North Korea Seen Moving ICBM Into Position For Possible Launch: Report

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The USDJPY and 10Y yields snapped lower and gold kneejerked higher following the latest North Korea-related headline out of Bloomberg, according to which:


Bloomberg references a just released article in the Asia Business Daily, according to which North Korea started moving the ICBM-class missile, produced at a new Pyongyang research center, on Monday following Sunday's thermonuclear test.

The report confirms overnight intelligence from South Korea: recall first thing this morning, Yonhap reported that South Korea's spy agency said it had detected that North Korea is making preparations for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile launch, a move that would further raise tensions a day after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation.

Chang Kyung-soo, acting chief of the defense ministry’s policy planning office, told lawmakers on Monday that North Korea was making preparations for a missile firing, according to Bloomberg while Yonhap adds that South Korea's spy agency said there was a chance the North could fire an ICBM into the Pacific Ocean, saying that the isolated state was able to conduct a nuclear test at any time.

According to the just released Business Daily report, there is high chance N. Korea will fire ICBM missile before Sept. 9 national founding day. More details from the original report, Google translated:

According to the authorities, one ballistic missile produced by a weapons research institute dedicated to the production of North Korea's ICBM was found to be moving to the west of Hwanghae Island after being mounted on the 4th Mobile Launch Base (TEL) on the day after the 6th nuclear test.


Earlier this year, North Korea built a 1980-square-meter weapons lab, which could manufacture ICBMs, in Pyongyang. It was last February that the weapon laboratory was released to the outside world. Although it was a wilderness until 2009, it has now been transformed into a strategic hub for North Korea's major missiles.


According to a joint US-ROK report, North Korea has a maximum of 900 ballistic missiles, and it has been confirmed that there are 108 aircraft capable of launching surprise attacks. According to ballistic missiles, the number of Scud missiles and TEL that can mount Scud missiles are the most common. The number of Scud missiles is 430 (TEL 36).

The report concludes by noting that according to S. Korean intel, "if North Korea conducts further ICBM provocations there is a high possibility that it will choose an unpredictable time and place. To this end, Pyongyang may launch missiles directly from the mobile launch base, or launch multiple missiles at multiple locations simultaneously."

The report also notes that the ICBM mobile launcher is moving "at low speed mainly during the night time" to avoid detection by foreign intelligence authorities. In other words, the US now has a conveniently moving target and a due date by which North Korea will likely launch its next rocket, effectively giving Trump a greenlight for a "preemptive" strike over the next five days.

The market's reaction to the news, while not as dramatic as to Sunday's nuclear test, confirms just how much on edge traders remain for every headline out of North Korea.

10Y Yield:




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Anteater's picture

Trump must really be freaking out about Mueller to send a

missive to KJU, 'Keep up the great media distraction! My kid

will go to prison for treason, unless you bring this con home!'


Keep up the 'H-bmob' bullshit, even though the 'SIXTH AND

LARGEST TEST!' is still achievable with ordinary ANFO. The

July 'ICBM!' bullshit could only hit the US if the US launched

one...KJU is still at the Sputnik stage, not even!! His last test

went straight up, broke up, fell in the sea, an empty beercan!

We need more Jinru for the drunk White-Eye journalists (sic)!


I would rather watch continuous media coverage of the 

Mueller investigations into Trump Jr:Kushner collusion

to meet with foreign agents and buy 'highly classified and

sensitive materials' (that neither had the clearance to see),

in order to slander/libel an elected Fed official and defraud

a national election, which constitutes treason, despite RNC

Congress meeting in private with Trump Jr, and declaring

him 'exculpated' of any crime he freely admitted to, but

then recanted, as though intent to rob a bank, arming

and going into the bank is all perfectly 'exculpated', as

long as you talk about 'adopting' underage Ukrainian

girls, being traffiked by the same former Soviet Jews

that were selling intel to Trump:Kushner. It's a two-fer!


Trump Jr:Kushner for treason, and Trump Sr:Kushner

running a traffiked prostitution and money laundering

ring out of Trump Hotels & Casinos, which has already

been convicted of money-laundering! Now that's PPV!


Jared and Ivanka will be deported back to Tel Aviv in

the final TV episode, as Mueller and the FBI burst into

666 Fifth Avenue and release 100s of underage girls

from the basement prison, where agents discover hard

drives and computer gear left of a recently abandoned

counterfeit BTC operation, lol. Then Trump gives the

double-V hand signal as he's handcuffed and sent off

to be Bernie Madoff's BFF cellmate. I'd pay YUUGE!!

Duc888's picture



Mueller doesn't have shit on anyone... he's digging deeper and deeper.  Pay dirt ain't worth shit on a gold scale bub.  At this point he's looking into parking tickets and noise infractions in NYC that Trumps son may or may not have had.

massbytes's picture

Maybe you could perform oral favors on Kim to calm him down.  You know, like you want to.  What POS country are you from anyway?  

Dun_Dulind's picture

I'll still like your General Tso's chicken though - even if it's not native Chinese.

bluez's picture

General Tso's chicken is horrible.

But he must have been great to have a dinner named after him.

Scuba Steve's picture

Thats because its not chicken, the General was a huge rat aficionado.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

I think they use seagull. Very tender.

Anarchyteez's picture

They may have well called it General MSG.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

In China, General Tso's Chicken does not exist...

If you ask people in his home town in Hunan province about 'General Tso's Chicken', they are confused.
It was actually invented by a Taiwanese chef in the early 60's; when first introduced in the U.S., there were actually 3 very different recipes for it-

Just like how burritos are not Mexican in origin; but invented by a Mexican chef in the U.S... Here...This Roybertito's video from youtube explains COMPLETELY!


order66's picture

The Chinks will always be bowing to other countries since their entire economy is based on creating/selling cheap crap.


asstrix's picture

They apparently stole a lot of tech from the USA but forgot to steal the most important tech of them all. That of printing their way to prosperity. Now look where that got them. The Chinese have to create and sell stuff. As to the cheap crap, well, they sell cheap crap where there is a demand for it.

sinbad2's picture

They sell cheap crap to America, because the US is cheap and crappy. they wouldn't make any money if America didn't love cheap crap.

Horses for courses.

turbojarhead's picture

Where the hell did all of these trolls come from on Zero Hedge? I leave for a couple of days, now we are infested with Communist Cocksuckers, European Cuckboys, and far East fagelahs..Who let them in?

Duc888's picture


Wake me up when your fantasy is over, ok? I got shit to do.

SHADEWELL's picture


The US would just passively sit by after getting one icbm dropped on one city or emp

3 US Ohio class trident subs would immediately be dispatched (or already there) to crater that fucking shit hole and anyone else backing that fucking Asian cock sucker

land_of_the_few's picture

Which would erase, respectively, SK, and you.

SheHunter's picture

May not be any worse than the slow death much of traditional America will see with the demise of the dollar being int'l reserve currency. 

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

As if anyone gives a rat's ass what you "think," illiterate, blithering wad-waste. Learn passable English - written and spoken, mindless fucking spastic.

Eyes Opened's picture

Triggered a little ..snowflake ??

How does it feel to be on the recieving-end of military agression ?? 

Your instinct is to fight back of course.... & then u wonder why "terrorists" exist ??

Heres a newsflash... The US is THE "terrorist regime" &  , to use your own language,  the terrorists will be defeated.... 

turbojarhead's picture

Not from the likes of you, troll. As to military aggression-you have pushed us white folks just about far enough. Want to see a real body count stack up? Just keep pushing white folks. It is hard to piss us off, but when you do, we dont stop. Now go tell-oops, beg..Muzzie Mohammed to get his manhood out of your wifes mouth.

Eyes Opened's picture

Being Irish... my "whiteness" is much purer than yours asshole...

My posting had NOTHING to do with colour so don't even try that shit on me...

Calling me a troll is not a debating point either... u may be hangin around here years but its pretty apparent you've learned NOTHING.....

Cracker Pipes's picture

The US is more than half destroyed already...from within...

Apocalypse Wow's picture

We've all heard of a false flag event but I see this as a very possible starting flag event.

Proven nuclear capability, claimed nuclear warhead now fitted into an ICBM and another ICBM firing with a possible nuclear warhead first strike is sufficient enough

for the U.S. to shoot it down and then we watch what unfolds.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

"Proven" eh? By who, CNN fake news? You have proof - let's see it.

sinbad2's picture

The US can't shoot down missiles, it can shoot down planes, sometimes, if its lucky, but shooting down missiles is just too high tech for the US.

land_of_the_few's picture

They're pretty good at shooting down Panavia Tornados. About the only thing Patriot was good at.

turbojarhead's picture

Obviously your shitstain ME has a lot to teach the US about high tech.. Can you please park your camel and give us a lesson?

Number 9's picture

time for ronnie raygun's star-wars tech to be revealed..

earleflorida's picture

35 years on the drawing board and all we got are plastic models and a '$Trillion dollar tab!!!

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Don't forget the three lousy movies.

Nostradumbass's picture

Qui bono from this?

Is the intel believable?

Who is intel?

Who will be brought low? Who will stand high?

Soul Glow's picture
North Korea Seen Moving Their Lips Into Position For Possible China Cock Sucking: Report
general ambivalent's picture

God damn. American 'humour' really makes me want to see nukes fly.

B1G mNy's picture

Okay fat boy. Just keep it up. No one wants war, but if you start it we'll finish it.

asstrix's picture

The reason Afghan war is still ongoing is explained now. How can you finish it if the Taleban didn't start it?

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

You bet "we" will there stud, and you will have front row seat as a newly drafted Private on the DMZ. Go get 'em.

land_of_the_few's picture

You managed to waddle out of your mobility scooter to the keyboard? No-one will notice you with camo on, trust us. You will be in the elite forces. Briefly.

order66's picture

Charlie don't surf.

PitBullsRule's picture

The pucker factor is pegging the meter now.  All we can do is wonder if the 35 year old lunatic is putting his new H bomb on top of his favorite intra-continental ballistic missile.  If he does, then a bomb 10 times as powerful as Little Boy that killed about 130K people in Hiroshima, could pop over an American city, and take out about a million Americans.  

We did that about 72 years ago, and now one generation later, its looking like someone might do it to us.  

What goes around comes around. Truman pulled the trigger. Not much you can do about it. If its your city, it will be over before you even know what hit you.  If you're within a mile of it, you won't even feel much.  If you're about 10 miles from it, expect your skin to slip off you like an old tomato.  If you look at the flash, you'll be blind for life.  You might lose your hearing, and the radiation might cause you to swell up about 3 times your normal size, for the rest of your life, which won't be very long.  Its a horrible death, but there are worse things, just hard to imagine them.

On the bright side, maybe the 35 year old dictator isn't nuts?  Does he look nutz?

Duc888's picture



"The pucker factor is pegging the meter now.  All we can do is wonder if the 35 year old lunatic is putting his new H bomb on top of his favorite intra-continental ballistic missile.  If he does, then a bomb 10 times as powerful as Little Boy that killed about 130K people in Hiroshima, could pop over an American city, and take out about a million Americans.  "




For the LAST time his missiles can NOT carry that payload over to CONUS.  Take your tounge out of your ass and maybe your pucker factor will subside.

dlweld's picture

The sub-orbital path will do it - NK has 2 satellites right now in polar orbits - they pass over the States several time a day. Just do the same orbit with an H-bomb and at some point de-orbit it. Or "better yet" set it off over the Eastern States and do a big EMP - this will cause much much more damage than one bomb on one city - leverage is the word here.

Duc888's picture



I'm sure we've got more than a few birds up there that will punch his buckets full of holes at the flip of a switch.  Satellites are OLD tech. 

We've got stuff that quite literally can fly circles around them.  Like shootin' fish in a barrel.  If something gets detonated over CONUS, it's because one or more elements of our government WANT it to happen.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Satellites - if they indeed have them - made out of soldered Campbells Soup cans. Fucking moron.

Anarchyteez's picture

He really is a dick head troll even if occasionally sounding rational.

Btw, you should have many more +++ for that.

juicy_bananas's picture

He doesn't need ICBMs.  A sub parked off the baja coast with a medium range missile would do the trick.

Duc888's picture



His one and only launch of that type went 30 miles.  I'm pretty sure USN would be parked 1500 yards off the screw of a sub off Baja CA, even if it was a D/E.

One of We's picture

Beaner with a backpack and a bus ticket would be much cheaper.