh come the F*** on already! They think if they off li'l Kim Jong-un it'll all just suddenly stop?

Yeah right!

oDumbo's picture

FatBoy really is the Asian Dr. Evil. I bet he'd calm down and stop sucking his fingers if someone would just give him a Mini Me to snuggle with during the holidays.

edotabin's picture

Why does he need such powerful binoculars indoors? That is one immense office he's got there....

As for the rest of it, too much armchair quarterbacking going on. The South Koreans know their business and I'm sure have their plans properly in place.


Lurk Skywatcher's picture

The binoculars are regular size, as is the cigarette sitting next to him.

Someone mentioned Mini-me, and I am starting to think Kim is actually Trumps Mini-me.

But together they are still not as retarded as the wack jobs touting American military superiority will fix this is 30 minutes or less.

ET's picture

Kim Jong-un's body will be identified by his DNA.

ROK soldiers will be out of uniform and in civilian clothes or DPRK uniforms, imitating high-ranking officers or officials.

Unconventional warfare is how they will fight.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Oh tell me news ... ROK & Co. is trying to liquidate KJ-un clan since the peninsular split and does someone think the clan was not aware of it and KJ-un is not aware of it?! That would be retard.

Stinkytofu's picture

sure, sure....same facial features, but given the dietary differences

over the past 50 years, those south korean special ops will stick

out like arnold schwarzenegger at a dungeons&dragons convention.

BarkingCat's picture

You have watched too many Hollywood movies. Real life is nothing like that.

Wage Slave 927's picture

Hell, just send them in now and get it done!

Wage Slave 927's picture

The SORKs should start a disninfo campaign about Fat Boy's yes men, about how they are disloyal, plotting, etc. Fat Boy will eliminate them by himself!

yogibear's picture

"If Korean War Breaks Out, Seoul Will Send Special Forces To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un"
Thanks for letting fat-boy know ahead of time.

MK13's picture

Kim is easy to identify - he's the only fat guy in NORK.

edotabin's picture



edit: a downvote for the smiley face? Come on......lol. Follow the cholesterol pills? Blood pressure meds? Look for the dusty treadmill? Kim's got "body positive" fans?

Ofelas's picture

Before a war breaks out North Korea will send (awaken) ANTI VIP Units and assessinate South Korean, Japanese and other  Generals, Specialists and Poltitians.


A long standing Soviet doctrine with well established Speznaz troops specifically for this purpose who infiltrate long before such a situation can arise. 

IridiumRebel's picture

War starts in September.

tmosley's picture

I faeries from the planet Kypton invade, I will send a bitcoin to Krombopulos Michael to take out their leader.

The Cooler King's picture

Only 1 bitcoin?


You said on the other thread that you ought to use bitcoin(s) to kill me.


So, it's good to know that the bounty on my head is more than the leader of Krombopulos Michael.


I have to admit that I had to look that stuff up

tmosley's picture

>Implying I would actually spend any money on a loser like you

I only kill dataminers. And then only after they target me or my family.

Putrid_Scum's picture

OK, this is starting to sound like a Religion (big R).

And your aiming for high priest?

ebworthen's picture

Wait, that's how the war needs to start - killing off the Kim cult "fountain head".

lew1024's picture

Does anyone think that the NKs may have anticipated such a move?

Would anyone like to be on the SK's special forces team executing such a mission?

Harry Lightning's picture

What they are trying to do is a psy op. They know this little prick has a thin skin, and loves to thumb his nose at reports that suggest his impending doom. So now by saying they will send spec ops in to get him, it will make him more apt to be out in public showing his face, as if to say he is not afraid. Thats exactly where they want him and his staff when they launch, so he won't have time to get to a bunker. 

If not for the cloud, they would be able to film his body turning from solid to liquid from a satellite above. Too much dust will be in the way, you'll just see a huge discolored concrete once the smoke clears, and that will be Kim.

Nobodys Home's picture

The cloud. Screw Amazon! Bezos messes up everything!

Eyes Opened's picture


"Thats exactly where they want him and his staff when they launch, so he won't have time to get to a bunker. "


American foreign policy at its best.... bullyboy assholes too cowardly to set foot in Kimmys backyard...

Admit it , he has the USSA by the short & curlys... not bad for a " little prick" that " has a thin skin ".....

All the keyboard warriors on here howling for blood against a country which has never invaded another country & has every right to hate the US given its history .... a history unknown to said k/b warriors....

Sad bastards....

Dr. Engali's picture

Did anybody ever stop to think that maybe little Kim is in on the globalist distraction game too? After all, we do have a reality teeve president. Think about it.

Edit: Does anybody else but me find it so curious that we can have so many pictures of the guy? I wonder if I can friend him on Facebook.

Yen Cross's picture

lol Doc...   You~ can email the pudgy-ONE, at [Kim DimSum@yahoo.com]

  Or he's reachable at #blowinuprockets on snapchat.


Anteater's picture

DOOR #1: Give up weapons development = regime change by NATO invasion.

DOOR #2: Continue weapons development = regime change by assassination.

'Wayne, I'ma take the cash...'



earleflorida's picture

this is to funny...

send in the clowns...

perhaps the seoul's soul should look thru the mirror[?]...

--- hmmm...whose on the other side looking in?

are we there yet's picture

Send in the clowns, as in Dennis Rodman?

adr's picture

Why don't they just kill him now? 

Harry Lightning's picture

Think a few steps ahead. He had to leave orders to commence an attack of the south if there is any attempt on his life. This is why China has not sought to invite him to Beijing to put his lights out, because the military clowns he has in place very well could follow the orders unless the Chinese launch a full attack on the North in conjunction with killing Kim.

So bottom line is that if you want to try a cut off the head of the snake maneuver, you need to take out the entire military leadership ads well. And you have to neutralize their ability to retalliate. If you want to do this without seeing Seoul decimated and huge numbers of casualties, you cannot rely on just attacking the head, you have to go after the entire snake.

That's why they have not sought to assassinate the fat bastard. 

Laughing.Man's picture

IIRC, Podesta's emails had indicated there are NK supporters within the PLA.  If the CCP wanted to take him out, I'm sure word would get out pretty quick to Pyongyang.

warsev's picture

The article brings up an actually serious point. That is, whichever side first restarts the firefight wins it in the short term, and has a decisive edge long-term. Sleep well tonight. 

Harry Lightning's picture

If the US goes all out to win, this war ends 30 minutes from when they press their first button.

Eyes Opened's picture

"If the US goes all out to win, this war ends 30 minutes from when they press their first button."


Funny how u think killing dear leader Kim will be the solution...

It hasn't worked in any other country .... but I guess amerika never learns...

The US version of winning is not the rest of the worlds version, it involves "installing" a (((central bank))) & moving up to Chinas border for the NEXT war....

I find it ironic that people here, who scream "End the Fed" would want to inflict the same slavery on another country....

I guess it all boils down to ...

USA !! USA !! USA !!

The mantra of the ignorant....