North Korea Seen Moving ICBM Into Position For Possible Launch: Report

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The USDJPY and 10Y yields snapped lower and gold kneejerked higher following the latest North Korea-related headline out of Bloomberg, according to which:


Bloomberg references a just released article in the Asia Business Daily, according to which North Korea started moving the ICBM-class missile, produced at a new Pyongyang research center, on Monday following Sunday's thermonuclear test.

The report confirms overnight intelligence from South Korea: recall first thing this morning, Yonhap reported that South Korea's spy agency said it had detected that North Korea is making preparations for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile launch, a move that would further raise tensions a day after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation.

Chang Kyung-soo, acting chief of the defense ministry’s policy planning office, told lawmakers on Monday that North Korea was making preparations for a missile firing, according to Bloomberg while Yonhap adds that South Korea's spy agency said there was a chance the North could fire an ICBM into the Pacific Ocean, saying that the isolated state was able to conduct a nuclear test at any time.

According to the just released Business Daily report, there is high chance N. Korea will fire ICBM missile before Sept. 9 national founding day. More details from the original report, Google translated:

According to the authorities, one ballistic missile produced by a weapons research institute dedicated to the production of North Korea's ICBM was found to be moving to the west of Hwanghae Island after being mounted on the 4th Mobile Launch Base (TEL) on the day after the 6th nuclear test.


Earlier this year, North Korea built a 1980-square-meter weapons lab, which could manufacture ICBMs, in Pyongyang. It was last February that the weapon laboratory was released to the outside world. Although it was a wilderness until 2009, it has now been transformed into a strategic hub for North Korea's major missiles.


According to a joint US-ROK report, North Korea has a maximum of 900 ballistic missiles, and it has been confirmed that there are 108 aircraft capable of launching surprise attacks. According to ballistic missiles, the number of Scud missiles and TEL that can mount Scud missiles are the most common. The number of Scud missiles is 430 (TEL 36).

The report concludes by noting that according to S. Korean intel, "if North Korea conducts further ICBM provocations there is a high possibility that it will choose an unpredictable time and place. To this end, Pyongyang may launch missiles directly from the mobile launch base, or launch multiple missiles at multiple locations simultaneously."

The report also notes that the ICBM mobile launcher is moving "at low speed mainly during the night time" to avoid detection by foreign intelligence authorities. In other words, the US now has a conveniently moving target and a due date by which North Korea will likely launch its next rocket, effectively giving Trump a greenlight for a "preemptive" strike over the next five days.

The market's reaction to the news, while not as dramatic as to Sunday's nuclear test, confirms just how much on edge traders remain for every headline out of North Korea.

10Y Yield:




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desertboy's picture

You pathetic fear troll. 

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Pathetic, babbling, illiterate, nutless. A prime candidate for the inevitable cull of the braindeads.

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

It's not the braindead that will be culled. It's anybody who can still exercise critical thinking... they're the real danger.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Been gone so long, can't imagine what it is like for you having to rub up against the obese sheep every day, listening to the mindless bleating and blatting as they march blindly to the abattoir, observing the cowardice and abject fear of their own shadows. We will light incense for you that are left here.

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

Mate, I'm an expat too (for now). Just commenting from afar. Whenever I return "home" (UK) it's beyond surreal... the place is overrun with unproductive locals and imported trash. Everybody is too scared of their own shadow to stand up and be counted. My mates keep telling me to tone down my rhetoric, lest I get nicked by the thought police (the only kind of actual policing they do nowadays). I stick with the lads I grew up with, well, those that haven't completely lost their minds and I keep well away from the cities where the majority of shit goes down.

Where'd you debunk to? LOS? The Philippines? Prefer not to say? Keep it real, wherever you're at.

P.S. Nicely written and deadly accurate. Don't think I could have put it any better myself.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

Excellent to hear a lot of us out here now from both countries, can't imagine what it is like at what was home and get indegestion perusing the "news reports" available.

Been here in Indonesia since 2001 a bit rough at times but real life, unlike the fantasylands in the U.S. and EU. Brexit is a good start, hope they succeed but regaining complete soverignty will probably take a decade.

Best of luck - we are free men. Drop us a line if you ever come down this way, the diving is incredible and where I spend most of my time.

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

Many thanks for the invite. Never been diving (well, not in the sea at any rate!). You do need a certain mental toughness to do better than just survive in this part of the world, that's for sure. Stay safe, and enjoy the diving.

Cracker Pipes's picture

We all could go at any time, few will remember...we value ourselves greatly... 

F0nestar's picture

I pray he aims for kike land in kalifournia or wash dc

Eyes Opened's picture

"We did that about 72 years ago, and now one generation later, its looking like someone might do it to us."


Its called "karma"... or some would even call it "justice"...

Ironically , americans are so indoctrinated that they have NO comprehension of either of those terms, thats exactly why we are where we are today.....

The US could simply choose to walk away & let NK be & it would be OVER !!.... but we ALL know that wont happen, ego & arrogance are terrible personality traits in a person. In a country, they are deadly destructive....

If the US pushes NK & they attack... america deserves whatever they get... & for people to say " but we will turn NK to glass" is simply a demonstration of said indoctrination....

As has been quoted here recently...

The best way to win .... is to NOT play the game....

turbojarhead's picture

Walk away and let NK be? With a thermonuclear weapon POSSIBLY pointed at a US city? I could care less how much you hate America dickhead, that cannot and will not be allowed to happen. Dont like it? Tough shit.

Eyes Opened's picture

Turbojarhead the keyboard warrior... ooohh I'm shakin in me boots.. lol

Your attitude is EXACTLY why amerika will  be destroyed... if not by a little country like NK then by Russia or China or maybe by a "coalition of the willing" to use that turn of phrase... 

Yhe bully ALWAYS gets whats coming to him... enjoy...

GodSpeed_00's picture

Fat Boy has balls I'll give him that. He's got a big target on his head. Guess nukes help him sleep.

Anarchyteez's picture

Especially if they were passing over our country four times a day in satellites. Nice job Clintons.

Horse Pizzle's picture

South Korean weenies have no hair.

Duc888's picture



Now would be a good time for the US Air Farce to do some real time testing of the ABL.

sinbad2's picture

VW are being forced to sell Ducatti, to pay tribute to the Fourth Reich(USA)

VW Nerd's picture

There hasn't been a freighter crashing into a US navy ship for a few days.  Atom bomb stories are getting dull....

Laughing.Man's picture

That's because the Navy recalled all their ships.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Kim's next launch will hit a freighter and a navy vessel.

Anarchyteez's picture

And the robo after hrs markets are only slightly down!

Bullish! Tue will end up!

navy62802's picture

I wonder if there is any way we can get them to target Los Angeles.

Dragon HAwk's picture

A nuke going off somehwere even over the ocean, would be a great excuse to crash the markets.

 I hope some other countries besides hollywood, CIA are tracking these missle launches

bunkers's picture

If we have no electricity, can you survive winter?

northern vigor's picture

Yes...the Amish do. But will people die if they can't charge their smart phones?

F0nestar's picture

If a smartphone falls in the city and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise?

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

But will people die if they can't charge their smart phones?

Yes, and it will be a joy to behold.

SheHunter's picture

Maybe not if you are old and or poor and live in a northern city.  We humans have no natural predator except ourselves.  Cruel shit happens.

juicy_bananas's picture

1.  We shouldn't be the world's policeman and have no business in that area of the world.

2.  If we're stoopid enough to attack a nuclear armed country, we better go big or go home.

3.  If we're stoopid enough to attack in a half-assed manner . . . we get what we deserve.

AKKadian's picture

The little Un better hope one of those missiles does not go astray and land on some poor shlubs house or boat, maybe a chemical plant. He better hope the bottle rocket lands in the water to cooling off. One mistake and BOOM.!!!  

c2nnib2l's picture

bearish :^ for now :( 

northern vigor's picture

Has anyone thought of the irony...A little fat boy has nukes

joey stalin's picture

It's not an ICBM, it is an intermediate range missile.

sinbad2's picture

Yes, but bullshit is Americas middle name.

pizdowitz's picture

and aunt Jemima made some grits

and the glaciers are melting


FreeEarCandy's picture

So lets see. China announces ... 

De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

Putin warns US-North Korea are on ‘brink of a large-scale conflict’

Then Kim sets off his toy.

North Korea: Tremor was sixth nuclear test, says Japan


Then today, China attacks any competition to its planed gold backed currency,..

Ethereum, Bitcoin Crash After China Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal

Looks like a coordinated effort to drive the price of gold through the roof for the upcoming currency war. Get the picture now?

I really do think this is all about driving the price of gold up in order to pull off the De-Dollarization. Why go through all this effort to build a bomb that, if used, would result in total annihilation of NK? Plus, China's reluctance to take economic measures against NK is odd. Why is China more worried about a THADD than a NK nuke? China doesn't want a war. Rather, China is feeding the fear, and the fear is slowly driving the price of gold up, which it intends to use to back its new currency. There are no winners in a nuke exchange. However, there is more to win in a currency war, which is clearly China's goal here. They've been buying gold for the last ten years and the US has been dumping notional paper to suppress the prices. The US killed Muammar Gaddafi for his plan to issue a gold backed currency and not for the other reasons reported.

Russia and Iran have the resources and China has the gold, but maybe not enough gold at current price levels to pull it off. Hence, give the idiot a nuke and the world starts to panic, and gold begins to rise. Believe me, the US fears a gold backed currency more than a nuke. Sure, we don't want to be bombed with a nuke, but a gold backed currency would be equally, if not more, devastating. Remember, 20 trillion in debt. If they succeed in issuing this new gold backed currency, the entire US would look like Detroit, Baltimore, Greece, Venezuela in a short time. 


Thinking in terms of currency war makes more sense to me. It explains Kim's irrational behavior best.




sinbad2's picture

It all started when the US installed THAAD in SK, the US as usual is the aggressor, but Americans refuse to see the truth.

asscannon101's picture

Ignorant horseshit viewpoint. With reciprocity in mind and the love-fest for Lil' Kim's antics, it would seem that the US should give the South Koreans nukes and start launching test vehicles over Chinese territory, right? I'm sure that China would support that.

turbojarhead's picture

Just ignore this idiot troll, another America hating fucknut. ZH seems to be overann with  these morons anymore, all of them hate the US, but the turd world shitholes they all call home are much better I am sure.

Eyes Opened's picture

USSA !!  USSA !!  USSA !!.......    lol...

onmail1's picture


Has North Korea attacked any nation???

Answer is no. But the evil west attacks other nations
on false pretexts , why not take vampire racist west
to stand trial for attacking and killing millions
AFTER THE WW2 (Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, Libya....)

But I tell all nations, that west no longer plays by book
vampire , evil , white west only plays to see that
white's interests are protected in west
and for that millions(nah billions ) can even be KILLED

So come together all u poor , suffering (& sanctioned) nations
and strike the final blow to the western white ruled nations

Horse Pizzle's picture

Answer is yes.  North Korea attacked South Korea.

VWAndy's picture

Like decades ago. The USA on the other hand,,,

Horse Pizzle's picture

It's not over 'til the fat boy sings soprano.

turbojarhead's picture

But..but..that does'nt count! It does not fit into his preconceived notions of why he hates America!

sinbad2's picture

There would be no north or south if the US hadn't divided the country and grabbed the south for itself.

All this shit is payback for decades of war crimes.

turbojarhead's picture

Why dont you educate yourself before spouting off you fucking imbecilic troll? Russia AND the US patitioned the Korea's following WW2. God, at least if you are going to spout your ridiculous Western hatred, get your facts straight.

ReadyforLiftoff's picture

Sure. USA Dies fast. Then we have 200+ nuclear reactors cooking off with nobody here to put them out. The whole globe will die a slow death in a toxic radioactive atmosphere. Careful what you wish for fool.