The Alarming Militarization Of American Police

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President Donald Trump has signed an executive order clearing the way for local police in America to receive military gear such as grenade launchers, high-calibre weapons, and armored vehicles. Trump and the DOJ have just reversed former President Barack Obama’s restrictions that allows local police departments to receive surplus military equipment.

Per ABCNews,

Restoring the program will “ensure that you can get the lifesaving gear that you need to do your job,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a cheering crowd at a national convention of the Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville, Tennessee. The group, America’s largest organization of rank-and-file officers, endorsed Trump for president after he promised to revamp the program.

The big move by Trump comes at a time where American inner cities such as Baltimore and Chicago are in absolute turmoil. The President has been very vocal about the prior administration’s unfair criticism of police forces and it was an easy win to appease his core supporters.

On the other hand, civil liberties groups and various lawmakers are not enthused about the militarization of local police and argue this will only lead to a further escalation of violence.

Kanya Bennett, legislative counsel for the ACLU,

  “Tensions between law enforcement and communities remain high, yet the president and the attorney general are giving the police military-grade weaponry instead of practical, effective ways to protect and serve everyone”

Let’s not kid ourselves, America by the day is turning into a police state where power through police force is the objective. The citizens of the police state may experience restrictions on social or financial mobility, or even on their freedom to express or communicate alternative political views.

There is another startling development in the Police States of America (PSA), in the next 8-years military drones will be replacing police helicopters. The report from Defense One states “enormous military-style drones” could be policing the skies from 2,000 ft..

Back in 2014-2015, Baltimore was a testing ground for the deep state’s military spy blimps….

Back to the Police States of America (PSA), earlier this year, I was able to see first hand the militarization in Baltimore County’s police force…


Like it or not, the Police States of America (PSA) is here. This time around the war comes home and the government is preparing through the militarization of local police forces. America is in a transitional period healing itself from decades of democratically controlled leadership in the inner cities, along with massive amounts of deindustrialization that has left our country rotting from the inside.

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Ron Paul asks "Is a Militarized Police The Answer To Inner City Turmoil?"

Is President Trump's decision being "tough on crime," as he likes to claim, or is it all about controlling the population and undermining civil liberties?

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tmosley's picture

If we weren't infested up to the gills with violent communists they wouldn't need to do that.

Eliminate the communists as per the Communist Control Act (just round them the fuck up and carry out a mass execution--they have no rights in this country), and we can go right the fuck back to Mayberry police kit.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

The Alarming Militarization Of American Police

My response: This development does NOT surprise me in the least. Below is the reason why.


In a society where all lies, all deceptions, all corruptions are accepted, that society will lose control of everything. Chaos will begin to take over, and the only way that chaos will be slowed down will be when dictatorial control, or maybe even a police state is formed, where thought and behavior is fixed, and anybody out of bounds is punished. Eventually, the chaos has to be controlled. We’re not headed toward socialism; we could very well be headed toward a dictatorship in our world. Is this hard to grasp?

Caloot's picture

Socialism, dictator, democracy.   All are tyranny

Swampster's picture









and you certainly can't have a Bill of Rights or a 2nd stupid fucking Goyim Sheeple!

gladih8r's picture

If only they invested an equal amount of money in keeping the all fucking nation-destrying vermin out of the country......I mean what's the ROIC on that?

And yes, they are nation-destroying..... they wouldn't need to come here if they weren't.

Four chan's picture

if not for black criminality we would hardly need police,

such is the massive cost of antiquated farm equipment. 

Lumberjack's picture

The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council sometimes called "MetroLEC," is a regional mutual aid facilitator formed by 45 police agencies in the area near Boston, Massachusetts. It pools resources to provide SWAT, canine, hostage negotiation, computer crimes, motorcycle and other units throughout the area.[1]

MetroLEC claims it is a private organization. It does not have a web site. The group was established sometime before 2004.[3] Richard Stillman, the Walpole chief of police served as the group's president for ten years.[4] By 2017, Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz was the group's leader.[5]

pliny the longer's picture

u make a good point.  almost all of me wants to hate po po as the corpulent losers they are;  they all think they are navy seal quality warriors when most of them are cucks who haven't seen their own dicks in years.  BUT, if banksters get to be lawless, get to commit fraud and rub it in our faces, part of me thinks who can blame the'have nots' for having the same attitude?  we are degenerating to F u game on mentality when the only thing that matters is me and mine;  welcome to 'merica!!!  

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Current events are disguised as to their creators' true intentions. The real intention is to bring about a socialist/communist NWO and destroy its last remaining obstacle...the USA.

Bill of Rights's picture

One hundred percent agree...

Still Losing Money's picture

when antifa riots, ZHers scream send in the cops, and when they send in the cops, ZHers bitch about a militry police state.

so how should a cop with just a stick wearig only  soft cap take on antifa rioters with clubs and other weapons who are looting and buring? 


ZHers laugh at house flippers in an inflated market while buying ShyteCoin with both hands when it exactly mirrors tulips


ZHErs are brainless

Bill of Rights's picture

No irony here nope none at all, yet you've been here a year and change lmao.

HRClinton's picture

Commies? Let's call them who they are:


Mr Hankey's picture

Just stay on the porch & the violent communists might just drive on by in their Bradleys w/o machine-gunning you & your family. May be they'll just barrel-rape you. Maybe not.

Mr Hankey's picture

Just stay on the porch & the violent communists might just drive on by in their Bradleys w/o machine-gunning you & your family. May be they'll just barrel-rape you. Maybe not.

Mr Hankey's picture

It ain't never gonna go back to Mayberry kit.Necessity is the plea of the butt-bitch.Rape,torture& murder is its own reward.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

The only good Red is a DEAD Red!

perikleous's picture

Big GOV has realised regardless of what they try to do to fix the economy it will fail!

The migrants are not the issue,  deindustrialization and jobs offshoring  has created a mess.

The populace will revolt and it would be in the early stages had BERNIE been elected!

The Deep State is using Trump to divide the people!

If we are fighing about PC, Rt/Lt, Black/white, Male/Female or other,then nobody is working together to uprise against the true issue (wealthy vs working class)

The future will involve detention centers and a national emergency which will be used to detain migrants (the govts excuse) when it will really be to detain groups that  uprise against the oppression we are seeing!

The deepstate knows the people will revolt, its inevitable...

We are all living in denial,the recovery has been a lie padded by added debt (10 trillon) and printing money, once the markets take the hit, auto sales fail, retail property defaults begin it will all fail, the working class will not be able to use debit cards or wd cash from banks and the militarized police will begin detaining all who rise up and it will begin by those who plan it, online (being spyed on )

It is why they spy on us and why the MS media lies to us!

We are living freely on barrowed time!!!!   Literally

The only thing accomplished by Trump is that the majority have learned the President is truly a marketing/advertising tool without true power! The president is like the queen, a powerless expense that helps tourism and gives the people  the illusion of democracy!

The deep state (unelected officials) call the shots and the people are finally seeing it!

They (those calling the shots) cannot have a 1960s style revolt (vietnam), they created a war on drugs to try to stop that revolt, and we all know how that has worked out!

Memedada's picture

The level of ignorance in the US-pleb-population on ZH is becoming tedious. The same empty corporate created language. Now it’s not just tedious but ugly. To glamour your own enslavement and welcome the police state just to kill those you don’t agree with is beyond just stupid – it’s evil.

I don’t pity the plebs on this site for what is coming – you deserve it. It is all those in US who actually wants a humane, just and free society I pity (I know, not to be found on this site). 

NickyGall's picture

  Here is an article that looks at where a significant portion of America's police forces are being trained:


It's not just the equipment that American police forces are using that's the problem, it's the basis of their training that is resulting in more civilian confrontations.

swmnguy's picture

It's no coincidence that so often in egregious cases of out-of-control police violence, the first thing the Union Head says is, "The officer responded appropriately to his training."  Says it all.

Giant Meteor's picture

Thanks, From your link, 

"Given that the Israeli security forces term many of the Arabic and Palestinian people living among and adjacent to them as either "terrorists" or "potential terrorists", the fact that law enforcement officials from the United States are attending training sessions that will enable them to better battle domestic unrest/terrorism at home should be a bit concerning.  As Ms. Gillies states, and it bears repeating:"

"The mission to Israel is a tremendous opportunity for American law enforcement professionals to learn from their counterparts in the Middle East, draw from the latest developments in terrorism prevention and bring these methods back home to implement in their communities."

And many here are wildly cheering for it ...

Dale L. Watson

Executive Assistant Director, Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Division

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Washington, DC

February 06, 2002


Domestic Terrorism

Domestic right-wing terrorist groups often adhere to the principles of racial supremacy and embrace antigovernment, antiregulatory beliefs. Generally, extremist right-wing groups engage in activity that is protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. Law enforcement becomes involved when the volatile talk of these groups transgresses into unlawful action.

On the national level, formal right-wing hate groups, such as the National Alliance, the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) and the Aryan Nations, represent a continuing terrorist threat. Although efforts have been made by some extremist groups to reduce openly racist rhetoric in order to appeal to a broader segment of the population and to focus increased attention on antigovernment sentiment, racism-based hatred remains an integral component of these groups’ core orientations.

Right-wing groups continue to represent a serious terrorist threat. Two of the seven planned acts of terrorism prevented in 1999 were potentially large-scale, high-casualty attacks being planned by organized right-wing extremist groups. 

The second category of domestic terrorists, left-wing groups, generally profess a revolutionary socialist doctrine and view themselves as protectors of the people against the “dehumanizing effects” of capitalism and imperialism. They aim to bring about change in the United States and believe that this change can be realized through revolution rather than through the established political process. From the 1960s to the 1980s, leftist-oriented extremist groups posed the most serious domestic terrorist threat to the United States. In the 1980s, however, the fortunes of the leftist movement changed dramatically as law enforcement dismantled the infrastructure of many of these groups, and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe deprived the movement of its ideological foundation and patronage.

End excerpt //

So cheer for your own demise, dumb asses .., 

Keep cheering for your favored law and order, red team, blue team politician , and of course the militarized local and national police "law enforcement" departments, that feed off the misery that others have created   ..

You're played !

Corruption, abuse of power, abuse of rights be damned, just as long as YOUR team /  guy / gal / is in charge, all will be swell !

Except, it doesn't work that way, does it .. 

The rubicon ..

Fascism ain't comin to America, it is already here, has been here, for some time, and both groups are the useful idiots that bring a pox on everyones house. Of course those poor unfortunate souls, sad dupes that they are, have been predictably played, so that everyone else, can get caught up in the same dragnet of stupidity  ..

Keep cheering !

Winning !


Barney Fife's picture

Ron Paul Rocks. 

doctor10's picture

The closer the Swamp gets to empty, the more "security" the denizons in DC will need. There aren't enough military or LEO
to cover all their butts tho

Bigly's picture

The swamp is draining? Where?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

The Alarming Militarization Of American Police

My response: I believe this is just the beginning.


Quote from American Rep Robert Charles Winthrop stated during the 1800's 

Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.

HRH Feant2's picture

And now there are all the ghetto niggers that think they are entitled to your stuff and, depending on the area, are actually getting away with murder on a regular basis. Jury nullification is alive and well in nigger cities.

SmittyinLA's picture

Ron Paul asks "Is a Militarized Police The Answer To Inner City Turmoil?"

Uh no, immigration enforcement is the answer to inner city turmoil, and on that subject Ron Paul and Rand Paul are wallpaper. Now Ron is a huckster gold salesman while pushing "free trade" and open borders with America's bloated non-compete time federal government.

any_mouse's picture

Immigration? Those are the late comers.

Proper repatriation of the descendants of slaves back to their homelands as restoration to their status before kidnapped and sold into slavery. [Freedom for the Negro was never a casus belli. It was a weapon used in the war on the States. Just as nonproductive inner city populations are a weapon now.]

any_mouse's picture

Take back the cities.

Get rid of HUD along with many other socialist cabinet positions. End the FED is a given.

Stop welfare. Stop rewarding the lifestyle.

They did not build those cities.

order66's picture

Well, if you want to gain an advantage over what the criminals are using, yeah, this gear makes sense. Probably not enough.

pickupthatcan's picture

The real criminals are the thugs in blue. They belong to the oldest, largest, best funded criminal organization in the country. Not nearly enough of them die every year.

swmnguy's picture

Sometimes there is some good news.  Milwaukee County Sherrif David Clarke just resigned, for reasons yet to be disclosed.

No doubt he's been loving all this military equipment.  Because that's what we need; SEAL Teams to break up backyard senior citizen poker games, serve parking ticket warrants, and generally forage off the populace.  When every professional study indicates the problem with the police in America is the way they're alienated from regular society, to the extent that they refer to US citizens as "Civilians," as if they somehow are not civilians.

The purpose of militarizing the police is entirely in preparation for the collapse of the economy and Finance system, and to protect the bankster Elites from the rest of us when we finally get uncomfortable enough to do something about it.  All the other excuses are merely excuses, and weak ones that don't withstand any scrutiny or analysis.

itstippy's picture

The public loves it!

A couple wackos set off a homemade pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Maraton.  The entire city goes into lockdown, everyone cowers in their condos "sheltering in place," and 10,000 cops in full military battle rattle take over the streets with armored cars and bullhorns.  They finally find the guy, stripped down to his underwear and hiding in a stored boat, slowly cooking to death in the heat.  They fire 200 rounds at the boat, but fail to hit the guy.  He surrenders.

The next day Boston celebrates their great victory, the cops all get combat service medals, and the "civilians" run out and buy a million "Boston Strong" shirts to commemorate their brave resistance to tyranny.

any_mouse's picture

Clarke stood up to Black Lives Matters.

Oh, I see.

Trump approves of Clarke and Clarke is a conservative.

Yeah, good riddance. /s

Bill of Rights's picture

Good arm them real well start offing these liberal lefty nut jobs ... one round at a time...

Tiwin's picture

Please change your screen name. You disgust me.

Bill of Rights's picture

Like it matters ... how cute another one who thinks he has rights. Your not fighting hard enough ... sir.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

If I was good at hacking, I would change his name to

Bill of Wrongs

Tiwin's picture

The war on we the people started looonnnggg ago.

Cops are currently killing 1200 Americans a year without benefit of trial as promised by our civics teachurss back in skool. 809 killed so far this year. No excuses for anybody who supports this. Fuck Trump right alongside Clinton.

The only good cop is a dead cop.

Everytime a cop gets killed an Angel gets her wings.

Tiwin's picture

You cop suckers are exactly like Liberals. You are Statists. The loss of freedom means nothing to you.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Instead of militarization... we should have miniaturization of police. Three inch tall cops would probably not be suge a huge problem...

SmittyinLA's picture

LAPD is getting pretty short and fat.

Falcon49's picture

It seems to be a common trend....

aloha_snakbar's picture

If they piss you off, just step on them. "oops... I thought you were a cockroach...SORRY!"...