Where Private Security Outnumbers The Police

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Private security guards have become a common sight across our society, whether they're escorting cash in transit, patrolling shopping malls, conducting screening at airports or protecting VIPs. In many places, the guards dress like police officers and are equipped with firearms.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, private security is booming and the sector is worth approximately $180 billion, a number that's expected to increase to $240 billion by 2020. That's greater than the GDPs of 100 countries including Portugal, Romania and Hungary. An estimated 20 million workers are employed in the private security sector while its biggest company, G4S, has 585,000 employees and revenues of nearly $10 billion.

Research conducted by the Guardian has found that half of the planet's population lives in countries where there are more private security workers than police officers.

Infographic: Where Private Security Outnumbers The Police  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

India and South Africa have glaring disparities while in the U.S., there are over 1.1 million private security guards compared to 666,000 police officers.

Things are far more even in Germany, though private security still has a slight edge over the Polizei by a margin of 2,000.

When companies like Blackwater (now called Academi) flocked to Iraq more than a decade ago to fulfill lucrative contracts, the industry really started flourishing.

However, increasing levels of wealth and growing global inequality have proven the real driving forces behind its inexorable rise. The global pool of super rich individuals is bigger than ever, resulting in heavy demand for services like alarm monitoring and armored transport. That demand isn't going to slacken anytime soon with the private security sector growing 6 percent every year.

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ET's picture

The Security Establishment thrives on the injustices caused by Fractional Reserve Banking, which is, in a sense, a state-sanctioned counterfeiting operation.

To shield oneself from the abuses of these bankers and their limitless printing of bank notes that cause people to become poorer, hoard physical Gold and Silver before the bankers get them before you do.


Don't fall for their tricks, such as going with cashless payment systems or "cryptos" that are hardly secure or private and can suddenly lose all of their value. Endless cryptos, moreover, can be created, just like fiat currency. There is no scarcity in crypto. It is all a con game.

ACP's picture

Private security can be fired on the spot for any reason.

Government police have unions and free lawyers and POS government prosecutors to protect them.


Less than 5% even go to trial for abuse of power, and of those, 95% are not convicted of the crimes they commit either as a result of a totally ignorant populace, POS judges or jury intimidation.


So tell me again, why are government employees better than private security?

ET's picture

Private security is better but, on the whole, the Security Sector thrives on societal decay caused by the wealth transfer to the money printers of Fractional Reserve Banking (state-sanctioned counterfeiting).

wizteknet's picture

Live in Houston tx fk u emp mofo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grnd zero fk u

Common_Law's picture

Maybe this is because there's tons more physical gold traffic than digital fiat...  And maybe Academi was renamed to recruit people thinking they were becoming educated and not mercenaries.

MoreFreedom's picture

Seems to me, private security guards thrive on protecting the private property of private interests, mostly because the government police don't.  As they say, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. 

It's interesting.  I just saw "Detroit" the movie that chronicles the police killing of several black men (along with a lot of municipal police abuse of law abiding citizens, while the state police and national guard mostly looked the other way) at the Algiers Motel in 1967.   The hero - a black private security guard who almost got setup by the police.   As a result of the private security guard's actions, some police got caught and suffered consequences, but not the severe consequences they deserved. 

And then I read here in ZeroHedge, about a nurse who was arrested and berated by a cop AND his supervisor, for not drawing a blood sample from an accident victim because the police wouldn't produce a warrant, the victim wasn't arrested, and the victim was unconscious and unable to provide consent.  She was following the legal hospital procedure.  It's just another example of the far too often intimidation, bullying and abuse in which too many police engage.  Unfortunately since the nurse was white, few in the federal government seem to care.   And why would the police want a blood sample?  Because he was injured by a driver who was trying to evade police pursuit, likely for some minor violation, so the police were looking for ways to make sure they weren't sued and instead could prosecute the victim to cover their butts.  They should be prosecuted.

Fake Trump's picture

They are armed gangsters with license.

SubjectivObject's picture

the numbers are proof that it's a low IQ easy job

antagonizing people with state/institutional backing

how hard can it be

Offthebeach's picture

Police were the first welfare service parasite.  

If you have something, like your life, guard it yourself.  Of course cucks, women, the elderly have deficiencies here.  Well, either buy it like any other service, or be friendly with non-cucks .  I don't want to pay for your cowardlyness, nor a bunch more town employees that give themselves Staff Sergeant and Brigadier General rank.

pods's picture

No deficiencies with the greatest force equalizer of all time, the gun. 

Let's an 80 year old grannie be equal with a 200 lb man. 


SoDamnMad's picture

Are you referring to the slime Detective Payne who put the Salt Lake City ER nurse into handcuffs because she was adhering to policy the hospital and the police agreed to a year ealier (probably because a year earlier the police tried the same shit)?

garypaul's picture

Yeah you're right, Blackwater would do a much better job.

canisdirus's picture

Cryptos are, by design, limited, with no human oversight in issuance. This is why they possess value.

pods's picture

They possess value because people agree it has value. The nature of them only helps to aid this, it does not impart value directly. 

Same with anything.  


canisdirus's picture

Scarcity makes something inherently valuable. Something scarce may have little value on some practical basis, but that scarcity gives it more value than it would otherwise have. The consistency of crypto issuance is superior to any physical good, which is the ultimate source of value with cryptos... The downside is that they currently depend on the reach of communications networks.

If you look at history, you'll see that a number of severe inflation events surrounded precious metal backed currencies when that metal became less scarce. The USD has declined due to the fed. Well-designed cryptos do not have these risks.

NotApplicable's picture

All valuation is subjective. Scarcity is one of the reasons people assign value to anything.

pods's picture

Don't bother. I said the exact same thing and got back the same sales pitch as the first post. 

It's religion now. 


BarkingCat's picture

There is no scarcity to croptos.

Bitcoin might have a limit and so can Buttcoin and PissCoins but someone can always create CheeseCoin and JellyCoin.


Physical things that have high value due to scarcity, lose that premium as soon as a acceptable replacement is found.

Price of oil is not only dependent on scarcity of oil but also on availability of coal and natural gas as well as synthetics that can be made from other base materials.


Fake Trump's picture

Looks like more cunts than dicks.  

LetThemEatRand's picture

When you try to do that math with Yellen, your calculator breaks.

Fake Trump's picture

Yellen cunt size upsets the variables in the equation. To compute and balance her equation 8 inches is equivalent to 4 inches.

ZIRPY's picture

Fun Fact: Washinton DC ranks #2 in registered firearms per 100,000 residents.



New York ranks dead last. And most of those guns are Upstate. This means the NYC/Long Island area probably has the lowest weapons ratio in America. Basically 12 million people living in 4 of the 5 boros and Nassau and Suffolk county live on islands accessed primarily by about 9 bridges and tunnels, and these people are the least armed people in America.

I know where I dont want to be when TSHTF.

dchang0's picture

You're only referring to registered firearms.

NYC has a lot of unregistered firearms, especially holdovers from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s crack and crime epidemic.

But you are correct--I would not want to be in any major city when SHTF, especially NYC. They would need around 1 firearm per 2 persons to ensure peace through mutually-assured destruction game theory (aka "an armed society is a polite society"), and NYC is nowhere near that ratio.

Offthebeach's picture

NY Gun stories.

At a party,  1980's Greenwich.   Mansion.  Talking to this hugh guy, combo Finn-Atilla the Hun.  Talking football, bad knee surgery, guns.  Collected rent in Bed Sty for fun cause he hated blacks.  Said the best gun to penetrate a dumb fuks mind was a chrome ,357 or .44.  Said you pull that shiny iron and the brothers eyes go big as dinner plates.  Said black, flat, blue revolvers and especially automatics dide work as well in capturing the attention of low watt minds.


Also 1980's . Friend buys a 1 yr old Sedan d'ville off the dealers lot.  Nice ride.  I'm up front, passenger. His son, 8 is in back.  He saids hey, I found this, hands up a Hi Power 9mm.  Loaded mag but not chamberd. It was jammed in the back seat.  Dad calls the salesman.  They did a lot of high priced, monthly rentals to coke dealers who wanted to switch out cars often.  No body hurt, we keep the gun which I buy.  Nice, single action,  made in Belgium. 


Manipulism's picture

OT question, why aren´t there reading stats anymore?


wizteknet's picture

send Irma ur as way 4 fun bitches.....

roddy6667's picture

I live in China which a lot of Americans believe to be a police state. Not so. Private security is the ovewhelming choice to protect private property and maintain safety. There are only half the number of cops per capita as in America. They do not patrol in cars. They do not walk beats. They come out when you call them. Most private security guards are congenial men over 60. 

When I come back to the States for a visit the first thing I notice is the huge number of cops. They are everywhere, watching and following.  Every issue in peoples' lives is a police issue. The question of whether America is police state or pre-police state is academic, a matter of definitions.

Americans, being uninformed and untravelled, are told they are free so they believe it. 


Supineforfun's picture

You sir, get the grand prize (which is a picture of a carot). As I cannot post it here you will need to send a method to digitally send it to you or forfeit the prize.

You are the only person that I have come across in a long time that actually gets it the same way that I do. I have lived in many countries in asia and Europe. Mostly in Japan and surrounding countries including China. People always ask me about whether I am afraid to be in China or Thailand or somewhere where the US media hypes how horrible and oppressive it is. I am sure that I am not living the average lifestyle of a Chinese while I am there however the reality is the USA is oppressed many times more by the police state than China or Japan or Singapore or just about anywhere. The police in other coutries are there to keep the peace mostly however, in the USA they are here to enforce code and collect (read generate) income. All the fines and penalties for victimless crimes, code violations and all sorts of implied crimes like travelling with cash only happen in the US and the less savory parts of Pakistan and the like. This seems to be completely lost on the soft headed tits that live in the US and make statements like "they hate us for our freedoms".

Many US individuals are intelligent enough however they do not see that they are being 'cooked like a frog' and cant seem to accept that we, as a nation, have lost a large percentage of the freedoms that were written into the 'so-called' law fo the land (US Constitution). They watch TV and get programmed into the narrow constraints that it is all done for their secturity. For this I get angry on a regular basis because it is sad and I actually hate seeing my country decimated and dumbed down.

All in all, you are 100 times safer in a major Chinese city than you are in Chicago.

We better start requiring more adherence to the the almost dead constitution by our elected leaders, or the USA we thought we had will be gone forever. 

CheapBastard's picture

True. I have walked many places in China and never felt unsafe from attack. Japan, even more so.

USA is by far and away the most dangerous nation I Have ever lived in even more dangerous then Peru imo. And after 8 years of divisive language and hate, USA is much unsafer now as we can all see.

Mazzy's picture

We were pretty safe when the country was made up of Nordics, Germans, Anglo-Saxons (all cousin groups of course), Slavs, Italians, Greeks, and perhaps a little less safe because of the Scots and Irish.

But now......look at what's floated to our shores.

Supineforfun's picture

We were safe when police patrolled neighborhoods by foot and gave warnings for betty things that people will always do. They were guardians back then and knew the community. Now many are steroid laden raging instant debt creators and forceful collectors of the debt.

It is not about the ethnicity of the immigrants, it is about the culture of their surroundings that makes the difference whether someone will assimilate well or not. As a nation, we have lost our culture and seeing the results. There has not ever been ONE multicultural society that ever lasted in history. The nations needs it's own culture and then groups can find their own sub cultures if they desire. We dont even have a national fucking language in this increasingly stupifying nation!

I know police officers in the US and they all know it is a sham but it is their job and they feel they are simply upholding the laws that our fucked politicians keep writing so they can fill their coffers. 



SubjectivObject's picture

Houston, today:  I travel 7 miles to work, and passes 7 police vehicles of varying jursidiction [highway, city, constable, sheriff] ... sucks.

Spent 7 months in Malaysia; saw a cop car maybe once a week; small boxey little old model things ... fab, very relaxing.  All the civilian populace seemed very well behaved too.  


Mazzy's picture

That's because Malaysia is full of Malays and Chinese.  They don't have Zulus there causing chaos.

BarkingCat's picture

A relative of mine who came to visit my family in the US about 20 years ago had 2 big impressions that he related to me.

1 - US is a police state

2 - Ugly telephone poles with wires everywhere.

He said US looks like a place from the 1880s

sparkadore's picture

I live in Brazil and can tell you the chart is very misleading.  China with more people has more of everything.  If you look at percentages, or per population Brazil is the winner!  Everywhere grown men are wasting thier time, totally bored, until they get over run once in a while by gangs.

While my city near Brasilia is growing, two banks shut down after robberies every month.  Bank of Brasil only exists now in high income protected elite malls and such.  The people have little access to banking at all.  As a gringo my concern is being able to get cash at all.  Tourists drive around asking us where the bank is.  Sorry, no bank, no cash, no economy...

First robbery ended by the eight locals (young, black, armed) getting killed by police.  Did not put a dent into the pool of willing criminals.  Eight more guys showed up next month with automatics and dynamite.  And this is a high income tourist mecca.  The real gritty towns have no banks or really any services at all and they all have a terrific crime problem.


Colonel's picture

The .gov gang can't do much without their host er, ummm... private sector can they? Imagine if there were no private security the cops would be doing an even crappier job than they are now.

navy62802's picture

Typically, private security consists of fat asses or near-retirees who are often not even armed.

Koba the Dread's picture

We no longer live in typical times. The old, fat guys are still there but mall cops and night watchmen are probably not a significant portion of what this article is getting at.

CRM114's picture

Then they need to produce data showing how much private security isn't just about minor theft and shoplifting, because the data they have produced is useless for justifying any case about any threat to society.

For example, how many private security licenses to be armed are there in each country? That would be useful. As it is, this article is just more testiculation.

New_Meat's picture

and the author can't read his own chart.  How many cops in U.S.?

Tod E. Tosspot's picture

I was in South Africa in 1995 when the shiite was really hitting the fan. We were told the ratio of private security to police was 10-1. I guess things have calmed down a bit...or they've hired more cops. It seemed as if any person middle class and above had a wall around his house with an "Armed Response" sign. Everyone we met either had been carjacked or had a close family member who was. Nobody stopped at red lights except when absolutely necessary for fear of being carjacked. We saw a daylight bank robbery from our hotel window, and we were in the nice suburbs outside of Jo'Burg. Ah, the good old days.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

What exectly is the point here?


When the shit got real, THREE PERCENT of the colonists defeated the British Empire and their paid mercenaries.

bigkahuna's picture

They defeated the English's logistics first - then the war became untenable for the English leading to their defeat. The home brew tyrant is what we face today rather than a foreign one. The new tyrant has logistical advantages such that it will take more than 3 percent on their feet to vanquish - IMO, it will take upwards if 20 percent on their feet and upwards of 60 percent support.

Then the tyrant will melt away only to return unless he and all of his accolytes are imprisoned for life or executed.

The divisions in the ussa are currently sufficient to keep the tyrant in power by a long shot. If we could end racism - we would have an outside chance. If we could also end the bs left/right = blue/red paradigm, in addition it would go even further - these two adjustments would probably lead to victory over the tyrant.

Quatermain's picture

End racism?  Really?  How do you end a false concept that has no end other than the elimination of caucasians?  You will never satisfy the left wing rabble with anything less.  the red/blue division will only end when the blues quit trying to impose their utopian ideals onthe reds and that also won't happen. 

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Racism wouldn't be an issue if everyone wass the same race. Japan for instance has no racism. The tens of millions of swarthy invaders being encouraged by our leaders to invade White lands will ensure that racism becomes an even greater problem in future years.

Akdov Telmig's picture

The private security guards may dress like cops, have firearms, and patrol in cars, but they are citizens on uniform they can't arrest if they see a crime, they basically do watching and need to call the police if something goes wrong, they have the right of self defense like any other citizen that's it nothing more.


So at the end you still need the police to do the dirty job and put the criminals in jail, they are not a kind of private police of any sort.

snblitz's picture

In some states citizens have arrest powers.