Democrats Furious After Trump Announces 90% Cut To Obamacare Marketing Funds

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It appears as though President Trump has just given the Democrats yet another reason to shift the blame for Obamacare's epic failure to his administration, as ridiculous as that may be.  According to The Hill, the Department of Health and Human Services has just announced that they'll be slashing the Obamacare advertising budget by 90% for the 2018 plan year, from $100 million down to $10mm. 

Department of Health and Human Services officials said on a call with reporters that funding for advertising and other outreach for ObamaCare enrollment will be cut from $100 million last year to $10 million this year.


An HHS official argued the administration is seeing "diminishing returns" from ObamaCare spending.


The administration will still be spending some money on signing people up for the law, despite its opposition to ObamaCare.


Officials also announced they are cutting funding for "navigators," which are outside organizations that help sign people up. Funding will be proportional to how navigators have fared in hitting their enrollment target the previous year. If a group signed up 70 percent of their target, they will get 70 percent of the funding.


Of course, what this really means is that when enrollments start to decline, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will have the perfect excuse lined up for immediate distribution via their own personal propaganda machines, CNN, MSNBC, etc., as to why this is all Trump's fault.

And, right on cue, Schumer has just released the following statement:

You know, because prices surging by 30% every single year couldn't possibly have any impact on demand, right?

But, lest you forget, Nancy and Chuck have that angle covered too.  You see, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out recently, 2018 Obamacare price increases are also Trump's fault because his threats to remove the individual mandate and/or cut federal subsidies have thoroughly confused the insurance companies and forced them to raise rates.

Major health insurers in some states are seeking increases as high as 30% or more for premiums on 2018 Affordable Care Act plans, according to new federal data that provide the broadest view so far of the turmoil across exchanges as companies try to anticipate Trump administration policies.


Insurers are also concerned about whether the Trump administration will enforce the requirement for most people to have insurance coverage, which industry officials say helps hold down rates by prodding young, healthy people to sign up for plans.


In Montana, Health Care Service linked 17 percentage points of its 23% rate increase request to concerns about the cost-sharing payments and enforcement of the mandate that requires everyone to purchase insurance. Kurt Kossen, a senior vice president at Health Care Service, said the company’s rate requests are driven by causes including growing health costs and “uncertainty and the associated risks that exist within this marketplace, including uncertainty around issues like the continued funding of [cost-sharing payments] and mechanisms that encourage broad and continuous coverage.”


The impact of potentially losing the cost-sharing payments was also clear in the rates requested by Blue Cross of Idaho, which average 28%. That would probably be in the lower teens if the payments were guaranteed, said Dave Jeppesen, a senior vice president. “It’s a big swing,” he said. “There’s a lot of risk associated with the uncertainty in Congress right now, and we are pricing appropriately for that risk.”

Of course, as we've noted multiple times over the past couple of years, Obamacare premium increases are hardly a new phenomenon.  In fact, data from the Department of Health and Human Services recently revealed that premiums across the country soared an average of 113% over the past 4 years, or nearly 30% per year.  Ironically, that 30% is the same hike that many insurers are seeking for 2018...some folks would call that a trend.


But, other folks don't believe in things like math and adverse selection bias that results in deteriorating risk pools and higher costs for, they prefer simple, provocative narratives that can be exploited for political gain while masking the real underlying problems of a failed policy that is ruining healthcare for millions of hard working Americans.

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Bernie Madolf's picture

Math is racist according to the left

Honey-Badger's picture

What do you need marketing funds for when Obamacare is manditory?

Billy the Poet's picture

Anyone who wanted the scoop on Obamacare got it from Gruber. Those who didn't get it don't want to know.

38BWD22's picture



Trump is on a roll today.

jcaz's picture

Why not 100%????

While we're at it- let's cut the marketing funding for race cars military sponsorships-  I don't need to watch my tax dollars burn up the quarter mile or turn left, pun intended....

bamawatson's picture

Correct. i am furious the cut was not 100%,, PLUS eliminating ALL .gov positions pertaining to "marketing" homobama 'care'

Escrava Isaura's picture


Cut anything 90% in America?

It will never happen.

Wonder why?

This nation business are bigger, and more powerful than its President, and its people.


jcaz's picture

Beaner, you're back!  Always amusing to hear your Brazilian wax on reality-   as usual, not really clear what point you're trying to making,  but good for you!   Barry would surely give you a participation medal!

gregga777's picture

Like HIV/AIDS and genital warts.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Wait a minute.  If ObamaCare is so good why do they need to advertise it?  They tell me it's such a good thing.  

nmewn's picture

Ahhh slave Escrava, where have you been hiding out since Hillary lost, well, never mind, prolly hanging out with



>>>Department of Health and Human Services<<< officials said on a call with reporters that funding for advertising and other outreach for ObamaCare enrollment will be cut from $100 million last year to $10 million this year.


...I believe the phrase in "the ObamaCare law" is..."the Secretary shall decide".

Its a different HHS Secretary now Escrava, still for Big Nanny State Government? You know the ole saying..."Any government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you need." ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

Am I in favor of the nanny state?

I didn’t know that I had an alternative that wouldn't involve a self inflicted depression, do you?


nmewn's picture

You always have an alternative Escrava and yes, you are in favor of a nanny state by simply reading everything you've ever posted before. 

MissCellany's picture

Think of all the Pajama Boi advertising campaigns that will never happen now...

nmewn's picture

...and the discussions of cronyism & statism by familes gathered around Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner tables ripping said families apart.

Or was it all really part of..."the plan?" ;-)

knukles's picture

What's Obamacare?   
He doesn't


Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


GUS100CORRINA's picture

Democrats Furious After Trump Announces 90% Cut To Obamacare Marketing Funds

My response: I hope every single MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT in the USA has a SEIZURE over this issue.

Big Creek Rising's picture

Just think of the unionized apoplexy if they eliminated marketing for the US Postal Service.

As if we need to be reminded of their monopoly.

BabaLooey's picture

The asinine fucked up "Affordable Care Act"  (and FUCK this stupid motherfucking moniker "ObamaCare") is a TAX...........


It does NOT have ANYTHING TO DO WITH.............................."care"

It's a MASSIVE hijacking of money from the working class to the free shit army of illegals, lazy asses and gimme mouth breathers.


doctor10's picture

ObamaCare has no representation for the American People. The drug companies, hospital chains and insurance companies each own a lobbying firm or two on K St to help them sell their shit to Congress-and accordingly rates rise

The American People have no one other than Trump to help them out here-and even his own party is flipping him the bird on healthcare.

It needs to be ended. Now.

gregga777's picture

Arithmatism is a buckra plot to ensnare the former kangs and kwains of Afreaka.

knukles's picture

This ranks right up there with government programs building self-esteem amogst the useless

ne14truth's picture

Why are they advertising it at all? Why leave %10? There is no logic in them funding this one more penny.

Billy the Poet's picture

Here's how Obama spent money to advertise this program:


Richard Simmons Dance Off For Obamacare

Rainmon's picture

The same reason any politican does anything, so they can give thier friends a governemnt contract and get kick backs

sacredfire's picture

Was any of the information on Obama ever released? College thesis, grades etc.?

BabaLooey's picture

Barry Soetero?

You mean, the Manchurian Brown Douche?


Makes every single one of the idiots that went along/supported/believed the lie - STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLES.

gilhgvc's picture

if the flippin idiots inhabiting what used to be the USA haven't heard of obamacare by now....they lost a voted buying slush fund..THAT is why they are pissed

Antifaschistische's picture

marketing obamacare is like the US Postal Service sponsoring a Tour de France cycling team.  It makes no sense.  What's next...Obamacare sponsoring a NASCAR team?  That would be classic.

dchang0's picture

It's an awful lot like the Armed Forces paying the NFL to salute the troops, etc. More taxpayer dollars given to the richest elites...

silverer's picture

All you had to do to get a waiver from paying the fine for not signing up for Obamacare was to show two consecutive months of an unpaid utility bill. So there's the out for the deadbeats. I'm sure you heard this on TV everyday, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, LA Times and on and on. Everyday, right?

dchang0's picture

Translation: the marketing firms receiving Obamacare ad buys are Democrat donors.

CheapBastard's picture

Exactly! It's pork for the Democrat Hawgs.

Moe Howard's picture

Average of 113% rate increase in 4 years?


That is failure, pure and simple.

konadog's picture

Not if your goal is to further enslave Americans to the ruling Corporatocracy (pharma, insurance, banks, ...).  Once you understand the deep state agenda, everything they're doing suddenly makes perfect sense. It's the duty of all decent Americans to make life as miserable as possible for these murdering, lying, thieving, pricks.

wisehiney's picture

Tylers, are y'all trying to make me have a Trumpgasm?


CheapBastard's picture

My guess is most of the so-called "marketing' lined the pockets of the wookies friends and Soweeto's favorites.

Obamacare is a pock mark on the health care history of this nation, just as Soweeto is, screwing the American people the way it does and he did.


If it's so great, why didn't Hoosein force all government employees on it?

A: The gubmint uniosn would have crucified Soweeto and Piglosi since they knew it is c-r-a-p.

BTW, where is Reed? Another anti-American piglet in hiding?

doctor10's picture

It was possibly all going to the Clinton Foundation anyway...

Rainmon's picture

Exactly, and Republicans never do anything like this because we all have such high integrity 

chinooky47's picture

I can't believe we are spending $100 million for advertising Obamacare!  Talk about waste (and fraud).  I wonder what Democratic funding company is getting that pork?

gregga777's picture

It's owned by Nancy Pelosistein, Chucky Schumerstein and Diane Feinstein.

williambanzai7's picture

Fuck the OButthead hoard.

And fuck Comey!

south40_dreams's picture

Oh, Comey is fucked, Comey is VERY fucked

Pinche Caballero's picture

A 90% reduction in advertising funds is bad? Obamacare, which practically costs nothing for all the good it does, will probably take off just by word of mouth alone!